r22926 - htdocs/trunk - Add news item for 2.4.13 stable release.

Christian Stimming cstim at code.gnucash.org
Sun Apr 21 16:29:37 EDT 2013

Author: cstim
Date: 2013-04-21 16:29:36 -0400 (Sun, 21 Apr 2013)
New Revision: 22926
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Add news item for 2.4.13 stable release.

Modified: htdocs/trunk/externals/global_params.php
--- htdocs/trunk/externals/global_params.php	2013-04-20 21:04:40 UTC (rev 22925)
+++ htdocs/trunk/externals/global_params.php	2013-04-21 20:29:36 UTC (rev 22926)
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
      // This section defines the most recent version numbers for all platforms.
      // Each platform can define its own latest version or follow the default.
      // Both a latest stable version and a latest unstable version are defined.
-     $latest_stable             = "2.4.12";
+     $latest_stable             = "2.4.13";
 #     $latest_stable_win		= $latest_stable."-1";
      $latest_stable_win         = $latest_stable;
 #     $latest_stable_mac_ppc     = $latest_stable."-2";

Added: htdocs/trunk/news/130421-2.4.13.news
--- htdocs/trunk/news/130421-2.4.13.news	                        (rev 0)
+++ htdocs/trunk/news/130421-2.4.13.news	2013-04-21 20:29:36 UTC (rev 22926)
@@ -0,0 +1,40 @@
+<b>Announcement:</b> GnuCash 2.4.13 Release
+<h2>GnuCash 2.4.13 released</h2>
+<p>The GnuCash development team proudly announces GnuCash 2.4.13, another bug fix release in a series of stable of the GnuCash Free Accounting Software. With this release series, GnuCash can use an SQL database using SQLite3, MySQL or PostgreSQL. It runs on GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX.</p>
+<h3>Getting GnuCash for Windows (Win32 binary)</h3>
+<p>The <a href="http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/gnucash/gnucash-2.4.13-setup.exe">Gnucash 2.4.13 Win32 setup executable</a> can be downloaded from Sourceforge. It will install everything needed to run GnuCash.</p>
+<h3>Mac OSX binary</h3>
+<p>The <a href="http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/gnucash/Gnucash-Intel-2.4.13.dmg">Gnucash 2.4.13 MacOSX package</a> can be downloaded from Sourceforge as well.</p>
+<h3>Getting GnuCash as source code</h3>
+<p>If you want to compile GnuCash 2.4.13 for yourself, the source code can be downloaded from:</p>
+<li>Sourceforge: <a href="http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/gnucash/gnucash-2.4.13.tar.bz2">bzip2</a>, <a href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnucash/files/gnucash%20(stable)/2.4.13/">all files</a>.</li>
+<li>You can also checkout the sources directly from the subversion repository as <a href="http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Subversion">described here.</a></li>
+<p>To compile GnuCash from the source code by yourself, you will need Gnome 2, guile, slib. In addition you will need swig if compiling from subversion.</p>
+<p>Between 2.4.12 and 2.4.13, the following bugfixes was included:</p>
+<li>Bug #697133: OFX file handling was broken in the Windows versions</li>
+<p>In 2.4.13, the following languages had their translations updated:
+Danish, Dutch, German</p>
+<h3>About the Program</h3>
+<p>GnuCash is a free, open source accounting program released under
+the GNU General Public License (GPL) and available for GNU/Linux,
+*BSD, Solaris, Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows.  Programming on GnuCash
+began in 1997, and its first stable release was in 1998.</p>

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