ANNOUNCE: Release of GnuCash stable version 1.8.8

Chris Lyttle chris at
Tue Nov 18 23:00:59 CST 2003

What's New in GnuCash 1.8.8?

 o HBCI - Improve error message when receiving zero balance from bank.
 o Add account template for Swiss German businesses "KMU" by Tom
 o Add *big* account template for German businesses "SKR04" by Betina
 o Add Catalan and Turkish translation, Updated German, Italian,
   Czech, Greek and Dutch translations.
 o Add Turkish account template. Updated Greek account templates.
 o Remove debian scripts
 o Add a comment about minimum string length
 o Fix the ISO_DATELEN to be "long enough"
 o Fix handling of HBCI direct debits (fix wrong textkey). Fix and
   initially implement handling of multiple banks/users/customers.
 o Fixed extremly stupid, old bug that causes weird HBCI errors.
   Improved user messages.
 o Refactor some GUI code. Improve user messages.
 o BillTermDecRef should have been BillTermIncRef when setting new
   bill term.
 o Applied Frank Pavageau's patch regarding capital gains to handle
   split transactions.
 o Don't make a timespec with tv_sec == 0.  Fixes some tests on the
   alpha platform.

Available at the usual places!

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