Chapter 8. Tools & Assistants

Table of Contents

8.1. Find
8.1.1. Find Transaction
8.1.2. Find Customer, Invoice, Job, Vendor, Bill, Employee, Expense Voucher
8.2. Since Last Run Assistant
8.3. Mortgage & Loan Repayment Assistant
8.4. Recording a Stock Split
8.4.1. Stock Split Assistant
8.5. The Online Banking Setup Assistant
8.6. Price Editor
8.6.1. Adding a stock price manually
8.6.2. Configuring for use of the Get Quotes button
8.7. Security Editor
8.7.1. Adding or Editing a Commodity
8.7.2. Configuring Securities/Currencies for On-Line Retrieval of Prices
8.8. Loan Repayment Calculator
8.9. Close Book
8.9.1. Dialog Box Details
8.9.2. How It Works
8.9.3. What It Doesn’t Do
8.9.4. Necessity
8.9.5. Conclusion
8.10. Lots in Account
8.10.1. Lots for Security Capital Gains
8.10.2. Lots for Business Features


GnuCash offers many specialized Tools. These tools enable access to the enhanced functionality of GnuCash. They are accessed via the Tools menu from any window that displays the GnuCash standard menu. Some of these tools may be deactivated for several reasons:

  • the tools is not appropriate for the current window,

  • the required software is not found on your system,

  • the package maintainer disabled it in the build process.