ANNOUNCE:Release of GnuCash 1.7.3 beta: "This rose is priceless"

Chris Lyttle
18 Nov 2002 02:03:03 -0800

The GnuCash team is pleased to announce the release of the first beta
version 1.7.3: "This rose is priceless".

# New Features in this version!
# Improved libofx configure support. Add --with-ofx-prefix so users can
define where to look for libofx.
# Fixed missing OFX files in tarball.
# MAJOR improvement to OFX investment support. All transactions created
from an investment account are now already balanced. Explicitely support
Dividend Reinvestment transactions which will now directly create a
income account -> stock account transaction, and Income transactions
which will directly create a income account -> cash account transaction.
Support memorising the income account association. Several stock account
can use the same income account if desired.
# Updated gnucash.spec file to work with rh8.
# Added new cashflow report contributed by Herbert Thoma.
# New functions to get/set read-only status on a transaction, and to
print a warning message if a transaction is read-only.
# Added a bunch of currencies.
# Updated translations (merged from 1.6 branch plus updates from the
Translation Project).
# Matthew Vanecek added some bug fixes for the SQL back end.
# Add support for gtkhtml 1.1
# Added calculate the number of remaining payments based on the start
date, loan length and current date to Mortgage druid.
# Loads of bugfixes, keep those bugs coming!
# NOTE: Report bugs to

Available at the usual places!

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