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Linas Vepstas (1357):
      Robin Clark's original xacc-0.9 source
      linas quicken file format changes & other hacks
      more fixes & updates
      mutual fund/stock stuff, first attempt
      add alpha-level double-entry system;
      double-entry bug fixes & misc bug fixes
      more double-entry fixes and extensions
      stock portfolio alpha-level fixes
      bug fixes for assorted core dumps;
      bug fixes of assorted core dumps;
      make it realclean
      remove bogus error message
      updated the todo list
      oops! fix a nasty bug with reconciled!
      Changes made to support actions
      Changes made to support actions -- merge from action branch
      updates for version j
      add version info
      Merge in changes for in-line transfer between accounts
      major updates to support sub-accounts
      Nothing like a "minor" bug fix that escalates out of control
      version game
      Fix the help winodw size
      more version junk
      major revision to add general ledger capabilities
      oops! don't free inserted transactin
      another fix
      fix core dump
      assorted bug fixes
      another nasty bug fix
      eliminate an annoying flashing problem
      list of new features
      add description of double-entry
      explanation ofr expense accounts
      remove stale text
      minor beautification
      note about categories
      quicken userss guide
      new quicken files
      first round quicken support
      fixes of various sorts
      more quicken file fixes
      more improvements to the quicken file parsing code
      fixes to quicken fiel parsing
      fixes to way dollar amounts are handled
      add support for categories
      handle category sub-accounts
      scroll to right location when account is expanded
      fix core dump
      add account lists
      ifinal fixes ???
      implement account merge
      implemnt elimination of dup transactions
      fix main window re-scrolling problem
      SGI IRIX Compiler fixes ...
      modifications so that CR, CRLF and LF can all mark the end-of-line
      documentation for qif import
      spell check
      fix report core dump, grey out menu entry
      fix pop box width problems
      Merge in changes from Robin Clark for version 1.0b1
      file location changes
      enable quickfill
      fixes to lib locations
      new readme
      fix assorted html errors
      set body background color
      named links
      changes to allow use of XmHTML widget
      more hrefs
      Robin Clark's fixes
      new configure-based Makefile
      changes to build XmHTML
      changes to use new XmHTML widget
      new, configure-based Makefile
      bug fix
      add tests for xmhtml
      needed libraries for xmhtml
      new, modified configure from Robin Clark
      fix some #define bugs
      delint compiler warnings
      bug fix
      bug fixes
      bug fix to bug introduced by changing size of type
      modify for all builds
      new lsm
      fixes for getting xmhtml just right
      sgi compiler fixes
      sgi fixes
      sgi fixes
      more sgi fixes
      menu fixes for sgi
      added missing html page
      test image
      I think this should fix the sgi core dump problem.
      fix image loading
      prevent transfers from/to same account
      fix quickfill core dump
      fix incorrect use of ampersand
      fix the menu mnemenics
      fix file-missing/empty problems
      record bugfixes
      more lists
      fix for misinig variable x_include on SGI
      fixes to allow windows to size correctly for font sizes
      fix subbaccount bug
      fix accelerator key problems in date cell
      fix traversal for account window
      oops, fix multiple invocations
      remove libhtmlw from the distribution
      fix some row stuff for traversal
      ledger window traversal fixes
      last fix to traversal, I hope
      simplify popbox traversal
      more traversal fixes. Sigh.
      fix account transfers about for ledger windows
      add some documentation
      solve a date-ordering related bug
      need to close windows before destroying groups
      oops, some other places where frees are needed.
      first draft of revised cell display strategy
      fix how prices are displayed
      harmless change, I think.
