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Segunda Novembro 20 23:17:56 EST 2006

Jim Rivas


Internet Marketing for the rest of us Jim Rivas is the only trainer that teaches everything from the Basics to the Advanced "How To" in a LIVE classroom environment with ongoing support tele-seminars. He is a very patient and thorough teacher that can speak and teach in language that the non-technical can understand. And he won't confiscate a large sum of cash and a percentage of your sales to do so. With several classes to chose from, you can go from being an Internet Marketing "want be" to an active, results producing game changer in a matter of a few days instead of years. To Learn More Click Here 


Providing Entrepreneurs Technical and Life Skills Know How for Market Domination in Today's Business Climate

Learn to Produce Huge Results from Someone that Does 

Greetings Fellow Entrepreneur! 

If you are seeking a huge increase in your personal income, then Jim Rivas is someone that can deliver marketing, training, and mentoring support that is the "Whole Package". Not just the "What", but the "How To". He has used the Internet himself to generate huge results for his own businesses, and he can teach how to do the same for yours. 

"Jim Rivas is the first person I've seen come along that has not only complete technical skills and knowledge, but also excellent people skills. He understands completely how to integrate all of the technology with people to create true opportunity for anyone that will simply follow his roadmap to success" 
Dr. Charlie Drake , Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur 

Regardless of your choice of income vehicle, modern day entrepreneurial minded individuals are faced with challenges never before seen in the realm of commerce and free enterprise. The information age has brought profound changes in the speed that you can acquire business, and the speed with which you can loose it. 

The Internet has completely changed how consumers buy. Your competition is seconds (a click) away. If you seek serious and sustainable success you must learn how to play in that new arena. And since the rules in the arena change rapidly, learning from an individual that is "In The Game Now" will provide you unequaled "up to the minute" value. 

"I have mentored with several of the biggest names in Personal Development for Network Marketers. While I have learned much about personal development from those individuals, no-one has helped me put it all together like Jim Rivas. He is in the game now and has not only the experience of a successful traditional business owner, but also as a global top producer in the direct sales industry. Because of his training, and mentoring support I have been able to learn and build a whole new business that did not require borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars as my previous medical practices had." 
Dr. Clyde Houston, Doctor of Optometry and entrepreneur, Irvine, Texas 

How to Create a Unique Advantage in Your Marketplace 

Success principles are like physical laws, which means they are repeatable, duplicable, and predictable. But those that can apply these principles in new and innovative ways have a unique advantage in the marketplace. 

There is only one certainty in business, change happens. You are either being affected by it, or you are effecting your marketplace; setting the standard, the pace; changing the marketplace for others. Which one do you think is the more prosperous? 

What separates the game changers from those that having their game changed on them? Is it Knowledge? Is it Wisdom and experience? No, it's Mind set. Those that subscribe to the "Status Quo" have their market changed on them. Those that have the Mind set of the Game Changer, change the market for everyone else. Which one do you want to be? 

Just ask Yahoo and MSN what's it's like chasing Google. Wouldn't you say Google has a Unique Advantage in the Marketplace. They are Game Changers, and once they changed the game, it was lights out for everyone else.


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