AUDIT: r22968 - gnucash/trunk/src/report/standard-reports - Bug #584869 net change line in general journal report broken

Geert Janssens gjanssens at
Fri May 10 15:06:00 EDT 2013

Author: gjanssens
Date: 2013-05-10 15:05:59 -0400 (Fri, 10 May 2013)
New Revision: 22968

Bug #584869 net change line in general journal report broken

Do not show any totals in the General Journal report.

According to

it is not the idea of the General Journal to show totals but
only list transactions.

This patch makes use of the ledger-type? flag and suppresses
the output of the Net Changes accordingly.

By that, the General Journal will not show Totals, but the
Account Report still does.

Author:    Carsten Rinke <carsten.rinke at>


Modified: gnucash/trunk/src/report/standard-reports/register.scm
--- gnucash/trunk/src/report/standard-reports/register.scm	2013-05-10 19:05:50 UTC (rev 22967)
+++ gnucash/trunk/src/report/standard-reports/register.scm	2013-05-10 19:05:59 UTC (rev 22968)
@@ -586,8 +586,10 @@
                                   debit-value "grand-total" #t)
                 (add-subtotal-row (_ "Total Value Credits") leader table used-columns
                                   credit-value "grand-total" #t)))
-          (add-subtotal-row (_ "Net Change") leader table used-columns
+          (if ledger-type?
+            (add-subtotal-row (_ "Net Change") leader table used-columns
 			    total-collector "grand-total" #f)
+          )
           (add-subtotal-row (_ "Value Change") leader table used-columns
                             total-value "grand-total" #t))

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