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        on  Wed Jul 7 04:10:34 2004 +0000

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Benoit Grégoire (53):
      Remove obsolete file split in Account.c Transaction.c and Utilities.c
      hange lable of Online ID to Account ID in the account matcher for consistency
      nsactions just downloaded are now ignored from the matchlist.
      Change the title of the transaction matcher and change the look and alignment of the action buttons.
      -Default commodity and account type are now preselected from OFX information when user decides to create a new gnucash account.
      -Fix new_account_default_type parameter of gnc_import_select_account() not selecting default type properly
      Add missing ChangeLog entries for previous commit
      2002-09-29  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      * src/import-export/Account-matcher.c: Change "Account ID" text
      * Implement a working commodity matcher for the generic import
      Add missing file for the commodity matcher.
      * Investment transactions now create two accounts, one is for the stock, the other is the account defined by the FI, where the cash is swaped.
      2002-10-20  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-10-20  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-10-30  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-12  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-12  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-12  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-12  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-13  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-13  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-18  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-18  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-21  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-21  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-25  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-25  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-25  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-27  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-6  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-6  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-13-6  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      Missing changelog
      2002-12-7  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      Stubborn Changelog...
      2002-12-7  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-8  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-8  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-9  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-10  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-12  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-30  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-1-6  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-1-6  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-01  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-01  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-02  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      Some spelling corrections
      2003-02-04  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-10  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-10  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-14  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      Remove forgotten debug output

Bill Gribble (32):
      * src/gnome/dialog-options.c: fix destructor bug
      * fix report updating problem.  should reload multicolumn reports
      Add German translations of QIF action tags.  This should be done within the
      Changes to text of new-user dialog
      Last minute bug fixes: save/restore in welcome to gnucash report, and
      Fix bug in qif account name guessing.  Should fix reported bug on
      Fix bug in qif import handling of ticker symbols.
      Fix cut-n-paste error
      Update qif import routines to use gnc-numeric earlier in the import
      Fix bugs.
      * src/gnome/druid-qif-import.c: fix cut-n-paste error in
      include the fix for #106 updates for libtool version 1.4/1.3.5 compatibility
      report-system module shouldn't be linked against the app-utils lib at
      Autoload US-specific tax report.  Should make this locale-based.
      Install taxtxf report in the right place
      Add some things to .cvsignore
      Fix exports to get saved reports working
      Include config.h where needed
      Remember to free strings, and don't look at .so files when libtool
      Install gnc-module headers.
      Minor preening
      Don't forget gnome-print includes if they are needed
      Build changes to clean up library cross-dependencies and move to libtool-1.4
      o, bugger.  Forgot to remove some debug statements.
      Forgot to delete a file
      Forgot one
      More makefile changes to get modules loading right. Hacked the crashes
      Add library dependency and remove gnc-module printout
      Somewhat less cheesy fix for compile problem.
      Even less cheesy fix for compile problem
      Add --disable-gui option to autogen/configure

CVS Daemon (1):

Chris Lyttle (52):
      Import of New Version of GnuCash Manual
      Finished off Chapter 4
      Finished off Chapter 5
      Last one Chapter 6
      Fixed Error Chapter 3
      Add title page, revised first 2 chapters to have screenshots and tie into title page
      Add figures for screenshots
      Convert sgml files to xml
      Added some screenshots, finished converting chapters to XML
      Replace toc with xml version
      Make toc validate
      Make toc validate
      Outlines of remaining chapters
      Initial work on Investments chapter
      update for stable release
      updated image to remove version info
      updated image to remove version info
      update for stable release 1.6.7
      update for stable release 1.6.8
      fix make dist breakage, update rpm spec, up version to 1.7.1
      updated AUTHORS and NEWS files for release
      fix make dist breakage
      fix missing gnc-lot.h file in engine/
      fix missing glade inclue in DIST file in import-export/
      remove postgres dep
      remove old docs in prep for new ones
      update for release 1.7.2
      update for release 1.7.2
      now works building 1.7.x
      now works building 1.7.x
      updated spec to work with rh8
      update to release 1.7.3
      ooops version macro didnt work
      update to release 1.7.4
      update to release 1.7.4
      fix for failed rpm build
      update to 1.7.4a
      change version back
      update to 1.7.5
      fix rpm prob
      removal of old docs
      add support for new gnucash icon
      fix help button's connection
      release 1.7.6
      require new g-wrap
      Updates to build system by John H. Pierce
      release 1.7.7
      release 1.7.8
      add build options
      new unstable versions
      info fix for rpm

Christian Stimming (274):
      testing 1 2 3
      testing some more --linas
      hopefully the final test
      2001-05-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      yet another test
      2001-05-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-12  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-12  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-12  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      remove warning.
      2001-05-13  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      More updates for the german translations.
      Forgot the author lines.
      2001-05-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      fix bug.
      2001-05-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Duarte Loreto's pt_PT.po update.
      2001-05-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-26  Pablo Saratxaga  <pablo at>
      2001-05-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix String.
      Revert last change.
      Updated de.po -- still in the work, though.
      Updated German translation. I'm still working on it till tomorrow, though.
      2001-06-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Yet more updated German translation. All strings are translated now.
      2001-06-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      fix one translation.
      Updated German translation.
      2001-06-08 Christian Stimming <stimming at>
      forgot one. However, de_DE docs are still very unfinished.
      add cvs ignore.
      18n fixes in src/scm/report/view-column.scm and
      Added TOC. Added comment for account hierarchy.
      Updated German translation (partially).
      Updated German translation (unfinished, but some more)
      2001-07-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-08-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-08-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-08-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-08-19  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated the README about the glossary.
      2001-08-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      2001-09-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-09-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-10-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-11-16  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-12-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-12-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-01-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-01-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-01-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-01-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-02-17  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      2002-06-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix missing gnome_libdir.
      2002-07-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-21  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-21  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Make the Makefile better configurable.
      2002-07-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-08-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-08-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Some more work, including adapting to the latest openhbci changes.
      2002-08-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      More work on HBCI setup API. Usable in specific setups, but not yet
      2002-08-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-08-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-08-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Adaption to latest changes in OpenHBCI (requires yet another OpenHBCI
      2002-08-13  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix API change in OpenHBCI.
      fix bug.
      fix includes.
      2002-08-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Latest HBCI work.
      More HBCI work. OpenHBCI doesn't work at the moment, anyway :-(
      2002-08-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Forgot Changelog entry yesterday. Add some unstable-warnings.
      2002-09-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Forgot this part of Benoit Gregoire's generic transaction import patch.
      Remove unneeded hbci cruft.
      2002-09-17  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fully fix new feature from yesterday.
      2002-09-19  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Clarify some function documentation.
      2002-10-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Remove default values from test runs.
      2002-10-16  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix strings for gettext tools.
      2002-10-19  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Improved translation.
      Updated translation.
      2002-10-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      fix typo.
      fix one more typo.
      yet more typo/message unifying.
      2002-10-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      i18n some strings.
      Update German translation. Fix some i18n issues.
      More HBCI work, especially for error recovery.
      Fix some i18n strings.
      2002-10-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Revert latest change since it was only local to cstim.
      Fix menu item i18n problem.
      2002-10-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated German translation. More i18n work.
      More translation/i18n work.
      i2002-10-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Your daily i18n updates.
      Your daily translation fix. Also, move html tags out of the translation
      2002-11-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Improved German translation. Many i18n typos fixed everywhere.
      more cvsignore.
      String typo fixes. i18n improvements.
      2002-11-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix call of non-existent function.
      2002-11-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Your daily translation fix. Improved German translation. Typos and other i18n
      2002-11-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-17  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Some i18n fixes. Updated German Translation.
      More Makefile fixes.
      Makefile fix.
      I18n fixes. Update German Translation.
      2002-11-19  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add missing files for dist.
      Set split to 'cleared' only if it was in 'not reconciled' beforehand.
      Slightly change formatting of transaction fields.
      Updated translation.
      2002-11-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Improved date heuristics (punishment if dates are very very far apart).
      2002-11-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Remove -Werror again.
      Updated translations.
      Improve i18n comments. Updated translation.
      2002-11-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated Italian translation by Lorenzo Cappelletti.
      First try to update the Tip-Of-Day list.
      Add README for HBCI support.
      2002-11-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      2002-11-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      2002-11-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      Comment out some unnecessary debugging output.
      Fix make dist.
      2002-12-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      2002-12-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add include for ngettext wrapping.
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix i18n problems.
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Update translation.
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      more doxygen improved documentation.
      More comments about how to use functions (xaccSplitSetBaseValue).
      2002-12-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Revert latest change in category-barchart.scm -- in fact there wasn't an
      2002-12-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation by Nikos Charonitakis  <charosn at>
      2002-12-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add some comments for translators.
      2002-12-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      2002-12-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-16  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-20  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      2002-12-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      Add yet more i18n comments. Comment out some debugging output.
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-30  Matthew Vanecek <mevanecek at>
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Follow up on Benoit's gcc3 fixes.
      Updated German translation.
      Updated translation.
      Updated translation by Lorenzo Cappelletti <L.Cappelletti at>
      Updated translation.
      2003-01-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated German translation.
      2003-01-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      i2003-01-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated Dutch translation by Hendrik-Jan Heins <hjh at>
      Updated translation.
      Add #include "config.h" -- there were some complaints about missing ENABLE_NLS
      Updated translation.
      Updated header for translation.
      Update HBCI documentation.
      2003-02-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Comment out stderr debugging output.
      Improved translation.
      Improved docs.
      2003-02-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated HBCI docs.
      2003-02-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix CFLAGS

Dave Peticolas (2443):
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Last bigpatch.
      Last bigpatch.
      Last Bigpatch.
      Last bigpatch.
      Last Bigpatch.
      Last Bigpatch.
      *** empty log message ***
      i18n fix
      Heath's patch
      version change
      *** empty log message ***
      version change
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      new spec file
      Date parsing fix.
      Implemented list option.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
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      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
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      *** empty log message ***
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      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Budget window.
      Jan-Uwe Finck's updated de.po
      *** empty log message ***
      Bill Gribble's patch to the query routines.
      Added a date entry widget specific to GnuCash. It uses the
      Updated FSF address in src/register/gnome.
      Bug fixes.
      More work on the budget dialog.
      Dennis Bjorklund's updated sv.po.
      Doc updates from Rob Browning and Eric Hanchrow.
      Don't free NULL pointers.
      Relax account type restrictions.
      Add hostname and domainname to the initialization data.
      More work on the budget dialog.
      Matthew Condell's FreeBSD patch.
      *** empty log message ***
      More work on the budget GUI.
      Updated french translations.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Implement the debit/credit reversal. All debits are positive,
      More work on the budget dialog.
      Track stock account balances, not cost.
      Fixed cost basis calculations.
      Rob Graham Merkel's transaction report patch.
      more work on the budget gui
      Herbert Thoma's EURO patch.
      Robert Graham Merkel's transaction report patch.
      Robert Graham Merkel's updated screenshots
      More work on the budget gui.
      removed crufty declarations
      Add a space after the currency code to make the currency string.
      Fix use of localeconv
      Herbert Thoma's EURO docs.
      Added 'sort by entry' register option.
      Reconcile window prints different currencies correctly.
      More work on printing currencies correctly.
      Tomas Pospisek's debian patches.
      Bug fixes in the Query code and transaction traversal code.
      Minor work.
      Don't configure locale.h, just include it directly.
      Robby Stephenson's patch to add file history selections to the main menu.
      Preparation for release.
      Don't blank zero values in the balance column of register.
      Tomas Pospisek's debian patch.
      Rob Browning's patch to break out g-wrap.
      Removed cvs conflict cruft.
      Work on GUIDs. Work on copying splits. Last file opened feature.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Added --nofile arg to prevent autoloading.
      *** empty log message ***
      Work on copying splits. Fixed account ordering bug.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix to register xfer field order.
      More work on GUIDs. Removed src/scm cruft.
      New gnc-prices-2.
      Remove SCM registry. Use scm_protect_object instead.
      Work on transaction cut/copy/paste.
      Docs changes
      Transaction/Split cut/copy/paste.
      Shimpei Yamashita's ja.po file. Yannick Le Ny's updated fr.po.
      Fix underscore bug in file history.
      More tweaks.
      Fix FSF address.
      *** empty log message ***
      Minor fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix MD5 32-bit alignment bug.
      Register fixes.
      Bug fixes.
      HTML fix from Martin Schwenke.
      Fix 32-bit alignment bug.
      Print currency prices with 5 digits of precision.
      Christopher Browne's doc updates.
      Moved options C code to src/guile from src/gnome.
      Add a finish button.
      Configure debit/credit synonyms in guile.
      Robert Graham Merkel's report patch.
      Shimpei Yamashita's ja.po patch.
      Work on reconcile and register windows. Misc bug fixes.
      Update po files.
      Bug fixes.
      Uses Queries to allow sorting.
      Install files one at a time in case install-sh needs to be used.
      *** empty log message ***
      Add sorting menu to reconcile window.
      Tweak sort order
      Add -fPIC. Needed by Sparc, seems to be ok for others.
      More work on the build system.
      datadir tweak
      More build system work
      Fix bug in dialog add.
      *** empty log message ***
      Work on reconciling stock/mutual fund accounts.
      Added currency editor widget.
      Removed QIFIO.c related stuff.
      Fixes to register behavior.
      Release preparation.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      SuSE readme patch from Herbert Thoma.
      More const char * tweaks.
      Bill G's qif importer patch. Robert G Merkel's transaction report patch.
      en_GB updates from Keith Refson.
      Quickfilling patch.
      Rob Browning's patch to add automake.
      Added .cvsignore files and one missing file.
      *** empty log message ***
      Po file updates.
      Paul Fenwick's patch.
      Auto-completion, bug fixes.
      John Goerzen's file i/o patch for 64-bit architectures.
      Various small fixes.
      Update TODOs.
      bug fix.
      Bill Gribble's query and finder patch. Build system fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      John Goerzen's debian patch.
      Update po files. Misc fixes.
      Show file writing errors in the gui. Update po files again.
      Rob Browning's make dist patch.
      Add loglevel argument.
      Version change to 1.3.99.
      Just 'make' not 'make gnome'.
      *** empty log message ***
      Yannick Le Ny's updated French docs.
      Update to french docs.
      *** empty log message ***
      Jon K Hellan's fixes to author names.
      Fix problem. Remove engine cruft.
      Fix 'show all transactions' preference button.
      Bug fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      Move gui-dependent defs out of engine. Use glib guint32 typedef.
      Increase precision of stock prices.
      Fix bugs in guile error catching.
      Don't blank zeros on price cell. Remove old transaction report.
      Fix register bug.
      Fix uninstall target.
      Bug fix.
      Use stdlib.h not malloc.h.
      Robert Graham Merkel's documentation patch.
      Forgot to add these.
      Build system fixes.
      Update .cvsignore files.
      Fix register bug.
      Add libtool autoconf macros. Don't create opening balance transactions.
      Bug fixes.
      Bug fixes. Color updates.
      Move raw to src/experimental
      Bug fix.
      Robert Merkel's patch to average-balance.scm. Bill Gribble's qif import patch.
      Color tweak.
      Rob Merkel's report patch. Register fixes.
      Fix report date bugs.
      Adjust compilation arguments.
      doc updates
      Preparation for 1.3.100
      po file update
      Bill Gribble's qif patch.
      *** empty log message ***
      Add openbsd to config.guess. Remove use of 'category' in xfer dialog.
      Bill Gribble's qif patch.
      Bug fixes.
      Robert Graham Merkel's README patch.
      Bill Gribble's qif patch.
      Bug fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      Bug fix.
      *** empty log message ***
      qif patch
      Bug fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      bug fixes
      bug fixes
      Robert Graham Merkel's doc patch.
      Bug fixes
      *** empty log message ***
      qif import patch
      Remove guile dependency from src/register/gnome
      Take out account group guids.
      new work
      *** empty log message ***
      Bill Gribble's qif patch.
      Bug fixes.
      Bill Gribble's qif importing patch
      Remove table-html.c as a compile target.
      Remove -stat argument from swig invocation. It's not supported
      Clean up register code. Separate register type and register style.
      Update version info.
      *** empty log message ***
      Adjust window sizes for screen.
      Fix register crash and merge from 1.4.
      Clean up.
      Merge from 1.4.
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix locale dir.
      Merge from 1.4.
      Robert Graham Merkel's tip-of-the-day patch.
      Take out plotutils cruft.
      Robert Graham Merkel's scheme date patch.
      i18n reconciled header and flag values.
      Robert Merkel's tip o' day patch.
      *** empty log message ***
      Make the register fonts configurable.
      *** empty log message ***
      Tweak tips.
      Bug fix in budget dialog.
      Remove --enable-warnings.
      Kevin Finn's auto-decimal patch.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated translations.
      *** empty log message ***
      Make date widget respond to the same accelerator keys as in the register.
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch for g-wrap 0.9.4.
      Bill Gribble's qif import patch.
      Yannick Le Ny's translator README.
      Add gtkhtml to lib.
      Bill Gribble's patch to add gtkhtml support, key-value pairs,
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix for swig & perl 5.6.
      Merge from stable branch.
      Prepare for 1.5.0.
      Added ja locale file.
      Clean up some configure cruft.
      *** empty log message ***
      Christopher Molnar's build system patch.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix scm searching.
      Kevin Finn's patch to set option widget sensitivities.
      Fix bug in split auto-completion.
      Herbert Thoma's patch to fix finding with EURO support.
      *** empty log message ***
      Added Terry Boldt's financial calculator code and expression parser.
      *** empty log message ***
      Added calculation to SUBDIRS.
