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Tag last commit to svn

This may be used as a reference in the future

Andreas Köhler (17):
      Strip incorrect backslashes in the link to Namazu
      Recode news/de/ to UTF-8.
      Announce release 2.2.1.
      Announce release 2.2.2.
      Announce release 2.2.3.
      Fix news entry header formatting.
      Announce release 2.2.4.
      Announce release 2.2.5.
      Announce release 2.2.6.
      Announce release 2.2.7.
      Announce release 2.2.8.
      Update French translation of the website.
      Remove bad symlinks to promote.phtml.
      Make the self link in the atom feed an absolute url as recommended by the w3c feed validator.
      Announce release 2.2.9.
      Bug #573117: Update copyright in website's footer.
      Fix version in announcement of GnuCash 2.3.11.

Chris Lyttle (29):
      add 19.x news articles
      add 1.9.x news articles
      add 1.9.x news articles
      add 1.9.x news articles
      add 1.9.x news articles
      add 1.9.x news articles
      add 1.9.x news articles
      add 1.9.x news articles
      add 1.9.7 news articles
      add 1.9.8 news articles
      update to release 2.0.0
      update to release 2.0.1
      update to release 2.0.2
      update to release 2.0.3
      update to release 2.0.4
      update to release 2.0.5
      fix date
      update to release 2.1.0
      update to release 2.1.0
      update to release 2.1.0
      update to release 2.1.1
      update to release 2.1.2
      correction to website announcement for 2.1.2
      correction to website announcement for 2.1.2
      add news for 2.1.3
      add news for 2.1.3
      update to release 2.1.4
      update to release 2.1.5
      update to announce release 2.2.0

Christian Stimming (76):
      As a first test, create and commit a German translation of most of the
      Slightly update German translation so that the frontpage should be fully German.
      Slightly update German translation
      Mark forgotten string for i18n; Fix erroneous explanation of fuzzy po files in README
      Update German translation; only moderately done so far
      Updated German translation. 109 out of 208 done.
      Mark forgotten string for translation. Remove Budgeting feature promotion because it's not yet available. Update German translation.
      forgot to compile translation
      Add German translation of 1.9.8 release announcement
      Mark forgotten strings for translation
      Update German website translation
      Update and fix German website translation
      Fix typo in German website translation
      Fix links to docs on so that they work from de/docs.phtml as well.
      Replace Linux with GNU/Linux in old announcements to make RMS happy.
      Update German translation
      Replace absolute / path by top_dir variable.
      Update French translation as submitted by Jeremie Gaucher
      Fix long string that would break the current frontpage layout
      Small improvements in German translation
      Fix typo in German translation
      Updated German website documentation by Frank H. Ellenberger, proof-read by me.
      Updated runtime German website documentation.
      Further spellcheck of German translation
      Tell gettext to serve translations in utf-8
      Back out r15866; didn't seem to fix a thing.
      Make download URLs more precise to point to the only directory that
      Change ordering in download menu as discussed on -code and irc.
      Update German website translation
      Add German translation of 2.2.0 announcement.
      Update German translation of 2.2.0 announcement.
      Update German website translation after string change of r16359.
      Improve German wording.
      Fix outdated HIG link on website. Pointed out by Geert Janssens.
      Add latest gnucash translation template so that translators can download it.
      Updated gnucash translation template
      Update pot template for upcoming 2.2.6 version with 10 new strings compared to 2.2.5.
      Remove obsolete gnucash translation template.
      Fix old and broken link to and replace it by German gnucash wiki.
      Request the i18nized to be in UTF-8.
      Website update by Geert Janssens
      Website language fixes by Geert Janssens
      Improve behaviour of language links. Patch by Geert Janssens.
      Refer to OSX readme pages in wiki. Patch by Geert Janssens.
      Website German translation update by Frank H. Ellenberger
      Update also the compiled German website translation.
      Fix 2.3.12 announcement: Remove cutecash because its source is not in the tarball. Fix missing ul tags.
      Update version of latest Intel Mac dmg
      Bug #635836: Update Japanese website translation by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Update German website translation
      Re-phrased the news to distinguish the win32 binary from the source code even more clearly.
      Robots should not go into mirrors
      Remove link to Neil William's documentation because it is vastly outdated, and remove other 404 link as well
      Bug #638685: Remove source code download urls that are no longer being maintained
      Try to add a link to the gnucash book as a news item
      Try again so that the picture is there
      and some final tweaking of the news item
      Add news item about Uservoice forum
      Minor edits in the uservoice announcement
      Move book news item to top again
      Minor cleanup of release announcements: Remove notices that are irrelevant for users and most probably also developers.
      Move notice about the gnucash book back to top
      Add news item for 2.4.6, to be published on Sunday
      Oops, remove news item again as it would should up immediately.
      Website announcement of 2.4.6 release
      Update website version pointer to 2.4.6
      Bump book news on top again
      Disallow the old doc versions in robots.txt
      Add 2.4.7 news item to website
      Remove older obsolete server maintenance news item
      Remove v2.2 docs from robots as well; the 2.4 docs is what should show up in search engines.
      Add 2.4.8 news item
      Minor formatting of news item
      Add 2.4.10 news item
      Update latest stable version to 2.4.10
      Add news item for 2.4.13 stable release.

