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Announcement: GnuCash 2.4.4 Release 2011-03-14 

GnuCash 2.4.4 released

The GnuCash development team proudly announces GnuCash 2.4.4, the fourth
bug fix release in a series of stable of the GnuCash Free Accounting
Software. With this new release series, GnuCash can use an SQL database
using SQLite3, MySQL or PostgreSQL. It runs on GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris,
Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX.

Note: 2.4.1 was partially released but was pulled at the last minute
when critical problems were found. 2.4.1 should NOT be used.

Major changes in the 2.4.0 release include; 

      * In addition to the XML backend, Gnucash can now use a SQLite3,
        MySQL or PostgreSQL database to store the data. This is a new
        implementation using libdbi. It supports all features including
        the business features. In order to build with this, add
        --enable-dbi to the configure command. In addition to the
        libdbi-dev package for your distribution, you will also need the
        appropriate DBD (libdbi driver) package for sqlite3, mysql or
      * As a replacement for the current GtkHTML HTML engine used to
        display reports and graphs, Gnucash can use WebKit. WebKit is
        the engine used by Google Chrome on Windows and Safari on Apple.
        In order to build with this, add --with-html-engine=webkit to
        the configure command. You will need an appropriate webkit-dev
        package. On win32, you will need to download the file from the source repository and put
        it into the downloads directory of your gnucash build area.
      * Updated AqBanking on Win32.

Getting GnuCash for Windows (Win32 binary)

The Gnucash 2.4.4 Win32 setup executable can be downloaded from
Sourceforge. It will install everything needed to run GnuCash. 

Mac OSX binary

The Gnucash 2.4.4 MacOSX package can be downloaded from Sourceforge as

Getting GnuCash as source code

If you want to compile GnuCash 2.4.4 for yourself, the source code can
be downloaded from: 

      * Sourceforge: bzip2, gzip, all files.
      * You can also checkout the sources directly from the subversion
        repository with this command:
        svn co gnucash

To compile GnuCash from the source code by yourself, you will need Gnome
2, guile, slib. In addition you will need swig if compiling from

Changes between 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 include: 