      Add Terry Boldt as a contributor.
      Add src/calculation/Makefile as a configured Makefile.
      Remove unused variable.
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch to use the reversed-balance information
      Terry Boldt's fix to the expression parser.
      Fix spelling error.
      Eric Hanchrow's currency doc patch.
      Add nascent design documentation.
      Add generated src/doc/design files.
      + Gordon Oliver's patch to the status line for multiple currencies.
      Terry Boldt's account summary report.
      Added more register documentation.
      Update solaris building instructions. 'bash' is no longer required
      Don't reverse signs on future value -- see what people think.
      Go back to reversing the signs of fv again -- which way is right??
      Add a register option to always jump to the blank split
      Remove amort_opt.c and amort_prt.c as members of the library.
      Add information about gnome-print and gtkhtml dependencies.
      Add information about alternative download sites.
      Fix a version number.
      Make transfer dialog modeless.
      Add Terry Boldt's documentation for the financial calculator.
      Add warning about unstable version to tips of the day.
      src/calculation: some cleanup and renaming of functions to be longer
      Herbert Thoma's patch to the status line for the EURO and to the
      * src/gnome/window-reconcile.c: After reconciliation, if the
      Merge from 1.4.
      Steven Murdoch's patch for using gnc-prices with the London exchange.
      If gtkhtml is not found, abort configure with an error.
      Add more register documentation.
      basiccell: Use 'gboolean' for use_fg_color and 'use_bg_color'.
      Add Alessandro Seveso's Italian translation.
      Alessandro Seveso's Italian updates.
      Bill Carlson's performance improvement patch.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated French translations.
      Robert Graham Merkel's backup tip.
      Remove superfluous assignments for GLIB_CONFIG_BIN and GNOME_CONFIG_BIN.
      Use the new names of the calculation functions.
      Update on financial calculator.
      Valek Filippov's Russian translation.
      Kevin Finn's complex boolean option patch.
      Minor doc update.
      Reimplement the register Table object using glib's dynamic arrays.
      Rob Browning's misc patch for guile-1.4.
      Use glib memory routines. Fix some memory leaks.
      Rob Browning's ChangeLog update.
      Add Christopher Browne's DocBook-ified GnuCash manual to the repository.
      Add new doc/sgml Makefiles as configure tagets.
      Reimplement the account add and account edit dialogs using glade.
      Fix a bug in gnc_table_physical_cell_valid().
      Register bug fix.
      Avoid unnecessary changes of register style and sort mode and reconcile
      Added Robert Graham Merkel's text about making reports.
      Fix some texinfo. Add *.html files as ignored.
      Remove 'architecture.txt'. Its content is now in src/doc/design.
      Glen Ditchfield's update to the reconciliation documentation.
      Update po files.
      Incorporate Docbook manual into the build system.
      Add an option to suppress the auto-payments after credit card reconciles.
      Fix a bug in rebalancing.
      Ignore errors in installation so people can install without the
      Yannick Le Ny's updated French translations.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated translator docs and French README.
      Kevin Finn's patch to add gui change-callbacks to guile options.
      Christopher Browne's updates to the reporting code.
      Add Paul Fenwick's Finance::Quote 1.01 package to lib directory.
      Paul Fenwick's patch to the quoting system to support Finance::Quote 1.01.
      Remove sgml projects file - that will remain as html.
      Remove gncBoolean typedef and constants. Replace all uses of them
      Remove gncBoolean typedef and constants. Replace all uses of them
      Fix a quickfill bug.
      Clean up date code. Move Transaction date string routines to
      Re-enable locale-based date parsing.
      Update top level architecture description.
      Fix a refresh bug.
      Fix a rebalancing bug.
      Move src/doc/coding-style.txt to HACKING and update the contents.
      Convert expression parser to use glib memory routines. Fix a bug.
      Update HACKING file.
      Update with new file and directory info.
      Move type declaration from finproto.h to its proper place in finvar.h.
      Use g_strdup instead of strdup.
      Minor fixes.
      More work on the architecture docs.
      *** empty log message ***
      Remove gtkhtml from lib directory. Newer and better versions are available
      Fix node pointers.
      Update README with new gtkhtml info.
      Add intl/po2tbl.sed to ignore list.
      Fix some memory leaks.
      Add type-index.texinfo to
      More work on key-value pair docs.
      More work on key-value pair docs.
      Standardize formal argument names. Use 'gboolean' instead of 'int'
      Clean up some code.
      Clean up code. Simply some code with glib lists and remove obsolete
      Kevin Finn's auto-decimal point patch.
      Christopher Browne's update to the sgml docs.
      Add some ignore files.
      More cleanup. Remove obsolete engine procedures.
      Jan-Uwe Finck's updated German translation.
      More work on key-value docs.
      Minor updates.
      Remove numeric_ops.c from library.
      Update with exhortation to use glib.
      Use glist instead of (Account **) for a Query api call.
      Robert Graham Merkel's relative date option patch.
      Update ignored files.
      Clean cruft.
      Use 'char' not 'unsigned char'.
      Robert Graham Merkel's report updates for relative dates.
      Update key-value policy.
      Some cleanup.
      Generalize xaccParseAmount.
      Remove query-user.[ch] cruft.
      Use 'g_strdup_printf' instead of 'asprintf'.
      Update architecture documentation.
      Alexey Kakunin's patch for quickfill and cyrillic.
      Fix options bug.
      Add guid_equal API call.
      Update architecture docs.
      Work on the register. Incorporate physical and virtual
      Fix some sgml warnings.
      Make 'edit' in reconcile window jump to amount column.
      Fix sgml warnings.
      *** empty log message ***
      More work on architecture docs.
      Christian Stimming's report patch for better currency support.
      Add info for spanish translation.
      Robert Graham Merkel's option documentation patch.
      Doc updates.
      Add Alessandro Seveso's Italian update and update all the po files.
      Herbert Thoma's patch to the main window currency handling plus
      Update po files after messages_i18n.h fix.
      Minor updates.
      More work on GUID docs.
      Robert Graham Merkel's README and date-utility patch.
      Fix documentation.
      Reserve 'notes' field for accounts.
      Use glib gboolean.
      Add more GUID docs.
      Fix docs.
      Move a date function from Transaction.c to date.c.
      Write some Split docs.
      Raphael Dechenaux's patch to fix keypad input of decimal points.
      Make xaccInitSplit() static.
      Standardize some formal arguments.
      Update documentation.
      Update key docs.
      Remove crufty Match functions which were tuned for the old
      Reserve a key for 'balance' splits.
      More doc work.
      Christian Stimming's patch for editing currency accounts.
      Update docs.
      Use the last opened file as the file dialog default.
      Fix warnings.
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix warnings.
      Use the new sgml help files instead of the old html ones.
      Remove old English html docs.
      Remove gnucash.pot from CVS. It is a generated file and is
      Add gnucash.pot
      More doc work.
      Remove private header files that are only used by one .c file.
      Create amount editing widget.
      Clean up expression parser and calculation code.
      Add flag for evaluation after a plain 'Return' press.
      Minor fixes.
      More doc work.
      Make xaccInitTransaction private. Clean up headers.
      Fix Gtk warnings.
      Temporary fix for gnc-prices.
      Merge from 1.4. Fix a missing file detection bug.
      Remove's from CVS repository.
      Remove some extra generated files.
      Add po2tbl.sed.
      Remove additional generated files.
      Remove 'widths' field from cellblock structure. No longer used.
      Fix memory leak.
      Add Eric Hanchrow's patch.
      Add check for gdk-pixbuf.
      minor fix
      Start simplifying layout code.
      Glen Ditchfield's documentation patch.
      Add src/register/gtable.[ch], an implemtation of a dyamic 2-d array.
      Add new gnucash help directory to spec file.
      Merge from 1.4 -- Bartek Szady's patch.
      Merge from 1.4 - Bartek Szady's patch.
      Add Bartek Szady to credits.
      Use GTable in gnome table implementation.
      Implement SheetBlockStyle using gtables.
      Reimplement SheetBlocks with gtables.
      Add 'macros' subdirectory.
      Reimplement Quickfill using hash tables -- big memory savings.
      Remove obsolete docs.
      Add info files to rpm spec file.
      Fix some function names to be more consistent.
      Dennis Bjorklund's sv.po update.
      More work on docs.
      Fix spelling error.
      Herbert Thoma's patch adding a macro to check for gdk pixbuf.
      Update for new gdk-pixbuf macro.
      Herbert Thoma's patch adding some generated files to the ignore section.
      More doc work.
      Print EUR symbol according to locale conventions.
      Don't run the main-window-opened hooks until the main window has
      Code cleanup, fix a date bug.
      Update po files and guile strings.
      Prepare for 1.5.1.
      Add Italian translation to spec file.
      Register cruft removal.
      Christian Stimming's patch for editing currency registers.
      Fail if glib is not found.
      Add check for ieeefp.h. Include it in util.c if present.
      Ditch use of 'getdomainname'. It's not POSIX and seems to be
      Remove -- generated file.
      Simplify register sizing.
      Remove more generated files.
      Minor fix.
      Add ABOUT-NLS back in. gettextize doesn't work quite right.
      Remove unsafe_ops flag and warnings about changing curreny & security.
      Remove 'Adjust Balance' window.
      Fix some reporting code.
      Use g_strdup_printf, not asprintf.
      Eric Hanchrow's updated currency docs.
      Add gnomesupport.h include.
      Use our own strtok_r.
      Add functionality to extract column widths from gnome sheet.
      Include message.h, not messages_i18n.h.
      Add texinfo 4.0 dependency.
      Paste transaction num & posted date, too.
      Verify before pasting onto an existing transaction.
      Update docs.
      Save and restore register column widths.
      Implement CELL_ALIGN_CENTER for register column layout.
      Fix bug in changing an account currency or security.
      Temporary fix while we wait for gnome-print to stabilize.
      Fix status bar refresh on File->New.
      fix typo
      Small fix.
      Implement full grouping on printed amounts.
      Fix for gnome-print 0.23.
      Prepare for 1.5.2.
      Update po files.
      Christian Stimming and Gordon Oliver's work on making
      Fix segfault and column size saving bugs.
      Rework stock and currency registers.
      Jan-Uwe Finck's updated de.po.
      Minor fix.
      Allow the user to open a file if the lock wasn't obtained
      Fix for auto-completion.
      Distinguish between cut & copy in register<->scheme code.
      Add functionality to verify a change to a reconciled transaction.
      Remove unused var.
      Register drawing speedups.
      Configure the coloring of negative quantities with a user preference
      Reimplement transfer dialog in glade.
      Fix CVS info.
      Fix sgml warnings.
      Generalize gtable with user_data pointer.
      Use GUIDs instead of Split * in the register.
      Add register combo auto-pop configuration back in.
      Minor fix to docs and number parsing.
      Rearchitect the register to avoid copying strings.
      Minor fixes.
      Bug fixes.
      More work on the register. Start eliminating use of physical locations.
      Only use virtual locations in manipulating the register.
      Remove static tab traversal information and configuration.
      Fix for tabbing in auto-mode.
      Quickfill fix.
      Remove unused functions.
      Remove virtual->physical mapping.
      Remove register physical->virtual mapping and all physical data.
      Implement foreground color handler. Remove cruft.
      Smarter register combo box height calculations. Misc work.
      Save named parser variables between sessions.
      Fix cvs commands.
      Fix cell layout bug.
      Use expression parser widgets in the financial calculator.
      Add info about g-wrap versions.
      Price cells now allow expressions.
      Remove cruft.
      Redo gtables to prevent reduce number of mallocs and frees.
      Don't cache cell colors in the styles -- always get them from the Table.
      Fix a memory leak.
      Remove cached cell styles.
      Make the Table resize automatically. Remove cruft.
      Jump to transaction after a double-click in the reconcile window.
      Yannick LE NY's updated fr.po.
      Add visibility flag to virtual rows. Code cleanup.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated fr.po.
      Register tip-of-the-day strings as translatable.
      Add tip-of-the-day strings.
      Kevin Finn's patch to make the reconcile window re-use the
      More work on virtual cell visibility. Drawing cleanups.
      Christian Stimming's balance and pnl report patch.
      Bug fix.
      Create a progress dialog with a guile-wrapped API.
      Update po files.
      Add some docbook info.
      Move some strings from messages_i18n.h into the source files.
      Christian Stimming's report patches.
      Fix drawing bug.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Richard -Gilligan- Uschold's tax report patch.
      Fix spec file.
      Add missing file.
      Fix define location bug.
      Rob Browning's XML I/O Code.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated fr.po.
      Bug fix.
      Fix bug using localeconv info.
      Fix account dialog buttons.
      Add xacc-commodity.sgml to
      Fix for libxml 2.2.2.
      Fixes for swig bindings.
      PO: Move translatable strings from src/message_i18n.h into source files.
      Use gettextize to generate po-related files. Remove them from CVS.
      Update ignore files.
      Update po files.
      Fix bug in status bar refresh.
      Fix docs.
      Use callbacks to get background colors, instead of storing them in the
      Fix xml writer bug.
      Add const qualifiers to some function arguments.
      Fix for locales that use (num) as -num.
      Add 'commodity' option as a guile option.
      Remove old guile currency list.
      Fix memory leaks getting commodity namespaces and commodity lists.
      Fix register bug.
      Implement xaccParseAmount to parse gnc_numerics directly.
      Herbert Thoma's extension to the transfer dialog for currency accounts.
      Remove xaccSplitOrder declaration.
      Use GINT_TO_POINTER instead of casting.
      Minor register work.
      Convert parser to use gnc_numerics.
      Add gnc_log function for generic logging. Define other logging
      Use glib memory routines for Account.h functions.
      Use glib memory routines in Group.h functions.
      Fix memory leaks using xaccGetAccounts.
      GUI cleanup.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Make register obey 'display negative balance in red' flag.
      Use glib memory routines in Transaction.c.
      Move xaccTransGetDateStr from Transaction.c to TransLog.c.
      Remove crufty macros and memory routines.
      Derek Atkins' patch.
      Fix for libxml-1.8.6.
      Move amount printing and parsing routines out of the engine
      Remove top-level.h.
      Minor cleanup.
      Fix gnc_numeric <--> string conversions.
      Use Account smallest currency units in printing amounts.
      Wrap new amount printing API for guile.
      Make the gnc-currency-editor use gnc_commodities.
      Don't CHECK in a getter function.
      More work on guile and amount printing.
      Merge current account maintenance patch from stable.
      Derek Atkin's build system patches for g-wrap.
      Make gnc-amount-edit.c use gnc_numerics.
      Use GLists to store splits in transactions. Remove cruft.
      Tyson Dowd's patch to use GCaches for string caching in the engine.
      Rob Browning's patch to sort the commodities in the XML output.
      Stefan Nobis's German translation patch.
      Christian Stimming's balance and pnl report patch.
      Use gnc_numerics in price cells and the register.
      Use GCaches to store strings in QuickFill objects.
      Improve error message.
      Fix spelling error.
      Add API for getting and setting the 'balance split'.
      Use engine cache for strings.
      Use gnc_numerics in the register window.
      Use gnc_numerics in reconcile window.
      Use gnc_numerics in transfer dialog.
      More numerics conversion.
      More numerics conversions.
      Bill Gribble's patch to g-wrap the numerics.
      Update the financial calculator dialog for gnc_numerics.
      Minor work.
      Mitsuo Hamada's updated Japanese translations.
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch to g-wrap checking.
      More numerics conversions.
      Derek Atkins's patch to the g-wrap autoconf test.
      Bill Gribble's gnc_numeric and qif import patch.
      Make the main window the options dialog parent.
      Allow progress dialog to be used without ok button.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated French translation and README.
      If a filter is specified for the filebox, don't show the last
      Update po files.
      Use currency SCU for security SCU when security == NULL.
      James LewisMoss's design doc patch.
      Rework the register styles. Use a general-ledger approach for displaying
      Change Sessions to GNCBooks, which will represent a set of gnucash
      Forgot to add.
      Fix comments.
      Write GNCBook docs.
      James LewisMoss's design docs patch.
      Mork work on transaction display.
      Update ignore files.
      Add tax-related Account flags, including GUI and guile wrapping.
      Add argument to fileBox to allow setting the default filename.
      Show totals in transaction debit/credit field in expanded mode.
      Display total share balance and value balance for transaction lines.
      Transaction rebalancing work.
      Make split lines gray.
      James LewisMoss's debian patch.
      Fix usage of string cache.
      Minor fixes.
      More work on rebalancing.
      More rebalancing work.
      Bug fix.
      Distinguish between user changes and auto changes in register cell values.
      Fix memory leaks and rollback semantics for kvp_frames.
      Ensure damount == value when currency and security are equivalent.
      Sort debits & credits. Bug fixes.
      Conrad Canterford's register fix.
      Update patching instructions.
      Add Transaction Notes field.
      Fix price scu.
      Fix keypad decimal point insertion.
      Fix parsing of transaction slots.
      Add Transaction Notes field.
      Don't show duplicate transactions in journal mode.
      Better behavior on the blank split.
      Resize description field on window shrink.
      Minor fixes.
      Add mime files for gnucash.
      James LewisMoss's comment patch.
      Move non-gnome specific functions from src/gnome/dialog-utils.c
      Allow new accounts to be created from names typed in the register.
      Combocell behavior fix.
      More work on auto-account feature in register.
      Move shares & price to split row in journal mode.
      More work on fixing split problems and rebalancing.
      Move recn cell to split line in journal mode.
      Fix comments.
      Add gnc_numeric documentation to design docs.
      Remove swig from tree.
      Change "Appreciation" and "Depreciation" to "Increase" and "Decrease"
      Fix some register quirks.