Cristian Marchi (125):
      Added Italian translation of news for 2.3.15 and 2.3.16 release.
      Correct the italian translation for 2.3.16 news.
      Correct release date.
      Test 2.3.15 release news.
      Translated 2.3.15 release news.
      Minor changes to 2.3.16 release news.
      Change file permission to news.
      ChanCorrect date for proper display.
      Fix a typo.
      Italian news for GnuCash 2.3.17 Release.
      Correct a translation.
      Italian GnuCash 2.4.0 release news.
      Updated Italian translation for GnuCash website.
      Fix some errors.
      GnuCash v2.2 is not anymore the current stable release
      Updated Italian translation
      Translation to Italian of latest news.
      Some small typos.
      Forgot to translate a phrase.
      Fix a syntax error
      Up to date Italian News
      Add translation for uservoice news.
      Update Italian news
      Bump Italian book news
      Update Italian translation for website
      Add Italian news for GnuCash 2.4.7, 2.4.1 and 2.2.2 docs releases.
      Fix Italian news.
      Merge beta branch, fix some typos, merge latest translation template: the new website is onlinemake mos
      Fix a missing tag.
      Fix a typo.
      Fix the newsinner class so that images linked in the news file are rendered inside the frame.
      Introduce css formatting for images linked in news files.
      Fix previous commit.
      Add a facebook like button.
      Fix facebook like button.
      Some cosmetics for the top right icons.
      Readd the GnuCash logo used in the wiki and add a note about the externals folder.
      Add a shadow to the wiki logo.
      Use all the available 155x155px area for the wiki logo.
      A better image for the wiki.
      Add meta properties for facebook Open Graph.
      Use proper og:type.
      Fix og:image url.
      Add a smaller image for facebook og:image property and use it.
      Try a fix for the google+1 button validation.
      Revert previous change.
      Merge beta website from revision 21434.
      Fix path to website for google+1 button.
      Get back to previous google+1 button until I figure out the problem with the website url.
      Finally validate the google+1 button.
      Updated German translaton for website by Johannes Kapune.
      Fix markup in german translation.
      Fix markup in german translation.
      Fix markup in german translation.
      Updated german translation by Johannes Kapune.
      Updated italian translation.
      Fix some typos in german translation. Thanks to Johannes Kapune.
      Fix a typo in german translation discovered by Frank Ellenberger.
      Update params for 2.4.8 release.
      Update params for 2.4.8 mac dmgs.
      Updated French translation by Jérôme Rapinat
      Updated French translation by Jérôme Rapinat.
      Disable epub links for the stable docs as epub generation is available only for unstable docs.
      Try to get the google button back and use a asynchronous.
      Fix html markup for 2.4.9 news.
      Bug #660206: reword the multiplatform section of the features page.
      Bug #660204: improve text of features page.
      Fix bug #660204 for real!
      Bug #660205: reword the Data storage section.
      Fix a typo.
      Bug#660201: first run of changes to the documentation page.
      Fix an escape sequence error.
      Bug#660201: minor changes.
      Use anchor for the documentation development note.
      Fix a redundant tag and and discard the deprecated name attribute not valid for XHTML 1.1.
      Bug#660201: some more fixes.
      Minor fix to docs page text.
      Bug #660212 and bug #660212: Add a writing docs page, rearrange docs page.
      We are in 2012.
      Bug #660212: better intro text provided by David .
      Set minimum height for general dialog: useful for wide monitor.
      Use capitalized word for title.
      Update italian translation.
      Little cosmetics.
      Update italian translation.
      Allow space for the icon on the right in the featuretitle class.
      Bug #662820: make more visible the links to online documentation and make them language-based.
      Small cosmetics.
      Updated Italian translation.
      Update po files to latest strings.
      Remove white background when clicking the GnuCash image in the upper left of the page.
      Revert previous change.
      Remove white background when clicking the GnuCash image in the upper left of the page.
      Google+ can now use the Open Graph definitions.
      Use a better image for Open Graph image tag.
      Updated Dutch translation. Thanks to Mark Haanen.
      Add traditional Chinese translation for website. Many thanks to Kuang-che Wu.
      Complete previous commit.
      Finally complete the traditional Chinese website translation commit by adding the folder for news.
      Add icon for GnuCash goole plus page on top right.
      Try to use facebook insights.
      Revert previous commit.
      Add a facebook page icon and link.
      Tweak the fb icon.
      First step for the fb pages merge.
      Remove old maintenance news.
      GnuCash companion for Android available on google Play\!
      Adjustments to android news.
      Restore some overwritten code with a more recent version. That\'s because the beta website from where the patch comes, was not in sync with the current one.
      Complete previous commit by adding also zh_TW language.
      Complete Italian translation.
      Fix the GnuCash 2.4.11 release news.
      Add a banner for the Android app.
      Bug#692981 Add "Need Help?" section to homepage.
      Update Italian translation.
      Update language files.
      Fix link to Android app page.
      Fix a typo.
      Fix release number in news file.
      2.6.0 and not 2.4.0 will follow 2.5.0
      Fix some html markup in 2.4.12 news file.
      More fix for html markup in 2.4.12 news file.
      Fix 2.4.13 news.
      Add hyperlinks and fix a list tag in the 2.5.1 news.
      Fix previous commit.

