gnucash-docs: New Branch '2.6.13'

John Ralls jralls at
Sat Jun 25 17:55:02 EDT 2016

        at (tag)
   tagging  ba8ef661489ecbacc69ce86eec222fd2ef27f6b6 (commit)
  replaces  2.6.12
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Jun 25 14:52:33 2016 -0700

Tag 2.6.13

Chris Good (5):
      Update Report menu item names to Save Report Configuration - Bug 754239
      Fix order of Report menu items - Bug 754239
      Explain how to use Find Transaction to report per-employee - Bug 751686
      Clarify Account type designations in the Tutorial - Bug 712764
      Document Investment Return of Capital in the Guide - Bug 765131

John Ralls (2):
      Update the Release Schedule link in the Guide.
      Release 2.6.13

goodvibes2 (2):
      Fix unclear statement re docbook stylesheets in README.
      Bug 637004 Document Payable/Receivable Aging Rpts and new options for

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