      Fix journal mode transaction header strings.
      Use a darker blue.
      Mark transaction as changed when transaction date and notes are changed.
      Minor fix.
      Add popup date widget to date cells.
      James LewisMoss's patch to pass args to gnome_init.
      Robert Graham Merkel's widgetization of the main window account tree.
      Only allow price & shares to be editied for stock, mutual, and currency
      Fix compiler warnings.
      Bill Carlson's performance improvements to xml reading.
      Set scrollbar policy to automatic.
      Merge from stable tree. Strip time portion off of default transaction
      Fix compiler warnings.
      Restrict multi-account registers to journal mode.
      Add missing label.
      Richard Gilligan's tax & txf export code & docs.
      Richard -Gilligan- Uschold's updated tax & txf export code & docs.
      Update author info.
      Put expand button on register toolbar for quick access to auto-ledger mode.
      James LewisMoss's arg-parsing patch.
      Carol Champagne's documenation updates.
      More work on transaction expansion.
      Fix amount printing bug.
      Add HIGHLIGHT mode for cell borders.
      Add Query predicate for transaction balance states and modify
      Add directories and build system infrastructure for new-user
      Add engine event interface files and stub .c file.
      Add component manager interface and .c stub.
      When importing old-format files, require stock/mutual/currency
      Carol Champagne's updated tips of the day.
      Add Carol Champagne's set of new-user account hierarchies.
      Visual indication of imbalance.
      Remove xto cell -- no longer used.
      Implement event api.
      Kill macros.
      Mark splits as changed *after* the change is made. Prelude to
      Various fixes & improvements in date handling.
      Bug fix.
      Make all 'split' buttons insensitive in multi-line modes.
      Draw imbalance hatching in current cell.
      Implement component manager api.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Use more descriptive string for split transactions.
      Fix drawing glitch.
      Use component manager to manage transfer dialogs.
      Manage reconcile windows with component manager.
      Manage account windows with component manager.
      James LewisMoss's patch to put psgml hints in the sgml files.
      Clean up headers.
      James LewisMoss's build system patch.
      James LewisMoss's patch to pass unused command-line args to gnome_init.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Manage register windows with component manager.
      Turn off debugging flag.
      Cleanup & fix memory leaks.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Add gnc_engine_shutdown call.
      Separate checking if an account is open from marking it as changed.
      Add etags.files to ignore list.
      Fix etags command.
      Fix etags command again.
      Blank price & shares cells in non-stock account split lines.
      Don't mark accounts as changed after sorting & recomputing balances.
      Fix some gtk warnings.
      Fix rollback bug --- set copied split account to NULL before inserting.
      Blank shares & price header on non-stock split lines.
      Rob Browning's update for the new g-wrap.
      Bump required g-wrap version number to 1.1.3.
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch to add the income-expense association api.
      Work on displaying multi-byte character sets in the register.
      Fix bug.
      Remove debugging print statement.
      Robert Graham Merkel's update to gnc-asssociate-account.c
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch to the g-wrap build command.
      Fix g-wrap failure message.
      Fix memory leaks. Cleanup declarations.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Update po files.
      Improve register support for multi-byte character sets.
      James LewisMoss's patch with:
      Fix for new g-wrap enum api.
      Use GLists for Group.[ch] api & implementation.
      Fix g-wrap memory semantics of xaccGroupGetAccountList().
      Fix bug.
      Fix some gettext strings.
      Use gnc:group-get-account-list instead of building it manually.
      Some cleanup. Use new glist functions.
      Remove cruft.
      Bill Gribble's patch to add guppi support, improve the report & help
      Fix warnings.
      Fix db_open args.
      Tweak help & report window looks.
      Collect translatable strings from scheme source files statically.
      Mark options strings as translatable using N_.
      Convert all of the guile code to use the new gettext interface.
      Switch to using db1 for database access.
      Remove old/ cruft.
      Build help index database using a combination of perl & C. Use
      Remove rebalance cruft.
      Remove ** cruft.
      Fix tabbing behavior in reconcile window.
      Make sure register column sizes are saved.
      Improve options dialog looks.
      Manage financial calculator dialog with CM.
      Generate appropriate engine events for changes.
      Add xaccQueryCopy api call.
      Fix memory handling of queries by the register.
      Make sure find dialog never uses a destroyed register.
      Link with the same libs as gnucash.
      Bill Gribble's patch to fix dbadd.
      Manage the find transactions dialog with the CM.
      Fix bug.
      Generate appropriate engine events.
      Fix warnings.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Add gnc_numeric as a kvp data type.
      Ignore parameter button when there are no parameters.
      Bug fix.
      James LewisMoss's patch to speedup xml loading.
      Automatically rebalance unbalanced transactions before leaving them
      Generate appropriate engine events for changes.
      More work on refresh.
      More work on refresh. Fix some dialog bugs.
      Use xaccGroupGetAccountList instead of old api.
      Use xaccGroupGetAccountList instead of older api.
      Use the CM to refresh the reconcile & account windows.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch to use g_return_if_fail macros
      More work on refresh arch.
      Move gnc:load-help-topics to doc.scm
      Use guid's to store accounts in queries.
      More register work.
      Use the CM to refresh registers.
      Manage account trees with CM.
      More register work.
      Manage main window with CM.
      Add general ledger window in Tools menu.
      Manage help windows with CM.
      Show present/future balance in account.
      Bug fix.
      Add account api for setting/getting reconcile info.
      Rob Browning's patch to add a 'type' api for Splits.
      Update docs.
      Add kvp api for getting/setting kvp values using a key path.
      Allow reconciliations to be postponed.
      Fewer refreshes.
      Document event api.
      Add tax info dialog to .glade file.
      Associate last check number with accounts. Use that in register
      Carol Champagne's update to the help topics index.
      Fix some register bugs.
      Fix bug.
      When duplicating a transaction, prompt user for a new date & num field.
      Fix bug.
      More work on tax info dialog.
      More register work. Fix various bugs.
      Tweak register looks.
      More work on visuals.
      Fix drawing bug.
      Fix drawing bug.
      Fix bug.
      Herbert Thoma's patch updating build-suse.txt and adding a missing
      Add new configure tests and XIM enable arg.
      Add libguppi.m4.
      Work on XIM input (not finished).
      More work on XIM input and register drawing.
      Fix drawing bug.
      James LewisMoss's patch to Fix for pre-5.6 Perls.
      Allow user to choose whether to rebalance a transaction by adding a new
      Conrad Canterford's register update for price auto-calculations.
      Conrad Canterford's register patch.
      More work on XIM input.
      Start documenting the component manager.
      James LewisMoss's patch adding a new-user gui.
      Herbert Thoma's patch adding Greek drachma support as a Euro currency.
      Fix drawing bugs.
      Tweak colors.
      Change the way imbalance hatching is drawn.
      Implement efficient allocation of GUIDs.
      Cleanup, fix a bug.
      Improve auto-scroll behavior.
      Bill Gribble's big patch.
      Bill Gribble's patch to gnc-html.c
      More work on component manager docs.
      Use new GUID memory management api.
      Conrad Canterford's register patch.
      Fix bugs.
      James LewisMoss's patch updating the new user dialogs.
      Fix bugs.
      More docs for component manager.
      Rob Browning's patch to make gnucash work with g-wrap 1.1.5.
      Bill Gribble's qif import updates.
      Change Tax Info dialog layout.
      Fix translation.
      Fix glade file configuration.
      Conrad Canterford's make-gnucash-patch patch adding command line args.
      More work on tax info dialog.
      Tweak text in new user dialog.
      Start working on stock split druid.
      Reduce number of header resizes.
      Bug fix.
      James LewisMoss's patch to load the right header files for libxml 1 & 2.
      James LewisMoss's patch to make-gnucash-patch; changes the date format.
      Make 'notes' field span columns. Work on header drawing.
      James LewisMoss's update to libxml 2 detection.
      Bill Gribble's check printing patch.
      Conrad Canterford's patch moving the main window
      Derek Atkins' patch making it possible to disable guppi support.
      Derek Atkin's patch making it possible to disable guppi support.
      Be less greedy with the entropy pool.
      Fix spelling error.
      More work on stock split druid.
      Mitsuo Hamada's updated Japanese translation.
      Fix function signature.
      Fix for 'make dist'.
      Fix for 'make dist'.
      Fix for 'make dist'.
      Fix for 'make dist'.
      Fix spec file.
      Kevin Finn's patch to fix the auto-decimal implementation.
      James LewisMoss's refactoring of the XML code.
      James LewisMoss's patch removing unneeded #includes.
      Christian Stimming's patch to use gnc-numerics in the balance collectors.
      James LewisMoss's patch continuing the xml code refactoring.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch.
      Update po files.
      More work on stock split druid. Minor fixes.
      Fix bugs, mem leaks.
      Christian Stimming's account-summary patch + a few fixes.
      Fix register bugs.
      Bill Gribble's patch-of-many-things.
      Fix bugs.
      Fix spelling.
      Mark a translatable string.
      Fix register bug.
      More work on stock split druid.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Fix bug.
      Fix some window sizing bugs.
      Fix bug.
      More work on stock split druid.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated fr.po, merged with current cvs.
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      More work on stock split druid. Minor fixes.
      Use glib memory routines for guid_to_string.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Fix g-wrap.m4 macro.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Fix email address.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Bill Gribble's reporting patch.
      More work on stock split druid.
      Add --enable-sql argument to configure/
      Remove unused row/col distance functions.
      More work on stock splits.
      Christian Stimming's account summary report patch.
      Allow urls to be typed into the filebox.
      Jan-Uwe Finck's updated de.po.
      James LewisMoss's refactoring of xml writing.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Use check marks instead of 'y' in reconcile dialog.
      James LewisMoss's patch to file loading that fixes the duplicate guid bug.
      Fix refreshing when importing old files.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Fix bug.
      Fix bug.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Bill Gribble's qif merge patch.
      Remove diff cruft.
      Fix bugs.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Use amount edit widgets instead of spin buttons in finder dialog.
      Try to prevent blocking on /dev/random.
      Use green checks.
      Fix cursor positioning bug.
      For now just read from /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random.
      Add date cell hot-keys.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Missed one.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Additional testing patch from James LewisMoss.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Fix bug.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      James LewisMoss's xml refactoring patch.
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Fix bugs.
      Pull in some more bits from /dev/urandom periodically.
      Replace gh_lookup with gh_eval_str.
      Derek Atkins' patch to fix compiling with --disable-guppi.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Fix register resize bug.
      Fix bugs, spelling errors.
      Fix memory leak, speedup hierarchy destruction.
      Remove superfluous code.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch.
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Bill Gribble's fix for report i18n.
      Bug fix.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Fix mem leak.
      Use the same accelerator keys in register and date widget.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Refactor check mark code from reconcile list so it can be used elsewhere.
      * src/engine/gnc-numeric.c: fix stupid. stupid. stupid. stupid
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Make it easier to use check marks in clists and ctrees.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Bill Gribble's QIF import patch.
      Use nl_langinfo(D_FMT) instead of %x for locale-based date formatting.
      Fix width calculations.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Fix bugs.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Use checks instead of "*" in one more list. Tweak gui.
      Fix balance updating.
      Fix docs.
      Keep going on 'install' even if the search db wasn't created.
      Bill Gribble's qif importing patches.
      Derek Atkins' patch to the qif importer druid.
      Derek Atkins' patch to the qif importer druid.
      Fix typo.
      James LewisMoss's big big patch.
      Temp fix.
      Add missing include.
      Christian Stimming's update to the currency documentation.
      Christian Stimming's patch for xaccSplitGetShareAmount -> xaccSplitGetAmount.
      Bill Gribble's update to the qif importer.
      Rob Browning's patch with price db & miscellany.
      Ignore TAGS.stamp.
      Robert Graham Merkel's reimplementation of the transaction report.
      Add missing .h file.
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Prepare for 1.5.3.
      Re-enable tips on startup.
      Miquel Jordana's Spanish translation of the manual.
      Forgot one.
      Load sub-topic if main topic is blank.
      Handle missing backend.
      Remove old makefile.
      Fix spelling errors.
      Fix bug.
      Fix bug.
      Don't evaluate debug macro args unless they are going to be printed.
      Forgot to take out extra debugging code.
      Add username/password dialog & api.
      James LewisMoss's patch with some xml and testing stuff.
      Robert Graham Merkel's reporting patch.
      Minor cleanup.
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-scrolled-window.c: subclass of
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Store un-commafied urls in the file history.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch.
      * src/engine/Transaction.c (xaccSplitsComputeValue): fix a bug
      Robert Graham Merkel's report patch.
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-sheet.c: if input is cancelled by
      James LewisMoss's mem leak fix.
      Derek Atkins' qif importer patch.
      Fix bugs.
      Bill Gribble's ssl patch.
      * src/gnome/ add title to transfer dialog
      Update info.
      * src/gnome/ tweak layout, strings
      * src/engine/sql/design.txt: update design docs
      * src/engine/sql/README: add info about running without root
      * src/gnome/window-help.c: save & restore window size
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Add GPL headers.
      * src/pixmaps: add gnucash_long.png graphic
      Add gnc-dir.h as ignored.
      * src/engine/gnc-associate-account.c: fix some uses of glib
      * define a new substitution GNC_PIXMAP_DIR for
      Check for gal library.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-item-edit.{ch}: improve horizontal
      * src/scm/iso-4217-currencies.scm: remove duplicate currency
      Fix colonial franc names.
      Fix bug.
      Robert Graham Merkel's transaction report patch.
      * src/gnome/top-level.c (gnc_ui_check_events): add timeout
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Robert Graham Merkel's transaction report patch.
      * src/scm/report/report-list.scm: load tax report if possibly in
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Minor fix.
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Fix compiler warnings.
      Miquel Jordana's updates Spanish translation of the manual.
      * src/engine/Ledger-xml-parser-v1.c
      * src/scm/html-table.scm ((gnc:make-html-table-header-cell/markup
      * src/engine/io-gncxml-r.c (gnc_book_load_from_xml_file): use
      Update docs.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      * src/engine/sixtp-utils.c (gnc_timegm): new func. define as
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Fix compiler warnings.
      * src/FileDialog.c (gncFileNew): clear the non-iso commodities
      * src/gnome/dialog-totd.c (totd_close_cb): increment tip on
      Add Danish translation. Update AUTHORS.
      * src/gnome/ tweak stylesheet dialog
      * src/engine/sixtp-to-dom-parser.c (dom_chars_handler): use
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm: add line before
      Rob Browning's patch.
      Fix ignore file.
      Derek Atkins' fix for the pricedb api changes.
      Derek Atkins' patch removing gnc-prices from the build system.
      Rob Browning's update to gnc-prices.
      * AUTHORS: update author info
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm (record): use number-cell
      Update po files.
      * src/gnome/ move to src/gnome. fix for make dist
      Derek Atkins' RPC backend patch.
      Fix rpm spec file.
      Robert Graham Merkel's income/expense graphs.
      Add ignored files.
      * src/scm/report/income-expense-graph.scm: work on display
      * src/gnome/gnc-html-guppi.c: new func for shutting down guppi
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/guile/option-util.c (gnc_commit_option): update GUI value
      Derek Atkins' patch to the rpc backend.
      * src/gnome/dialog-progress.c
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/scm/report-utilities.scm
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Robert Graham Merkel's date utilities patch.
      James LewisMoss's big patch. XML v2 stuff, testing, and misc changes.
      * src/guile/ (gnc_main): change from main
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/ compile src/test after compile src/
      Derek Atkins' rpc backend patch.
      Christian Stimming's pnl report patch.
      Ben Stanley's test infrastructure patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/scm/html-utilities.scm (gnc:assign-colors): make the order
      Duarte Loreto's Portuguese po file for gnucash.
      Duarte Loreto's Portuguese translation of the manual.
      * src/engine/gnc-pricedb-xml-v1.c (pricedb_v2_end_handler): fix bug
      * src/test/test-exp-parser.c (test_parser): add / 0 test
      Keld Simonsen's update to the Danish translation.
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm: fix i18n bug
      Bill Gribble's main window report patch.
      Remove applypatch cruft.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-tax-info.c: more work
      Add memo & action field.
      * src/scm/report/stylesheet-plain.scm: more reports centered
      * add --enable-etags argument to turn on
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-tax-info.c: more work
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-tax-info.c: more work
      Robert Graham Merkel's portfolio report.
      Ben Stanley's patch updating the version of Finance::Quote in lib/.
      Add INSTALL for F::Q.
      Jeremy Collin's splash graphic.
      James LewisMoss's big XML v2 patch with test files.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Missed one.
      * src/scm/report/category-barchart.scm: remove url FIXME
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Update INSTALL.
      Update Jeremy Collins' splash pic.
      * src/quotes/ check for non-standard
      Add ignored file. Print module error info to stderr, not stdout.
      James LewisMoss's testing patch.
      * src/scm/options.scm: add a text option type
      Christian Stimming's report patch & de.po update.
      Richard -Gilligan- Uschold's update to the tax codes.
      Christian Stimming's i18n patch updating de.po and fixing some
      Fix some i18n problems.
      Fix for make dist.
      * src/gnome/dialog-utils.c (gnc_get_gdk_imlib_image): new func
      * src/gnome/window-help.c: expand the top nodes initially
      Forgot to take out debugging warning.
      * src/FileDialog.c: update for api change
      Update po files.
      Prepare for 1.5.4.
      Christian Stimming's i18n patch.
      Christian Stimming's updated de.po.
      James LewisMoss's xml v2 patch. Backup your data! But you already
      * src/gnome/window-main.c: hide developer menu
      Add README for po files.