Dave Peticolas (5):
      Add link to Herbert Thoma's German GnuCash site.
      Remove GtkSheet link. We don't use it anymore.
      Fix spelling error.
      Tweak colors.
      Joshua Sled's requirements updates.

David Hampton (1):
      New logo and banner from Joshua Facemyer / Impressus Art

Derek Atkins (68):
      Restructure the externals into a top-level directory.
      gnucash.css isn't localized, so don't put it into a localized dir.
      Fix the index.html file(s)
      remove empty 'www' directory
      A try to get the translated news icon printing.
      Add a little more debugging.
      Fix my php
      Add some debugging to the news-script
      try wrapping the variable just in case.
      localize the oldnews icons
      read the right menu.
      translate the page title.
      Make sure we add the .phtml extension, in case Apache doesn't know about it
      Rework the news script.
      Some website updates
      Convert news back to a set of special, atomic files
      remove duplicate (translated) news files.
      Migrate 'search' templates to htdocs.
      Use PHP translation on the main Namazu head template.
      Migrate all mail-search templates to PHP for translation.
      Added Spanish and Polish website/Namazu translations.
      Move original templates to save them for now.
      Ignore generated templates
      Properly ignore generated template files.
      Don't overwrite top_dir.
      Clean up the makefile a little (and test the post-commit script).
      Get namazu translations to work again.
      don't use tail.. run php -q instead.
      Update the README file
      mail-search is now in htdocs.  Remove it from the TODO.
      A few more fixes due to the fact that the structure changed.
      Add es, nb, and pl to the top-level translation menu.
      "translate" Bokmaal and Polish (hopefully correctly)
      Fix the Norsk heading as per Tor's mail to me.
      jump to the proper search language directory -- need a trailing slash.
      Remove a Makefile that we don't use anymore.
      Ignore 'pub' "symlink" on main server.
      "Import" old v1.6 and v1.8 documentation from old website.
      Update docs pointers.
      Fix the help.html link.
      Add atom.php symlinks.
      commit the 2.0.1 gnucash-docs HTML results.
      Point docs to new 2.0 docs instead of 1.8 docs.
      Fix the PHP.  Blah.  Strings need quotes.
      Close the HTML tags.
      A little cosmetic improvement.
      comment out the 2.0 PDF docs.
      Merge in new strings.
      Add (wiki) images to the website.  Fixes #357282 (although the wiki
      Add GnuCash-Terms.png image from Marc Ferguson
      Update the german wiki link to
      Italian Website Translation (by Cristian Marchi)
      Finish adding the Italian translation
      Add "Italiano" language link (even though it doesn't work yet)
      try it_IT as the locale
      Publish the french translation
      Comment out the Polish translation.
      Fix title: 3.3.0 -> 2.3.0
      The server is going down...
      Put in timezone info
      The server is now back online.
      Notification of server outage
      News item about complete service maintenance
      Add news item about server move today
      Fix the date in the 2.4.9 release notes
      Services down for maintenance
      Maintenance Completed
      Announce network outage