      change to keep all credited amounts positive
      oops, we weren't looking at both price cells in ledger
      more documentation
      more documentation
      updated todo list
      add url
      reconcile window stuff
      add documentation
      fix transient bug
      adjust fixes
      static link versions
      add widget return values for menus
      show-hide income and expense accounts (categories)
      some stuff fixed or implemented
      oops,droped a line for the cleared balance
      first round of fixes for computing reconciled balance correctly
      changes to handle reconciliation in stock accounts
      take a shot at internationalization
      oops, dropped currency suymbol
      misc fixes
      projects list
      spell check
      web site
      web site
      file format stuff
      more splits
      more split stuff
      new web page
      change default file extension
      new install script
      oops bug with changed transactions
      fix to warn user of transfers from/to same account
      new account window
      remove beta notice
      further steps toward internationalization
      *** empty log message ***
      bug fixes, enhancements to handle weird QIF formats
      more cbb-inspired changes
      make assumptions about categories
      more split related work
      more split stuff
      start adding split support
      more split updates
      some split notes
      more work to add splits
      re-direct C++ work
      remove reports
      fix compile problem
      add credits
      more references
      bug fix
      more urls
      accounting periods
      remove category
      remove catagories
      more split stuff
      split name change
      get rid of memo field in transaction
      move reconciled field to split
      move credit account to split
      move write_flag to split
      don't set description field directly
      first step of radical surgery to implement splits
      more work to implement splits
      conversion of FileIO to use splits
      move ledger utils to splits
      port to use splits
      almost done implementing splits
      first sketch
      more ugly hacks
      do single cells
      create price cell
      add implementation
      updated projects list
      more stuff
      compilable table.c
      moe infrastructure
      oops silly bug
      finally, a compilabe, working demo
      start adding callbacks
      fix column brokenness
      got modify verify callback working as desired.
      implementation of basic price function
      a few more cell types
      assorted infrastructure
      start date handling
      restructure register
      first try at crude inheritance
      implement enter, leve cell callbacks
      minor bug fixes
      add reconcile abilities
      date with patches from the 1.0 tree
      minor cleanup
      minor work
      implement date parsing
      add cell "self" pointer to callback
      more merges from 1.0 branch
      malloc bug fixes
      implement date accelerators
      one more bugfix
      rename single-cell to basic-cell
      first draft of register widget
      change fileio read-wrtie routine names
      remove all Xt/X11/Motif code in FileIO.c
      quickfill belongs in the gui, not in the account
      first stab at loading the register
      add ability to set table values with cursor,
      major surgery, cut all the old code out
      assorted minor updates
      first use of new ledger object
      fix initialization error, remove motif from transaction.h
      display stuff
      add alpha warning notes
      mark some cells as being output-only
      implement traversal, at least as first draft.
      tab group foolishness
      first cut at a combobox implementation
      more combobox implementation filled in
      add action cell
      remove combobox code
      fix up more of the combobox behaviours,
      compile register subdir
      segragate messages into its own header file
      set up actual messages for the popup
      first cut for quickfill in cells
      more quick-fill basic infrastructure
      more or less working quickfill. could still use some
      set the cell action
      fixes to traversal.  It almost works.
      haha! fixed traversal, finally!
      haha fixed the traversal order, finally!
      get rid of the special action-cell type.  Not needed, and confusing,
      add transfer account pop-down box
      perform i18n of menu items
      stale, obsolete
      new routine to correctly handle table resizing
      start adding ability to commit edits
      add user data in prep for support for edits
      oops bug fixes
      be sure to store cell value in the callbacks
      add date cell set value method
      assorted changes for commiting edits to transaction list
      add callback for move of cursor, allowing edits to be commited
      misc bug fixes & cleanup
      handle transfer types
      remove gui elements from the account structure
      remove more GUI stuff from the accounts structure
      remove last remaining traces of gui stuff from account structures.
      compiles now, buit still very broken
      rework the ledger utils
      ledger-list related fixes
      fixes to window list utilities
      misc core dumps fixed
      misc bug & core dump fixes
      mplement ability to delete a transaction
      rename transaction method names
      misc changes
      implement transfers
      rename the free & alloc routine names
      misc bug fixes
      bug fix, change the date ordering
      add monetary value parsing routine
      add some notes
      minor fixes to amount parsing algorithm
      updates of status
      implement cell set_value callback
      more to directory register
      move to this directory from earlier homes
      fix prep string macro
      misc fixes
      keep single-split transactions in sync
      oops, carefule with those splits!