      Robert Graham Merkel's balance sheet report.
      * src/gnome/dialog-account.c: add opening balance support
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-commodity.c: add namespace picker getter.
      * src/gnome/window-register.c: add a Transaction->Invoice item
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-sheet.c: move cursor before showing
      Robert Graham Merkel's balance sheet patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-sheet.c
      Fix bug.
      Robert Graham Merkel's balance sheet patch.
      Fix bug.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Robert Graham Merkel's balance sheet patch & test file.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch & accounts/ conversion.
      Fix bug.
      Christian Stimming's reports patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-price-editor.c: new file with price db
      James LewisMoss's patch to the account hierarchies with sample descriptions.
      Include config.h.
      Rob Browning's process control patch.
      Richard -Gilligan- Uschold's tax report patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-price-editor.c: more work
      * src/scm/report/taxtxf.scm: fix bug
      * src/engine/md5.h: include stddef.h for size_t
      * src/engine/Query-xml-parser-v1.c
      * src/scm/report/taxtxf.scm: don't use deprecated calls
      * src/gnome/dialog-price-editor.c: more work
      Jeremy Collins' patch to add graphics to druids.
      Christopher Browne's patch to the documentation plus some scheme patches.
      Jeremy Collins' update to the stock split watermark.
      Robert Graham Merkel's net worth graph + some bug fixes.
      Christian Stimming's reporting patch.
      Work on commodity editor.
      Use `` instead of $() for portability.
      * src/engine/date.c (__EXTENSIONS__): add a define for solaris
      Don't include stdint.h.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Christian Stimming's patch adding 2 new reports.
      Don't use isinf -- not portable.
      Add #define for solaris.
      Don't use 'stdin' as var name -- reserved. Include string.h.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Print illegal date as part of illegal date message.
      Robert Graham Merkel's report patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-commodities.c: more work
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Include stdlib.h for malloc.
      Fix bug.
      Add menu-path argument to reports so they can be put in submenus.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/scm/report/hello-world.scm: add a menu tip as an example
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-commodity.c: add api to edit commodities
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-item-list.c: same as below
      Bill Gribble's gnome mdi patch.
      Undo last change.
      Add new files.
      Fix compiler warnings.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Handle NULL element values.
      2001-04-13  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      * src/scm/report/*: update several reports to use
      Define variables for standard report menu names. Use those variables
      Update for new menu structure.
      2001-04-13  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      Use g_free instead of free where appropriate.
      * src/gnome/window-main.c: show current filename in app titles
      * src/scm/path.scm: version the .gnucash/config* files.
      Add ChangeLog.1 to EXTRA_DIST. Fix for make dist.
      Use xaccGUIDNULL to initialize acc_guid member.
      Tweak dialog name.
      Remove spurious string from
      2001-04-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      * src/gnome/window-main.c: take out devel menu
      Update po files.
      Use %lld instead of %Ld for consistency.
      Prepare for 1.5.5.
      * src/gnome/window-main.c: Kevin Finn's patch to shutdown gnucash
      * src/gnome/top-level.c: check for no children when creating default
      Update po files.
      Christian Stimming's patch fixing the 'show foreign currency' option
      * src/gnome/dialog-price-editor.c: button for online quotes
      * lots of files: handle NULL pointer printf problems,
      Revert ja.po to 1.2, then update all po files with gettext 0.10.36.
      2001-04-17  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      * src/gnome/file-history.c: fix bug
      David Hampton's qif import patch.
      2001-04-17  Rob Browning  <rlb at>
      2001-04-17  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      * src/gnc-ui-util.c (gnc_ui_account_get_balance): use current
      Add missing prototype.
      James LewisMoss's file renaming patch.
      Bill Gribble's mdi patch.
      Rearrange #defines.
      * src/gnome/dialog-tax-info.c: implement tax info api
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-item-edit.c (item_edit_draw_info): fix
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      * src/guile/gnc-helpers.c: remove cruft. work on converting
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Save account tree options.
      Kevin Finn's main window mdi patch.
      * src/guile/gnc-helpers.c: more work on scm<->query.
      Fix bug.
      2001-04-21  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      Fix bug.
      Christian Stimming's boolean option patch & de.po update.
      2001-04-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm: use new api for
      Fix for make dist.
      2001-04-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated pt_PT.po.
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese documentation.
      * src/gnome/dialog-find-transactions.c: remove tags notebook page.
      Kevin Finn's patch to adjust the ending balance of the reconcile
      2001-04-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      * src/engine/Query.c (xaccQueryGetSplitsUniqueTrans): fix bug
      Use type conversion macro instead of cast.
      Update po files.
      Prepare for 1.5.6.
      Fix spec file.
      2001-04-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      Fix bug.
      * src/gnome/gnc-html-guppi.c: check for new guppi args before
      Fix bug.
      Make 'intl' before 'doc-tools', since doc-tools may use the lib in 'intl'.
      Fix bug.
      #include <locale.h> for 'struct lconv'.
      Check for new guppi version using a different method.
      Christian Stimming's report bugfixes.
      Fix bugs.
      * src/gnome/dialog-transfer.c: set price for euro currencies
      * src/gnome/dialog-transfer.c: set price for euro currencies
      2001-04-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Include config.h.
      * src/gnome/window-register.c: add additional warnings when
      2001-04-24  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      Fix bug.
      Include config.h.
      2001-04-25  Robert Graham Merkel  <rgmerk at>
      2001-04-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Remove unneeded fixmes.
      * src/engine/gnc-transaction-xml-v2.c: read & write split action
      Fix i18n problems.
      Fix some include problems.
      * src/scm/commodity-utilities.scm: fix fixme
      Fix help strings.
      Fix i18n bugs.
      2001-04-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-04-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-04-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update README.
      2001-04-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      Fix bug.
      2001-04-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-04-27  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      More work.
      Fix bug.
      2001-04-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-04-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Christian Stimming's updated de.po.
      Kevin Finn's patch to make sure there is a main window if
      Richard -Gilligan- Uschold's update to the tax report & tax docs.
      2001-04-29  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-04-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Don't create Tax reporting submenu.
      2001-05-01  Robert Graham Merkel  <rgmerk at>
      2001-04-30  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-01  Conrad Canterford <conrad at>
      2001-05-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-02  Robert Graham Merkel  <rgmerk at>
      2001-05-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix string.
      Fix string.
      2001-05-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-03  Robert Graham Merkel <rgmerk at>
      2001-05-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Steven Murdoch's email updates.
      2001-05-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-04  Conrad Canterford <conrad at>
      2001-05-04  Robert Graham Merkel  <rgmerk at>
      2001-05-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Robert Graham Merkel's string fixes.
      2001-05-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Christian Stimming's .cvsignore fix.
      2001-05-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated pt_PT.po file.
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese translations.
      2001-05-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-10  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      2001-05-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-11  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      2001-05-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-13  Kevin Finn  <kevinfinn at>
      2001-05-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add patches list address.
      Update po files.
      Prepare for 1.5.95.
      2001-05-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update po files.
      2001-05-13  Kevin Finn  <kevinfinn at>
      2001-05-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add changelog entry.
      2001-05-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix po.
      2001-05-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Remove .cvsignore from empty directory.
      2001-05-16  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix warnings.
      2001-05-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-19  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-20  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Prepare for 1.5.96.
      Update po files.
      2001-05-21  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-21  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-21  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-22  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-22  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Herbert Thoma's updated de.po.
      2001-05-23  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-23  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-24  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add ChangeLog back in for 'make dist'.
      Prepare for 1.5.97.
      Update po files.
      Update po ChangeLog from gettext 0.10.37.
      2001-05-28  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-28  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix warnings, add file to
      2001-05-29  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-29  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-30  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-30  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese translations.
      2001-05-31  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-31  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-31  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-31  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add functions.c to ignored files.
      Add .cvsignore to dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Durate Loreto's updated Portuguese translations.
      Prepare for 1.5.98.
      Fix warning.
      Update po files.
      2001-06-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Christian Stimming's updated German translation.
      2001-06-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-06-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Jeremy Collin's updated splash screen.
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Christian Stimming's updated de.po.
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update po files.
      Fix warnings.
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-07  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-07  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese tranlsation.
      Durate Loreto's desktop file translation.
      Duarte Loreto's example account file translation.
      2001-06-07  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese translation.
      Fix warnings.
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add .cvsignore.
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix compiler warning.
      Duarte Loreto's translated example account files.
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese translation.
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix opening balance strings.
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix warning.
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update po files early since help topics changed.
      Duarte Loreto's update Portuguese translations.
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated pt_PT.po.
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Claus Hindsgaul' updated Danish translation.
      Martin Norb�ck's Swedish translation.
      2001-06-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Enable sql.
      2001-06-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Christian Stimming's updated de.po.
      Christian Stimming's glossary patch.
      Add missing.
      Fix for make dist.
      2001-06-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update version info.
      Martin Norb�ck's updated sv.po.
      Christian Stimming's updated de.po.
      2001-06-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix bug.
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Missed one.
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update file list.
      2001-06-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Martin Norb�ck's patch fixing i18n bugs.
      Martin Norb�ck's updated sv.po.
      fix bug
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Claus Hindsgaul's updated da.po.
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Claus Hindsgaul's updated da.po.
      2001-06-13  Herbert Thoma <herbie at>
      2001-06-16  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-17  Kevin Finn  <kevinfinn at>
      2001-06-17  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-06-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-19  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-19  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-19  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-20  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-23  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-23  Kevin Finn  <kevinfinn at>
      2001-06-24  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix warning.
      2001-06-24  Kevin Finn  <kevinfinn at>
      2001-06-24  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-24  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix po problems.
      2001-06-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-27  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix bugs.
      2001-06-27  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-29  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Mitsuo Hamada's updated ja.po.
      2001-07-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Paul Poulain's updated fr.po.
      2001-07-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Merge from stable.
      Paul Poulain's updated fr.po.
      Duarte Loreto's updated pt_PT.po.
      2001-07-07  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated pt_PT documentation.
      Duarte Loreto's update pt_PT.po.
      2001-07-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-21  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-22  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-06  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      Missed some.
      Update .cvsignore
      Fix cruft.
      Work on lib problems.
      Fix some reports.
      Fix more reports.
      Fix more reports.
      Minor fixes.
      2001-08-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      More libtool work.
      2001-08-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Remove cruft.
      2001-08-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add glib library to link libs.
      Add directory entry & categories.
      Add comment.
      2001-08-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Remove one category.
      2001-08-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Eric Hanchrow's README patch.
      2001-08-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Cleanup register help handling. General cleanups.
      Fix bug.
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      Fix warning.
      More cleanup.
      Revert to previous version. Why was this changed at all?
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      2001-08-16  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      Fix bug.
      Fix .cvsignore.
      Add .cvsignore.
      Add .cvsignore.
      Add .cvsignore.
      Add file for creating Update
      Fix .cvsignore.
      More cleanup.
      Fix bug.
      Add tests module. Fix warnings and bugs.
      Use test-core module. Fix some tests & warnings.
      More work on test infrastructure.
      More register cleanup.
      More register cleanup.
      Remove broken debian cruft.
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      Fix warning.
      Matt Krai's patch adding trustnet quote support.
      More test reorganization.
      Use freq spec test.
      Move test.
      More work on testing.
      Move test.
      More register cleanup.
      More work on tests. Make src/calculation a module.
      Some cleanup. Add some missing scheme exports.
      Add glossary items to dist.
      Convert tax report to use gnc-numerics.
      Add tax module.
      Update .cvsignore.
      2001-08-20  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-20  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Remove use of gncGetCurrentGroup().
      Fix warning.
      2001-08-20  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Move euro utils and gnc-ui-common.h to src/app-utils.
      Untable app-utils dependencies. Re-enable exp parser test.
      Put split register model code into split-register-model.[ch]
      update potfiles
      Fixes for make dist.
      Fixes for make dist.
      2001-08-22  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix bug.
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Move register loading code into split-register-load.c.
      Fix for make dist.
      Move files. SplitLedger->split-register
      Update for file changes.
      Fix for make dist.
      Move MultiLedger to gnc-ledger-display.
      Add pricedb<->xml test.
      Implement per-cell entry handlers in register.
      Update .cvsignores.
      Update for moved files.
      Remove graph.scm (not used).
      Add xml library args when checking libxml version.
      Fix widget offsets.
      Add check for db-3.
      Add entries for precious metals.
      Update readme info.
      2001-08-31  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Spell check.
      Add src/doc/xml/Makefile to
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix bug.
      Remove some switch logic.
      Remove more switch logic.
      Remove more switch logic.
      Remove more switch logic.
      2001-09-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix bug in changing price date.
      Finish work on tabel-model.
      Put transfer radio buttons in group.
      Change integer cell types to string cell names.
      Fix for make dist.
      Move all split-register code from register-core to ledger-core.
      Clean up split register struct.
      Move close button to left.
      Fix missing bindings bug.
      Cleanup api.
      Fix bug.
      More register api cleanup.
      More register api cleanup.
      Finish cleaning up register api.
      Add NULLs to *_slot_path calls.
      Fix path string.
      Fix deallocated memory reference.
      Don't use the engine in register-gnome.
      Register date & combo cells in register-gnome to untable dependencies.
      2001-09-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix for make dist.
      Exclude info dir file.
      2001-09-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix problems.
      Add -lltdl
      Start a gnucash-config script.
      Configure accounts/es_ES/Makefile
      *** empty log message ***
      2001-09-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Configure engine libs and cflags in gnucash-config.
      Add ltdl.
      Remove deleted file.
      Add ltdl.
      Configure gnucash version numbers.
      Add version number functions.
      Add gnucash autoconf macro. Don't include config.h in headers.
      Modules go in pkglibdir.
      Fix autoconf configuration.
      Fix bug quoting more than one currency.
      Include glib.h for glib types.
      Claus Hindsgaul's Danish account hierarchies.
      Create a gnome-utils module to hold gnome/gtk widgets and utility functions
      Forgot two.
      Fix cleaned files.
      Move multi-byte char functions to gnome-utils.
      Remove cruft.
      Start gnome-utils test framework.
      Remove cruft.
      Move print-session to gnome-utils. Refactor gnc_html_export.
      Remove scm cruft.
      Fix bugs.
      More module refactoring.
      More module refactoring.
      Create a network-utils module for net communications code.
      Implement dynamic stream handlers for gnc_htmls.
      Implement dynamic url handlers. Refactor the register and report
      Refactor options url handler.
      Add missing space.
      2001-09-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add register-core link test.
      2001-09-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix for make dist.
      Configure and detect app-utils module. Install public app-utils headers.
      Add register-gnome link test.
      Add link test.
      Configure ledger-core test dir.
      Simplify startup (remove low-level app init).
      Use xml-i18n-tools to collect translatable strings.
      Use xml-i18n-tools to capture glade strings. Glade string files
      Refactor gncGetCurrentGroup dependencies.
      Configure network-utils and gnome-utils package and install
      Collect all translatable strings in scm files in intl-scm.
      Add import-export/binary-import module for importing legacy files.
      Update po list.
      Start binary-import test module.
      Install public headers.
      Move application file code into app-file module.
      Fix for older gettexts.
      Move preferences and configuration variables into app-utils modules.
      Add save-options hook and use it to save style sheets.
      Fix bug detecting file ids. Test resolved path instead of
      Don't replace '/' with ','.
      Remove defunct scheme call.
      Fix test.
      Cleanup sched trans option names.
      Fixes for xaccResolvePath & test.
      Fix mem handling.
      Make sure to call load cb.
      Fix install dir.
      Add a new book hook and call the hierarchy druid from there.
      Wrap app-file functions in that module.
      Update ignores.
      Move app file gnome code under app-file module.
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese translation.
      Update file list.
      Paul Campbell's code to allow child accounts to be reconciled
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese doc translation.
      Module cleanups.
      Update file list.
      Move options dialog to gnome-utils module.
      Update file list.
      Refactor some mdi code into gnome-utils module.
      Move more mdi code into gnome-utils.
      Fix for make dist.
      Move more mdi code into gnome-utils.
      Remove extra guile-util.[ch]
      Unregister components when they are destroyed.
      Make help strings part of the split register model.
      Work on test infrastructure.
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix some module versioning problems.
      Remove book paths on gnc_book_end.
      Fix for Postgres 7.0 -- insert verion values after table is created.
      More work on test infrastructure.
      Send the query to get the next iguid sequence number.
      More work on test infrastructure.
      Fix bug -- restore iguid.
      Work on test infrastructure. Add gnc_book_equal().
      Add GNCSession object. Refactor session code from GNCBook to GNCSession.
      Undo autoconf 2.5.
      Move commodity tables into GNCBooks instead of global data.
      Fix warning.
      Fix bug loading example accounts into gui.
      Work on moving entity tables to sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Include string.h.
      Add new test.
      Work on moving entity table into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Fix bug getting trans void date.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Move entity tables into sessions.
      Move pt_PT.po to pt.po.
      Work on adding namespace declarations.
      2001-10-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Use AM_PROG_LIBTOOL for automake 1.4.
      2001-10-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-10-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-10-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix for older libtools.
      2001-10-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix for make check.
      Fix bug -- store unescaped values in the path cache.
      Add 'status' argument.
      Test locking. Start test for single-update mode.
      Update potfile list.
      Fix string literal.
      Work on test infrastructure.
      Fix bug -- gdk_window_raise takes a gdk window, not a gtk window.
      2001-10-16  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix bug -- need objtype field in kvp audit trail.
      Remove warning.
      Add missing trans begin/commit calls.
      More SplitEqual warnings.
      Use 'char' instead of 'char *' for objtype argument.