Geert Janssens (149):
      Some translation related changes
      Fix 'make pot' warning (reorder find options)
      Update dutch translation (website)
      Update htdocs README file
      Mark additional string for translation in namazu templates
      Update website's dutch translation
      Website dutch translation, minor fixes
      Website translation, translate Ubuntu install string in dutch.
      Modify 2.3.8 news file to match the same overall structure of the other news files
      2.3.8 is the 9th release not the 8th.
      Bump  parameter to 2.3.8
      Update version for stable Mac OS X PPC build
      Add Windows 7 to the download references to make it clear this is supported as well
      Bug #607958 Add japanese translation to website
      Fix news section for Japanese translation
      Update release info to 2.3.9
      Fix validation errors for newsfeed
      Fix validation errors for newsfeed
      Announce release 2.3.10
      Retry 2.3.10 release announcement
      Fix double date atom warning
      Fix double date atom warning - second attempt
      Update dutch translation
      Update Japanese website translation. Patch by Yasuaki Taniguchi.
      Bug #613342 - add some gettext(string) to htdocs, patch by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Bug #613395 - Update ja.po for GnuCash web page, patch by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Update Dutch website translation
      Complete Japanese translation update
      Complete Dutch website translation update
      Update austrian mirror as reported by Antonín Sprinzl. Patch by Frank H. Ellenberger
      Add zh_CN translation for website, provided by Tao Wang
      Add simplified Chinese translation to website, part 2
      Fix typo in Makefile
      Simplified Chinese merged with most recent pot file
      Add encoding metadata
      Update website po files to reflect latest website content
      Create a subdirectory for the english language as well
      Use client side prefered language by default
      Update unstable release number
      Translate Simplified Chinese in header in native glyphs, patch by Tao Wang
      Fix minor typo
      Attempt to fix list search
      Remove unneeded links from it subdir
      Add missing .htaccess files
      Skip the utf-8 content-header line on namazu generated pages
      Add some debugging information to find a namazu bug
      More debugging stuff
      Don't set current page if it's set to /- by namazu
      Revert r19139, fixes languages that nmz had issues with, but breaks all the others
      More debugging information
      Add missing languages for namazu, and simplify new language addition
      Don't overwrite custom templates
      Disable debuggin information
      Update website's icon, patch by Tao Wang
      Simplify language rules to avoid mistakes when languages are added/deleted
      Use http GET variable and cookie to handle language selection
      Write mo files to proper location
      Fix bug in lang.php and cleanup Makefile, patch by Tao Wang
      Let search use cookie to get language, patch by Tao Wang
      Fix multi-language search, patch by Tao Wang
      Update php_gettext, patch by Tao Wang
      Update copyright notice, remove unused mimeline parameter, patch by Tao Wang
      Convert po files to utf-8, patch by Tao Wang
      Add Japanese translation for namazu, patch by Tao Wang
      Fix rss feed, patch by Tao Wang
      Show mailing list search in utf-8 for all languages except de, fr, es, it
      svn ignore generated template files
      Update unstable release to 2.3.14 in php
      Clarify the section on documentation writing
      Fix xgettext/php_gettext compatibility, patch by Tao Wang
      Fix typo
      Update website's po files and Dutch translation
      Add link to documentation tranlsation
      Correct link info
      Update website po files and Dutch translation
      Activate new Dutch translation
      Update OS X/Intel stable release number
      Add documentation for gnucash 2.2, built from gnucash-docs 2.2.1
      1. Remove 2.2 de_DE translation as it is very incomplete.
      Align bullets
      Update Dutch website translation.
      Update Italian website translation provided by Christian Marchi, and set it_IT to use UTF8
      Italian translation for most recent release announcement, by Christian Marchi
      Make sure lang_dir is always set (required for news translations)
      Update download versions on website
      Update Japanese website translation, patch by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Generate Japanese .mo file for website
      Website 2.3.15 release notes: add warning to uninstall prior 2.3.x versions before installing 2.3.15.
      Website 2.3.15 release notes: improve the uninstall warning
      Website: Update Gnome documentation links
      Fix small typo in 2.3.16 release notes
      Update patch submission procedure
      Correct the webkit configure parameter
      Improve wording on bugzilla patch submission, update po files and update Dutch translation.
      Add pdf files to official website's documentation page
      Website: correct links to Japanese documentation
      Update frontpage download links to 2.4.0
      Fix minor typo in 2.4.0 announcement
      Add link to linux build instructions for several distos
      Slightly improve wording for the last commit
      Issue an official warning on the main website regarding the 2.4.2 sql crash on Windows
      Add a 2.4.0 download link to the sql message
      Add links to the 2.4 documentation
      Readd (current stable release) indicator and fix small typo
      PDF -> Pdf for consistency
      Some more PDF -> Pdf changes
      Install documentation release 2.4.1 on the gnucash website
      Install documentation release 2.2.2 on the gnucash website
      Announce gnucash-docs 2.2.2 and 2.4.1
      Bug #660171 - Heading for Developement Box
      Fix typo, reported by Donald Allen
      Add errata news item for copy/paste and installation problems on Windows
      Relocate trunk documentation
      htdocs - Wrap some very long lines
      htdocs - Update links to unstable pdf and epub files
      Show help and guide documents integrated in the website
      Provide .mobi versions of unstable documenation
      Fix all unstable non-html version links
      Fix two unstranslatable strings in php
      Small improvements to the new strings
      Ignore more files in git
      Fix php warnings
      Add documentation version 2.4.2 to the GnuCash website
      Enable epub and mobi downloads for stable series
      Announce gnucash-docs 2.4.2
      Minor spelling fix in news message
      Put just one paragraph in the announcement for all document formats
      Remove unwanted blanks in documentation links
      Add most recent version of the Japanese guide
      Correct links to gnucash-devel mailing list
      Create cache directory for php gettext
      Remove en_GB locale. It's not used
      Fix mailinglist urls
      Remove en_GB locale directory as well (git doesn't do that)
      Remove old website
      Fix invalid link to mailing list
      Enable apple touch icon
      Test redirect configurations via .htaccess
      First language dir redirect
      Keep robots away from our beta site
      More redirects of old paths based on a recent error log
      Enable redirect rules
      Remove options not allowed in .htaccess on the gnucash webserver
      Remove empty image directories
      Remove empty image directories
      Put softlinks in place instead
      Remove obsolete comments
      Only display unstable download information if there is
      Minor correction (mostly to try updating via git)

