[Gnucash-changes] r14364 - gnucash/trunk - Update gdb instructions.

David Hampton hampton at cvs.gnucash.org
Wed Jun 14 18:30:39 EDT 2006

Author: hampton
Date: 2006-06-14 18:30:38 -0400 (Wed, 14 Jun 2006)
New Revision: 14364
Trac: http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/changeset/14364

Update gdb instructions.

Modified: gnucash/trunk/HACKING
--- gnucash/trunk/HACKING	2006-06-14 19:49:25 UTC (rev 14363)
+++ gnucash/trunk/HACKING	2006-06-14 22:30:38 UTC (rev 14364)
@@ -74,53 +74,42 @@
 Starting Gnucash from the build tree:
-To run gnucash from your build tree:
--- edit ./src/bin/overrides/gnucash and replace gnucash-env with
-   ./src/bin/overrides/gnucash-build-env
--- then start gnucash by saying ./src/bin/overrides/gnucash
--- Make sure you undo this change before installing gnucash
 Getting Trace Messages From GnuCash:
 Note that piping stdout from gnucash to a file causes gnucash to crash.
 Don't know why, this is a bug that needs to be fixed.  Here's another
 way to get trace messages into a file:
--- edit src/engine/gnc-trace.c, adjust values in the array
-   gnc_log_modules[] to what you want to have for a given module.
--- edit gnc_log_init() to fopen() the log file where you want 
-   messages to go to.
+-- edit src/engine/gnc-engine.c and find the call to qif_log_set_level
+   for the module you are intersted in.  Adjust the log level
+   appropriately.
+-- edit the call to qof_log_file_init() in this same file to change
+   where you want messages to go to.
 Starting GnuCash in GDB
 To run gdb on an installed version of gnucash (installed in /opt/gnc/unstable:)
-    % /opt/gnc/unstable/bin/gnucash-env gdb /opt/gnc/unstable/bin/gnucash-bin
+    % /opt/gnc/unstable/bin/gnucash &
+    [ pid number output here ]
+    % gdb /opt/gnc/unstable/bin/gnucash-bin
     [gdb output]
-    % gdb> run [--g-fatal-warnings]
+    gdb> attach <pid>
-To run gdb on the version in your build tree:
-    % ./src/bin/overrides/gnucash-build-env gdb /usr/bin/guile
-    [gdb output]
-    % gdb> run -e main -s ./src/bin/overrides/gnucash --g-fatal-warnings
 You'll also probably want to know about these:
-    % gdb> catch fork
-    % gdb> set follow-fork-mode child
+    gdb> catch fork
+    gdb> set follow-fork-mode child
 It may be the case that running GDB from within emacs doesn't work for you,
 with the following error:
-[C-u M-x gdb /opt/gnucash-cvs/bin/gnucash-env gdb /opt/gnucash-cvs/bin/gnucash-bin
+[C-u M-x gdb /opt/gnucash-cvs/bin/gnucash-bin
  ...in buffer *gud-gdb*:]
-/opt/gnucash-cvs/libexec/gnucash/overrides/gnucash-env: line 28: exec: -d: invalid option
-exec: usage: exec [-cl] [-a name] file [redirection ...]
+    (gdb) attach <pid>
 jsled needed to re-define a gud.el function as such:

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