      Stabilize account sort order. Keep accounts sorted when they are changed.
      Copy common currency when cloning and rolling back.
      Delete split & trans kvps before writing them.
      Remove cruft.
      Wait for shutdown & start.
      Only use valid account types when creating random accounts.
      Add missing account begin/commit edit.
      Work on single-update test.
      When rolling back transactions, adjust editlevel to prevent further begin edits.
      Test adding new transactions & rolling back changed transactions.
      Fix include.
      Add -module arg to lib flags.
      Always invoke sync_price and sync_group if defined.
      Hash commodities using their unique names, not their pointer values.
      Make random changes to prices & commodities.
      Fix bug.
      Bring in gw-glib and gw-kvp definitions.
      Don't insert account into itself.
      Add missing price ref/unref.
      Start on valid initial location.
      Add CLEARED_VOIDED term.
      Fix escaping bug.
      Enable kvp fetch for queries. Fix bug restoring transaction iguid.
      Use 'k' as objtype in audit trail when delete kvp frames.
      Zdenko Podobn�'s Sloval account hierarchies.
      Fix bug.
      Work on multi-user mode test.
      Check balances in account & split compare functions.
      Update file list.
      Don't install tests.
      Allow new guile to be specified through GNC_GUILE env var.
      Don't install tests.
      Install public headers.
      Move mdi g-wrapping into gnome-utils module.
      Ignore new generated files.
      Fix resizing bug.
      2001-10-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Configure gnucash-run-script location.
      Create gnucash-config with configure instead of Makefile.
      Fix quoting bug.
      Change LD_LIBRARY_PATH for link test.
      Include gnc-gettext-util.h.
      Use AM_CFLAGS instead of CFLAGS in
      Don't put regular lib directory into module search path.
      Keld J�rn Simonsen's Danish da.po.
      Keld J�rn Simonsen's Danish glossary.
      Fix for make dist.
      Untable app-file and app-file-gnome dependencies.
      Add kvp data to sessions.
      Allow alternate binaries than guile.
      Add guile libs to link line.
      Fix bug in is_trans_empty - check kvp data.
      Update file list.
      Don't g-wrap engine private functions.
      Use new gnc:guid-new api.
      Configure scm module directory.
      Work on adding kvp queries.
      Add test-query.
      Fix query<->scm for new kvp queries.
      Fix termination bug in xaccGroupForEachTransaction.
      Refactor make_trans_query into engine test-core.
      Fix bugs implementing queries.
      Fix bug implementing queries.
      Allow prices to be excluded on trans queries.
      Add voided transactions to random mix.
      Always test on non-voided transactions.
      Make xaccAccountSortSplits a private function so the backends can use it.
      Fix bug.
      Fix gncSubtotalReconedBalance.
      Don't assume splits are in the same order in xaccTransEqual.
      Work on testing queries.
      Remove extra lib.
      Fix ignores.
      Fix ignores.
      Load app-file, not app-file/gnome.
      Remove debugging output.
      Fix ignores.
      Put non-module .so in lib, not pkglib.
      Remove cruft.
      More src/guile up in the build order. Update README.modules.
      Implement kvp queries in postgres backend.
      Derek Atkins's refactoring of the commodity editor's gui into
      Use bootstrap module for simple-format definition.
      Remove src/guile references in's.
      Derek Atkins's bug fix patch.
      Herbert Thoma's patch to fix linking problems.
      Make kvp g-wrap helper public.
      Export simple-format if it needs to be defined.
      Add explicit types to GUID queries.
      Use free instead of g_free for malloc'd pointer.
      In gnc_gh_gint64_p, check for exact before doing comparisons.
      Derek Atkins's business accounting patch.
      Derek Atkins's fix.
      Derek Atkins's patch.
      Use putenv, not setenv.
      Fix warnings.
      Add date conversion test. Fix date conversion bug.
      Fix uses of putenv.
      Derek Atkins's patch to make template transaction structs private.
      Derek Atkins's patch implementing kvp timespecs in C & scheme.
      Update source files.
      Prohibit blank kvp keys.
      Implement kvp timespec in sql.
      Fix some missing path dirs. Make sure 'gnucash' uses the
      Use gnc-test-env.
      Add gnc-test-env to dist.
      Use gnc-test-env.
      Don't compile gnc_[set/put]env unless we need them.
      Install gnc-test-env.
      Configure new scripts.
      random_timespec_usec_resolution: new func.
      Move entity tables from sessions to books.
      fix bug
      fix bug
      add test-load-module
      Fix bugs with new book pointers.
      fix bug
      fix bug.
      Don't use engine private functions.
      fix i18n
      don't force a refresh on file_quit. keep a current session around.
      Work on per-cell save handlers for tables.
      g-wrap caller-owned split & transaction lists.
      Work on per-cell save handlers.
      Use per-cell save handlers.
      fix bug
      Add more account queries to make_trans_query.
      Remove use of xaccTransGetSplit.
      Fix account queries.
      Turn off piecewise linking.
      Add some argument sanity checking.
      Add *BeginEdit public functions.
      Use white as default backgroup. Fix comments.
      refresh table gui after showing window
      fix gnucash-env search
      add test-period
      fix bug
      Add Georg Lehner's Nicaraguan Spanish translation.
      Move menu extensions scheme code to gnome-utils module.
      Generalize component mangaer to all kinds of id types.
      Fix spelling of function call.
      fix spelling
      Add traverse_to_new check.
      fix test
      revert to fast implementation of xaccGroupGetSubaccounts.
      fix formatting
      g-wrap xaccParseAmount
      David Hampton's fix for automake 1.5.
      Remove acc_guid member from splits.
      Fix bug summing EURO currencies.
      Fix bug -- don't access NULL pointer.
      Comment out failing test.
      Work on report/report-gnome module.
      Work on report/report-gnome module.
      Fix bugs.
      Fix tests.
      Move some report g-wrapping to report-gnome module.
      * src/report/report-system/report.scm: move a gnome function
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix compiler warnings.
      Fix compiler warnings.
      * src/bin/overrides/ add report-gnome dir
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: remove unused function
      * (Repository): clean .scm-links
      * remove -Wno-unused
      * add new default warnings
      Add auto-generated headers.
      Remove old xml-intl-tool files.
      P�ter Hossz�'s Hungarian translation.
      * src/gnome/dialog-style-sheet.h: remove
      * src/gnome/glade/ remove
      * src/report/report-gnome/ add
      * src/report/report-system/report.scm: remove options-editor code
      * src/report/utility-reports/welcome-to-gnucash.scm: remove gui code
      * src/scm/main.scm: handle welcome report gui here
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/app-file/test/ remove report-gnome from dirs
      * src/app-utils/test/ remove report-gnome from dirs
      * src/gnome-utils/gw-gnome-utils-spec.scm: add more wrapping
      * src/gnome-utils/test/ remove report-gnome from dirs
      * src/gnome/gw-gnc-spec.scm: remove remaining gnome-utils wrapping
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-parse.scm: fix i18n
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/qif-io-core.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm: don't use gw-gnc.
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/test/ remove
      * src/report/report-gnome/window-report.c: implement report
      * src/report/report-system/report.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/report/report-system/test/ remove report-gnome
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/report/standard-reports/test/ remove report-gnome
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheets.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/report/stylesheets/test/ remove report-gnome
      * src/report/utility-reports/welcome-to-gnucash.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/report/utility-reports/test/ remove report-gnome
      * src/tax/us/us.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/tax/us/test/ remove report-gnome from dirs
      *** empty log message ***
      Remove extra report link.
      Jose Carlos Nascimento's Brazilian Portuguese translation.
      fix bug in gnc:find-localized-file
      * configure report-gnome/test directory
      * src/report/report-gnome/ add test dir
      * src/report/report-gnome/test/test-load-module: add
      *** empty log message ***
      fix bug
      * src/gnome-utils/gw-gnome-utils-spec.scm: add wrapping for widgets
      start g-wrapping register-core
      * src/app-utils/test/test-component-manager: test g-wrapped
      * src/backend/postgres/txn.c: fix bugs restoring one transaction
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: add a test for backend
      * src/engine/gw-engine-spec.scm: g-wrap event types enum
      *** empty log message ***
      add app-utils to g-wrap path
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/app-file/gnc-file.c: suspend engine events when
      * src/app-utils/gncmod-app-utils.c: perform component manager
      * src/backend/postgres/txn.c: fix spelling
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: work on tests
      * src/engine/Transaction.c: fix spelling
      * src/gnome/top-level.c: take out component manager initialization
      * src/report/report-gnome/report-gnome.scm: move some report
      * src/scm/main.scm: remove some report menu setup functionality
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnc-ui.h: remove cruft
      * src/gnome-utils/gw-gnome-utils-spec.scm: g-wrap new funcs
      * src/gnome/top-level.h: update for api changes
      * src/report/report-gnome/window-report.h: add new init api
      * src/scm/main.scm: update for api changes
      *** empty log message ***
      Add app-util to g-wrap path.
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: test rollback
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: expand testing
      work on tests
      work on tests and sql backend
      David Hampton's automake 1.5 patch.
      David Hampton's compile patch.
      Add 'today' as a starting date option.
      fix compiler warning & error
      add missing includes
      Remove unneeded include.
      Add missing include.
      * src/backend/postgres/PostgresBackend.c: allow gnucash tables
      fix bug
      Allow variables to be entered into price cell.
      David Hampton's autotool patch.
      * src/backend/postgres/account.c: check for missing currency
      fix bug
      fix bug
      fix mem leaks
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: test for new accounts
      David Hampton's account tree patch.
      David Hampton's QIF import patch.
      Allow timezone to be absent when parsing dates.
      remove generated file
      take out automake 1.5ism
      fix bug
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/engine/gw-glib-spec.scm: remove
      right-align number cells
      right-align number cells (why was this changed at all)?
      Remove static xaccTransGetBook.
      add timing test
      Add read-only api to models.
      fix bug
      more register work
      more register work
      fix traversal
      fix bug
      make description expandable
      fix bug. increasing == ASC
      undo change, add docs
      Peter O'Gorman's file i/o patches.
      update 'cell changed' api
      update man pages
      David Hampton's UI tweak patch.
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-piecharts.scm: bump up default
      fix for make dist
      update file list
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fixes for make dist
      *** empty log message ***
      Peter O'Gorman's patch for Max OS X.
      Add new paths to front of lists.
      Fix quoting problems.
      work on rpm
      fix warnings
      add includedir definition
      fix spelling
      *** empty log message ***
      fix docs
      David Hampton's build system patch.
      fix warnings
      allow watching on any type. fix bug.
      work on cm
      David Hampton's register patch.
      David Hampton's make distcheck patch.
      David Hampton's build system patch.
      suspend gui refresh during update
      Check for null id_type.
      add NULL is_dirty entry to static object
      fix specs
      fix bug
      David Hampton's spec file patch.
      David Hampton's ignore patch.
      David Hampton's doc patch.
      David Hampton's doc patch.
      David Hampton's account deletion patch.
      Fix DB_LIBS setting.
      James A. Treacy's doc patch.
      David Hampton's placeholder account patch.
      David Hampton's reconciliation patch.
      David Hampton's placeholder account patch.
      David Hampton's patch for make-gnucash-patch.
      Andreas Bogk's postgres backend patch.
      Andreas Bogk's qif import patch.
      David Hampton's mem leak patch.
      David Hampton's register patch.
      David Hampton's stock split druid patch.
      handle null mnemonic
      Andreas Bogk's postgres backend patch.
      cleanup AUTHORS (remove duplicates from main developers/other contributors).
      synchronize with AUTHORS
      update cvs guidelines

David Hampton (475):
      Make sure any non standard g-wrap prefix path if reflected in the
      Change gnc_forall_gui_components() to pass the registered user_data to
      Create a GTK 1.4 based emulation of the new gtk_window_present()
      Add support to four more dialogs to automatically raise an existing
      Clean up a couple of compilation warnings.
      Move string formatting logic into the gnc_xxx_dialog routines.
      Update for previous changes.
      More code to raise existing windows.
      Default date format to the users locale.  Date widgets now accept a
      Track reconciliation interval (by account).  When asking the user for
      Add support for pruning old 'xac' and 'log' files.
      Update spec fil to build an additional postgres backend rpm.
      Tweak a warning message to provide more info.
      Add another use of gtk_window_present().
      Split stock price editor into two dialogs; a price-db editor and a
      Fix a couple of compilation warnings.
      Remove user visible references to
      Pogma's initial Mac OS X patches.
      Convert new 'missing' library to a libtool library.
      Add CFP Franc Pacifique.
      Commit required gettext 0.11 changes that are backward compatible with
      Finished changes to make both gettext 0.10 and 0.11 work.
      More gettext 0.11 junk.
      Add g-wrap lib directory to the build-env script.
      Eliminate a runtime error message.
      Remove some noise when debugging portfolio reports.
      Mac OS X support, round 2.
      GncAmountEdit widget now based on a GtkEntry.  Make the find dialog
      Sorting in the reconciliation window is now done by clicking on the
      A couple more reconcile window tweaks.
      Finish fixing up the reconciliation window.
      Sort the account type list.
      Add default accelerator for Find.
      Show all the widgets in the dialog.
      Another gettext-0.11 change.
      Use a selection list if a prefs dialog has more than four pages.
      Fix amount column sort order.
      Fix printing to eliminate the warning messages.
      Eliminate an ordering problem when loading business modules.
      Work around Gnome MDI bug.
      Update cvs ignore files.
      First pass at menu rearranging
      Move 'Business' menu earlier.
      Sort the price database by clicking on column titles.
      Remove the 'tax information' item from the account window pop-up menu.
      Use checkmenuitems in the View menu.
      Menu change tweaks. Stock druid tweaks.
      Make the tax table dialog a little bigger.
      Reorganize menus in the register window.
      Update help menu item text.
      Initial support for OFX import.
      autoconf 2.53 tweak (not solution)
      Optional module loading. Latest OFX changes.
      The QIF module now creates its own menu item.
      Remove unused code.
      Fix a bunch of compiler warnings.
      Fix parameter names in comments.
      First round of OFX changes.
      Fix guile-1.4.1 srfi problem.
      Use the actual version number.
      Add the current version number or cvs build date to the splash screen.
      Fix a comment.
      If 'auto decimal places' is set then make sure all numbers have a
      *** empty log message ***
      89756: Makefile tweak for newer db2html.
      Resize the mdi window toolbar when the toolbar style is changes.
      Fix crash when deleting transaction from reconciliation window.
      Add upper bounds checking on the versions of guile and g-wrap.
      Support menu extensions in the register and invoice windows.
      add a separator
      fix a typo
      Don't crash on a missing fonts. Exit cleanly.
      *** empty log message ***
      Add function name prefix to some routines.
      Add a file.
      Add a progress bar to main window.  Use this progress bar to show the
      Undo last change. No argument needed to gnc:session-load and
      Fix a circular dependancy.
      Add a Quit option to the "File Locked" message.
      Change button labels.
      Use report name from options.
      Documentation updates
      Add missing argument to gnc_session_xxx calls.
      Erase splash before starting new user dialog.
      Remove version number.
      Add callbacks so the engine can display gui errors.
      Alphabetic characters in the data field should be passed to the system
      Today's changes.
      Opening a placeholder account now yields a register that can't be
      If there are only two splits and the register is in "expanded" mode,
      Ignore new generated files.
      Move gnc_get_session function to a better location.
      Add new routine to initialize an option menu that also sets a callback
      Add a format string for the textual date representation (i.e. "%b %d,
      Rework the date input for the print check dialog. (#95022)  Move the
      Work over check printing one more time.  The register code now calls
      Comment out some currently unused code that is causing compilation
      Put example dates on option menus.
      Provide an initial dependency.
      Add my name to the about box.
      Use radio buttons for selecting how the month name/number is printed
      Set default time for removing old files.
      Fix a problem with modifier keys in the date entry widget.
      If a user toggles the reconcile check box with the space key, move the
      Commit some old log messages.
      Split an odd corner case off of the register delete code and give it
      Changes to the Help menus requested by Wilddev.
      Do a better job enforcing placeholder accounts when a register is open
      Notes on the rest of today's changes.
      Can't have duplicate accelerator keys in a menu.
      Sort the curreny list by symbol, not name, since the symbol is
      Use a currency picker instead of a commodity editor.  The user is only
      Make the currency picker always display currencies in the "mnemonic
      Utilize the new callback function for sending an error message to the
      Don't unprotect #f. Crashes scheme when run under gdb.
      Rework the way that gnucash remembers menu/toolbar items that need to
      Track directory changes and remember them for the next time the user
      Frederic Lespez's fixes for the French account templates.
      The cancel button should always be sensitive. The OK button should
      Make the "Defaults" button in the Options Dialog work on one page of
      Disable the gnucash network code.
      Add support for "Advanced" option pages. Move some existing
      Add support for individual read-only transactions.  Enforce this at
      Add some currencies.
      Ignore some new files.
      Finish moving preferences to an "Advanced" panel.  References to these
      Don't get stock quotes for accounts where all the shares have all been
      The reinitialize transaction code should mark the transaction as
      Fix the "reinitialize transaction" code to work correctly on the blank
      Remove obsolete comment.
      Convert all the account window callbacks to take a pointer to the main
      Fix register problem where the transfer field (on the last line if in
      Apply the fixes for #92157 to the business entry ledger.
      Sort the splits in a transaction when the transaction is committed,
      Enforce the rule that "Buys" must be a positive number of shares and
      Fix a bug where the register doesn't add a new blank split when you
      Validate the transfer cells when leaving a transaction.  This should
      Use g_new0 instead of g_new to prevent a crash.
      Clean up the gcc 3.x warnings about including system directories.