HTTP Daemon (17):
      import of Jeremy Collins original files
      update ftp site
      import Jeremy Collins original files
      use new download links
      import original Jeremy Collins code
      new words
      new intro
      updated buzz
      smell check
      fix language
      new buzz
      eliminate reference to motif version
      major overhaul
      access file
      dave peticolas revisions

John Ralls (26):
      Added back unstable Mac PPC, Fixed unstable intel file name.
      Updated latest_unstable for 2.3.16 release
      Fixed error in webkit argument
      Update latest unstable
      Update global_params for 2.4.2
      Update webpage for 2.4.3
      Update webpage for 2.4.4
      Get rid of spurious file which breaks subversion on OSX because accounts and Accounts are the same file.
      Update mac stable versions to, reflecting fix to Bug#645253/
      Announce availability of, correcting Bug #645253
      Update links to new version 2.4.5
      Update links to new version 2.4.7
      Announce new OSX DMGs, update download pointers
      Fix facebook like button.
      Release 2.4.9
      Release 2.4.10-1 for Microsoft Windows
      Fix typo in 2.4.10 release announcement
      Fix header on 2.4.10-1 announcement
      Release announcement for 2.4.11
      Announce Github Regeneration
      Git migration update
      Release 2.4.12
      Release 2.4.12 part 2
      Release 2.5.0
      Fix up references to older testing versions
      Release 2.5.1

