r23775 - gnucash/trunk/packaging/win32 - Win32: update daily_build.bat rules

Geert Janssens gjanssens at code.gnucash.org
Sun Jan 26 14:11:44 EST 2014

Author: gjanssens
Date: 2014-01-26 14:11:44 -0500 (Sun, 26 Jan 2014)
New Revision: 23775
Trac: http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/changeset/23775

Win32: update daily_build.bat rules

Stop building svn based tags. Those were for 2.4 and older
Prepare to do weekly 2.6 builds once we that branch is created

Modified: gnucash/trunk/packaging/win32/daily_build.bat
--- gnucash/trunk/packaging/win32/daily_build.bat	2014-01-26 18:57:01 UTC (rev 23774)
+++ gnucash/trunk/packaging/win32/daily_build.bat	2014-01-26 19:11:44 UTC (rev 23775)
@@ -6,9 +6,8 @@
 rem Development build (daily)
 c:\msys\1.0\bin\sh.exe --login c:\soft\gnucash\repos\packaging\win32\daily_build_git.sh
-rem Tags build for 2.4 and older (daily -- only tags that weren't built yet)
-c:\msys\1.0\bin\sh.exe --login c:\soft\packaging\build_tags.sh
 rem Tags build for 2.5 and newer (daily -- only tags that weren't built yet)
 c:\msys\1.0\bin\sh.exe --login c:\soft\gnucash\repos\packaging\win32\build_tags_git.sh
-rem 2.4 branch build (weekly)
-c:\msys\1.0\bin\sh.exe --login c:\soft-2.4\packaging\weekly_build.sh
\ No newline at end of file
+rem 2.6 branch build (weekly)
+rem There's no 2.6 branch yet. Hence the line below is commented out
+rem c:\msys\1.0\bin\sh.exe --login c:\soft-2.6\gnucash\repos\packaging\weekly_build.sh
\ No newline at end of file

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