      Fix some compiler warnings.
      Convert a couple of functions over to use the new gnc_split_reg_xxx
      Fix a bunch of compilation warning messages.
      Add support for gtkhtml 1.1.
      Fix some problems with the gcc 3.x cleanup.
      Make sure that all columns are always visible in the reconcile list.
      Add a new progress dialog. Mark the existing ones for i18n.
      Update help menu in the register window.
      Fix a dialog title to match its function.
      I18n changes.
      If all the entries of the current split have been cleared, then delete
      If there is a current split, then ensure that the transaction
      Don't override the previous state on all the transactions in the
      Add a foundation for having progress bars during report
      Provide progress updates while creating reports. #94280
      Add progress bars for the last two reports.
      Fix transaction report errors when there is more than one type of
      Matthew Vanecek's tags changes.
      Do a numeric sort on the transaction number field.
      Document yesterday's commit.
      Convert the delete dialogs to follow the existing gnucash standard
      Search the entire cellblock for a cell. Don't bail if one of the
      Fix build problems with the doxygen docs.
      Today's changes.
      Document changes to the src/doc directory.
      Don't delete an empty split if its the current transaction
      Don't erase the just loaded account information because the backend is
      Put the build date into the about box for development versions of
      Write out a new 1.8 version of the config file. Add the 1.8 version to
      Normalize the path name before using it to open a config files. This
      Catch errors in the execution of the finance-quote-helper script and
      Make VWD price quotes work.  Add a run-time check for the presence of
      Consolidate all knowledge about Finance::Quote sources into one
      Remove Finance::Quote from the repository.
      Tweak the filename normalization routines. Ignore anything starting
      Make the register's "Set Date Range" window more intuitive by moving a
      Somebody shoot me.
      New help URLs as per Wilddev's request.
      Support for having an account scu that doesn't match the account
      Fix compilation warnings in preparation for re-enabling the -Werror
      Use Gnome1 button order.
      Progress toward getting the 'make distcheck' target to successfully
      Remove redundant routines and place a single copy in a common location.
      Add menu items and code to the register window so a user can limit
      Add support to the GNCPrintAmountInfo data structure to allow
      Give user feedback during the rendering of a report.
      Add an option for changing the number of decimal places used in the
      Large accounts are overflowing the data types used in the register
      Make sure to set the balance properly for reversed accounts. #100998
      Eliminate compile warning for unused variables.
      Remove the original fix for #92158 as it caused #100852.
      Don't let users delete the split that attaches a transaction to the
      If there is a transction pending when updating the register, use the
      Build relative URLs properly. #101783
      Add a new pricedb lookup function.
      Provide access to new pricedb lookup function and to the engine event
      Change logic to multiply by the exchange rate instead of divide.  Look
      Eliminate the zillion warning messages when running gnucash with the
      Add missing error message.
      Add better handling of corrupt XML data files.  Print better error
      Enable -Werror.
      When checking for gtkhtml-1.1, make the lack of pkg-config a fatal
      Put function opening braces in column zero.
      The stream_handler hook needs to return a file size. Not all files
      Spell checking.
      In QIF import, allow a leading '+' sign in the currency field.
      Revert pricedb lookup at warlord's request.
      Fix a couple of problems with 'test check'.
      Get 'make distcheck' working again.
      If the amount is monetary, map the keypad decimal key to the correct
      Make the reconciliation window respect the 'include subaccount' flag
      Remove startup noise.
      Delay jumping to a label until after the help window has been created
      Correctly pass on the label when first opening a help window.
      Fix compile warnings.
      The report title should change when the report name field is changed
      Reenable -Wall with -Werror.
      Add sorting options for barcharts and piecharts. Work around Guppi
      Fix malformed URLs for bringing up a report options window.
      Fix dangling pointer in gnc_file_query_save. #101004
      Clean up the lock file properly (i.e. in session destruction) when an
      Do the right thing when going "back" from the "load a file" page.  If
      Add support for i18n of price source strings.  #102156
      Add window icons to those windows that don't pick up the default icon.
      Add window icons to those windows that don't pick up the default icon.
      Implement file compression.
      Don't clear the current_session global unless the actual current
      Don't export lots.
      Enhance the component manager so that you can optionally attach a
      Use guile style names instead of C sytle names.
      Changes required for guile 1.6.
      Revert a change for guile 1.6.  The 64 bit native API changed between
      Add note that Austrian switched from Shillings to Euros.
      Convert from the old to new symbols for Russian Roubles (RUB ->
      Fix a missed reference from when the preferences were rearranged.
      Return the number of characters entered, not the length of the encoded
      Workaround libghttp bug.
      Correctly handle the case where no stocks have been defined and the
      Provide reasonable default directories for the "Save As" and "Export"
      Clean up include path for gcc3.x.
      Add support for setting a string option.
      Remember the directory of the last import/export across invocations of
      Make the gnc_scm_to_gint64() function work with either guile 1.4 or
      Make the progress bar argument a double instead of an int.  This gets
      Changes to make the build system work on multiple architectures and
      Update .cvsignore files.
      Fix problem getting quotes from trustnet.
      Add new script that dumps all the data returned by F::Q for a stock.
      Turn off the guile-1.6 complaint about deprecated functions.
      Have dump-finance-quote do a runtime check for F::Q to prevent RPM
      TomF gnome2 changes, batch 15.
      Jan Arne Petersen's patches to get gnucash to compile under gnome2.
      Jan Arne Petersen's second batch of patches.  Gnome2 gnucash will now
      Add Jimmac's icons.
      Put a window frame around the preferences dialog.  Replace obsoleted
      Destroy window when done with it.
      Set buttons to call the correct callback functions.
      New ignore files.
      New ignore files.
      Run files through latest glade-2 for syntax and whitespace correction.
      Make life easier for syncing from HEAD. Revert whitespace changes that
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-1 tag.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-1 tag.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-1 tag.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-1 tag.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-1 tag.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-1 tag.
      Fix sync breakage.
      Force use of the right libraries for xml2.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-2 tag.
      Convert to glade2 format.
      Conform to change in g2 merge 2.
      Remove unneeded run time type conversion.
      Ignore project files generated by glade2.
      Make autoheader stop complaining.
      Run all glade files through glade2 to correct syntax and formatting to
      Fix a couple of warning messages.
      Update to latest libegg code.
      Fix popup menus, and switching a proxy between actions.
      Remove some debugging messages.
      Pass a parent window pointer to the stock druid creation routines.
      Move the splash screen code to another directory.
      Fix various problems.
      Enhance the commodity selection dialog.  Now does the right thing when
      Tear down the splash screen before presenting an error.  Use new
      First pass at converting to Gnome 2 HIG for button order.  Convert
      Prevent a crash if there's no callback attached to a register.  This
      Add short labels for the toolbar actions. Do more register
      Need the casts to G_OBJECT. Put them back.
      Fix some run time warnings. Tweak the pango layout code so all the
      Add back detailed compile time checks.
      Fix various compile time warnings.
      Add back detailed compile time checks.
      Make a couple of functions public.
      Tweak next version number.
      Collapse common option dialog handling. Tweak args to option dialog
      New file to create structure of an options dialog.
      Make the stylesheets dialog look like a standard gnome2 dialog.
      Use the new account tree view widget.src/gnome/druid-stock-split.c
      Correct the druid colors and watermarks for gnome2.
      Make the options dialog work. Add more features back.
      Flesh out the model to include all the necessary columns.  Make it
      Use the new account tree view widget.
      Document this weeks changes.
      Add back missing declaration.
      Add GPL boilerplate with Jan's approval.
      Couple of bug fixes related to using a virtual root.
      Convert from pthreads to glib2 threads.
      Remove conditional g1/g2 compilation.
      Add ADD/REMOVE events for updating the account tree model.
      Convert from a GnomeDialog to a GtkDialog. Convert from gtk_object
      Convert from gtk_object style object initialization to g_object style
      Add back menu sensitivity bases on whether an account is selected.
      Rework/clean the code.  Add features needed by the code that embeds a
      Convert to the new gtktreeview based account tree code.
      Get this working for both the case where it is run as a modal dialog
      Add another function to the plugin interface for deleting the ui
      Correctly clean up when closing a register.  The register/window
      First draft.
      Notes on what needs to be done.
      Added references
      Make the plugin widget destructor function optional.
      Migrate the main business menu from g1 style to g2 style.
      Put in the right colors. Now if only libglade2 would read them...
      Some gnome_dialog to gtk_dialog updates. Move signal information into
      Collapse similar functions into one.
      Tweak the plugin page functions for more flexibility.
      Always bring a new page to the top of the stack.
      Can now open arbitrary account registers.
      Expand the dialog properly.
      Track all open windows.  If a caller tries to open a new page but
      Open a new page for search results.
      Update notes.
      Switch to the GTK2.4 UI description language.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-3 tag.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-3 tag.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-3 tag.
      Add sync date.
      Collapse common code into a function.  Use the gnome2 file locate
      Update to use the gnome2 initialization routine.  Migrate functions.
      Use the gnome2 help browser.
      Start ids with the number one.  Allows zero to be used to indicate
      Fix reference counting on the filter model.
      Destroy account tree page when the corresponding session is closed.
      Recent commit notes.
      Add a "new account" icon.
      Longer function names.
      Fix gcc 3.3.1 brokenness.
      Don't unregister the event handler twice.
      Use deprecated routine to prevent this code from crashing.
      Fix up druid for changes in GnomeDruid between gnome1 and gnome2.
      Eliminate run time errors.
      Check that a new account belongs to the account tree being displayed
      Back port "smart separators" from the gtk 2.4 code.
      Add a new variable to the plugin pages to hold a pointer to the
      Update logs.
      Track changes to 'actions' in gtk 2.4.
      Derive the GncPluginPage widget from a GObject instead of a
      Derive the GncPluginPage widget from a GObject instead of a
      Use the new glib2 methods to create objects.
      Double clicking an account in the account tree now opens it.  Handle
      Remove unnecessary includes.
      Add code to extract the date terms from a query.
      New support for an embedded 'window'.  This 'window' can only show a
      Track all installed pages.  Don't try to installed a page that is
      Intelligently determine the parent window value.
      Move a menu entry.
      Fix missing functionality.
      Fix a crash.
      Remove some no-longer-used code.
      Flesh out the new register gui code.
      Use the new register gui code.
      Automatically open the account tree page at startup.
      Update config file names for new version number.
      Fix color bleed past end of the register.
      Fix register sizing problems.  Minor cleanup of widget packing.
      Minor cleanup of widget packing.
      Collapse code for ui filename lookup/loading/error checking.
      Use new glib names for several function.
      Track books referenced by each page. Add an event handler to close
      Derive the GncPlugin widget from a GObject instead of a GInterface.
      Oops. Meant to move a function.
      Implement file history for new window plugin system.
      Changes for new file history plugin.
      Remove debugging.
      The file gnc-file-history.c is no longer gnome specific.
      Always provide a parent window. Split the accelerators out into a
      Get the status bar working again.
      Update status bar code to handle multiple windows, and to track page
      Get the progress bar working.
      Various register fixes.
      Bug fixes
      Iters are persistent.
      Add support for the "placeholder" column.
      Overhaul the hierarchy druid.
      Add a new module for HBCI.
      Add several signals.  Collapse common functions into a single
      Add a new function for accessing the name of a plugin page.
      Install menus using the new plugin system.  Cleanup some gnome2
      New files for installing menus using the new plugin system.
      Remove some unused functions/files.
      Configure time option to dump reference counts when gnucash exits.
      Add the 'log replay' menu item.
      Fix the code for creating a new window and moving the current notebook
      Remove redundant function declarations.
      Rewrite using the new gtk_dialog_run function.
      gnc_file_dialog() no longer returns a const value.
      gtk_text_buffer_get_text() returns an allocated string.
      Bug fixes related to use of GtkTextView widget.
      Migrate the File-
      Update notes
      Update menu listings.
      Send an event when two accounts are merged.
      Add some debugging.
      Minor tweak.
      Don't force full debugging to the on state.
      Today's changes to g2
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-4 tag. (2003-10-24)
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-4 tag. (2003-10-24)
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-4 tag. (2003-10-24)
      Log the merge.
      Fix problems with the modal form of the edit account dialog.
      Register our icons as stock icons.
      The GNC_RESPONSE_xxx names should match the GNC_STOCK_xxx names.
      Function to add a new column to an account tree to display kvp data.
      Get all the import functions working in the G2 port.
      Flush the tree when a visibility filter is applied.  Prevents unwanted
      Fix a couple crashes.  Remove debugging.
      Simplify the way filters are applied to an account tree view.
      Start the "double line" menu item in the correct state.
      Get "Tax Options" working in the g2 port.
      Add the "Close Books" menu item.
      Fix another crash caused by qof changes.
      Current output from make-gnucash-potfiles.
      Forgot to NULL terminate argument list.
      Collapse knowledge of the account tree model layering into one place.
      Remove unnecessary includes.
      Give immediate feedback when the user clicks on the quit button.
      Remove a debugging printf.
      Protect the generate_event function from a handler unregistering
      Don't access the account tree model directly.  Use the view functions
      Clean up after the main preferences dialog is closed.
      Convert some destroy functions to finalize functions.  Destroy can be
      Clarify variable names in data strutures.
      Update to provide the book when creating a new commodity.
      Promote the commodity namespace to a externally visible opaque object.
      Fixes from upstream
      Add support for callback hooks when a session is closed.
      Expose a preciously internal function for getting account balances.
      Add some utility functions
      Extract basic view manipulation functions into a separate file.  Clean
      Add a couple of functions.
      Convert the commodities and prices dialog over to the gtk2 based MVC
      Fix automake complaint.
      Rework the stylesheets dialog to make it easier to implement in gtk2.
      Install stylesheet menus using the new plugin system.
      Update for the last month's work of work.
      Update sorting functions.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-5 tag. (2003-12-14)
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-5 tag. (2003-12-14)
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-6 tag. (2004-01-16)
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-6 tag. (2004-01-16)
      Scott Oonk's first set of changes for utf-8 support.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-7 tag. (2004-03-03)
      Tomas Cernaj's GType changes.
      Tomas Cernaj's gnucash-grid fix.
      Eliminate a couiple of compiler warning messages.
      Work around problems with libltdl3.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-8 tag. (2004-05-02)
      Various bug fixes.
      Christian Neumair's changes to HIGify several dialogs.
      Sync the g2 branch with the gnome2-merge-9 tag. (2004-07-05)

Derek Atkins (629):
      Documenting the discussion on generic core-objects
      Add first-pass at Entry, Order, and Invoice objects
      Add Entry, Order, and Invoice types to g-wrapped data
      Add tax_type and discount_type to GncEntry -- this allows you
      convert GNCIdType from an enum to a char*
      Add gnc_book_{get/set}_data() to add/get arbitrary data pointers
      * Remove the "GncBusiness" object type in preparation to move
      First-pass at A/R and A/P accounts.  Right now there is nothing
      Fix compiler warning
      First pass at an Entry Ledger.  It compiles.  It still needs
      build the Entry Ledger before business-gnome, so it can be used
      Add Due-dates to Transactions and the SplitLedger for A/R, A/P
      Change "reconciled" label to "paid" for A/R and A/P ledgers
      fix a/r,a/p layout for split-view
      Abstract RecnCell to allow multiple "choice" types.
      Add dialog-order (to test gncEntryLedger) and hook into the
      Better support for A/R and A/P transaction types.  It actually will
      Update RecnCell API to return the string_getter callback, but
      add Transaction Type flag (Invoice v. Payment) to know whether the
      if trans-type is none, print a ? (default) and have due-date off.
      Update reports to include a/r and a/p account types
      Refactor payables report into a generic aging report (really just
      actually supply a header row now, and connect the buttons.  The window
      Default colors so we can see the ledger
      add realize_gui() call
      defer widget realization until later
      Pick a reasonable entry date
      Widen the 'default' order entry dialog.  Fix the modality.  Make
      Fix some layout issues, start working on more callback implementation
      Updated move_cursor() and traverse() callback functionality.  It now
      Abstract out the owner of Orders and Invoices into a GncOwner.
      Reorder libraries to build properly with separate GTKHTML and GUILE
      reorder includes
      Fix for Solaris:  Can't use 'if ! $(GUILE) ...'  so rebuild
      Add a hook to get the GNCBook* from a Transaction
      Add "GetValue()" method to an Entry and move the value computation
      Cope properly if the entity_type is NULL
      - Add a "date-close" dialog that basically asks for confimation
      - add VIEW option to the general-select
      More work on the Order Dialog and Entry Ledger
      Set the Value Cell in the current cursor
      Small IO flags cleanup
      Add "Tax Value" cell
      - Update the Order dialog
      Change Job to use GncOwner instead of GncCustomer -- this lets
      - Support Vendor-owned Jobs.. Fill in all the GNC_OWNER_VENDOR place
      - gncInvoice:
      include dialog-invoice.h
      fix typo
      Hook the Entry Ledger into the component manager
      - Refactor invoice dialog creation; keep dialog open after a 'post'
      More Invoice/Order updates/fixes:
      Fix the traversal code to actually work right.  Now tabbing off the end
      Fix bug: if you enter a non-existant account and hit 'ok' while still
      Add new interface to create an account with a list of valid types
      * gncObject -- object registration in the engine; hook into the books
      * fix QueryNew bug: make sure to retain book list
      - register the GncOwner as another queriable type
      regex.h is broken on Linux; it doesn't include all the necessary
      update AUTHORS file
      - register gncAddress for queries
      convert GNC_ID_NONE to appropriate module in component_watch
      - gncOwner: add create/destroy functions (for scheme)
      Implement "GUID_MATCH_ALL" (to enable support for the old ACCT_MATCH_ALL).
      default to % for discount and tax interpretation types
      add COMPARE_NEQ support
      Move the query_compare_t (compraritor, or "what kind of comparrison to make")
      gncEntryLedger: add function to reset the query
      Move the GetParameter function into .h from P.h -- it's useful outside
      A new generic search dialog for gnome, and a test to show how it
      New Search Dialog committed to repository.
