ANNOUNCE: [GNC-dev] GnuCash 3.4 Released

John Ralls jralls at
Sun Dec 30 15:01:16 EST 2018

The GnuCash development team announces GnuCash 3.4, the fifth release of the 3.x stable release series.


Between 3.3 and 3.4, the following bugfixes were accomplished:

	• Bug 498072 - GnuCash show taxes on invoice when individual taxes is not checked
	• Bug 760825 - On duplicating a bill, the entry dates should be set to the bill date, not to the current date - followup:
Use neutral time on entry post dates instead of canonical time
	• Bug 767772 - Associated file with transaction is lost when moving entry between accounts
	• Bug 775580 - Inaccurate information provided for "Common Accounts" when using "New Account Hierarchy Setup"
	• Bug 779565 - Treeview header combos do not work at first load
	• Bug 788332 - Last Reconcile Date column sorts by day of month not date
	• Bug 789674 - Close Book tool regression
	• Bug 793156 - Incorrect date sort order in Generic import matcher window
	• Bug 795080 - Some dates reset to 01/01/1970
	• Bug 795237 - Update of "wohnungsw" template
	• Bug 795425 - Version 2018 of german account template SKR49
	• Bug 796772 - Receivable Ageing Report invalid URL for Totals column
	• Bug 796806 - Crash after OFX import if line item dragged
	• Bug 796842 - Add new employee window may not fit on screen
	• Bug 796849 - Load another QIF file causes "that file already loaded" dialog
	• Bug 796875 - Unable to use arrow keys to advance past pre-filled text in register
	• Bug 796878 - test-qofsession fails on x86_32.
	• Bug 796883 - Register text oddities
HOME and END need to be treated like right and left arrow keys.
	• Bug 796886 - OFX Import does not show source account in the transaction matching window
	• Bug 796887 - Remove account slot key color if there is no valid color
	• Bug 796893 - invoice.GetDatePosted() and other date related functions returns strange values for uninitalised dates.
	• Bug 796896 - Button to complete an export not intuitively placed or discoverable
	• Bug 796903 - Crash when searching invoice by Invoice Owner
	• Bug 796914 - Customer Summary is giving error
	• Bug 796915 - Update Account colour background
	• Bug 796940 - Invalid transaction date-posted KVP causes date-posted to not be saved.
	• Bug 796944 - Tab navigation From Company Address field in New Book Options
	• Bug 796945 - Search Search Criteria window does not scroll when added criteria exceed a certain amount
	• Bug 796948 - Scheduled Transactions Entered Since Last Run Are not Visible
	• Bug 796949 - Incorrect conversion of 0,01 USD to EUR
	• Bug 796960 - Incorrect amount sort order in Generic import matcher window
	• Bug 796961 - Can't overwrite existing MYSQL database, V3.3.
	• Bug 796967 - gnclock table not removed when using PostgreSQL.
	• Bug 796978 - Deleting a split of same account as register cancels the transaction without warning
	• Bug 796981 - Gnucash crashes with critical error when selecting another file
	• Bug 796982 - Import Bills & Invoices: change in un_escape() routine causes description and notes fields to be mangled.
	• Bug 796988 - Untranslated string in CSV transaction importer
	• Bug 796989 - some date/time does not honor user locale
	• Bug 796994 - Unable to generate Tax Report because of pricedb error
The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:

	• Set up filepath utils to determine the GNC_CONFIG_HOME in the same way as GNC_DATA_HOME.
Until now GNC_CONFIG_HOME was more or less hard-coded. Now it can be set via environment variable GNC_CONFIG_HOME. In addition it will automatically be created to avoid potential user confusion.
	• Redesign gnc-uri-utils
		• gnc_uri_get_components will now return NULL as protocol if the input is a normal file system path instead of a uri (it used to return 'file')
		• gnc_uri_get_protocol will now return NULL if the input is a normal file system path instead of a uri (it used to return 'file')
		• gnc_uri_is_file_protocol now returns FALSE if protocol is NULL (it used to return TRUE)
		• gnc_uri_is_file_uri now returns FALSE if input is a normal file system path instead of a uri (it used to return TRUE)
		• a new function gnc_uri_targets_local_fs will return TRUE only if its input is either a file uri or a normal file system path. This function is now mostly used instead of gnc_uri_is_file_uri in the current code base
		• a new function gnc_uri_is_uri is added to check whether its input is a valid uri (has protocol, path and hostname for non-file uris)
		• refer to 'scheme' instead of 'protocol' as that's the more formal term used in uris This involves renaming 3 functions:
			• gnc_uri_get_protocol -> gnc_uri_get_scheme
			• gnc_uri_is_known_protocol -> gnc_uri_is_known_scheme
			• gnc_uri_is_file_protocol -> gnc_uri_is_file_scheme
		• The *_protocol variants are marked as deprecated.
		• Additionally a number of local variables have been renamed from protocol to scheme to support this change.
	• Show warnings for deprecated declarations
We're about to announce our own set of deprecated functions in libgnucash. That would be pretty pointless if we also would silence all deprecation warnings at the same time...
	• More report code-cleanup by Chris Lam, including deprecating the following functions:
		• gnc:account-get-balance-at-date
		• gnc:account-get-total-flow
		• gnc-commodity-numeric-string
		• gnc-commodity-value->string
		• gnc:double-col
		• gnc:options-add-include-subaccounts
		• gnc:options-add-group-accounts
		• gnc:options-add-currency-selection
The following modules are deprecated:
		• report-system/collectors
		• report-system/report-collectors
	• Invoice: Remove H1 title and superflous option.
Printing the title twice is silly, so remove the option and the H1 display of the title. Note that the remaining title is in a div named "invoice-title" so it can be styled with CSS as the user pleases from the Report Options Layout tab.
	• The preference, use formal accounting labels does not update the header With a register open and you change preference 'use formal accounting labels' it does not update the register header so add a call back for the preference.
	• Make the grid lines of totals Budget tree view track the preferences.
Make the grid lines of the totals tree view track the preferences to match the account tree view above it.
	• Add routine to fix Account Color being set to "Not Set"
Previously the account color slot has been populated with "Not Set" when any field for the account has been edited and saved. This routine should run once and remove all such entries.
	• Performance fix in dom_chars_handler: use g_strndup instead of g_strdup
	• In the appdata/metadata file, rename the ID from org.gnucash.Gnucash to org.gnucash.GnuCash to match flathub, and add a launchable ID to link it to the desktop file.
	• Added double-click-on-file for the CSV transaction, price, and account importers and exporters.
	• Cleaned up a variety of issues reported by the clang static analyzer.
	• Allow the text options widget to use all remaining space
The text option widget used for report options has only about 3 lines visible currently and will not use any available space in the dialogue. Change the packing for this widget to expand and fill the remaining dialogue space. If there are more than one text option widget on a page then the available space will be shared equally.
	• Add short_labels for a few toolbar buttons with long names. That should fit a few more buttons on the toolbar.
	• Update iso-4217-currencies.xml, adddding VES - Bolivar Soberano, minor updates of other VE currencies.
	• Python 3 bindings fixes and improvements from Christoph Holterman and Sumit Bhardwaj.
We have revised translations for Chinese (Simplified), Farsi, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Portugal), and Ukrainian

Revised or added account templates for English (US), English (UK), German (Austria), German (Germany), Portuguese (Portugal)

Known Issues

The following are open bug reports new to the 3.x series considered significant by the development team:

	• Bug 775368 - "Average cost" price source problem
	• Bug 795071 - new account entry screen keeps on disappearing and coming back
	• Bug 795251 - googletest detection cannot be overridden
	• Bug 795362 - Special variable "i" not parsed in function calls
	• Bug 795383 - Gnucash crashes on import of a 1400-transaction (or more) CSV file
	• Bug 795384 - GnuCash 3 is tremendously memory hungry on macOs
	• Bug 795393 - Do not create .log files when using sqlite backend
	• Bug 795614 - Unicode handling in amount fields [resubmission]
	• Bug 795729 - Advanced Portfolio Report - Percentage rates not displaying leadinga zeroes
	• Bug 795804 - Extremely slow save
	• Bug 796100 - Autosave Doesn't Always Work
	• Bug 796122 - Poor Performance Scanning Old Files During Autosave
	• Bug 796492 - Wrong calculation of the first occurrence
	• Bug 796496 - CSV Importer: Column Selectors invisible on Windows.
	• Bug 796500 - Scalability issue - importing large CSV to large book won't finish
	• Bug 796520 - Layout overlapping in Income & Expense Chart
	• Bug 796656 - GnuCash frequently crashes, usually involving unsaved transactions.
	• Bug 796687 - Tax Entity name and type for an account won't work under "Tax Reporting Options" in Gnucash 3.2
	• Bug 796688 - "Next" Button Moves Repeatedly During New File Wizard
	• Bug 796728 - GnuCash 3.0-3.2 crashes when starting up under Windows
	• Bug 796736 - Column Widths calculator need to allow more padding
	• Bug 796740 - Selecting register value with mouse fails
	• Bug 796746 - Cannot copy and paste anything into the amount field (both credit and debit)
	• Bug 796750 - qof_query_search_for stores pointer of type string argument
	• Bug 796754 - Guile encoding certain strings not as UTF-8
	• Bug 796758 - Improve error messages, why one can not remove a tax table
	• Bug 796761 - Newline (char(10) is inserted into the end of the string if copy & paste text from excel into the description field of transaction
	• Bug 796767 - The importer shows read-only and placeholder accounts
	• Bug 796773 - Display of Negative numbers
	• Bug 796774 - Investment account QIF Import does not import transaction
	• Bug 796779 - Window size in SEPA transaction
	• Bug 796782 - Cannot import OFX file in new 3.2
	• Bug 796799 - After Deleting Transaction Price, Enter Required 2x
	• Bug 796810 - Account creation and editing dialogs do not allow entering umlaut-u
	• Bug 796824 - took more than 2 hours to import 220 transactions
	• Bug 796844 - Amount column of Customer Report should net Credits and Debits
	• Bug 796847 - Error trying to do CSV import doesn't recognize account specification
	• Bug 796850 - Auto-decimal-point causes incorrect price to display when amount is edited.
	• Bug 796852 - Context sensitive Help broken
	• Bug 796857 - Import of QIF duplicates transfer transactions
	• Bug 796867 - GNUCash crashes on startup with Mac Mojave 10.14 in Dark mode.
	• Bug 796870 - Cannot (occasionally) undo invoice billing
	• Bug 796871 - GtkFileChooser Name Field and Sidebar Ignore UNC Paths
	• Bug 796877 - test-stress-options fails
	• Bug 796878 - test-qofsession fails on x86_32
	• Bug 796879 - GnuCash crashes on startup
	• Bug 796880 - Menu Tooltips Interfere with All Dialogs
	• Bug 796882 - Entering an amount as a calculation fails the first time in bills
	• Bug 796885 - SX Editor Calendar Sometimes Shows Wrong Year, Wrong Next Date
	• Bug 796890 - CSV import of multi-split transactions marks reconciliation status of first line as cleared
	• Bug 796892 - Startup warning: undefined symbol PyOS_getsig
	• Bug 796894 - Edit -> Preferences results in gnucash.exe- No Disk error box
	• Bug 796895 - Report end and start dates not obeyed
	• Bug 796896 - Button to complete an export not intuitively placed or discoverable
	• Bug 796899 - FTBFS on [mips]: segfault; test-backend-dbi; endianness
	• Bug 796900 - Problems in Description Editing. Select all implemented with the Caps Key (plus no Ctrl Z Undo, grrr)
	• Bug 796905 - GNUcash does not start after windows 10 update
	• Bug 796907 - After a series of actions to the window of GnuCash, some of or all of the contents will dispear and could not get them back
	• Bug 796909 - Can't enter different notes and memos for an AR payment transaction
	• Bug 796911 - Minimum window width is too large, so it may not be possible to maximise the window
	• Bug 796926 - Scrolling Fails if Mouse Leaves Window
	• Bug 796933 - Backspace key doesn't work, sometimes.
	• Bug 796934 - Menu and message characters display as boxes
	• Bug 796935 - Scrollbar indicator does not move while scrolling
	• Bug 796936 - Saving XML-formatted file to CryFS volume crashes GNUCash
	• Bug 796938 - Typing account name no longer navigates to account
	• Bug 796942 - Make Auto-Split Optional or Undo-Able for Data Entry
	• Bug 796946 - Mortgage and Loan Repayment Setup tool crashes when exiting "Loan Repayment Options" page
	• Bug 796953 - Attempting to enter loan causes 3.3 to crash
	• Bug 796954 - No scroll in invoice/billing and all columns not visible. Column resizing is disastrous
	• Bug 796955 - Import CSV - Single-line two-currency transactions can't be imported
	• Bug 796965 - Show Unused Accounts
	• Bug 796968 - Screen display gets corrupted in some circumstances when multiple windows stacked on top of each other
	• Bug 796970 - Disable editing of currency retrieval settings for currencies.
	• Bug 796971 - Keys "Home" and "End" do not work after popup is displayed
	• Bug 796973 - Blocking problem when importing QIF - trading commodities enter Information
	• Bug 796974 - Feature Request - Headings for the Matcher column Deposit/Withdrawal do not change to Debit/Credit when formal accounting labels are preferenced
	• Bug 796976 - saving file with scheduled transaction hangs: copy of scheduled transactions missing in tmp file?
	• Bug 796977 - No amounts displaying after upgrade from 2.6.19 to 3.3
	• Bug 796979 - GnuCash segfaults on first startup when run from remote X session
	• Bug 796983 - fails when importing QIF exported by Quicken 2015 Deluxe
	• Bug 796989 - some date/time does not honor user locale
	• Bug 796990 - Budget : Newly created account and account with zero transaction cannot be shown in Budget
	• Bug 796992 - gnucash --add-price-quotes always fails