Joshua Sled (145):
      Add images from live website tarball.
      Add news entries from live-site tarball.
      replace site-absolute urls with relative ones.
      simplify features description
      a bit of whitespace
      hey hey EOL conventions.
      revert change I was playing with.
      actually remove dead features_*.phtml files.
      whitespace/readability.  Use symbolic font-sizes, not EM-percentages.  Don't redefine the user's font size unnecessarily.  Simplify body font decl.  Style common headlines.
      Fix RSS2 mime type; be consistent about over-reporting charset; remove noise comments.
      Images for new features page.
      Add budgeting copy as per cshoemaker.
      header/footer/style cleanups:
      Remove out of date donations page, just point directly to SF.
      relativize image links.
      misc updates for wiki, mailing list policies.
      doc icon <img ...> updates.
      Add scaled down logo for wiki
      This seems to force the browse (ffox, at least) to lay out the divs more like a table (with appropriate valign).
      Add @width, @height to images.  Close img tags.
      pad all the way around to match existing, look better.
      relativize menu links.
      some things are just headlines.
      relative image, plus @{width,height}.
      simple manual redirection
      getting a feeling for scope of change
      redefine language locations (for now).
      small change.
      another small change.
      enable multiviews
      provide old gnucash stylesheet, use in fr xlation
      cleanup, html-ize. :p
      Restructure website content: move www/{*,externals,images} back to the top-level.  Re-write many paths...
      Farewell, old content.
      try variant for php4...
      try both envvars.
      update for new structure
      remove (mirror), use $home more.
      try LC_ALL for :p
      debugging detail.
      Get info.
      print what we're after...
      relative image refs.
      relativize image link
      relativeize image links
      menu inversion: php-escaped html, not html-emitting php.
      add notes regarding project convention
      get the menu files, too.
      Start to move fr content into pofile.
      cleanup README
      symlinks are our friend.
      add todo note
      good files end in newlines
      reduce menu complexity.
      move webding into externals; update css and menu accordingly.
      clarify relative/local/external link semantics.
      emit variable value, not name.
      move logo
      whoops: wrong name. swap gnucash_logo{,1}.png between images and externals
      add trailing slash to url.
      more detail.
      try something else...
      pickup string for translation.
      add translation/content link; other cleanup.
      most of a fr translation based on the old fr content.
      Make the table just that much better.
      Basically convert the nl and pt translations, though without moving much content.
      fix news dir.
      try to get to behave.
      follow symlinks, if you please.
      restore old info.php output.
      fix relative image links.
      basic pt_PT strings from old content.
      Move translation-related file making into Makefile.
      add TODOs.
      Add todos.
      Atom 1.0 feed generator; refactoring of news script to support, general cleanliness.
      one level removed.
      validation issues
      more validation problems
      more validation problems
      remove trailing div
      Valid Atom 1.0:  Correctly escape HTML content.  All required constructs emitted. Emit anchors on {,old}news items for links from atom feed.
      fix constant not available in php4.
      php4 compatability for dates
      Migrate RSS feed to Atom.  HTTP redirect, new linkage, feed-icons.
      php4 compat.
      tag balancing act.
      change feed linkage in head
      correctly, though. :/
      update todo; fix indent of publish instructions
      attempt to redirect /beta/rss-feed.phtml in order to test.
      correct path for translations
      correct path to image.
      be expliclit about link relation.
      update for non-beta website, externals in correct location.
      like path/filenames, the user provides trailing slashes.
      note minor bug
      add link to nightly trunk build of guide.
      correct location.
      The apache htaccess redirects don't seem to be working.
      Merge 14396:14463 from htdocs/branches/beta/ to htdocs/trunk: updated logo, site style cleanup; docs page html cleanup.
      fix PDF links.
      fix fixed PDF links.
      Modify documentation menu for clarity.
      remove broken AU download mirror.
      Add menu and news item regarding release signature public key.
      revert public key changes as it's not ready, yet.
      Add hyperlinkage to
      Remove misleading instructions.
      Remove promote.html and images; move orphan "Sizing" menu item to Dev Info.
      Try new anchor-fragment generator that should be more tolerant of how it's invoked.
      Add 120px-wide logo for wiki.
      Add AddCharset control.
      try a different way.
      re-code to utf-8
      update binary
      de translation ~= s/iso-8859-1/utf-8/
      Revert 15863, return po/de.po and binary to original state.
      this looks like utf8 to me.
      add bugday news
      correct format of news file.
      update sourceforge link
      add oldnews symlink
      Add "Screenshots" before "Features".  This is the closest thing we have to a Screenshots page, and that's the text that people vgrep for in the page.
      Add Windows to the supported platform list; update title to include our name. :p
      remove "GnuCash" from title; I forgot the wrapper adds it to all pages.
      update copyright date end.
      s#Open Source#Free#,  s#Finance#Accounting#, s#Gnucash#GnuCash#.
      update version.
      change to a less-high-character way of indiciating this to try to get Atom feed working.
      s/en-dash/dash/ for crappy website non-encoding. :p
      Add charset override

