ANNOUNCE: GnuCash 2.2.3 Released

Andreas Köhler at
Tue Jan 8 16:03:25 EST 2008

      GnuCash 2.2.3 released

The GnuCash development team proudly announces GnuCash 2.2.3, the
third bug fix release in a series of stable releases of the
GnuCash Free Accounting Software.  GnuCash is available on
Microsoft Windows since the release of 2.2.0, and it also runs on
GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris and Mac OSX.

      Getting GnuCash

GnuCash 2.2.3 can be downloaded from or  It is available as source code.  For the
Microsoft Windows operating system there is a self-installing
setup program which includes all necessary additional libraries.

To install GnuCash on other platforms, users will need Gnome 2,
guile, and slib.  Neither the currently used swig nor the
previously used g-wrap packages are needed anymore when compiling
from tarball or when installing a binary.

     (Source code and Windows binary)
     (Source code only)

      What's New in GnuCash 2.2.3?

Fixed Bugs
  * #114724: QIF importer drops split details for transfers with
             identical amount
  * #463678: xfer dialog from CC auto-payment from reconcile
             doesn't display accounts
  * #495219: QIF-Importer handles memo from transactions wrong
  * #497517: Transactions set to 'c' in the R(econciled) field of
             the register are incorrectly set to 'n' when
             postponing a reconciliation
  * #503889: Should install icons into expected locations
  * #504007: QIF Import Druid does not allow selecting currency
  * #504257: Need to replace old Afghanistan Afghani (AFA) with
             new Afghanistan Afghani (AFN)
  * #504261: Start on W2K fails with Entry Point Not Found (KERNEL32.dll)
  * #505386: Gnucash looses transactions if the file contains
             special characters
  * #505972: SX-related segfaults in 2.2.2
  * #506074: Fractional timezone offsets not always handled correctly
  * #506429: "Last Day of Month" SXes saved on wrong day of week
  * #506671: Add cyprus, maltese and slovenian currencies to EURO support
  * #506714: progress bar during launching

Other changes
  * New Vietnamese translation
  * Improve several minor strings
  * Update translations: Dutch, German
  * Some business report improvements regarding date parameters
  * Fix gcc 4.2.x compiler warnings
  * Use aqbanking pkg-config file and require < v2.9, allow goffice v0.6

      Many thanks go to

Andrew Sackville-West
Charles Day
Christian Stimming
Clytie Siddall
Daniel Harding
Derek Atkins
Hendrik-Jan Heins
Herbert Thoma
Ian Lewis
Jeff Green
Jerry Quinn
Josh Sled
Mark Jenkins
Nathan Buchanan

      How can You help?

* We would like to encourage people to test this and any further
    releases as much as possible and submit bug reports in order
    that we can continuously polish GnuCash to be as stable as
    possible.  Simply post any bugs you find to bugzilla

* If you have the urge to help beyond testing please get involved
    in the discussions on the GnuCash mailing lists which you
    will find at We especially need
    people to help with updating the documentation. Please see on how to get

* Translating: The GnuCash 2.2.0 and 2.2.3 releases came with
    some new translation strings. If you consider contributing a
    translation, we invite you to work with the translation
    template in this package. Our development is in String Freeze
    now, so you can safely work on our translation. Please check for updates
    on this.

      About the Program

GnuCash is a free, open source accounting program released under
the GNU General Public License (GPL) and available for GNU/Linux,
*BSD, Solaris, Mac OSX, and Microsoft Windows. It is
collaboratively developed by 12 people from over 5 countries.

Programming on GnuCash began in 1997, and its first stable
release was in 1998.

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