      * User-visible changes
              * Update rev to 2.4.4 
              * Implement automatic creation of stock account for newly
                imported OFX stocks. Only active if "auto-create
                commodity" is switched on in the preferences from
              * When setting the report print name, check whether this
                exact name has been used before. Append an increasing
                number if that was the case.
              * When setting a printer job name, remove slashes because
                they are not allowes in filenames.
              * Add the invoice number in the output printer job name,
                if an invoice report is printed.
              * Add option in OFX import to have newly encountered
                commodities automatically created.
              * Modify Tax Info on Account Page to display or not
                display sub-account info based on whether row is
                expanded. Re-apply changes reverted in r20251. The only
                difference between this commit and r20207 is that,
                contrary to the recommendation given in gnc-tree-view.h,
                "Use GNC_TREE_VIEW_COLUMN_DATA_NONE if you plan on using
                a non-model data source for this column", it cobtinues
                to use "GNC_TREE_MODEL_ACCOUNT_COL_TAX_INFO". Using
                "GNC_TREE_VIEW_COLUMN_DATA_NONE" generates problems
                later in the "gnc_tree_view_add_text_column" routine
                when it tries to set up sorting for the column ("CRIT
                <Gtk> gtk_tree_sortable_set_sort_func: assertion
                `sort_column_id >= 0' failed"). Define a new column,
                gnc-tree-model-account.c filled with
                gnc_ui_account_get_tax_info_sub_acct_string. Modify
                gnc-tree-view-account.c to define a tax_info_data_func
                that displays only the the data in the
                GNC_TREE_MODEL_ACCOUNT_COL_TAX_INFO model column if the
                row is expanded; otherwise it combines it with the data
                model column. Modily the view creation function to use
                the new tax_info_data_func for the text after having
                first set it to GNC_TREE_MODEL_ACCOUNT_COL_TAX_INFO to
                prevent the problem mentioned above, thereby overriding
              * Update page name if invoice/bill is renamed.
              * Present already open budget page if the user tries to
                open a budget more than once
              * Update page name if budget is renamed.
      * Updated translations or translation-related changes
              * Update 
              * Updated Dutch translation copied from the translation
              * Updated Ukranian translation copied from the translation
              * Updated Traditional Chinese translation, glossary and
                win32 txt.
              * Fix typo in German translation
              * Add Traditional Chinese translation for win32 package
              * Updated Traditional Chinese translation by Kuang-che.
              * Improved French translation by Sebastien Daniel.
      * Bugs fixed
              * Bug #570042: Better default for book-closing entries in
                Income Statement Report Options Patch by Tristan
                Faujour: Proposed patch: make reports ignore
                book-closing entries I chose to: - Change the reports'
                default behavior to have them ignore the book-closing
                entries. - Do not change anything in reports that deal
                explicitly with them. Here is the content of this patch
                (everything is under gnucash/src/report): - In function
                gnc:account-get-trans-type-balance-interval, depending
                on an argument, closing entries can be ignored (they are
                identified by xaccTransGetIsClosingTxn). - Some report
                utility functions are duplicated (with a "-with closing"
                suffix) to provide the legacy feature. - Equity
                statement and Profit & Loss reports are modified to call
                the *-with-closing functions.
              * Bug #644556: Running the test as root happened to
                remove /dev/null. Check for this and also fix the
                respective test. Additionally, it turned out the log
                system never gave notice about a log output file that
                was unwritable. Added an appropriate CRITICAL error
              * Bug #644557 - gnucash-2.4.3: downstream patches to fix
                tests linking Patches kindly provided by Gilles
                Dartiguelongue <eva at> of the Gentoo project.
              * Bug #642739 - Translog files being created in Gnucash
                program installation directory Translog files for
                databases are now created in a directory "translog"
                inside the .gnucash dir. The files will be named
                following this scheme:
              * Bug #644036: Counter format validation fails on Windows
                because the number format is I64i there. Note: Users
                will run into a problem when copying a windows file to
                linux and vice versa because the counter format will
                have to be changed on the other operating system each
              * Bug #521817 - Guid_init causes very long startup delay
                if Novell Network active P_tmpdir is set to "\" by
                mingw. The way P_tmpdir is used by GnuCash, this seems
                to trigger unwanted network activity. So on Windows, I'm
                replacing it with "C:/temp" for now, based on
                suggestions found on the internet regarding this issue.
              * Bug #347265 - budget column resizing/options applies to
                all budget windows
      * Other code/build changes
              * Tag 2.4.4 
              * Add some more sanity checking in common importer module.
              * Refactor KVP-related functions of OFX into separate
              * Revert r20405, "Correct memory leaks..." - does not
                compile with guile-1.6 The patch will be re-applied once
                trunk requires guile-1.8, which will be done right after
                the oncoming branching.
              * Code cleanup in ofx importer; refactoring to get away
                from the single giant long function.
              * Add some more const-correctness.
              * Configure simplification: Use pkg-config for libofx.
                Remove obsolete external qof detection. (Somehow the
                argument --with-qt3-wizard-package was writting right
                inside the qof code stuff. This has been moved to the
                aqbanking section now.)
              * Win32: Tweak cross compiling script for webkit so that
                is seems to almost compile.
              * Correct memory leaks found with valgrind
              * Remove unused functions for wall clock timing.
                Facilities such as this should be used from external
                expert libraries. Also, this is in the way when cleaning
                up some log system problems in subsequent commits.
              * Fix r20394: Output string clean-up was missing the date
              * Move business-options.[hc] from business-utils to
                app-utils. As "business-core" has been dissolved, the
                "business-utils" code has no more requirements than
                app-utils and can be moved there because of this.
              * Add ChangeLog.2010.
              * Fix missing timestamp in trace files on Windows
              * Additional svn:ignore settings
              * Add yet more gitignores.
              * Add more gitignore entries.
              * Add comments to warn about lack of Windows support in
                the guid_init function.
              * Fix an accelerator.
              * Correct memory leaks found with valgrind
              * Add more debug logging.
              * Minor code cleanup: Move gconf section name into header;
                clarify argument name.
              * Minor code cleanup in ofx importer; improve
              * Use qualified include path for cmake/automake
              * Add additional debug markers
              * Correct memory leak found with valgrind
              * Remove some obsolete files These files were once copied
                from gtk 2.8 to work around pre-2.8 gtk bugs when that
                was still our baseline. Our baseline is currently 2.10,
                so these files are no longer needed/used.
              * Fix Gtk CRIT warnings introduced in r20351
              * Small spelling corrections in comments and some
                whitespace adjustments

How can you help?

Translating: The new release comes with some new translation strings. If
you consider contributing a translation, we invite you to test this
release already. 

About the Program

GnuCash is a free, open source accounting program released under the GNU
General Public License (GPL) and available for GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris,
Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows. Programming on GnuCash began in 1997, and
its first stable release was in 1998.

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