2014-11-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:14:29 <fell> gjanssens: I am wonderinfg about msgid "Auto pay on post_ing"
11:15:12 <fell> Does it really mean give order via aqubanking?
11:15:44 <fell> or only "mark as paid"
11:16:23 <fell> It's from business-prefs.glade
11:16:52 <fell> src/business/business-gnome/gtkbuilder/business-prefs.glade.h:25
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11:22:12 <gjanssens> fell: "Auto pay on posting" will not give orders via aqbanking.
11:22:39 <gjanssens> Similarly Business->Vendor->Apply Payment... won't issue an aqbanking order
11:23:08 <gjanssens> Err Process Payment... that is
11:23:48 <fell> That is the reverse case: I see a payment in my imported txn's
11:24:06 <gjanssens> "Mark as paid" is incomplete as description as well. It does more than just marking an invoice as paid.
11:24:29 <fell> assigning an txn
11:24:43 <gjanssens> There is no link between import and business features so I don't see how this is related
11:24:59 <gjanssens> And what is the reverse case ?
11:25:26 <gjanssens> Auto apply payment is about processing payments, except automatically if possible
11:25:49 <fell> OK, I use aqbanking to get the latest txn's of my bank account.
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11:26:43 <fell> Then I see, one is related to an invoice, I wrote, and call process payment.
11:29:18 <fell> In "Auto pay on posting" I have to assign a bank txn, too?
11:32:37 <gjanssens> Auto pay on posting will look for existing pre-payments
11:33:05 <gjanssens> Pre-payments have to be entered via Process Payment exactly as you do with calling process payment
11:33:29 <gjanssens> If you never created any pre-payments or partial over payments "Auto pay on posting" will not have any effect
11:34:38 <gjanssens> Just to say that if "Auto pay on posting" finds a valid pre/over-payment, the bank txn will be there, simple because it's the result of that pre/over-payment
11:35:17 <fell> Hm, wouldn't something like "process prepayments" be more approriate?
11:43:15 <fell> I think I will translate it with something like "compare with payments"
11:44:14 <gjanssens> Process prepayments is an incomplete name. Process Payments can be used for all kinds of payments - normal payments and prepayments
11:44:44 <gjanssens> There is no difference between those two except that one is entered before you have an invoice and the other after the invoice
11:45:00 <gjanssens> I don't see why you would want to make it seperate things
11:45:46 <fell> No, I want to make clear, it will not send orders from my bank account.
11:46:29 <fell> (which is possible with FinTS/HBCI
11:46:35 <gjanssens> Ok, so what is more confusing about "auto apply payments" vs "process payment" in this context ?
11:47:11 <gjanssens> Why does the former make you think it may trigger an online banking transaction an the latter doesn't ?
11:47:58 <fell> "Auto pay ..." triggers it.
11:48:44 <gjanssens> It doesn't say "Auto pay", it says "Auto apply"
11:49:16 <fell> ../src/business/business-gnome/gtkbuilder/business-prefs.glade.h:25 ff
11:49:45 <fell> "Auto pay on post_ing", "Auto _pay on posting"
11:51:28 <gjanssens> Ah, roger that. I got confused during our conversation here.
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11:51:57 <gjanssens> I have discussed the use of the word "pay" before with warlord.
11:52:06 <gjanssens> The more generic term that would make sense here is "offset"
11:52:22 <gjanssens> So "Auto offset on posting"
11:53:47 <gjanssens> And in the tooltip "automatically attempt to offset <owner> documents with outstanding pre-payments and <owner> documents
11:54:00 <gjanssens> Would that be less of a trigger for you ?
11:55:27 <fell> In german I would use "abgleichen", which has a bunch of english words
11:57:26 <fell> offset is very abstract.
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12:06:55 <gjanssens> For the native English speaking people in the conversation at the time it was pretty clear what it meant. Perhaps it's more abstract for non-native English speaking people
12:07:16 <gjanssens> I'm open to better suggestions
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12:08:01 <gjanssens> Perhaps the natives on the list here have better ideas ?
12:08:05 <jralls> Permit me to jump in: I suspect "offset" is clear to someone versed in bookkeeping, perhaps less so to others, even if they're native speakers.
12:10:01 <fell> My first association on offset is: it is set off -> there is a distance between...
12:12:05 <jralls> fell: That would be the meaning a machinist would know. Offset is often a jargon word.
