ANNOUNCE: [MAINT] VM (bugfix) Upgrade this weekend

Derek Atkins derek at
Wed Apr 29 11:07:05 EDT 2020


There is a bug in the current version of Ovirt I'm using that causes a
periodic (like once a quarter) ABRT of one of the management services.
Therefore, I am planning to upgrade to a new patch release, but that
will require rebooting the VM server (and as a result, rebooting code).

I plan to do that this weekend.  I don't expect the downtime to be more
than a few (well, 15-30) minutes.

Exact time TBD based on family free time, but I'll chat on IRC before,
during, and after.


PS: I wonder if it makes sense to get a second CPU server (and a third
system to act as an "arbiter") in order to allow real-time VM migration
and allow host system upgrades without affecting VM uptime?  *ponders*
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