2021-03-16 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:22:43 <gjanssens> .
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06:18:07 <chris> fell your i18n commit is misleading on github
06:18:14 <chris> :gb: instead of :uk:
06:18:24 <chris> ^ not true :)
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06:30:39 <chris> actually :ukraine: instead of :uk:
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08:37:26 <crossan007_> Hello - quick reporting question. Is there a report that can show all "non-zero-balance" accounts in liabilities which have not had a "payment" transaction in the last 30 days?
08:43:27 <warlord> That is a good question. I honestly don't think there is such a standalone report.
08:44:17 <warlord> One could search those accounts for payment transactions and then extrapolate..
08:44:42 <crossan007_> I can make something _close to_ what I'm looking for with the "Transaction Report" and displaying all "liability" accounts filtered by "Including transactions to/from" asset accounts - this would show all debt payments; but it won't show accounts which have not had a debt payment
08:45:08 <warlord> But there is no "search for" account balance..
08:45:43 <warlord> Yeah, you might need to do it that way -- list the ones that are paid, and manually find the ones that haven't.
08:45:50 <crossan007_> I have programming experience, but I have not cracked into the GNUCash code. Any idea how in-depth I'd need to go to create a custom report?
08:45:58 <warlord> What you're asking for would probably be a good report to get written.
08:46:01 <crossan007_> ^^
08:46:09 <warlord> Reports are in Scheme.
08:46:22 <warlord> You could find a report that is *similar* to what you want and use it as a basis.
08:46:32 <warlord> Maybe chris can help you -- he's the report guru
08:46:33 <crossan007_> Is this a good starting point? https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports#Custom_Reports_in_GnuCash
08:46:43 <warlord> Sure.
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08:49:29 <crossan007_> ~warlord this will be a project for later. Thanks for the pointers. If I come up with something workable, would a GitHub pull request be appropriate?
08:49:47 <warlord> Absolutely. But you might still want to talk with chris during the process.
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11:52:42 <fell> chris, the ISOs are clear: lowercase = language, uppercase = region. Feel free to file a bug against github.
11:56:49 <fell> BTW UK is a verystupid alias of GB. No other country regisered its government form.
12:01:19 <fell> And what will happen,whem Scotland leaves like ireland 100 years ago, rename to Rest Kingdom? ;-)
12:01:31 <jralls> Rubbish. "People's Republic of China", "Democratic People's Republic of Korea", "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia".
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12:02:24 <fell> No registered country codes
12:03:52 <jralls> Well, the UK country code is GB so what exactly is your point?
12:04:31 <fell> they got UK registered, too.
12:06:13 <jralls> Actually they reserved it so that it wouldn't be used. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1_alpha-2#UK
12:06:33 <warlord> Maybe they will change it to FUK? (Fractionally-United Kingdom)?
12:08:51 <jralls> The United Kingdom refers to the 1710 Act of Union joining the parliaments of Scotland and England. If Scotland separates then they'll go back to being Scotland and England, even if Scotland keeps the Windsors as monarch.
12:16:21 <fell> Or they call back Harry and Megan? ;-)
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12:18:19 <jralls> Nah. I'm pretty sure they don't want the job. Somebody tracked down a male-line descendant of the Stuarts living in Nova Scotia around 30 years ago. Maybe they'll ask him.
12:23:23 <fell> NL allowed Wilhemina to become queen, LU not. So LU had to go back into another branch of the Nassau clan.
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12:29:18 <jralls> Scotland has a different dynamic going on. When Queen Anne died in 1714 they'd run out of Stuarts who weren't descendants of the deposed James II. The English didn't want that lot back--especially since they'd been holing up with the Pope--and invited George 1, a rather distant relative and reliable protestant, to become King. The Scots weren't keen on it and rebelled twice, in 1715 and 1745, to get the Stuarts back.
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13:48:28 <Dre-Gnu> Hi all
13:49:42 <Dre-Gnu> @jralls: thanks again for your help yesterday. You may have seen that the reinstall of gnucash did not help to get Quotes to work. Any ideas on further troubleshooting?
13:49:42 <gncbot> Dre-Gnu: Error: "jralls:" is not a valid command.
13:52:19 <jralls> Dre-Gnu, unfortunately no, I'm stuck. `perl gnc-fq-check` still works in the CMD shell, right?
13:53:06 <Dre-Gnu> let me try again
13:54:29 <Dre-Gnu> yep, still works, should I post in case I'm missing something?
13:54:56 <jralls> No need, the output isn't helpful.
13:55:01 <Dre-Gnu> k
13:55:15 <Dre-Gnu> too bad...
13:55:28 <Dre-Gnu> any way to get a more detailed log or trace then --debug --extra?
13:55:37 <Dre-Gnu> than*
14:13:53 <fell> Are you using the alphavantage key in both, Win environment variable and Gnucash Preferences->Online Quotes?
14:15:01 <jralls> fell, he's not even getting that far, GnuCash can't seem to start perl.
14:15:37 <fell> A path problem?
14:17:19 <jralls> that was my first thought, but everything seems to be set up right. Take a look at yesterday's log from around 1600.
