ANNOUNCE: Announcement: GnuCash 2.6.17 Release 2017-07-02

John Ralls jralls at
Mon Jul 3 00:11:43 EDT 2017

GnuCash 2.6.17 released

The GnuCash development team announces GnuCash 2.6.17, the seventeenth maintenance release in the 2.6-stable series.

Between 2.6.16 and 2.6.17, the following bugfixes were accomplished:

    Bug 603379 - Prevent changing some Account Options if it has transactions Relax the account type change restrictions. In the new implementation account types can't be changed for an account with splits:
        if the change woud force a commodity change e.g. from type STOCK to BANK as the former takes only non-currency commodities and the latter only currency.
        for immutable accounts
    At the time of this commit the following account types are considered immutable:
        Accounts Receivable
        Accounts Payable
        Trading accounts
    Bug 776396 - Foreign currency reports, amounts are not aligned correctly Improve the styling of the table element used for foreign currencies in the Balance sheet report so they end up aligned with the other currencies.
    Bug 780845 - link in github repo README file needs correction/editing
    Bug 780889 - Split-register transactions result in invalid price:type "transaction" Add 'transaction' to the schema and document it in gnc-pricedb.h.
    Bug 781476 - Online Banking Wizard Crashes for Windows (gnucash-on-windows)
    Bug 781634 - Alert on missing account currency when opening account Also separate translatable commodity namespace strings from those used in storage: There is now a separate GNC_COMMODITY_NS_ISO_GUI label to be used everywhere the user needs to read 'Currency namespace'. It's currently set to 'Currencies' and can be translated.
    Bug 782274 - Transactions produced by Transfer Funds or Process Payment dialogs sort to beginning of day and do not honor NUM field for custom sorting.
    Bug 782897 - Stock Split Assistant crashes GnuCash if you enter a New Price and that already exists in the Price DB
    Bug 783095 - gnucash-2.6.16 segfaults on startup
    Bug 784317 - typo in 'import customers or vendors from text file' dialog

Some other fixes not associated with reported bugs:

    Fix crash on Mac when trying to create or edit an AQBanking User. (gnucash-on-osx)
    Properly define the template namespace rather than using a local string everywhere
    Correctly store time64 0 in the SQL backend: The SQL backend ignored time64 0 when saving dates. time64 is a perfectly valid timestamp (1970-01-01 00:00:00) and should be stored.
    Clamp time64 values passed to GDateTime functions to the valid range. Fixes a bug reported on the mailing list wherein a date of 0000-00-00 in a MySql database would crash GnuCash. Such dates may come from a bad conversion of 1970-01-01 or from a crash.
    Add XSU to iso-4217-currencies
    Some banks include additional purpose information for a transaction in non-swift-section 17 (aka transaction text). If available, this transaction text is put in front of the other purpose texts to provide full transaction information. Adds a preference to control import behaivour of transaction text.

Translation Updates: Arabic, Japanese, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish
Important update notification

If you are updating from gnucash 2.6.0-2.6.4 on linux, you are advised to remove the guile user cache or several parts of gnucash may fail to work properly. This user cache can be found in .cache/guile/ccache/2.0-LE-8-2.0/ in your home directory. It's safe to remove the whole contents of this directory.

Note .cache is a hidden folder in your home directory. You may have to change your file manager's settings in order to view hidden files and folders.

Concurrent with the release of Gnucash 2.6.17 we're pleased to also release a new version 2.6.17 of the companion Help and Tutorial and Concepts Guide.

    Bug 781711: Add reversing transaction definition
    Bug 781714: Add Reversing Transaction text for Help document
    Improve German translation of gnucash-guidem fix some typos, reconstruct some rev. history

Getting GnuCash for Windows and MacOS X

GnuCash is provided for both Microsoft Windows XP® and later and MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard)® and later in pre-built, all-in-one packages. An installer is provided for Microsoft Windows® while the MacOS X® package is a disk image containing a drag-and-drop application bundle.

The SHA256 Hashes for the downloadable files are:

    db965f39b6c5181810a064a1d1f5bb719722ac3b54dfce0cecf43ee7b38e593c  gnucash-2.6.17.tar.bz2
    4fa7b851b854f8b07e9fd5662374cea25658c207deaf4812884731892899ef20  gnucash-2.6.17.tar.gz
    ba57a15d4b89dc7a6b447569e4214f96cc545c9dd3124e859e76890699f68550  gnucash-2.6.17.setup.exe
    f60238bc7bced79bc50e223ba0d4047d3235e71a7f815a375745242977ecfdeb  Gnucash-Intel-2.6.17-1.dmg
    1d41e4e9d818a66a166ae6def9a9ac7add42da148d3a6c058b12d79701497416  Gnucash-PPC-2.6.17-1.dmg
    >84c79c333937ccfdcc0b94f9eec78b707e27043402560c3fbc85a3eefa211c56  gnucash-docs-2.6.17.tar.gz

    Getting GnuCash as source code

    If you want to compile GnuCash 2.6.17 for yourself, the source code can be downloaded from:
        Sourceforge: bzip2, all files.
        Github: gzip
        You can also checkout the sources directly from the git repository as described here.

    To compile GnuCash from the source code by yourself, you will need at least Gnome 2, Guile, and slib. In addition you will need swig if compiling from git. Please consult the README file in the sources for the exact list of dependencies and versions.
    Getting the documentation

    The documentation is available at Documentation page of the GnuCash website. The 2.6.17 documentation can be found under "GnuCash v2.6 (current stable release)" in multiple languages both for reading online and for download in pdf, epub, and mobi formats.

    If you want to compile the GnuCash Documentation 2.6.17 for yourself, the source code can be downloaded from:
        Sourceforge or GitHub
        You can also checkout the sources directly from the git repository as described here.
    About the Program

    GnuCash is a free, open source accounting program released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and available for GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows. Programming on GnuCash began in 1997, and its first stable release was in 1998.

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