      core dump fix
      some arguments should be const
      fix transfers from account to account
      add change flag to help with cached values
      implement caching of non-changed edits
      new improved tracking of changes to structures,
      more account utilities from ledger to engine
      readme updates
      more abstractions
      todays date
      start of infrastructure to support multiple register types
      updates more urls
      start configing some of the othe ledger types
      enabling the fancy reister windows
      fix stupid core dump
      add watermark
      merges from 1.0 branch
      merge in stuff from the 1.0 branch
      merege changes from 1.0 tree
      patch based on stuff forgotten from 1.0 branch
      merge in changes from 1.0 branch
      merge in changes from the 1.0 branch
      merge in change from main branch
      merge in changes from 1.0 branch
      oops cleanup after merge of 1.0
      oops, included one thing too many
      move engine files to own directory
      fixes to get things to compile, based on new location
      makefile cleanup
      fixes to make relocated files compile
      move a few more files to engine directory
      remove misc motif code from engine
      readme file
      move motif-related gui files into thier own directory
      reworkd makefiles so they work for moved source
      1.1.4 versin info
      design overview doc
      fix infinite loop
      patched configure scripts
      te perl scripts from cbbrowne
      dd url for plot
      rename debit & credit splits to be source & dest splits
      add porter
      add a philosphy section
      fix for ranlib
      new input file for make
      new improved makefile stuff
      plotting routines
      but gix
      gtk port of xacc
      oops, a couple of missing files
      ABS conflicts with glib
      ftp sources
      from Henning
      add jereny's name
      more makefile fixes for gtk targets
      remove motif
      work on getting stocks right
      add debug lines
      add debug flag
      add value cell to stock ledger
      misc cleanup, fix tabing for stock ledgers
      add debug flag
      fix it
      add cvs notes
      oops forgot to bump version number
      add emacs trailer
      features list
      patches from Jeremy Collins
      patches from jeremy collins
      new makefiles from config
      ofx-style account info
      new stuff from Jeremy
      add -Wall to cflags
      more configure cflags fixes
      rename table structures, and redefine
      new gui-independet table parts
      add new function
      updates; still don't compile tho
      whoa, I think this may finally be the design we are looking for
      partial results for p[ort of move-stuff
      gui-indep pieces done, maybe.
      add tags target
      some gtk stuff
      patches from rob browning
      oodles and poodles of compiler flags
      fix misc compiler warnings, add copyrights, license info
      lets tone down those compiler flags a bit.
      fixes to make the new stuff compile
      more fixes to get it to compile with newign
      ok, the big switch to the new design
      big switch to the new design
      fix for a core dump
      ianother core dump cause we forgot to finish the code
      oops should have checked for this
      assorted fixes for assorted core dumps, move some code around
      finally, got the last core dump of this round
      fixes for a core dump
      remove minor lint
      start isolating the engine functions
      more helper functions for data hiding in transactions
      implement data hiding for account structures
      implement data hiding
      finalize hiding of transaction structures, start work on hiding account
      more data hiding stuff
      more utilities for data hiding
      finally, data hiding for the account group
      data hiding for groups
      implement data hiding
      remove a line
      name change due to data hiding
      beginings of some editing safety thingies
      name change of some routines
      readme file
      spell check
      spell check
      minor fix
      documentation update
      disable assert for now
      name changes
      bug fix
      assorted fixes
      fix bit flag computation
      fix how double-entry is maintained
      updates to fix how balance is kept
      add a trival utility routine
      misc changes
      remove some junk
      swig project file & build
      new gtk build process
      latest & greatest
      notes about taxes
      new gtk build stuff
      Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
      more docs
      get flags right
      add destroy routines & some docs
      oops fix copyright date
      add destroy function
      updates to docs
      add docs, destroy method
      remove underscores
      add destroy method, minor doc updates
      add some docs, add destroy method
      add minor docs, add destroy method
      oops forgot the free
      add destry routine
      add copyright notice
      add destroy method
      add destroy methods
      misc cleanup
      minor cleanup
      fix how transaction freeing works.
