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Sat Dec 17 14:35:26 EST 2016

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   tagging  889b6c2d05680aaaec28706bcd786e5a6ca17d34 (commit)
  replaces  2.6.14
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Dec 17 11:35:11 2016 -0800

Release 2.6.15

David T (7):
      Bug-633590 Update and activate Reports chapter.
      Small addition to Help File to explain that Hidden accounts still display in Account selector.
      Bug-397145 - Second change on this bug, as I overlooked issue noted in comment 6 on Bugzilla.
      Bug 775592 - General Rewrite of Guide Chapter on Multiple Currencies
      Bug-770371 - Add note to documentation regarding Sort order options. Added to table in Help Section
      Bug-743671: Add glossary to Tutorial and Guide.
      Revise glossary with better definitions and attribution.

John Ralls (18):
      Updated Italian translation with new expenses chapter (which isn't translated).
      Merge branch 'adjust-dpi' of into maint
      Merge Pull Request 71, Bug 755174 Help Document Lots in Account window, into maint
      Merge Sunfish's Bug 397135 doc update about hidden accounts in pick lists.
      Merge suplementary account-setup change from Dave T.
      Fix build-script error in Italian help.
      Update guide/it/gnucash.xml with new chapter 10 'Reports'.
      Improve ch_currency formatting of tables and charts of accounts.
      Replace defective Italian gnucash-guide.xml with a working one.
      Add new (from bug 633590 change) ch_reports.xml to guide C and it
      Merge David T's new glossary into maint.
      Re-merge David T.'s GnuCash Glossary.
      Update author list, version, and modification date for recently-revised ch_currency and ch_reports.
      Remove author emails to enhance privacy and discourage users from contacting them directly.
      Clean up additional help sections, making them (mostly) the same in both manuals.
      Bug 775919 - Change Documentation of contributors
      Update AUTHORS.
      Release 2.6.15

Mechtilde (17):
      added ch_expenses.xml and ch_reports.xml
      translation of commit 1259a0c4006827fc8b6418a65c8d780c0b26ea14
      translation of commit commit df47fc56e6a94d275962366a93fcc977754ad1dd
      translation of commit bb525f98b551ac5ab18ba6512f385cbc1af1b184
      translation of commit 25d860df72259f48bf532a401ad25a238c6105d5
      translation of commit 09b13337cb88a80d832c20509ce5e3a09845d739
      initial commit of guide/de/ch_expenses.xml
      translation of chapter Expense Accounts
      update gnucash-guide.xml
      translate commit c768b012db3216d835f1f4e3220ce75323cf7904 and add Englih screenshot
      translate commit 2ba657161c81c66afc8ecabb79c1d6df2b4010b4
      Part I from commit 1d753e94eebb107470514a67f246a767736ad572
      Part II - translation of commit 1d753e94eebb107470514a67f246a767736ad572
      adoption to the first pull request
      mask links which can't refer to
      prepared for PR

Pedro Albuquerque (1):
      pt section of l10n.xml

fell (2):
      Add optional requirement gnome-doc-utils to README
      Review of PR #74: Update translation

goodvibes2 (8):
      Whitespace cleanup guide
      Whitespace cleanup help
      Fix comment guide ch_invest.xml
      Bug 755174 Document using Lots to create investment capital gains transactions
      Update dpi of guide PNGs now fixed round to 1 dec instead of 2 for Help images
      Bug 755174 Help Document Lots in Account window
      Fix incorrect use of mdash

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