ANNOUNCE: Up and Running

John Ralls jralls at
Fri Jun 29 18:10:38 EDT 2018

We've completed the migration of Bugzilla to and we're ready to resume normal bug ops there. The updates on are still running (after 2 hours not quite halfway done), but that doesn't affect using

There's one change since yesterday's announcement: We've shortened the pseudo-addresses for bugmail:

Group	                      Elements
core at gnucash.bugs	      Backend-SQL, Backend-XML, Budgets, Build System, 
                              Business, Currency and Commodity, Engine, Python 
                              Bindings, Scheduled Transactions
documentation at gnucash.bugs    Documentation, Translations, Website
general at gnucash.bugs	      General
import at gnome.bugs	      Import-AqBanking, Import-CSV, Import-OFX, Import-
                              Other, Import-QIF, Import-QSF, TXF Export
macos at gnucash.bugs	      MacOS
reports at gnucash.bugs	      Check Printing, Reports
ui at gnucash.bugs	              Register, Regist-2, User Interface General
windows at gnucash.bugs	      Windows
all-bugs at gnucash.bugs	      Everything

For now we've adopted the Gnome skin for familiarity, but we'd love to have someone who's artistically inclined to design us a GnuCash-specific one! 

John Ralls

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