      add handling for the "blank split"
      some fixes for the blank split handling
      fix blan-split handling
      add some docs
      assorted bug fixes
      add notes
      major changes to qifio to sheild engine from it;
      add a warning
      add a side effect (yuck) why am i doing this?
      fix how splits work, make completly engine independent
      documentation updates
      rationalize register type naming
      fix paths to help files
      update credits
      formatting fixes
      update price stuff
      more warnings
      Henning's date internationalization code
      fix some lint
      monor hack to fix
      swig stuff from Rob Browning
      remove swig stuff (it's now in a separate dir)
      move of enums
      remove lint
      CBBrowne's fixes
      more about reconcilation
      more recncile updates
      fix multiple bugs relating to transfers
      add transaction logging
      updates to reflect new engine design
      bug fix
      make prints meaningful
      force splits to always balance
      add utility routine
      redesign for atomic operations
      changes to accomodate the new engine layout
      changes to match new engine design
      implement destroy-split, other cleanup
      modifications to deal with new engine
      misc cleanup
      minor cleanup
      make sure that balances are automatically recomputed whenever needed
      bug fixes
      oops bug fix
      notes about consistent updates
      bug fix
      oops! bug fix
      oops more bug fixes
      sort order
      misc stuff
      first round of changes to handle new date stuff
      get rid of date structs
      change in date handling
      idate handling changes
      ne transaction varieties
      error checking for insert-split
      more to ofx directory
      start work to enfore transaction processing
      add a little bit of documentation
      isolate a little bit from the engine
      ido trans processing
      be gentle to those with semi-working code
      updates as per RMS's comments.
      porting notes
      idebug ...
      fix sign of balance amounts for income, expense windows
      add blanking for zero-valued cells
      updates about keys & buttons
      add emacs notes
      patches from jeremey collins
      run configure
      budget design notes
      add automatic file backup
      fix a stupid assert
      add account types strings
      fix name of backup file
      fix problems with combo cell blanking and off by one display
      more credits
      iBegin long & tedius process of changing name to gnucash
      updated install
      changes from Rob Browning, on the way to a gtk port
      gtk table from rob browning
      updates from rob browning
      from rob browning
      Major makefile rework from rob browning
      some includes got chopped
      oops, dropped a source file
      minor oops by patch
      patches from Jeremy Collins
      patch from jeremy collins
      updates of status
      bug fixes from rob browning
      patches from rob browning
      compile fixes
      patches from rob browning
      minor cleanup
      remove gtkP.h stuff and a dup[e patch
      updates about quicken
      oops, bug
      add design text
      updates fro rob browning
      start working on split-register
      bug fixes
      add split ledger
      compile fixes
      some minor bug patches
      validate cursor relative addressing
      fix serious and old core dup bug ... curious that
      these changes will allow basic & split regs to coexist
      changes to allow coexitnace with split reg
      name changes to allow coexistance with split reg.
      partial impleentation of blan split
      documentation updates
      add documentation
      move gui-independent parts of table out of gtk, motif code
      documentatin updates
      forward decls
      add handiling for null splits
      a Y2K fix
      fix core dump
      updates from Rob Browning
      hack alert message
      fix editor defaults
      simplified ionsertion thanks to rob browning
      fixes from rob browning
      some bug fixes
      new code from rob browning
      updates from rob browning
      add popup menu
      updates from rob
      some tax notes
      new improved instrcutions
      fix foreground color
      oops, register patches
      add documentation
      nitial work to support fancy cell coloring
      updateed script
      big patches from jeremy collins
      semi-colon fix
      some trivia left over from long ago.