12:13:55 <jralls> My dead-tree dictionary lists 7 definitions, most of them trade-specific.
12:14:20 <fell> equilibrate, balance , synchronize
12:15:03 <MechtiIde> I looked at leo.org
12:15:31 <fell> You wrote "durchbuchen"
12:16:38 <MechtiIde> in GErman "Aufrechnung"
12:17:00 <fell> Das ist gut!
12:17:14 <MechtiIde> and "gegenbuchen as a verb
12:17:18 <MechtiIde> and "gegenbuchen" as a verb
12:18:12 <MechtiIde> where was this translation
12:18:44 <jralls> gjanssens: IIUC, the "Autopay on posting" selection in the preference pane automtically does what the "Process Payment" menu selection does, right?
12:19:00 <fell> In your Version of de.po
12:19:02 <gjanssens> jralls: yes
12:19:26 <gjanssens> Or more pedantically a subset of what the "Process Payment" can do
12:19:32 <jralls> So why not say that in the preference pane: "Automatically process payments when posting"?
12:19:46 <gjanssens> Autopay won't create new payments, it will only work with existing ones
12:20:08 <gjanssens> that haven't been applied to an invoice yet
12:20:23 <jralls> OK, then, "Automatically process existing payments when posting".
12:20:43 <gjanssens> That would better describe it indeed
12:21:13 <gjanssens> fell would that work for you ?
12:21:19 <fell> Yep
12:21:28 <jralls> I note as well that the float-over help is quite detailed.
12:21:58 <gjanssens> quite detailed as in "too detailed" or in "really helpful" ?
12:22:20 <fell> But that is in the po files at a different place
12:22:26 <jralls> I don't really know, since I don't use those features.
12:23:13 <gjanssens> fell: isn't the tooltip defined in the gtkbuilder file right next to the checkbox description ?
12:23:31 <fell> So I had to use glade to see the dialog
12:24:07 <jralls> Doesn't mean that it shows up in the .pot that way. Can glade files have translation commnents?
12:25:54 <gjanssens> Hmm, no idea
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12:47:38 <jralls> I find hints of a 'comment' attribute and that intltool notices it and adds it to the .pot, but nothing really concrete.
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12:57:49 <jralls> Here's a good hint: https://bugs.launchpad.net/intltool/+bug/705420
13:05:23 <gjanssens> jralls: thanks for the research. Why did we want to know this again ?
13:07:15 <jralls> gjanssens: So we can add comments for translators when the English string doesn't convey enough on its own to translate correctly.
13:09:55 <gjanssens> Ok, right.
13:10:03 <gjanssens> Which is something we don't do yet.
13:11:11 <gjanssens> I thought you were implying the tooltip to be a comment/context attribute on the checkbox label.
13:13:04 <jralls> No, that wouldn't work, there's no guarantee that the tooltip will be anywhere near the label in gnucash.pot.
13:35:20 <gjanssens> Ok got you.
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13:46:48 <fell> gjanssens: in glade 3.16, editing a label, one can enter translatable, context and comment.
13:47:56 <gjanssens> fell: it's been a while since I used that tool :) Thanks for pointing that out.
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17:31:36 <fell> FYI: glade 3.8 (for gtk+ 2.x) has a similar button.
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22:05:30 <cojacket> Having a problem with windows 7 version. If I produce a report then I am unable to close the program. I get the message "not responding" and have to kill gnucash to get it to close. It will close normally if I don't produce a report. Any ideas?
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22:58:46 <sfrique> hello!
22:59:41 <sfrique> how do i work this out, I have 2 account, Savings and Current, When export from my bank OFX, it give me this:
23:00:20 <sfrique> Withdrow Savings -> 50 / 50 / 50 / 50 (those are 4 transactions of 50 each)
23:00:38 <sfrique> I associate this with an deposit in my Current account
23:00:41 <sfrique> so far so good
23:00:58 <sfrique> Problem is, when importing the ofx from Current it gives me this:
23:01:31 <sfrique> Deposit -> 200 (one single transaction) and i associate this with my Savings account
23:02:49 <sfrique> so i end up if i had withdraw twice as much.. what should i do to "fix" this? Somethimes gnucash (update and reconcie this and seens it work) how do i get same behavior? Thanks
23:21:57 <sfrique> will just delete the ones that are splited and move on
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