ANNOUNCE: [MAINT] Unplanned network outage for GnuCash Server

Derek Atkins derek at
Tue Jul 14 09:52:02 EDT 2020


TL;DR: My ISP's upstream router failed causing my network to go away for
the last 36 hours.  IPv4 service is back as of 9am US/EDT today.  IPv6
service should be back shortly (and and I'm writing this, IPv6 is back).

Long version:
Around 8pm US/EDT on Sunday, July 12th I noticed that my network had
failed.  I traced it down to the fact that I couldn't reach my upstream
ISP router so I sent email asking for assistance.  There was nothing else
I could do from my end until I heard back from them.

Yesterday I reached out again and was told that the router crashed hard
and they were working on replacing it and trying to find a backup
configuration as well.  That was as of 3am Monday morning.

Yesterday evening I noticed that the router was reachable again, but it
wasn't routing my network to me, so this morning I reached out yet again,
and they were able to re-install my configuration, but they had a bug in
the IPv6 config.  Still, I noticed email started flowing shortly after
9am.  Once they corrected the IPv6 config (which happened while I was
typing this in), everything came back up and now appears to be reachable.

Because it was only down for 36 hours, no email should be lost, only
delayed, and no other local data was lost on the GnuCash server.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Alas, there's not
much I can do about an upstream router blowing up.  :(

Happy GnuCashing y'all.  :-D


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