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14:26:19 <fell> right, after MESSG <gnc.bin> loading user configuration / INFO <gnc.app-utils.gsettings>… I get "MESSG <gnc.scm> Found Finance::Quote version 1.49"
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14:33:37 <jralls> Right. Dre-Gnu isn't, he's getting errors from a NULL return from gnc_spawn_process_sync. He should also get WARN <gnc_spawn_process_async> Could not spawn perl: Failed to execute child process (Bad file descriptor) in his tracefile but that doesn't seem to happen.
14:34:40 <jralls> *That* of course assumes that the problem is that it's not finding perl; if the problem was something else he'd get a different explanation about not spawning perl.
14:35:09 <jralls> That would be helpful but for some reason it's going in the bitbucket instead of the trace file.
14:36:43 <Dre-Gnu> sorry, back now
14:40:02 <Dre-Gnu> casting the net wide: I noticed that I'm on an old windows 10 version 1909, in case that could have anything to do with this. I'm running an update now
14:40:48 <jralls> It won't. This whole lash-up dates back to Win2K.
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15:15:04 <Dre-Gnu> have to do a restart, will be on later
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16:39:52 <Dre-Gnu> as expected, no change with the windows upgrade :-)
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17:42:40 <gjanssens> Dre-Gnu, jralls: you could try using gnucash-cli in a powershell environment. It will print messages to console
17:43:55 <gjanssens> For example c:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin\gnucash-cli -Q get <path-to-my-datafile> will print perl spawn failure errors
17:44:01 <gjanssens> I don't have perl installed
17:44:38 <gjanssens> PS C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin> .\gnucash-cli -Q get C:\Users\gjanssens\Documents\Test.gnucash
17:44:40 <gjanssens> * 21:41:55 ERROR <> gnc_process_get_fd: assertion 'proc' failed
17:44:41 <gjanssens> * 21:41:55 ERROR <> gnc_detach_process: assertion 'proc && proc->pid' failed
17:44:43 <gjanssens> Geen koersen opgehaald. De module Finance::Quote is niet correct geïnstalleerd.
17:45:52 <gjanssens> It's a bit of an odd message on my system, but perhaps the output from your PC gives a hint as to what goes wrong there.
17:47:52 <Dre-Gnu> sure
17:47:53 <gjanssens> And it actually gives console output when started from cmd.exe like that as well. So powershell is optional
17:48:55 <Dre-Gnu> ok, so start powershell first
17:51:16 <gjanssens> powershell or cmd.exe - both are fine for this purpose
17:52:57 <Dre-Gnu> ok, I'll do CMD then
17:53:23 <Dre-Gnu> btw, just noticed a new error message when starting, but let's try yours first
17:55:35 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>gnucash-cli -Q get \temp\test-file.gnucash
17:55:35 <Dre-Gnu> (process:12404): gnc.core-utils-WARNING **: 22:55:08.005: Failed to create C++ default locale fromGerman_Switzerland.1252 because Conversion failed. Using the 'C' locale for C++.
17:55:35 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:55:08 ERROR <> gnc_process_get_fd: assertion 'proc' failed
17:55:35 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:55:08 ERROR <> gnc_detach_process: assertion 'proc && proc->pid' failed
17:55:35 <Dre-Gnu> No quotes retrieved. Finance::Quote isn't installed properly.
17:55:37 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>
17:57:35 <gjanssens> So that's the exact same error I get.
17:57:45 <Dre-Gnu> yeah, seems like it
17:58:37 <Dre-Gnu> what does gnc-path-check do exactly?
17:58:40 <Dre-Gnu> is that supposed to work?
18:00:29 <Dre-Gnu> nm, based on the naming it doesn't seem related, however if it's supposed to work without parameter, it doesn't :-)
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18:10:42 <gjanssens> There's really not much info to go by here. I see where the error is generated, but I have no clue why.
18:11:26 <Dre-Gnu> any way to increase the log output?
18:11:30 <gjanssens> It's late here, so I have to leave for the night, but I'll see if I can figure out more.
18:12:05 <Dre-Gnu> same here, thank you for your support, I'll check back tomorrow and will check in the log
18:12:53 <Dre-Gnu> good night all
18:13:03 <gjanssens> good night
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19:21:27 <jralls> @tell gjanssens There's additional logging code in bindings/guile/gnc-guile.c that should report the error from g_spawn_async_with_pipes but it doesn't.
19:21:27 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
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20:27:27 <warlord> .
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21:08:13 <chris> crossan007_ for your report -- sounds easy but much devil in details
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21:08:50 <chris> I guess you've got some membership with monthly dues and wish to track monies received
21:09:06 <chris> and annual liability -$120 and monthly fees +$10
21:10:06 <chris> to do report IMHO *much* easier with monthly SX -$10 liability for each member account and track monies received.
21:10:32 <chris> thus run liability report and see where the -$10 wasn't offset with a +$10 cash received.
21:11:06 <chris> in other words, consider how you'd structure your sql query if it was an sql datafile
21:11:36 <chris> select * from transactions group by month where num(transactions) == 0 ???
21:12:20 <chris> after this you'll have your scheme report
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