      QueryNew.h,QueryCore.c: change NEG_ONLY and POS_ONLY to CREDIT and DEBIT
      Add UI for a bunch of new Query types, and hook them into the
      AccWindow.h: Add comment about who owns the GList *
      have the order dialog stay open when you "close the order", so you
      make sure that you can't change an Order or Invoice after it becomes RO
      dance a widget shuffle when rebuilding the order and invoice dialogs
      - Consolidate debcred search UI into numeric search UI (they are
      - Add Account Search widget(s)
      Fix the search dialog radio-buttons
      - Query.h: change to interoperate with QueryNew.h
      src/gnome-search/ changes:
      - A few API changes to make functions more "similar"
      - Change the dialog-search "choose" API to provide a parent widget...
      dialog-invoice:	fix modality
      - glade files updated in preparation for a "new" dialog and an entry window
      API change: let the new_item callback decide whether to close the
      Set dialogs to modal only when there is a parent.  Top-level dialogs are
      gncInvoice/gncOrder:		add Printable object method
      - make ID and dates immutable
      Change the NewItem Callback so that it's always modal to the
      - Provide 'QUERY_PARAM_GUID' to abstract the guid parameter.  Remove all
      QueryObject:	Move the 'Param Function Getter' to the public API
      Add hook to print invoice.  Still need to write the invoice print
      wrap a bunch of the core business objects
      Create a new Invoice Report to print a GncInvoice
      gncInvoice: change interfaces from "const Timespec *" to "Timespec"
      gncOrder: add reference
      change the Order API to take "Timespec" instead of "Timespec*"
      srfi-19: Fix date->string to work with guile-1.4/slib-2d2
      gncCustomer: change terms from gint to string
      gncVendor.c: convert terms to string
      change API to supply a "const GUID *" because it's read-only
      emit gnc events for the business objects.
      - Add new Backend method, counter(), which increments a named counter and
      change string-searches to default to case-insensitive
      * Plug-in Extensions for backends, so pluggable objects can
      change the structure member name:
      gnc-backend-file.c: 	scandir() is not portable; re-write the
      Fix to work on Solaris..  Test's need spaces between the
      Fix for Solaris: you cannot have an empty .a, so supply a no-op .c
      Use safe_strcmp() in case be->linkfile is NULL
      Change the format of Invoices slightly, in preparation for Lots.
      If you pass down an owner into the Job selection, don't let the user
      It helps to recurse into oneself
      Create a new general_search widget that hooks into the search
      Fixed dialog-order.  Should now complain less during compilation.
      Remove dialog-job-select.[ch] from the build process.
      Actually enable the search on JOB_ACTIVE
      Change the Date-Close dialog to use gnc-date-edit instead of the
      Remove remnants of old report that no longer exists
      fix a compiler warning
      Store the customer name in all the Splits of a Posted Invoice
      Convert from GtkList to GtkCList in preparation for multi-column display
      Get scrolling to work right on new searches
      Change the Search Dialog to use a CList and allow each object to
      In a posted invoice store company name in in TransDescription and
      Change "Receipt" to "Payment" for A/R and A/P accounts
      Don't include gettext-0.11 macros in the distribution
      gncInvoice: add function to return the Type string, based on the Owner..
      Hook the payment dialog into customer, vendor, and job search results
      Hook payments into invoice search results
      Implement "cancel" and "enter" buttons in the Invoice Window toolbar
      Implement "Blank" (jump to blank)
      implement "Delete" and "Duplicate" functions solve the "test: too many arguments" bug
      Not all versions of autoconf return 'GNU' in the --version.
      Make search types dynamic, so you can register new ones
      Create a popup menu for the register
      business-gnome.scm: add global preferences for the invoice dialog
      Create a new lot when an invoice is posted
      Hook the payables and receivables reports into the window register
      Actually get the report to "save" successfully so one can reload later
      Fix payable report to save the account
      Begin to implement grab_focus() and editable_enters() in order
      Actually hook in the editable_enters() code
      implement grab_focus() and editable_enters() for other search widgets
      Implement grab_focus() and editable_enters() for the search-date widget
      Create a "search-owner" widget for the search dialog, which allows you
      Put the search criteria into a scrolled window.  It will auto-resize
      Provide a method to obtain the computed discount
      * src/engine/GNCId.c: Implement xaccForeachEntity() as a which
      * src/gnome-util/dialog-options.[ch]: Create an option-type
      * dialog-options.c: implement a radiobutton option type.
      * Create new options for a few business objects.  This allows you to
      Use the new invoice option to hold the invoice being shown
      Don't require fixed-point addition; we'll round at the end.  Just let
      * src/app-utils/option-util.c: Add a function to reset all the gui
      Provide a default match to return NULL
      fix a compiler warning for g_cache_remove()
      Save GUIDs instead of assuming the pointer will stick around
      PERR() if a bad parameter is returned
      fix bug: missing structure entry
      don't need GTK_ENTRY() when casting a GtkWidget* to GtkWidget* ;)
      provide a get_random_numeric()
      Get test-create-account to work with a non-standard g-wrap install
      Add g-wrap lib dir for non-standard g-wrap installs
      Support g-wrap in non-standard location
      add gnome-search, business-ledger, and business-file modules
      add test-scm-print-import and test-print-queries
      remove test-print-queries (move it to app-utils/test)
      Add test to compare query->string conversion by converting to a
      Integration of the new Query subsystem, to replace the old Query
      Fix a bug in the invoice-search, setup the query properly so
      Create a top-level Business menu item in the main window.  You
      Actually save 'list' when we reverse it
      * business-core/gncTaxTable*: Create a preliminary implementation
      Don't allow the user to delete the last entry from a tax table
      * business-core/file/gnc-tax-table-xml-v2.*: Create a preliminary
      Integrate the tax table into the gncEntry object; change how taxes
      * Refactor a lot of the business code.  Move the tax-table dialog
      * Move to invoice report into business-reports (it _IS_ a business
      update the list of files
      compile with GUILE INCS and LIBS
      business-reports is loaded from C; don't need it here
      Put the account tree into a scrolled window
      Add a notes field to the entry object.
      Update the QUERY hooks
      Change some column headings per Wilddev's suggestion
      Better error messages
      Better logging of tests.  The test still fails, but now it's
      fix g-wrap location URL
      Fix hampton's autoconf patch
      Fix a prototype error and move an enum for recent GCC (you can't
      * .../business-core/gncBillTerm*.[ch]: Add Billing Term objects.
      Fix logic for "dirty" setting; only set dirty when data actually
      * integrate the Billing Terms into the Core, GUI, and XML Backend
      Save proximo-type billterms with the right tag.  (oops)
      signal DATE_CHANGED when the focus event occurs
      * gncBillTerm: add functions to compute DueDate and DiscountDate from
      Benoit's "blank-line patch":
      Fix bugID# 85995.  Get invoice and search-dialog windows to appear
      re-sort the list of visible items when the appropriate entries
      Fix the item ordering (so it appears in ascending order)
      Get the invoice toolbar (and menubar) to appear correctly.
      Register the generic option-menu (taxtables and billterms) with
      Fix the column headers.  Expand the acronyms to be clear, and mark them
      Mixed up Taxable and TaxTable columns.  Fix that.
      Save the due-date properly (even if the focus_out_event isn't working)
      * handle double-clicks in the search dialog
      Customer and Vendors can set TaxIncluded to Yes, No, and Use Global,
      Fix bugID: 85688
      Need to supply ${GUILE_INCS} when you want the guile headers
      src/engine/gnc-lot.[ch]: provide gnc_lot_get_book() function
      * gncInvoice*, gnc-invoice-xml-v2.c: add a "posted_lot" attribute
      Fix a typo in a function name that I didn't catch earlier
      actually create the kvp_frame for the lot
      Force recomputation of lots' is_closed flag when splits are added
      src/engine/Account.[ch]: add convenience function to find open lots
      * gncOwner.[ch]: Provide functions to store/lookup an owner in a
      Uncomment code I commented before.  Keep the window size instead of
      deal properly if owner == NULL (return FALSE)
      src/engine/Transaction.[ch]: add xaccTransGetAccountValue() method to compute
      add gnc_lot_count_splits() function
      Implement xaccQueryGetLots() which is just like xaccQueryGetTransactions()
      wrap xaccQueryGetLots()
      wrap xaccTransOrder() for use by scheme
      * Create an "owner-report" which prints out a set of Invoice and
      wrap xaccSplitGetLot()
      wrap gncInvoiceGetInvoiceFromTxn()
      * Change the "Owner Report" to a "Customer Report" and "Vendor
      create xaccQueryAddGUIDMatchGL() and wrap it.  This is a special function
      Add Query system hooks for invoice-from-lot, invoice-from-txn and
      Set the query to limit searches to splits that belong to the
      Add a text label around the splash screen that includes the Gnucash
      wrap SPLIT_DATE_RECONCILED parameter
      Add a 'Reconciled Date' column to print the date of reconciled splits.
      * gnc-html: convert URLType from enum to char*
      * fix the business XML to use symbolic names for enums (instead of
      Don't assume gnu-date; use +FORMAT instead (which is more portable)
      * Convert all (well, most all) HTML URL-generators to use
      Fix the "size" problem -- the customer/vendor widget was taking up too much
      Instead of hiding the invalid toolbar entries, just make them
      As per suggestions on #gnucash, use hide() instead of insensitive() for
      Revert to using insensitive() widgets, per discussion on #gnucash
      * business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c: make all my callbacks
      * register/register-gnome/gnucash-sheet.c: allow a caller to
      * business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c: use glade for the
      * add a menubar to the Invoice Window in glade
      Fix a typo
      change a bunch of "callback" functions to non-static, so they can
      Fix a typo that could crash the report
      A few more typos
      Add DATE_ENTERED parameter into the searchable fields
      * fill out the Invoice Window Menu, based upon the Register
      * options.scm: Create gnc:make-account-list-limited-option
      * moved receivable and payable aging reports to business-reports;
      Change the 'owner' option.. define an owner-type and make sure
      Actually set the right copyright date
      * option-util.c: add gnc_option_get_option_data() function
      * business-options: (new files) implement owner/customer/vendor
      * business-core.scm: fix a typo
      * gw-engine-spec.scm: wrap gnc_lot_get_split_list
      * invoice.scm: add the ability to show the payments applied to
      * gw-kvp-spec.scm: wrap kvp_slot_set_slot_path_gslist(),
      * kvp-scm: create gnc_kvp_frame_delete_at_path() and wrap it.
      * kvp-scm: implement KVP_TYPE_FRAME kvp-values
      Return a kvp_value instead of a kvp_frame (type-checking is your friend)
      * gw-engine-spec.scm: wrap gnc_session_get_url(), in preparation
      * options.scm: change gnc:make-option; add two new args, scm->kvp
      * hooks.scm: fix documentation
      * gw-app-utils-spec.scm: wrap <gnc:OptionDB*>, option_db_new,
      * kvp-option-registry.scm: create a registry of kvp-options
      Make the option-path available as a variable
      make the kvp-options 'public' to make it easier to obtain later
      Use the Book-KVP-Options for the Company Name and Company Address in
      fix bugID 87676
      Change the name and move the location of the file properties menu item
      add a separator between Print and Properties
      * "global-replace for-each-in-order for-each" because the former
      * add "centered-label-cell" markup type to define a cell with tag
      * owner-report.scm: add a due-date column; change "Invoice" to
      * prefs.scm: change A/P's "Invoice" column header to "Bill"
      * Separate Bills and Invoices into (somewhat) different things.
      Don't need the TaxValue cell for Bills
      * add Billable flag and Bill-To (owner) to line-item entries.
      * add gncQueryAddBooleanMatch() convenience function
      * add a BillTo owner in the GncInvoice object.  Save it in XML if
      * modify the Entry Ledger query to pull in Billable Entries from
      * business-prefs: add the bill_reg_width preference to save the value
      * change gncEntry->account into gncEntry->invAccount and
      Fix some of the query creation code so as not to match all splits
      * acinclude.m4: fix guile bounds-check to make sure guile-config exists
      * business-gnome/ cross-link the business-core
      Applied Joachim Breitner's patch for VWD price-sources:
      * Pull up change from 1.6 to make "make dist" work on swig subdir
      * Update README to mention g-wrap 1.3.2 (instead of 1.1.9)
      * remove GNUCASH_BUILD_DATE
      Ignore gnc-version.h in CVS
      * src/gnome/.cvsignore: ignore gnc-version.h
      Apply the rest of Benoit's patch (Account.h/gnc-engine-util.[ch])
      Add TaxTable entries to Vendor Invoices (Bills); make sure it does
      hampton's patch to:
      Add more startup reporting.. show the modules loading
      * fix bug #93331
      * fix bug #93333
      * -- die during configure if g-wrap version is wrong
      Fix bug #91413 -- Add TaxTable defaults to Customers and Vendors
      GUID_MATCH_ANY is allowed normally; it's GUID_MATCH_ALL that is special.
      * fix g-wrap testing in configure to work with an existing config.cache
      * get (alpha) qif-io-core to load again and "make check" to
      * wrap gnc_commodity_table_add_default_data()
      * src/scm/main.scm -- fix menu issue for LANG=de_DE.. "Preferences" is
      * src/gnc-test-env: define LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH
      * src/bin/overrides/gnucash-build-env: fix trailing whitespace bug
      Herbert Thoma's patch:
      * check for ltdl.h
      * src/backend/postgres/gncquery.c - create proper SQL, ignore bookGUID
      * src/scm/main.scm -- move (setlocale ...) earlier in the startup.
      Add comments about bug fixes
      * Fix the autoconf-2.13/2.52/2.53 problems -- Gnucash should now
      * Check for gettext in -lintl for MacOS
      * Peter O'Gorman's patch for fixing libtool on darwin
      Pogma's fixed patch
      * Implement a core CheckboxCell register type (note, still needs a
      * use the checkbox cell in the EntryLedger
      * make the Invoiced? cell mutable under limited conditions
      * Rename a bunch of reports as per Chris Lyttle's suggestions
      * report-gnome/report-gnome.scm -- Create sorted menu items
      More report renaming (and report menu renaming).  Try to keep reports
      * Change the Report MENU names, not the REPORT names (except for
      * Rename "print invoice" to "printable invoice"
      * Applied Matt Martin's advanced-portfolio patch.
      * created the backend-api document
      * books do not need to generate events
      * however they should generate destroy events
      * src/backend/file/test-xml-transaction.c -- use gnc_numeric_equal()
      * src/backend/file/test/test-file-stuff.c -- don't spew so much
      * src/test-core and src/engine/test-core should not be added to
      * add library directories for "make check"
      * Christian Krause's dialog-utils patch for style
      * Update the Backend API in the engine for better plugability.
      * add more debugging to new PostgresBackend functions
      * fix call to pgend_trans_rollback_edit()
      * fix call to pgend_trans_commit_edit()
      * fix bug #96030 -- change "Customer/Vendor Name" to "Company Name"
      * remove (old, unused) dialog-job-select.[ch] files from CVS.
      * fix some compiler warnings in dialog-customer and dialog-vendor
      * fix bug #95954 -- cache backend query compiles.  Add a hash table
      * add a 'modality' flag to the gnc-account-sel (which new-account API)
      * create search-reconciled.[ch] to implement searches by reconcile flag
      * src/engine/test/test-querynew.c -- add a warning message about
      * gnc-ledger-display.c -- honor user defaults for A/R and A/P windows
      * table-model.h -- add a flag for "READ_ONLY" cells, to all you to
      Fix the "fixes bug" message
      * gnc-ledger-display.c -- fix a memory leak (you need to g_list_free()
      * gncEntryLedgerModel.c: don't use the currency symbol when printing
      actually commit the change here...
      * Matthew Vanecek's gncQueryPrint() patch
      * gnome/gw-gnc-spec.scm -- add "#include <gnc-splash.h>"
      * -- don't let GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS overwrite our list
      * -- don't double-add -Wall.  Only add -Wall for GCC.
      * fix bug #95844 -- fix qif-import/qif-parse.scm to match
      * src/dialog-account/dialog-account.c,
      * dialog-account.[ch] -- add "destroy-window" callback registration.
      * move dialog-account.[ch] from src/dialog-account to src/gnome-utils
      * move gnc-account-sel.[ch] from src/gnome to src/gnome-utils
      * app-utils/options.scm -- define new account-sel options that let you
      fix w.r.t. the move of gnc-account-sel.c.  oops.
      * -- remove -Wno-uninitialized -Wno-unused, in preparation
      * Peter O'Gorman's MacOS patch
      * app-utils/options.scm -- fix (find-first-account) to search subaccounts
      Fix a bunch of compiler warnings:
      * de.po: fix a string for Christian so it compiles.
      * new translations require leading underscores for menu names
      * gnc-backend-file.c: make sure a file HAS a date before actually
      * gncInvoice.[ch]: create gncInvoiceGetTotal(), which currently does
      * gncInvoice.c -- implement GetTotal() -- fixes #96833
      * -- add "View->SummaryBar" item to turn it off.
