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04:22:15 <hegemoOn> hello
04:23:31 <hegemoOn> im creating my first bill tyo send to my customer
04:23:49 <hegemoOn> but i have difficulties to add the VAT
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05:40:26 <mikee_> gjanssens: Good morning. I just replied to your bug comments.
05:42:28 <mikee_> hegemoOn: Do you want to calculate it automatically?
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10:00:59 <shellfishgene> Hi all! I'm just setting up gnucash, and have trouble connecting my online bank accounts to gnucash accounts. How can I see which gnucash account is linked with which bank account?
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10:45:35 <vgeddes> Hey, I have a general question about the usage of accounting apps for personal finance...
10:45:52 <vgeddes> so many apps allow you to import bank transactions (QIF, etc). So with that in mind, is there any point in setting up “scheduled” transactions to track monthly salary and expenses.
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10:46:21 <vgeddes> it seems like that would lead to duplication of transactions
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12:31:48 <fell> hegemoOn: Did you read http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-guide/chapter_bus_ar.html ?
12:35:35 <fell> Before your first invoice, you should edit Business->Sales Tax Table.
12:38:35 <fell> @tell shellfishgene "You should stay longer, to get an answer."
12:38:35 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
12:39:53 <fell> vgeddes: The importer should help you to identify duplicate transactions.
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12:46:43 <fell> gjanssens_: some idea, why the directories are not created? http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2013/10/2013-10-26.html#T15:17:53
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12:54:58 <gjanssens> fell: no :(
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12:55:52 <gjanssens> do you have some more make context ?
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12:56:12 <gjanssens> Perhaps the make warnings you spoke about earlier are relevant
12:57:01 <gjanssens> when exactly did those happen (in which directory or in which phase of make all / install) ?
13:00:31 <fell> I disabled -Wall ,so make finished successful. my prefix is /home/frank/test to keep my running system clean.
13:01:57 <fell> until now there is no gsettings directory in share.
13:02:34 <fell> and that is somehow not checked by make install.
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13:15:07 <gjanssens> fell: do you build directly in the source tree or in a separate build directory ?
13:15:36 <fell> with a separate build tree
13:16:22 <gjanssens> In the build tree, are there *.gschema.valid and *.gschema.xml files in src/gnome/gschemas ?
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13:21:17 <fell> gjanssens: yes
13:24:45 <gjanssens> fell: what output do you get when you run make install in that directory
13:27:42 <gjanssens> I'll be gone for a few minutes
13:27:48 <gjanssens> I have to reboot my system...
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13:29:06 <fell> tell gjanssens http://pastebin.com/tNqcEGsn
13:29:17 <fell> @tell gjanssens http://pastebin.com/tNqcEGsn
13:29:17 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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13:31:47 <fell> gjanssens: http://pastebin.com/tNqcEGsn
13:33:46 <monkeyjuice> i am using 2.4.10 on a kubuntu system i need to modify the invoice's will 2.5.* give me that or what options do i have .
13:33:50 <gjanssens> test -z "/home/frank/test/share/glib-2.0/schemas" || "/home/frank/test/share/glib-2.0/schemas";
13:33:50 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 4 minutes ago: <fell> http://pastebin.com/tNqcEGsn
13:33:56 <gjanssens> fell: this part is wrong
13:34:10 <gjanssens> it should have created the directory
13:34:29 <gjanssens> but there's no '/bin/mkdir -p' right after the ||
13:34:54 <gjanssens> You will have to check why your makefiles are not doing this
13:35:28 <gjanssens> You may find useful hints in your makefile are lines 177 and 604
13:35:39 <gjanssens> (the locations of the warnings)
13:37:14 <gjanssens> You can also test what the MKDIR_P variable gets set to in your makefile
13:37:30 <gjanssens> that's the variable that is normally expanded in this rule
13:39:02 <fell> 177: @$(NORMAL_INSTALL) [604 is the same]
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13:41:27 <fell> 394: mkdir_p = mkdir -p --
13:42:00 <gjanssens> mkdir_p is not the same as MKDIR_P
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13:43:22 <gjanssens> You will have to check in your makefile rules which is used in install-gsettings-schemas
13:43:31 <fell> MKDIR_P is used but not set in that file.
13:43:53 <monkeyjuice> i am using 2.4.10 on a kubuntu system i need to modify the invoice's will 2.5.* give me that or what options do i have .