      start adding actual color handl;ing code
      more step towards implementing cell colors
      finish colorizing things, I think, for now
      turns out cursor initialization needs to go into its own routine
      fixes for BSD
      some cheap hacks
      fix the cell update problems with the new split register
      NetBSD port fixes by Ted Lemon
      added credit
      new banner
      patch from Ted Lemon
      auto generated makefile updates
      ugly hack
      patches for Qt/KDE from Dirk Schoenberger
      add credit
      pixmaps for kde from Dirk Schoenberger
      configure picked up qt changes
      add some check for invalid values
      more out of bounds checks
      fix the stupid splitloading
      turn debugging on
      couple of bug fixes
      misc fixes, make tabbing work, etc
      bug fix
      remove makefiles, they're autogenerated by configure,
      Delete the makefiles, They are autobuilt by configure, and
      some safety wrappers
      fix some core dump things
      misc bug fix to get blanking & stuff to work right
      bug fix
      introduce more flexible, robust format handling
      ifix documentation
      fix misc typos
      chop out some crap
      price cell renaming, also, bug fix w.r.t. window refresh
      add a note
      fix a transfer bug
      add a convenience routine
      add project server, remove gnomoney
      this file rebuilt automatically by configure
      patches from ob Browning
      updates to preference code from Rob Browning
      get rid of tab
      get rid of this topgroup thing
      misc cleanup
      some documentation improvements
      bug fixes
      add an assert
      fix a couple of core dumps
      oops, another fix for a core dump
      misc bugs
      add some silly html output
      add a web server to the mix
      ad some documentation
      some anti-core dump stuff
      another oops
      add some silly docs
      a few more changes
      New file, move gui-independent ledger management to here.
      more notes
      more updates
      add a note
      bug fix that was causing excesssive redraws
      get rid of compiler warning
      fixes from Stephen Webb
      bug fix for something that was showing wrong balance
      more hacks
      now it compiles
      anti core dump fixes
      misc bug fixes and ongoing devel
      finish up general porting
      move to new gui-indep account managmement
      move over to gui-indep register handling
      add reconciled balance
      settle dikspute
      core dump fiox from rob browning
      fix compile bugs, from rob browning
      Rob Browning's initialization updates
      add support for old-style register back in
      add output support for old-style register elements
      make stuff work right
      make stuff work
      more docs
      oops bug fix
      changes to allow dynamically reconfigurable registers
      a few documentatry notes
      fix a little oops
      hid some of the split fields
      more config options
      multi-line display nonsense
      enable correct editing
      improve documentatation, add utility routine
      make sure that splits are handled nicely for a dual-line display
      remove dead code
      fix core dump
      updates for new register layout
      add single-line display xfer cell
      bug fixes
      oops, bug fix
      some beuty touches tock prices
      minor safety valves
      put in stubs for some of the general ledger types
      fixes from Ted Lemon
      fix the build breaker
      fixes fro Ted Lemon
      quick hack
      fix core dump
      fix a core dump
      fix cursor initialization problem
      fixes to get traversal into table first time to work correctly
      fix how the current cursor row is done up
      fix many but not all tabbing problems
      qt fix
      bug fix
      fixes to tabbing
      some clean up
      fix the docs, add a utility
      add more arguments to the move-cursor callback
      mprove documentation, add autility routine
      add auto-expanding display
      improve the docs
      kloc counts
      merge in changes originally done in the mono-split branch
      make sure the other way of destroying things also generates a log entry
      add some reality to the journalling system
      fixes to get journalling right and to plug a major memory leak
      a few more fixes taht we missed
      get rid of width and alignment attricutes in cells, & handle that stuff
      add a utility routine
      merge in big branch that implements (more or less) the auto-dynamic-expansion
      patches from Dirk Schoenberger
      fixes to handle the transfer-from field correctly
      some minor fixes for performance
      fixes from Rob Browning
      cleanup by Rob Browning
      new files from Rob Browning
      new fioles from rob browning
      cleanup by rob browning
      cleanup from Rob Browning
      fixes from rob browning
      fix core dump
      oopsy doopsy
      name chage from xacc to gnucash
      quick hack to fix guile build
      quick fix
      fixes from rob browning
      install stuff from rob browning
      ignore various files
      files to ignore
      perl updates
      gnore certain files
      ignore certain files
      makefile and build fixes and corrections from Rob Browning
      change name to gnucash from xacc
      fixes from rob
      try to get tabbing to work
      tabbing fixes
      more fields, documentation, etc.