Linas Vepstas (415):
      web site hosted by gnumatic not jeremy
      add auto-completion
      change to use new screenshots of current version
      fix mail archive links
      fix it up
      search engine setup script
      fix search
      add a few more screenshots
      more fixes to searcher
      fix search engine
      more search hacking
      add ggnumatic to the links
      anti-spam measure
      make it clkear that there are archives
      Daves architecture overview changes
      add changelog links (experimental)
      banner ads
      add banner ads
      mailing list info updates
      fix typo
      fix smellig errors
      update history
      move developers link
      add archival copies
      add icons
      add meta tags
      change link highlighting
      underline links
      modernize to mention modern version numbers
      add mym to qif converter link
      amplify which branches are appropriate
      smell check
      add intro paragraphs
      how to contribute
      add how to contribute
      add sections for writer, webmaster, etc.
      smell check
      new documentation link
      update the mirror status
      add some links
      bye bye sourceforge
      use iso time formats
      add diagram
      add diagram
      add link
      fix the missing blank space bug
      list gnue
      add linuxnews article
      fix typo
      dd gnucash trouble tickets, remove changelogs
      update the links
      add toolkit summary
      more content to tools.php3
      new links
      iadd new article, reformat line lengths
      add dates, sort dates
      more keywords
      all new links, moved from the project page
      more links
      update the instructions
      add link to lxr
      add publication name
      add the slashdot story
      another slashdot story
      more links
      comming attractions
      more articles
      more links
      exclude lxr from the robots path
      new url's
      dave pericolas color hacks
      new screenshots
      more screenshots
      more screenshots
      pointer to beta screenshots
      view old news stories
      fix up for old news
      Linuxgram article
      iasc link spell check
      open adaptor
      Linux ->GNU/Linux
      add new banner
      add scheme reference
      Herbert Thoma original
      Jeremy's orignial content
      fixes for the tour
      more languages
      Jeremy Collin's Original code
      old file
      Jeremy's oroginals
      more banners
      Jeremy Collins original web design
      add auto-news-generation
      table spaces
      fix test links
      enable international
      rename file
      rename files
      renmae files
      add selected menu options
      Jeremy Collins original code
      search menus
      more translations
      new documentation
      fix url
      new language translations
      new french language article
      french links
      change font sizes from absolute to relative
      new size-less specification
      Jeremy Collins orignial files
      Jeremy's fixes for javascript usage
      rename files
      selected options
      spell portuguese
      spell check portuguese
      dead file
      link fix
      abstract out the links
      abstract the table structure
      update the format
      move links to other pages
      new layout
      reformat, add more data sources
      additional misc links
      add HBCI
      add the french articles
      add font definig dictionary lists
      new home page
      gnucash roadmap
      one more lkink
      smell check
      fix html markup errors
      change to new php style
      fix table layout html syntax errors
      add main links
      more banners
      header for links pages
      more stuff
      convert to a more layout independent format
      fix broken link
      money links
      add electronic currency links
      more links
      add all-commerce zelereate
      make sure google ranks us highly
      update of credits
      resort historical order
      add note
      aadd TIP link
      add portuguese
      initial checkin of the portugeuse translation
      add turkish
      add old linux journal article
      Cble bug reportsVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
      new url
      final 1.6 screenshots
      screenshots default to 1.6
      update tags
      tshirt promotion
      gif files
      add payment options
      add postgres note
      new links
      updated requirements
      add articles
      new OTP url
      update links
      user survey
      bug fix
      add survey
      link to survey
      oops again
      results of survey
      exec summary
      specll check
      name change
      check in final survey results
      survey is over
      add wrning about isntall
      spell check
      add qif java tool
      old stuff
      fix bug with copyright
      new review article
      get rid of gnumatic
      remove ftp reference
      archive changes
      gnucash to qif tool
      add pos systems
      ditch gnumatic
      initial checkin
      new tables
      add sizing
      iwork on next sizing
      reformated, new data
      tab stops, formatting
      remove warning
      new file
      initial checkin
      initial checkin
      inital checkin
      patches & etc.
      use modern table things
      fixed url
      new hcbi article in german
      add tutorial
      add help menus
      new stuff
      fix menus
      rename to menu-main-developer
      renamed from other-main
      redo links
      reorder search
      rename to menu-main-other
      new general menu
      banners, survey results
      oops typo
      rename URL's
      update url
      rename to menu-main-general
      fix home page reference
      add australian mirror
      rename home news
      new bug forms
      new bug report page
      rename contribute menu
      new updates feature list
      new features list
      new irc page
      change URL for australia
      new improved
      minor fixes
      smell check
      reparent raodmap
      reparent roadmap
      rename to dependencies
      add hcbi ofx, and warning
      add translations url
      add sourceforge
      add gnucash-de german list
      update copyright
      add old news articles
      change to new style
      fix broken link
      add heise article
      add golem news article
      add cstims press release
      drop linux for free software
      initial checkin of binary file
      updates from herbert thoma
      updates from TomF <TomF at>
      format fixes
      version change
      add new guides
      misc fixes
      initial checkin
      fix spelling problems
      outage notice
      remove warning
      move the documentation secino around
      add another photo
      add busienss howto
      reorder the menus
      rename the menu item
      new 1.8.4 counts
      some fixes
      version fixes
      updates cstim
      more photos
      add history link
      Jon Lapham html validation
      Jon Lapham web validation
      Jopn Lapham updates
      include specific archive links
      lapham html validation changes
      misc stuff, including lapham stuff
      use absolute url for cgi-bins so taht mirror works
      add absolute url note
      ancient change
      dutch translation by
      dutch translation by  "Spierings, H.T. (IHB)" <H.T.Spierings at>
      change en to nl
      change en to nl
      convert en to nl
      fixes to header
      add dutch translation
      initial checkin
      make more like gnucash style
      quote fix
      fix docs menu
      initial checkin
      add SQL link
      fix language
      rewrite introduction ot features
      add gnucash-it mailing list
      fix complaints from warlord
      add rss feeds
      rss feed
      add rss feed
      add frecnh info
      fix broken italian chars
      remove dead links
      fix links
      add rss feeed
      cut bogus rss link
      add new article
      start euro mirror
      fix contintinent font color
      fix the DTA link
      add spanish mailing list
      rename old french website
      Yannick Le-Ny's orignial 2001 translation
      remove old website
      new website from toulzac
      new improved french translation
      nitial checkin
      new improved ...
      new imprioved
      use the new script
      show the old news
      new improved scripting
      new improved news
      new improved news
      add euro download site
      old news
      someone updated this
      someone updated this page
      change server URL's
      add missing lists, fix urls
      mindless quataitions
      updated list urls
      remove gnumatic
      point to warlords machine
      new browse url
      new url
      add changes list
      add wiki
      move mailing lists to the derek atkins server
      fix bugs and stuff
      fix crud of all osrts
      fix teh mime-type; also strip out a hrefs
      RSS fixes
      new improved source docos
      update to an actual workable web page
      update teh copyright notice
      fix spelling errors
      updated with the balance sheet
      add donations to the menu
      add top billing of business features
      new improved
      iupdated menus
      re-word-smith and add link to donations page
      spruce up
      add wiki, german wiki
      add development wiki
      add sizing graph
      add notes
      use quote marks
      use quotes
      remove gldialtone
      add old news items to cvs tree

