gnucash: New Branch '2.6.10'

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Sat Dec 19 15:46:33 EST 2015

        at (tag)
   tagging  a1c7f6456c3ef0f6964b7753820c3ccac092d94f (commit)
  replaces  2.6.9
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Dec 19 12:50:09 2015 -0800

Tag 2.6.10

Bill Nottingam (1):
      Bug 742321 - Reset temporary prefs on application startup

Bob-IT (1):
      Correct Spelling Mistake

Geert Janssens (15):
      Revert "- Report options, Account Selection, "select all" => not all accounts selected, only visible ones"
      Bug 646129 - Account selection in reports: 'Select Children' doesn't actually select children if they are collapsed
      Reduce code duplication
      Bug 756720 - configure fails to find libgoffice 0.10-10 (0.10.18-1)
      Followup on bug 682800 to fix row balances in register reports
      Bug 745101 - No warning when quitting with unsaved file
      Revert "Bug 745101 - No warning when quitting with unsaved file"
      Disable a couple of debug tests in python
      Bug 745101 - No warning when quitting with unsaved file
      Make dirty handling as currently defined by qof_alt_dirty_mode the only dirty handling mode
      Remove a couple of obsolete FIXME comments
      Have a more generic mechanism to set Save action's sensitivity and use it for Revert action as well
      Improve the revert action
      Fix uninitialized warning in previous commit
      Bug 746155 - Reports: html-acct-table prepend-row! & prepend-col! unknown variables

John Ralls (57):
      Bug 755781 - Files with copyright but no grant of license.
      Bug 756335 - When importing, date selection causes exit crash
      Bug 756339 - Prices table not updated
      Delete unused function gnc-_split_reg_handle_exchange_cb.
      Some extract-function refactors to xaccTransScrubImbalance.
      Doxygen: Silence obsolete parameter warnings and suppress private struct names.
      Add all register classes and such to Doxygen documentation.
      Add to gitignore.
      Correct UK VAT Account types.
      Create a new Register2 group in Register and add the Reg2-specific files to it.
      Document the Register Core CellBlock class.
      Add Business Ledger to Doxygen docs.
      Fix typo.
      Revert "Bug 756339 - Prices table not updated"
      Revert "Fix price-reading crash if the price needs to be inverted."
      Revert "Fix rename failure for gnc_xfer_dialog_set_exchange_rate."
      Revert "Merge branch 'single-price' into maint"
      Replace the price source and type strings with defines.
      Don't store prices of source invoice.
      Refactor gnc_xfer_dialog_response_cb with several extract-functions.
      Fix up whitespace in dialog-transfer.c.
      In the transfer dialog use the price_edit value for the saved price.
      Check for an existing price before adding one in split_reg.
      Edit split-based prices instead of adding.
      Price-quotes: Modify quotes on same day instead of creating new ones.
      Use price_value when referring to a gnc_numeric.
      Provide gnc_numeric_invert() convenience function.
      Rename _gnc_xfer_dialog_set_exchange_rate and use it consistently.
      Create a rounding policy for prices in the pricedb.
      Extract function round_price(), consistently apply it.
      Change CURRENCY_DENOM to 10000, matching what F::Q returns.
      Fix missing initialization of price_value.
      Adjust split_register to match transfer dialog checking inverted prices.
      Extract function lookup_price in dialog_transfer.c
      Use an enum for internal representation of Price Sources.
      Fold separate call of gnc_pricedb_lookup_latest() into lookup_price.
      Implement user-entered-price preference.
      Remove unnecessary and harmful price rounding.
      Prevent F::Q from updating PRICE_SOURCE_EDIT_DLG prices.
      Remove be->price_lookup conditional clauses.
      Use gnc_pricedb_has_prices instead of testing the return value of get_prices.
      Fix leaking QofBook in most of the engine unit tests.
      Merge branch 'single-price' into maint
      Revert "Use gnc_pricedb_has_prices instead of testing the return value of get_prices."
      Don't require prices in Scheduled Transactions with marker commodity splits.
      Updated Arabic Translation by Abdulsalam Alshilash.
      Revert the Language-Team in ar.po.
      Fix broken exchange rate edits when using trading accounts.
      Bug 759224 - illegal dates in stock transactions cause corrupt file.
      Use @SHELL@ instead of hardcode /bin/sh in test shell scripts.
      Correct detection of marker commodity splits.
      Bug 756335 - When importing, date selection causes exit crash
      Fix test failure due to trying to parse nanoseconds, which we don't actually use.
      Update the po files from the Translation Project.
      Clean log files in report-system/test.
      Release 2.6.10

Mark Haanen (1):
      Add new account chart for Duch small businesses.

Mechtilde (9):
      corr translation in German
      more corr in German translation
      some more German translation
      remove some fuzzy
      add German Translation
      add more German Translation
      some more German translation
      update de.po via gnucash.pot after building myself
      update de.po via gnucash.pot after building myself

Mike Alexander (3):
      Avoid assert in gnc_split_register_balance_trans if default_account is null.
      Remove the code in on_matcher_ok_clicked that builds refs_list.
      Set val_imbalance in gnc_transaction_balance_trading.

Mike Evans (1):
      Bug 759294 - New the billing term are not saved during invoice editing.

Pedro Albuquerque (1):
      Add new Portugal-Portuguese Translation.

Peter Broadbery (15):
      Add and use a macro for loading modules.
      reports: Add account and split module, plus tests.
      Move account & split.scm to engine-utilities
      standard-reports/cash-flow.scm: break out main calculation part
      cashflow: Further separate work into a per-split section.
      report-utilities: Add a very small test to show that splits are unique
      Add cashflow test
      cashflow: use the much faster gnc:account-get-trans-type-splits-interval
      engine-utilities.scm: Add a specialised hashtable.
      cash-flow.scm: Use a hashtable instead of a list.
      engine-utilities.scm: Add a couple of hashtable functions.
      cash-flow.scm: Use hashtables for accounts as well
      Moved test-extras.scm to engine directory.
      Move test-account and test-split into engine/test directory
      Some fixes to the previous commit so that it works on both guile-1.8 and 2.0

Robert Fewell (1):
      Bug 754533 No Account Templates Error Patch

Stefan Soeffing (2):
      - Report options, Account Selection, "select all" => not all accounts selected, only visible ones
      Bug 627692 - Report options, Account Selection, "select all" => not all accounts selected, only visible ones

root (1):
      disable recursion for balance and balance (usd)

yomlogs (1):
      Bug 757378: display the user-defined display symbol for non-currency commodities.

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