      clirification, additional docs,
      beginings of a simple query engine
      core dump fixes
      changes to start using the query engine
      fix for core dump
      minor updates
      warning about timespec; more transaction/split sorting.
      remove obsolete code (replaced by code in Query.c
      more work on sorting
      more sorting futzing around
      sorting fixes
      look for date bounds
      add early, late funcs
      stop that annoying beeping
      fix minor flakiness
      add the final few utilities that we need (for now)
      set upd max splits to show
      oPatches from Rob Browning
      new checks for guilelibs from rob browning
      build hints
      bug fix
      fix an annoying display problem
      some quickie hackies
      add a currency trading account type
      add some docs
      add security type
      check currency before blithly allowing transfers
      a little bit of text
      ocomment out some trash
      fix the behaviour that rob is complaining about
      iannounce currency trading
      merge changes from currthree branch into head branch.
      a stupid fix for currency
      modify/configure default double entry behaviour;
      allow hosers that don't use double entry to get reasonable behaviour.
      fix core dumps and other mess when double entry is not forced onto the user.
      configure & makefile patches for guile from Tyson Dowd   <tyson at>
      rebuilt w/autoconf
      make a note of a serious bug
      i updates
      bug fixes from Jon K}re Hellan
      a few suggested patches from  Jon K}re Hellan
      bug fix from Ted Lemon <mellon at>
      minor updates
      prevent some nasty recursion
      more updates
      fix core dump
      more feature wishlist to design file
      script to generate permutations
      remove dangerous message
      some updates
      rationalize split deletiton, make it work right.
      fixes for correct TP
      changes to implement transaction rollback
      describe the transaction processing features
      fix documentation
      changes to defer date sorting until the commit phase.  Also, changes to make
      minor but important fix to the sort order.
      additions to allow gui to rollback the enire transaction,
      some documentation
      add all kinds of stuff to allow splits and transactions to be compared, and
      final (?) fixes to properly merge accounts for QIF
      documentation cleanup
      misc cleanuip,simplification
      fix for core dump
      misc things
      misc stuff
      remove some seriously stale old code
      fix a core dump in unusual situations
      fix irksome bug with file import
      add amil archives
      bug fix
      fixes to handle MS Money format better
      fix oops bug with ms money name guessing
      make things look nice in the debugger
      allow unconstrained date browsing in register
      fix a date padding problem
      minor stuff
      new gifs
      importing MYM bank-of-a files
      oops, fix a thinko ...
      add some stuff to improve date handling
      action cell contents depend on register type
      first round file format updates
      added transasction posted dates to file format
      fix constness problem
      add datte reconciled to file format
      add support for docref in the file format
      misc cleanup
      oops, be sure to set reconcile date ...
      some refresh hacks
      fix docs path
      oops typo
      add check for xmhtml
      changes to conditionally build XmHTML
      fixes to appearenece
      fix some amps ...
      some minor fix
      add reports to search path
      add code for implementing reports
      change to routine providing access to account type names
      correct swig level
      guile version
      more config flags
      dd xml builder
      patches from rob browning
      add missing text
      directions for eperl
      add live reports
      some status about reports ...
      remove references to X-Accountant
      name change
      change signature
      signature change
      add a sort order for accounts
      add sorted-order accounts
      add ultostr utility routine, inverse of strtoul
      add auto-numbering for account codes
      add group function to auto-insert an account code
      fix a few core dumps
      do some account markup
      another bug fix, to get sort order right
      move account code tools to different file
      oops, we need another routine to do the right thing ...
      add new file
      plugin design
      oodles of patches from rob browning ...
      hmmm  last patch didn't apply properly ...
      patch didn't apply correctly, try again
      hmm, previous patch did not apply correctly
      arghhh patch keeps screwwing up
      arghh patch is screwing up ...
