2014-09-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:35:50 <MechtiIde> good morning
05:36:51 <MechtiIde> fell_, do you read my mail?
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05:37:49 <fell> Moin! Ja, bin dabei.
05:38:45 <MechtiIde> nur wegen der Frage der Formatierung
05:56:06 <fell> Mechtilde, tschuldigung, mußte mal eben die Spülmaschine klar machen.
05:56:27 <MechtiIde> kein Problem
05:58:38 <fell> About the formating of the docs, I know no explicit rules like for the program. gjanssens, jralls, mikee, warlord?
05:59:41 <fell> Avoid trailing spaces.
06:00:50 <fell> But Tab or space indent and how much, I don't know.
06:05:17 <fell> Each mayor opening tag on a new line with 2 spaces indentation is my peronal style. Minor tags like emphasis inline.
06:06:37 <fell> where do you have a major diff between C and de?
06:07:01 <MechtiIde> I looked at ch_oview
06:07:52 <MechtiIde> line 47 in de and lin3 39 in C
06:08:50 <MechtiIde> line 77 ff in de and line 67 in C
06:08:59 <MechtiIde> for example
06:13:48 <fell> The german image sections need an update.
06:15:34 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Documentation_Update_Instructions#Images_and_screenshots
06:18:36 <MechtiIde> I have a question to maint vs master
06:18:49 <MechtiIde> which branch should I take
06:20:10 <MechtiIde> which is the branch for the next version
06:21:37 <fell> As long as it is not a 2.8 feature, start on maint.It will be merged in master later.
06:21:58 <fell> .. the changeset
06:22:59 <MechtiIde> because maint is 10 commits behind master
06:23:38 <MechtiIde> does it means maint is 10 commits missing?
06:26:01 <fell> Most are "merge branch maint". https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/compare/maint...master
06:28:43 <MechtiIde> https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/tree/maint/guide there I find "
06:28:43 <MechtiIde> This branch is 10 commits behind master
06:28:43 <MechtiIde> Pull Request
06:28:43 <MechtiIde> Compare
06:28:43 <MechtiIde> "
06:34:37 <fell> My link above shows you the 10 comitts: 5 merges from maint; 3 merges not done as merges; only 2 different files.
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06:38:10 <MechtiIde> now I think I understood waht you mean
06:42:24 <fell> There is only a different version number and a new section about a budget report.
06:44:12 <fell> In https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/network you can see, mikee didn't merge, but applied his patch on both branches in jun.
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08:37:03 <MechtiIde> fell, I removed odd spaces and did small corrections in guide/de/ch_oview.xml and pushed it to git@github.com:Mechtilde/gnucash-docs.git
08:37:23 <MechtiIde> Where should I send the Diff
08:38:42 <fell> @tell gr8cpa See http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_backup_my_GC_environment.2C_including_preferences.3F
08:38:42 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
08:39:41 <MechtiIde> Why should be Passiva deprecated and not Aktiva?
08:40:13 <fell> Mechtilde: mailto:gnucash-de@gnucash.org ?
08:40:22 <MechtiIde> ok
08:40:37 <fell> where?
08:40:51 <fell> the derecation
08:44:52 <fell> In old german translations for liabilities the misleading colloquial term "Passiva" was used instead of "Verbindlichkeiten"/"Fremdkapital"
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08:46:27 <fell> At one point we decided to use "Fremdkapital" for "liability" and "offene Verbindlichkeiten" for "A/P"
08:48:40 <MechtiIde> and "Eigenkapital" as a special form of liability?
08:48:50 <fell> That should be in gnucash/po/glossary/de.po, which conatins our terminology.
08:50:38 <fell> The english speaking people don't use the active/passive pair from the balance sheet. All other (european languages, I checked) do.
08:52:36 <fell> So english docs have at top level: assets (left), eguity and liability (right in the balance sheet)
08:54:26 <fell> Aktiva shows "How do I use the money?", Passive "From where do I have the money?".
08:55:16 <MechtiIde> I know that part of the "Handelsgesetzbuch"
08:57:36 <fell> One of my long term plans is to add the continental view & terms to the guide.
08:58:41 <MechtiIde> I thik Passiva is more than Liability
08:59:06 <fell> Yes Passiva = Liability + Equity
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09:01:37 <fell> aber umgangsprachlich steht Passiva bisweilen für Verbindlichkeiten, woraus dann der Fehler in der deutschen Übersetzung und einem Teil der Kontenrahmen herleitet.