There were no content changes to the GnuCash Documentation, though the build system was modified.

Getting GnuCash for Windows and MacOS

GnuCash is provided for both Microsoft Windows XP® and later and MacOS X 10.9 (Mavericks)® and later in pre-built, all-in-one packages. An installer is provided for Microsoft Windows® while the MacOS X® package is a disk image containing a drag-and-drop application bundle.

The SHA256 Hashes for the downloadable files are:

	• a254883c8f7e34f2e19ebdc6a0185489d9027341d7d62a6f1ef815a8c9e342d7  gnucash-3.4.tar.bz2
	• 95e8d340b7299e67ed9bedd29141cdc50824a1d6c17ebba302396b862e33b2ea  gnucash-3.4.tar.gz
	• 7ebbec0bc668e42d04178254a754aab7ba63c3177ed4e60bd5c6da917a2a316f  gnucash-3.4.setup.exe
	• 359d3ecbfc2143fe11901bd0319a60c5b802a8c13206c4da0041e510b7d39d59  Gnucash-Intel-3.4-1.dmg
	• 6575438811ecf8a208a33cd6055b4a10ed324b89e12a247a76cdecc5a82489ec  gnucash-docs-3.4.tar.gz


Download GnuCash for Win32:
Download GnuCash for Mac-Intel:


Download GnuCash for Win32:
Download GnuCash for Mac-Intel:

Getting GnuCash as source code

If you want to compile GnuCash 3.4 for yourself, the source code can be downloaded from:

 WARNING Do not try to use the github-generated files labelled "Source Code". They have not been processed with swig and will not build.
You can also checkout the sources: git clone

Please consult the README.dependencies file in the sources for the required dependencies and versions needed to build GnuCash from source. Additional information on building GnuCash may be found at

Getting the documentation

The documentation is available at Documentation page of the GnuCash website. The 3.4 documentation can be found under "GnuCash v3 (current stable release)" in multiple languages both for reading online and for download in pdf, epub, and mobi formats.

If you want to compile the GnuCash Documentation 3.4 for yourself, the source code can be downloaded from:

You can also checkout the sources directly from the git repository as described at

Detailed instructions for building GnuCash may be found at and for the Documentation at

About the Program

GnuCash is a free, open source accounting program released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and available for GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows. Programming on GnuCash began in 1997, and its first stable release was in 1998.

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