      remove all the accidental trash that just snuck in
      apply patches from rob, this is what should have been
      remove xmhtml
      more urls
      need to have guile
      rewrite the blurb
      changes from <Alain.Peyrat at>
      fixes to running section
      add various missing dirs to install
      quick hack
      dd makefile
      add makefile
      merge from branch rlb-patch1
      pick a slightly more rational location
      fix various configure problems
      design notes
      merge robs patches from branch
      updates explainging the accounts
      more hyperlinks
      dd xpfe
      new spec file
      merge in patches from rob browning
      remove old lsm file
      add lsm file
      misc patches from Myroslav Opyr <mopyr at IPM.Lviv.UA>
      bug report
      minor stuff
      get rid of print statements
      add fancier printing for currencies
      some hacks to fix a date-value bug
      fix a date bug
      oops, didn't fix all of teh bug last time ...
      use three decimalplaces for stock quantities
      fix build problem
      fix a configure problem
      fix linking problems
      fix install script bug
      termcap tomfoolery
      new french translation README
      patches from rob browning
      ignore these files
      more notes from robbs patch
      more patches from rob
      patches from jeremy
      bug fix from Ken Yamaguchi
      bug fixes
      updates to compile notes
      updates from rob browning
      fixes for core dumps
      oops, a few more core dump things
      attempt fix to core dump ....
      add some notes
      some quickie install hacks
      new files from Jeremy Collins
      patch from Jeremy (with robs help ???)
      misc fixes I've spotted
      ignore diff files
      new notes
      merge robbs patches fro branch rlb-patch4
      fix a little oops
      begine modernization of debuggin infrastructure
      debuggin info
      modernize the infrastructure for debugging
      straighten out the debugging messages
      add more debugging stuff
      fix bad print statments
      finagling with error messages
      new debug infrastructure
      adding some debug messages
      tches from Ron Forrester
      updates to credits
      big ops bug fix
      little fix
      webserver credits
      start adding infrastructure for scrubbing single-entry accounts
      scrub up single entry accounts, get them
      fix typos
      more work on scrubber functions
      more work to get scrubbing to work
      french readme
      remove this, replaced by LISEZ.MOI
      gnome patches from Prakash Kailasa <PrakashK at>
      oops, more patches from Prakash Kailasa
      add some docs about scrubbing
      Some general Scrb cleanups
      switch over to 64-bit timekeeping
      hack around swig unhappiness
      y2k stuff
      more 64-bit date stuff
      extended date handling ...
      fix leap year handling ...
      fixes for date handling
      a couple more date fixes
      some more minor fixes
      changes to extend date handling
      misc cleanups
      fix stupid bug
      various fixes to get this to compile
      updates to get gnome to compile
      a coupel more fixes
      fix needed to link
      oops typo
      dd gstalker
      add makefile
      add perl paths
      misc fixes
      add fpic flag
      fixes to build the so
      clean up the demos
      add license
      first draft
      final version
      split session source file into header and c code
      add warning ...
      update design text
      make the direct fileio routines privatge
      add explicit file-based entry point
      add file path retreival
      move path resolution to its own utility function
      updates to reflect new design ...
      new file fixes
      rename lock file
      some added missing function
      add code to create home dir, if needed
      minor fix
      add some config routines
      enbale some of the preferences code
      more stuff
      add perl prereqs
      add new perl module
      add fidelity stuff
      allow certain unsafe ops
      more fidelity quotes
      more fidelity things
      rationalize, strip out blanks
      remove this obsolete file ...