09:02:50 <fell> Oder die Leute waren pleite und verfügten über kein Eigenkapital mehr. ;-)
09:08:30 <MechtiIde> hab jetzt wohl das Problem erkannt
09:08:38 <MechtiIde> schaue mal wie weit ich komme
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10:05:50 <MRQ> Hello(); I am writing a script to convert scheduled transactions, manipulating the xml. I am wondering about the precedence of [debit|credit]-formula and [debit|credit]-numeric:
10:06:24 <MRQ> What does gnucash do, if one of them is missing or if they contradict?
10:06:39 <MRQ> thanks in advance!
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10:56:24 <fell> MRQ: manipulating xml is not supported. Perhaps you should use python scripts and the gnucash API?
10:58:36 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Python_Bindings
11:08:06 <warlord> fell: I do not know of any specific standard for the dcos
11:08:07 <warlord> docs
11:08:36 <fell> OK, warlord.
11:38:08 <MRQ> fell: thanks for the hint. But on a first 30min look the python bindings don't have access to the sheduled transaction system.
11:39:59 <fell> MRQ: My next pointer: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/C_API
11:42:03 <fell> and search from http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/modules.html for SX
11:43:30 <fell> but I am not shure if all SX stuff has doxygen documentation.
11:45:11 <fell> found this: vn.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/group__SchedXaction.html
11:46:18 <fell> svn.gnucash...
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11:53:39 <MRQ> fell: thanks; group__SchedXaction.html looks quite helpful. I will remind that for the future. But for now, I will stay with my XSLT. I'm afraid the propability to shoot yourself in the foot is equally large with the C api.
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12:51:02 <fell> Mechtilde: In 891f deiner Version sind 2 jeweilig* in einem Satz.
12:51:57 <MechtiIde> hast recht :(
12:52:24 <MechtiIde> das erste jeweils wrd ich dann wegnehmen
12:52:39 <MechtiIde> soll ich das nochmal committen
12:52:44 <MechtiIde> ??
12:52:46 <fell> oder ersetz das 2. duch verschieden..
12:53:00 <MechtiIde> oder so
12:53:51 <fell> Von mir aus kannst du auch noch ein commit --amend machen (Falls du nicht zu viele follower hast)
12:53:56 <MechtiIde> soll ich das nochmal so committen??
12:54:27 <MechtiIde> nicht dass ich wuesste
12:55:29 <fell> Ja, ich lade die seite dann nochmal
13:00:09 <MechtiIde> push maint
13:04:49 <fell> Da ist jetzt die Änderung an basics mit drin gewesen. :-(
13:09:20 <MechtiIde> ne nur der Abgleich mit dem Original
13:09:48 <MechtiIde> muss wohl mit Git noch ne Menge lernen#
13:13:31 <fell> Du hättest den Commit auf die Datei einschränken müssen. Naja, egal, ich kann's ja nochmal umgliedern.
13:14:51 <fell> Der andere Punkt, an dem ich noch grübel ist das Hauptbuch in 364.
13:16:28 <fell> General ledger (de:Hauptbuch) should be General journal (de:Journal), if you compare the respective wikipedia artikles.
13:17:04 <fell> e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_ledger
13:17:20 <fell> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_journal
13:17:46 <fell> and for translation http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buchf%C3%BChrung#B.C3.BCcher
13:20:14 <fell> warlord, mikee, jralls, gjanssens?
13:20:23 <MechtiIde> it seems "Journal" is the better word
13:21:00 <fell> In the german version of the program we use Journal.
13:21:26 <MechtiIde> then we should use it
13:21:51 <fell> ACK for the german translation.
13:22:01 <MechtiIde> yes
13:23:00 <fell> If everybody else is AFK, I will open a bug for the english docs.
13:28:42 <fell> Mechtilde, I finished a mail about git vs. svn strategies.
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13:37:16 <MechtiIde> I read it
13:37:36 <fell> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=122895 has already been there for 11 years.
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14:30:15 <fell> Strange, configure is complaining "It looks like you are NOT building from Subversion ..."
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19:14:03 <fell> Good night, whoever may be there! ;-)
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20:41:17 <WeberEInc> Hello All - any suggestions on how to make a cash deposit into a new account... Cash is coming out of my pocket - not out of some other account...
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