ANNOUNCE: Release of GnuCash stable version 1.8.9

Chris Lyttle chris at
Tue Apr 13 02:07:05 EDT 2004

What's New in GnuCash 1.8.9?

 o Updated Polish translation by GNOME PL Team, updated French, Czech,
   Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German and Italian translations.
 o dump-finance-quote - Be more explicit when a lookup fails.
 o log-replay - Increase read buffer size.
 o Make sure to verify that the items in the reconcile hash are still
   around after a refresh.
 o When the commodity is changed, then set the currency to the
   currency of the last price entered for this commodity.
 o Add Hungarian account templates by Sulyok Peter
 o Patch by Geoff Kassel to work on OpenBSD (allow user to set
 o Don't test double KVPs, on the theory that they will soon be
 o  When computing the aging report, ignore splits that belong to
   closed lots.  This way we wont get the wrong values when the invoice
   falls outside the 360-day window but its payment falls inside the
 o Add gnc_getline() function to read an unlimited line-length from a
   file (so you're not limited to a buffer size with fgets() and the
   like). It is similar to the getline(3) on Linux except the API is
   different and it will always set the return string.
 o Add workaround code for openhbci/chipcard problem.
 o Add gnc_lookup_date_option() function.
 o Add gnc_ui_account_get_balance_in_currency() function.
 o Add preferences for summarybar.
 o Add xaccAccountConvertBalanceToCurrencyAsOfDate() function
 o Summarybar can now display a grand total of all commodities,
   profits of a period of time and net assets at the end of the period;
   summarybar can be configured with some options under
 o Create two new functions to centralize date-selection option
 o Export the new scheme functions.
 o Modify Herbert's patch to centralize the date-selection option
 o Use the new centralized date-selection option-creation code.
 o Fix a typo in the help (was --diable-gui).
 o Add db-4.2 to the list of databases we search.
 o Fix a problem with opt style installs.
 o Rename from_xxx and to_xxx account tree widgets to left_xxx and
 o If in "accountant mode" call "transfer from" "credit account" and
   "transfer to" "debit account" and interchange account trees.
 o Remove the RECN cell from payable/receivable to stop confusing
 o Change Ukrainian "UAG" into "UAH"
 o Commented out setting the memo always to "Auto-created split" due
   to popular request.
 o Fix for part of bug only allow auto-create SXes which have splits 
   to be created.
 o HBCI transfer template management GUI added by Bernd Wagner.
 o Added instructions about running under valgrind.
 o Added a large set of valgrind suppressions for both guile and
 o Change the reg_type to SEARCH_LEDGER so all the 'action' types
 o Remove unused 'ledger_status' widget.
 o At least be consistent about the background coloring of the month
   labels, even if we're still not using GTK themeage correctly.
 o Destroy the transient window when the widget is destroyed.
 o Make the advance and remind spin-buttons editable.
 o Change the upper bound on the advance and remind spins to 365
   [days], with a page-size of 30 [days].
 o Disallow the Scheduling of being-editing transactions in the
   Register, preventing a class of unbalacned SX template transactions
   from being entered and propogated through the system.
 o Fix nasty memory-corruption issue; insufficent bounds checking on
   array index.
 o Better handling of various error cases in transaction-creation.
 o When we have a problem parsing a credit/debit cell, indicate to the
   user what occurred.
 o Use the account-list filtering capability of the GncAccountSel to
   only show/allow-creation-of valid account-types in the loan-druid.
 o Add ':' to the token list of allowable characters in the formula
 o Fix precedence bug screwing up loan review page.
 o Don't need to require format; main.scm handles it, and the default
   "format" (simple-format) is sufficient to handle everything we need.
   This allows gnucash to work with slib3.
 o Add code to remove "intl/Makefile po/Makefile" from AC_OUTPUT in prior to calling gettextize to make sure that you can
   build from CVS with recent versions of gettextize.  Tested with both
   RH9 and RH7.3 to make sure it works with both old and new.
 o Move variable declaration to the top of the block.
 o Make sure we always have intl and po Makefiles in the configure
   script.  Sometimes it was ripped out without being replaced.

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