      dd trowe price quotes
      update the docs
      don't need this puppy any more
      add an example, strip out some blanks
      ifix some bugs
      add account array functions
      make the perl directory as well
      fix a icky bug
      automated scripts
      oooooops nasty bug
      oops forgot dependency
      presto chango
      start adding secondary account info to the mix
      more account-info things
      more account-info stuff
      add auxilliary account info
      add more deps
      fix up the script a bit
      More cleanup
      add date util
      add dereferenceing operators
      rebuild when anno's change
      add some type conversion routines
      check prices before updating
      more misc hacks
      add byte-stream capabilities
      byte stream blurb
      more around the docuementation
      more cleanup
      add a lib dir for the perl modules
      corrections to libdir setup
      double ooops
      add some notes
      set up more state
      change jcollins email addr
      *** empty log message ***
      add genius trader
      corrections for gnucash
      add note on currency trading
      makefile updates
      portfolio valuation
      add some convenience for perl
      add support for cost basis accounting
      new features
      screen shorts of portfolio
      fifo/lifo accounting
      more stuff
      more code
      a few more routines
      fifo./lifo header file
      split out the header file
      added documentation
      compute cost basis correctly
      cost basis bug fixes
      big build updates
      more clarification
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger and soem of my own
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger
      more credits
      a fix for an anoying little buig
      to do list from Andrew Arensburger
      more cleanup
      clarify qt support
      more corrections
      spell check
      oops on install
      fix bugs
      oops install
      start adding vanguard
      updates for vanguard
      add vanguard suipport
      more vanguard fixes
      add stock-ticker info
      merge in branch "multi" with patches from multiple authors
      fixes suggested by Alexandru Harsanyi  <haral at>
      credit for Alexandru Harsanyi <haral at>
      patch from Mike Simmons
      patches from Mike Simmons
      old unixware config file is very very obsolete
      mega patch from  Mike Simons <msimons at>
      a howto for suse
      add Sven Kuenzler <sk at>
      new gtksheet code from rob browning
      patches from rob browning
      text formatting
      cleanup from rob browning
      misc cleanup from rob browning
      misc cleanup and fixes from rob browning
      merge major restructuring of the gnome code from the rlbig branch.
      libnana cleanup
      add some development notes
      updates from rob
      patch from rob
      patches from Jeremy Collins
      patches from rob browning
      patches from rob browning
      oops, new conflicts with C++
      more things to ignore
      patches from jeremy collins
      expanded monetary routines
      add stupid prototype
      new improved style
      add full support for printing of monetaryvalues with commas
      add slib requirement to runtime section
      fix the quote/escape problem and make this file actually useful ...
      add the html module
      fix a silly core dump when destroying accounts with open windows
      enbable enable-debug to work
      add some notes
      patch from jeremey collins, of  Fri, 19 Feb 1999 01:12:36 -0600
      patch from jeremy collins, dated  Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:22:58 -0600
      jeremy's patch of  Sun, 21 Feb 1999 02:51:51 -0600
      some guile fixes
      code from Dirk Schoenberger
      patches from Dirk Shoenberger for kde/qt
      fix a qif import bug
      fix the currency thing correctly
      some systems define this
      patches from jeremy collins of  Fri Apr  9 15:31:29 1999
      patches from Dirk Scheonberger of  Fri Apr  9 15:13:34 1999
      from dirk
      patches from dirk
      patches from Dirk Scheonberger
      anser jeremy questions
      promote dirk
      add more stuff
      remove Werror for now
      kep people happy
      changes for qt build
      changes from dirk
      oops one of dirks new files
      patches from Jeremy Collins Sun, 11 Apr 1999 17:34:27 -0500
      fix typos
      patches from rob browning
      major rework from Rob browning of Tue Apr 13 17:29:50 1999
      major rework from Rob Browning, of Tue Apr 13 17:29:50 1999.
      big patch from jeremy Collins of Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 13:32:31 -0500
      changes from Rob Browning Date: 22 May 1999 17:03:37 -0500
      changes from rob browning
      quick fix ...
      whatever, fix bugs
      whatever, the patch that should have applied but didn't
      rob generalizations of staged traversals & my fixes toi it
      remove the wrapper
      more fixes
      french translations
      move english lang files to En subdirectory
      french translation from  LE NY Yannick
      adding french translation from  LE NY Yannick
      add french docs subdir
      new configure script
      lesstif bug work-around
      get that comment in there
      fix some lesstif notes
      add trace hooks
      add/modify misc debugging messages
      add new fatal error mesage type
      oops forgot this
      added search path for docs
      ignor auto-gennned file
      add search pat for docs
      changes from From Rob Browning Date: 01 Jun 1999 16:05:08 -0500
      changes  From Rob Browning        Date: 01 Jun 1999 16:05:08 -0500
      fix from rob

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