ANNOUNCE:Release of GnuCash stable version 1.8.0

Chris Lyttle chris at
Mon Feb 3 01:52:30 CST 2003

What's New in GnuCash 1.8.0?

- Scheduled Transactions: 
	GnuCash now has the ability to automatically create and enter
	transactions, remind when a transaction is due, give a choice of
	entering a transaction or postponing it	and remove an automated
	transaction after a certain period.
- Mortgage & Loan Repayment Druid:
	Used to setup a variable payment loan scheduled transaction.
- Small Business Accounting Features: 
	GnuCash now can be used for Customer and Vendor tracking,
	Invoicing and Bill Payment, and using different Tax and Billing
	Terms in a small business.
- OFX Import:
	GnuCash is the first free software application to support the
	Open Financial Exchange protocol that many banks and financial
	services are moving to use. The development of OFX and HBCI 
	support has also resulted in an improved transaction matching
	system that more accurately picks duplicate transactions.
- HBCI Support: 
	GnuCash is the first free software application to support the
	German Home Banking Computer Interface protocol which includes
	statement download, initiate bank transfers and direct debits.
- New User Manual and Help:
	A brand new user help has been written which focuses on how to
	do tasks in conjunction with a Tutorial and Concepts guide that
	gives the user background information on using GnuCash.
- New Multi-Currency Transaction Handling:
	GnuCash no longer requires separate currency exchange accounts
	to handle multiple currency transfers.
- Redesigned Menu's
	The GnuCash menu's have been redesigned to conform more with the
	new GNOME Human Interface Guidelines.

Specifically updated in this version;
 o Release of new stable version 1.8.0
 o Fix problem getting quotes from trustnet.
 o Add new script that dumps all the data returned by F::Q for a
 o Apply Bill Nottingham's patch to use db4/db_185.h
 o Updated translations, po/en_GB.po by Nigel Titley, po/it.po by
   Lorenzo Cappelletti
 o Fix HBCI problem with negative account balances.
 o Add preference (on advanced tab) to enable HBCI debug messages.
 o Fix the Recurrence-Frequency example-calendar date calculation to
   show upcoming instances correctly.
 o Add HBCI user messages about what is supported by the bank.
 o Fixes for gcc 3.x build problems with postgresql backend
 o Many more fixes for the postgresql backend
 o Fix the "bill reminder" so it doesn't create a query if there are
   no payables accounts.
 o Fix some of the accounts in the tree to be more accurate to the
   real world.
 o Only set ReadOnly status for Invoices, not Payments.
 o Fix several bugs in QIF importer
 o Recognize even more error codes from OpenHBCI.
 o No longer assume that transaction with type OFX_OTHER are
   investment transactions.
 o Don't add income accounts to bills, or expense accounts to
   invoices.  This should help further reduce user confusion with what
   to do when entering invoices.
 o Lots more bugfixes, see changelog.

Available at the usual places!

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