4.6. Schedule Transaction Window

To simplify navigation the following are the topics covered in this section; Section, “Scheduled Menu”, Section, “Scheduled Transactions Toolbar Buttons”, Section 6.12.1, “Scheduled Transactions Window”. Section 6.13, “Edit Scheduled Transaction Window”,

The detailed explanation of scheduling transactions is described in Section 6.12, “Scheduling Transactions”.

4.6.1. Scheduled Transactions Main Display Window

This window is shown when ActionsScheduled TransactionsScheduled Transactions Editor is selected from the Menubar. This will open a new tab window with the Scheduled Transactions displayed. Scheduled Transaction Main Window Components

Table 4.28. Components of the Schedule Transactions Window.




Contains the Menus used in the Schedule Transactions Window. It provides the standard list of Menubar options and an additional option, Scheduled, which presents options; New, Edit or Delete. If no transaction is highlighted Edit and Delete will be "grayed out".

Toolbar (Icons and/or Text)

Contains buttons used to access Schedule Transitions tasks.


Tabs to switch between open displays.


The Transactions pane contains a list of transactions scheduled and related characteristics.


The Upcoming pane contains a calendar of the next months In this calendar the days in which one or more transactions are scheduled, are highlighted with a circle.

You can change the time interval displayed in the calendar by selecting a different period from the View: drop down list on the right.


Click on a date in the pane and the details about the scheduled transactions on that date will be displayed. Scheduled Menu

The following table describe the Scheduled menu options available in the Menubar when you are in the Scheduled Transaction window.

Table 4.29. Scheduled Menu - Access to scheduled transaction editing operations.

Menu Item



Add a new scheduled transaction.


Edit the currently selected transaction.


Remove the currently selected transaction. Scheduled Transactions Toolbar Buttons

The Scheduled Transactions window has a Toolbar to quickly access some common functions used with scheduling.

Table 4.30. Scheduled Transactions Window Toolbar

Toolbar Button


Save (Ctrl+S)

Save the current schedule of transactions.

Close (Ctrl+W)

Close the Scheduled Transactions window.


Add a new scheduled transaction.


Edit the currently selected transaction.


Remove the currently selected transaction.