ANNOUNCE: Respun 2.6.18 tarballs

John Ralls jralls at
Wed Sep 27 23:58:00 EDT 2017

Bug 788191 reported that the tarballs originally shipped with the release worked only with Guile-2.0. This turned out to be due to an error in SWIG that's in the version on Fedora 25 which I used to create those tarballs. I've re-spun the tarballs and the reporter of the bug has tested that they are now correct.

The re-spun tarballs also include src/optional/python-bindings/, reported as missing by another user.

The sha256 hashes for the re-spun tarballs are:
68730bcfcead7485011eb43d3b2c5df032c714571c81f9a15d33d8494fc4249d  gnucash-2.6.18-1.tar.bz2
f66e9e05c332182bd7aa23f9717d4bc32bcfaf2a1eb3a94287c88aeaa7e5894e  gnucash-2.6.18-1.tar.gz

Note the -1 suffix. The links on have been updated.

John Ralls

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