13:46:16 <fell> monkeyjuice: does http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports help you?
13:46:36 <monkeyjuice> i will look thanks
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13:49:56 <monkeyjuice> that just help with reports. i need to add info to the invoice output to printer...
13:52:55 <fell> also the invoices are (special) reports. Start with http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Using_GnuCash#Custom_Reports
13:53:20 <monkeyjuice> ok will look at that then thanks again
13:56:04 <fell> Reports->Business->(choose your preferred invoice)
13:56:45 <fell> Edit->Report Options
14:06:47 <monkeyjuice> it seems i need to goto print invoice then options and modify there not sure if it stays will do more testing thanks for the help
14:09:02 <monkeyjuice> dang it keeps changing back i need it to stay were i set it
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14:12:10 <fell> gjannsens: also makefile.am defines only mkdir_p. Shouldn't variables containing commands allways be lowercase?
14:18:44 <fell> rebooting. BIAB
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14:44:44 <gjanssens> fell: I have no idea, my makefile knowledge is also fairly limited.
14:45:16 <warlord> vgeddes: the import wont be able to specify all the splits for a salary transaction.
14:45:22 <gjanssens> Would you mind pasting your Makefile in a pastebin ?
14:45:32 <gjanssens> That way I can compare it easier to mine
14:46:11 <gjanssens> One difference to note is already that @$(NORMAL_INSTALL) only appears in line 601 for me
14:46:31 <fell> I am just testing with $(mkdir_p)
14:46:36 <gjanssens> It looks like your system is doing something with that parameter that mine isn't
14:47:36 <gjanssens> Line 72 in my makefile defines
14:47:39 <gjanssens> NORMAL_INSTALL = :
14:48:48 <warlord> monkeyjuice: report modifications are not kept; your best option is to make the changes you need and then keep the report-window open. When you want to print a different invoice then after you Post it instead of printing it swap to the open report page, click on Report Options, and then select the newly posted invoice.
15:01:37 <monkeyjuice> hmm not good , i would have to type the info in every day then ...
15:03:06 <monkeyjuice> the same info must be on every printable invoice
15:07:43 <fell> gjanssens: grep on the builddir shows MKDIR_P only in the gsettings context. All other parts use mkdir_p, which is set by configure in all makefiles defined.
15:10:52 <gjanssens> fell: does your Makefile.in have a line MKDIR_P = @MKDIR_P@ ?
15:13:34 <warlord> monkeyjuice: I dont understand what you mean that you would have to type the info in every day... If you re-use the report settings then all you need to do is pull up the new invoice and it will have the current settings.
15:13:55 <fell> gjanssens: in Makefile.in all MKDIR_P's are lowercase.
15:14:09 <gjanssens> Then your autogen.sh run already differs from mine
15:14:27 <gjanssens> Were there any warnings or errors while running autogen.sh ?
15:14:47 <gjanssens> (Makefile.in is generated by autogen.sh)
15:18:31 <fell> and yo, there is a 'mkdir_p = @mkdir_p@'
15:23:24 <gjanssens> fell: to be clear in my Makefile.in, both are defined.
15:30:52 <gjanssens> So you should first look at the output of autogen.sh
15:31:02 <gjanssens> for anything unusual
15:47:31 <fell> Beneath the glib-gettextize messages the only one is: Useless use of /d modifier in transliteration operator at /usr/share/automake-1.9/Automake/Wrap.pm line 60.
15:58:07 <gjanssens> hm, you are using automake-1.9
15:58:14 <gjanssens> mine is 1.13
15:58:20 <gjanssens> I wonder if that makes a difference
15:58:51 <gjanssens> do you have a more recent automake available on sabayon ?
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16:01:22 <fell> it's automake (GNU automake) 1.9.6
16:02:39 <gjanssens> fell: found this:
16:02:42 <gjanssens> https://www.gnu.org/software/automake/manual/html_node/Obsolete-Macros.html
16:03:07 <gjanssens> it looks like mkdir_p is the old style and MKDIR_P is new style
16:03:29 <gjanssens> we may need to require a more recent automake
16:06:13 <gjanssens> or rather a more recent autoconf
16:06:21 <gjanssens> It's autoconf that defines this macro
16:06:37 <gjanssens> what version of autoconf do you have on your system ?
