ANNOUNCE: [MAINT] (another) unplanned network outage for

Derek Atkins derek at
Wed Jun 8 07:43:07 EDT 2022

Good morning all,

So after two days of being offline, here's another 7.  I had a power blip
last night around 12:30am and, due to the way everything is connected, my
switch decided to get its IP Address from my AT&T Router instead of my
home DHCP server, and all loads of fun ensued.  My Wifi wasn't working,
and even my ACTUAL DHCP server didn't work, so many machines that were
hard-wired didn't get an IP Address properly.

This morning I got up, unplugged the router from my switch, power-cycled
the switch, reset the DHCP server, and then rebooted all the machines that
got the wrong IP address...  SO... Everything SHOULD be up again, now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I think I need to get my ER-4 back up so this doesn't happen again.


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