Neil Williams (80):
      patching english files for GLOBALS, adding missing graphic
      patching french files for GLOBALS, adding missing graphic
      patching nederlands files for GLOBALS
      patching portuguese files for GLOBALS
      final GLOBAL fix and adding Mailing List Search to menu(en)
      first steps to a strict HTML with CSS from the MailSearch pages - content not changed as most files are already out of date
      moving all css into one file
      single file, single header listing
      removing temporary gnucash2.css
      replacing tables with CSS for left hand menu entries
      rendering a valid HTML 4.01 Strict index page
      more valid page structures - data still needs updating
      completing update - pages now need updated content
      fixing validity of old_news included files
      missed a few structure corrections, adding content type
      temporary home for files to be shared externally with mail-search
      files currently needing to be shared, to be imported by mail-search. Rest of scripts will be modified later to use these copies and remove originals
      add dummy index.html to hide directory contents when exported
      use external files and update locations
      relocating menus to external positions
      relocating components to external positions
      using external positions
      using external file
      fixing location of emulate_globals_on.php for export
      removing svn:executable except for two scripts
      removing unnecessary tables and include calls
      removing unused files
      using a single variable instead of calling GLOBALS each time
      using new variable and removing wrapper tables to use CSS instead
      enabling initial index.php redirect to en/
      creating new variables for paths
      typo and use relative image link
      exporting new variables and added new CSS
      emulate is now called higher up, not needed in the externals
      locating the webding image correctly
      relocating news script and removing empty directory
      [long] relocating news files and adapting to new format
      locate new news files
      new CSS support for news file format
      dummy index page
      validity improvements, removing redundant tables
      phase one of gettext restructuring
      updating externals
      making gettext available in all files and moving more files beneath www
      adjusting for new system paths
      tweak icon location
      preparing features for translation
      update en_GB translation
      binary english_gb, updated POTFILES and updated pot file
      converting to a static old news and starting translation
      incrementing amount of translatable text - more to do
      incrementing amount of translatable text (2) - more to do
      incrementing amount of translatable text (3) - more to do
      incrementing amount of translatable text (4) - about half done
      removing old news files - merged into one file in www/
      removing old news files - moved into the oldnews file in www/
      temporary 1.9.0 announcement
      temporary 1.9.0 announcement in PHP
      restructuring external files to a single translation
      removing links to simplify site
      removing contribute to simplify site
      restructuring and simplifying the site, more to do
      moving menu files to a single location
      outdated externals - now to update mail-search
      tweaking some translatable strings
      updating translation instructions and helpers
      Removing files now based in the Wiki
      Although not auto-generated, instructions are in the README and scripts are in svn to build them. Removing
      text and binary translation in en_GB
      getting back to valid HTML
      handling content-type
      marking up for new content
      don't use " in href= links - breaks strict HTML4
      updated en_GB translation
      final tweaks to HTML
      removing invalid and unused CSS
      update svn:ignore
      updating the news for 1.9.1 and the news_script
      Update translation with news

Phil Longstaff (27):
      2.3.0 release
      Add 2.3.1 NEWS entry
      Fix HTML tagging
      Add 2.3.2 news release
      Update some spelling
      Add 2.3.3 news
      2.3.4 news
      2.3.5 news
      Add 2.3.6 news
      Fix version #
      News for 2.3.7 release
      Fix date
      2.3.8 release notes
      Fix unstable version warning
      Add news item for 2.3.9
      Add news item for 2.3.11
      Add 2.3.12 announcement
      Add 2.3.13 news item
      Add 2.3.14 announcement
      Add 2.3.15 news item
      Add 2.3.16 news release
      Add 2.3.17 release notes
      Add 2.4.0 news item
      Add 2.4.2 release news item
      Add 2.4.3 news item
      Add 2.4.4 release notice
      Add 2.4.5 news item

unknown user (1):
      New repository initialized by cvs2svn.



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