16:08:27 <gjanssens> mine is 2.69
16:10:49 <fell> autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.69
16:14:14 <fell> I just found 1.13.4 (probably I took the last from the list, which was not the most recent "13"<"9")
16:17:38 <fell> From the side above, we should require automake > 1.9.6
16:18:16 <fell> warlord: is that accepable for conservative ditribution?
16:19:15 <gjanssens> The windows build uses 1.11, which seems to work fine
16:19:30 <gjanssens> I have set it this requirement in 2011
16:19:55 <gjanssens> (March 2011)
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16:20:13 <gjanssens> That means automake 1.11 is at least 2 and a half years available
16:20:17 <gjanssens> That should qualify
16:21:32 <gjanssens> It's also in RHEL6 (1.11.1)
16:21:50 <gjanssens> Which is by far the most conservative distro we intend to support
16:22:32 <gjanssens> But we already fail to do so
16:22:46 <gjanssens> RHEL6 ships gtk2+ 2.18
16:22:52 <gjanssens> We require 2.24
16:23:16 <gjanssens> But for automake at least 1.11 should be fine
16:25:31 <warlord> fell: We already don't support RHEL6 in 2.5..
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16:29:09 <fell> Then let us update the requirements.
16:37:19 <fell> in autogen[115]:find_program "$AUTOMAKE" automake 1.11 instead of 1.9
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16:39:44 <gjanssens> fell: go for it
16:39:58 <fell> okidoky
16:46:21 <fell> gjanssens: done
16:47:29 <gjanssens> yay!
16:47:44 <gjanssens> Let's hope this will sort out the issue for everybody
16:47:59 <gjanssens> Thanks for taking the time to help find the cause
16:50:19 <fell> Yesterday I started, to have a look at currencies locale-symbol and could not finish.
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16:56:08 <fell> autogen now warns: am-wrapper: aclocal: warning: auto-detected versions not found (1.9); falling back to latest available
16:56:39 <fell> which is in my case aclocal (GNU automake) 1.13.4
16:58:49 <fell> and more:
16:58:56 <fell> Makefile.am: installing './COPYING' using GNU General Public License v3 file
16:58:58 <fell> Makefile.am: Consider adding the COPYING file to the version control system
16:58:59 <fell> Makefile.am: for your code, to avoid questions about which license your project uses
16:59:44 <fell> and src/doc/design/Makefile.am:2: warning: suffix '.texinfo' for Texinfo files is discouraged; use '.texi' instead
17:00:40 <gjanssens> fell: I'm not getting any of these on my system...
17:01:06 <gjanssens> You may want to clean out your source directory
17:01:29 <gjanssens> It looks as if aclocal is reading some cache (still looking for automake 1.9)
17:01:53 <gjanssens> On the other hand, these may just be first time occurrences
17:02:19 <gjanssens> Does it happen again if you run autogen.sh again ?
17:04:08 <gjanssens> I do get the warning about texinfo -> texi
17:04:17 <gjanssens> That's the only one
17:04:50 <gjanssens> Further debugging will be for later
17:05:00 <gjanssens> I'm done for today
17:05:11 <gjanssens> See you guys (and girls ?)
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17:14:49 <fell> in the second run instead I get:
17:14:56 <fell> libtoolize: Consider adding `AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR([m4])' to configure.ac and
17:14:57 <fell> libtoolize: rerunning libtoolize, to keep the correct libtool macros in-tree.
17:15:37 <fell> and the .texinfo warning.
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21:39:27 <Antisoche> Is SVN trunk broken for anyone besides myself?
21:40:18 <Antisoche> I've been following it off/on and it stopped compiling a couple/few weeks ago. I checked out a clean revision and it fails in the same place. Ultimately:
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21:42:12 <Antisoche> /usr/local/gnucash-svn/lib/gnucash/libgncmod-register-gnome.so: undefined reference to `gnc_gconf_get_int' (and gnc_gconf_set_int gnc_gconf_set_bool gnucash_register_refresh_from_prefs, etc) from Development/gnucash-trunk-2/src/bin
21:42:29 <Antisoche> ... hold on.
21:43:24 <Antisoche> Why is it trying to link from /usr/local ?
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22:00:51 <Antisoche> libtool is injecting 'libdir' into the 'link' step. Does that make sense?
22:05:40 <Antisoche> meh. Moving /usr/local/gnucash-svn out of the way is the easiest thing to do ...
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