      * -- improved libofx configure support.  Add --with-ofx-prefix
      * import-export/ofx/gnc-ofx-import.c: use gnc_timespec_to_iso8601_buff() instead of strftime()
      * import-export/ofx/ add gncscm_DATA to EXTRA_DIST
      * gnc-engine-util.[ch]: add MOD_BUSINESS for logging (eww)
      * engine/gnc-be-utils.h: implement macro helpers for begin/commit functions
      * business/business-core/*.c: add begin/commit edit calls in every 'set'
      * gnome-utils/dialog-account.c: change the BeginEdit() call on the
      * business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerLoad.c -- set the account
      * src/gnome/gnc-split-reg.c: remove reference to gnc-regwidget.h
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-gui-query.c: use the right string when building
      * src/app-utils/ install i18n.h but don't include it
      * src/business/business-reports/invoice.scm: fix some strings
      2002-11-04  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      * gnome/gnc-split-reg: export jump_to_* functions
      * gnome/dialog-new-user: don't call the qif-import-druid directly.
      2002-11-09  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      * Fix the Find-Transactions dialog so it only has "Share Price" twice
      Fix a merge failure
      Er, only has share price _ONCE_
      * src/import-export/gnc-import-match-map.[ch]
      * business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c
      * Matthew Vanecek's patch:
      2002-11-17  Matthew Vanecek <mevanecek at>
      * -- fix OFX search to look in /usr/local if it cannot
      * business-core/test/*.c -- fix the tests for begin/commit edit
      * src/scm/main.scm -- fix the load of price-quotes on guile-1.4.1
      * README/README.cvs -- update to reference how to "properly" use
      2002-11-24  Derek Atkins  <derek at>
      * src/gnome-utils/ -- New dialog to deal with
      change a string for i18n (I hope for the better)
      Change the order on some lines in the exchange dialog
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-load.c -- set the txn
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c -- Always
      * src/engine/QueryCore.c -- make sure we have a string
      * src/import-export/ -- make sure to distribute the scm files
      * remove -- it is no longer used
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-exchange.h -- header for the exchange-rate dialog
      2002-11-30  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c -- compute
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c -- compute the
      * move QuickFill and dialog-transfer into gnome-utils
      * business-ledger/gncEntryLedger.c -- delay setting *new = FALSE until
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer -- update the dialog to enable
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model-save.c -- fix a bug
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c:
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c:
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c:
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c:
      fix a typo
      Closed bug # 97690
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-p.h:
      * src/gnome/gnc-split-reg.c:  add a handler for
      * README: fix references to g-wrap
      * remove src/experimental/ofx from the build system
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-parse.scm:
      * src/gnome-search/ add GDK_PIXBUF_CFLAGS because
      * revert patch -- not needed.  Oops.
      * src/gnome/glade/ -- add "Edit Exchange Rate" menu
      Add a comment.
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.[ch]: add two APIs to set the
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c -- Fix the
      * revert patch in src/engine/Transaction.c -- imbalance is computed
      * po/nl.po -- don't use msgid_plural -- it fails to work.
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c:
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity.c: change PWARN() to DEBUG() in
      * README.cvs: mention gettextize breakage and "cvs up -C"
      * src/gnome/window-acct-tree.c: Disallow the deletion of accounts
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c -- lookup and store entries in
      * require g-wrap >= 1.3.3
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c: invert the
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c: call the to_amount_update_cb
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c: always set the exchange-rate
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-layout.c: fix the
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.[ch]: create new function
      * src/engine/Account.[ch]: add an xaccAccountRemoveLot() function to allow
      * add a blatent warning that the RPC code is broke!
      Matthew Vanecek's patch:
      * src/business/business-gnome/glade/ fix a string
      Don't call a Liability account "Accounts Payable" -- it's wrong!
      * add a set of business accounts to the setup druid
      * src/engine/Transaction.[ch]: add TRANS_NOTES and supporting routines
      * src/gnome/dialog-find-transactions.c: search on NOTES
      * src/register/ledger-core/*: gnc_table_layout_get_cell() doesn't
      * src/scm/main.scm -- mention bugzilla in the unstable message
      * src/backend/file/io-example-account.[ch]: add a flag that signifies
      * src/backend/file/io-example-account.[ch]: add a flag that signifies
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model-save.c: when
      * src/backend/file/io-example-account.c: fix a logic bug
      Don't forget the Equity:Opening Balances account(s)
      * macros/ include the rest of the macros in the dist.
      * src/engine/test/test-scm-query-import.scm: add a warning message
      * intl-scm/ applied John's patch to build guile-strings.c
      * src/business/business-core/file/* -- don't save half-built data.
      2002-01-07 Herbert Thoma <herbie at>
      * src/business/business-core/business-core.scm: return #f if
      * apply patch to use Euclid's algo for gnc_numeric_reduce
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c: actually apply
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c:
      * src/business/business-core/gncBusGuile.[ch]: functions to interface
      * src/business/business-core/gw-business-core-spec.scm:
      * src/app-utils/global-options.[ch]: add gnc_default_report_currency()
      * src/business/business-core/gncOwner.[ch]: rename ...Commodity() to
      * .../business-core/gncCustomer.[ch]:
      * .../business-gnome/business-gnome.scm:
      * .../business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerLayout.c: change the order
      * src/engine/QueryCore.c: fix the algorithm to compute equality
      * src/app-utils/option-util.c: gh_str2scm() takes a char*, not a
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c -- make the Notes
      * src/import-export/import-utilities.c -- applied Nigel Titley's
      * src/engine/QueryNew.h: add QUERY_PARAM_ACTIVE
      * src/gnome-search/dialog-search.c -- grey out the button if it
      * src/app-utils/test/test-print-parse-amount.c: set force_fit and
      * src/backend/postgres/test/ include in
      * src/register/register-gnome/gnucash-sheet.c: fix a fencepost
      * src/engine/commodity-table.scm: move gnc:commodity-is-currency? here
      * qif-merge-groups.scm: Limit matches against only the accounts in
      * src/business/business-core/gncTaxTable.[ch]: add functions to
      move code around a lot.
      Mistakenly committed these (empty) files
      * src/app-utils/option-util.[ch]: add new functions to handle
      * src/app-utils/prefs.scm: Remove "user name" and "user address"
      * src/engine/gnc-numeric.c -- be more intelligent when operating
      Update POTFILES due to the moved file locations
      * src/gnome-search/dialog-search.c -- reset the search-type to
      * src/app-utils/prefs.scm -- combine all the Advanced prefs into one
      Fix the tooltip, which required a small change to the logic.  Default to
      2003-01-19  John Pierce <john at>
      * scrub GNOME_PRINT_CFLAGS
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-gui-query.c -- fix gnc_info_dialog() to deal
      * src/app-utils/hooks.scm -- create a new 'post-ui-startup' hook
      * -- scrub the CFLAGS for postgres, as per Roland Roberts'
      remove old gnc-business-utils.c, which doesn't exist anymore
      2003-01-19  John Pierce <XXXXXXXXXXX>
      * src/engine/QueryNew.c -- g_list_append() can take a LONG time
      * src/engine/gnc-numeric. -- fix the gnc_numeric_lcd() algo to
      * src/app-utils/test/test-scm-query-string.c -- fix a memory leak
      John Pierce's Makefile patches...
      * be more liberal in the use of AS_SCRUB_INCLUDE
      * src/business/business-reports/business-reports.scm -- need to
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerModel.c -- relabel
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerLoad.c -- limit the
      * src/business/business-gnome/glade/*.glade -- fix a tooltip to
      * src/business/business-gnome/glade/*.glade -- fix a tooltip to
      * -- Apply Bill Nottingham's patch to use db4/db_185.h
      * -- don't assume gtkhtml is avail from gnome-config
      * -- fix the PG test to deal properly with non-standard
      * src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm: only asset accounts
      Matthew Vanecek's PG patches...
      * po/np.po -- add the proper "Plural" header so it builds again.
      * Nathan Neulinger's patch to gnc-split-reg.[ch] to implement
      * src/report/report-system/options-utilities.scm:
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm: change the way that
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c:
      * src/gnome/window-register.c: fix the query code to use the correct
      * src/backend/postgres/PostgresBackend.c (pgendEnable):
      * src/engine/gnc-engine-util.c: turn off DEBUG on all the modules
      * accounts/C/acctchrt_business.gnucash-xea: fix some of the accounts
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-module.c: only set ReadOnly
      * re-enable -Werror, make sure it only is used with GCC,
      * src/backend/postgres/gncquery.c:  change INITIAL_BUFSZ to 32000
      * src/app-utils/option-util.c: use gh_scm2double() instead of
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerLoad.c -- don't add
      * src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm: don't crash when a
      * src/quotes/ add dump-finance-quote to the DIST
      * po/
      * src/calculation/ need to add GUILE_INCS
      * src/calculation/ need to add GUILE_INCS
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm: fix a
      * src/scm/main.scm: fix "development version" message in head
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm: mark "splits" as negative
      * src/engine/gnc-lot-p.h: some strange platforms assume "char" is
      * src/app-utils/gnc-ui-utils.c: Don't round unless force_fit is true.
      * src/bin/overrides/ add business-utils
      * src/scm/main.scm:
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c
      * src/report/standard-report/advanced-portfolio.scm: add extra
      * src/gnome/glade/ Need to start the Editor dialog
      Move some files around in preparation for re-factoring the
      * po/ fox for the search-param.c move
      * src/import-export/import-main-matcher.c: freeze/thaw the clist
      Herbert Thoma's patch to add a "display currency" column to the account tree.
      revert a change that I shouldn't have committed
      * applied Matthew Vanecek's patch to postgres/kvp-sql.c
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-options.c:  guile-1.6 doesn't like
      * Start changes for Gnome-2.
      Ok, we DO need gnome-guile-checks.m4   oops.
      * Use Gnome2 libraries
      * re-add macros/gnome.m4 for GNOME_INIT
      2003-03-02 TomF changes for Gnome-2 branch
      * Disabled gnome-print.  Added LIBGUPPI.
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-utils.h: Disabled declarations of
      * src/network-utils/ add src/engine
      * get the configure script to actually attempt to do
      * can't use AM_PATH_GDK_PIXBUF; that's a gnome-1
      TomF's batch6 patch:
      2003-03-16 TomF changes for gnucash-gnome2-dev, 8th batch
      * remove TomF's comments from files in batch 7; the
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-html.h
      2003-04-02 TomF changes for gnucash-gnome2-dev, 10th batch
      * src/gnome-utils/cursors.c:
      2003-04-29 TomF changes for gnucash-gnome2-dev, 12th batch
      TomF's batch14 changes.  Seer the ChangeLog for description of changes.
      Jan Petersen's po/Makefile patch
      * macros/ comment out intltoolize and libtoolize again
      Jan Arne Petersen's gnome2 patch #7.  See the ChangeLog for more info.
      TomF's changes:
      Another patch by Jan Petersen (see ChangeLog for full details)
      Jan Petersen's Gnome2 patch:
      Another big gnome2 patch from Jan Petersen:
      Another big gnome2 patch from Jan Petersen:
      Another GNOME 2 port patch from Jan Petersen.
      more patches from Jan Petersen
      Yet another Jan Petersen patch:
      More changed from Jan Petersen (hopefully I didn't miss anything)
      here is another patch from Jan Petersen.
      Added missing files from Jan's patch
      * src/gnome/gw-gnc-spec.scm: return the Totd symbol to its
      Pull up from HEAD:
      * src/engine/qofinstance.c: revert fix from 01-01, because it's wrong.
      * pull in gobject with glib
      Don't need to store first and last page; just use 'begin' and 'end' providers
      * src/app-utils/ add the edge provider description.
      Don't forget to set the provider name
      * src/gnome-utils/ add preliminary gnome gnc-druid impl.
      * src/app-utils/gnc-druid-provider.[ch]: add get_pages() class method.
      * src/app-utils/gnc-druid-provider-desc-edge.[ch]: add api to
      * gnc-druid.[ch]: add gnc_druid_{next,prev}_page() APIs to choose the
      * src/gnome-utils/gncmod-gnome-utils.c: register the gnome-druid and
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-druid-gnome.[ch]: move the next/prev signals to
      * src/app-utils/gnc-druid-provider-desc.h: add a pointer to the
      * src/app-utils/
      * src/app-utils/
      * src/app-utils/
      * src/app-utils/gnc-druid-provider-*.[ch]:
      * src/app-utils/gnc-druid-provider-desc-file.[ch]:
      * src/app-utils/gnc-druid-provider-desc-file.c:
      * src/app-utils/gnc-druid-provider-desc-edge.c:
      * src/app-utils/gnc-druid-provider-desc-edge.c:
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-druid-gnome.c: remove debugging printfs
      * src/app-utils/gnc-druid.[ch]:
      * src/import-export/ added new 'format' provider desc
      Remove duplicate source files and implement the "format" provider.
      Get format provider working and tested.
      Fix a bunch of warnings and errors during startup.
      Vitaly Lipatov's C-construct patch.
      Allow g2 to build on FC2 (with Gnome-2.6).
      src/gnome-utils cannot depend on src/gnome.
      <amd>'s patch to check for gtkhtml-3.1 and then gtkhtml-3.0.
      Fix circular dependency jsled introduced.

James LewisMoss (152):
      Add long description.
      Expense -> Expenses (to match all the other files)
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnc-ui-util.c (gnc_ui_account_get_balance):
      * src/engine/Account.c (xaccCloneAccountSimple): new func.
      * src/engine/Group.c (xaccGroupForEachAccount): change from
      * src/engine/gnc-book.c (gnc_book_set_group): free account group
      * src/engine/rpc/RpcUtils.c (rpcend_build_gncacctlist):
      * src/engine/sql/PostgresBackend.c (pgendGetAllAccountKVP): use
      almost complete new user stuff.
      * src/scm/main.scm ((gnc:main)): remove the main window startup
      write title as well.
      * src/engine/sixtp-dom-generators.c (int_to_dom_tree):new func.
      remove cruft (extra window no longer used)
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/engine/gnc-account-xml-v2.c (gnc_account_end_handler):
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity-xml-v2.c
      add long descriptions (plucking some stuff out of short to do it).
      fix compile warnings (misspelled string, missing SYSTEM on a couple of
      remove cruft.
      * src/engine/ (libgncengine_la_SOURCES): remove
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/FileDialog.c (gncFileNew): create new user dialog on new
      update strings.
      add account list at new file pref (unused currently)
      remove newlines in long descriptions.
      add build depends
      * (TAGS): ignore debian dir.
      remove an extra blank line.
      * src/FileDialog.c (gncFileNew): call gnc_ui_show_new_user_window
      * src/gnome/new-user-callbacks.c (cancel_everything_out): new func
      * src/gnome/new-user-funs.c (gnc_new_user_dialog_is_new_user): new
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/scm/tip-of-the-day.scm ((gnc:current-tip-number)): reset
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity-xml-v2.c (set_commodity_value): use
      * src/engine/io-gncxml-v2.c (gnc_counter_end_handler): use
      * src/engine/sixtp-dom-parsers.c (string_to_integer): remove
      remove string_to_integer prototype.
      * src/engine/sixtp-utils.c: (string_to_gint64) return FALSE if the
      *** empty log message ***
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-accountedit.sgml: Remove title for section so
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-acctypes.sgml: Remove title for section so
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-adjbalwin.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-apar.sgml: remove sectionness of first bit.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-asset-liability-barcharts.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-asset-liability-piecharts.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-balancereport.sgml: insert section around
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-balancesheet.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-commodity.sgml: insert section around
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-common-report-options.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-currencyhandling.sgml (LINKEND): remove first
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-dateinput.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-depreciation.sgml: remove sectionness of first
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-euro.sgml: remove top level sect1 and promote
      fix ref to QIF to XACC-QIF-something
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-gnome-mdi.sgml: remove first section's
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-gnucash-web-browser.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-gpl.sgml: more cleanups.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-income-expense-barcharts.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-income-expense-piecharts.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-locatingtxns.sgml: promote sect3's to sect2's.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-mainwin.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-multicolumn-view-reports.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-net-worth-barchart.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-newacctwin.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-pnl.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-portfolio-report.sgml: remove section title.
      fix QIF ref to XACC-QIF-IMPORT.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-print-check.sgml: remove sect1.  promote sect2's
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-print.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-qif-import.sgml: remove sect1.  promote sect2's
      fix ref to QIF to XACC-QIF-IMPORT
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-quickstart.sgml: remove sect1.  promote sect2's
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-regwin-kbd.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-regwin.sgml: remove sectionness of first
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-reports.sgml: remove sectionness of first section.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-stock-price-report.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-tax-report.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-trans-report.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-txf-categories.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-txf-export-anomalies.sgml: wrap content in
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-txf-export.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-y2k.sgml: wrap content in sect1
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      * README: fix dependancies.  Spell check.
      * README.patches: remove warning at top.  Up version number to
      add some to libgal failure message.
      files for xacc-account-hierarchy-creator.sgml
      * src/FileDialog.c (gncFileNew): lookup pref and do or don't run
      * src/gnome/new-user-callbacks.c: fix test for commodity added by
      *** empty log message ***
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-quickstart.sgml: add link to
      better description.
      (on_chooseAccountTypesPage_prepare): use new func to determine
      *** empty log message ***
      * doc/README.translator.txt (variables): add instructions for
      screen shots of the preferences dialog.
      cleanup.  include links to screen shots.
      cleanup.  updates.  fix FIXME.  more text.  cleanup grammar.  etc.
      add libdb to depends list.
      * (CFLAGS): add test-files makefiles to list.
      *** empty log message ***
      * doc/sgml/de_DE/ remove empty SUBDIRS setting.
      add .deps.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/engine/gnc-book.c (gnc_book_write_to_file): remove useless
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity-xml-v2.c (set_commodity_value): strip
      * src/engine/io-gncxml-v2.c (gnc_book_write_to_xml_file_v2): check
      *** empty log message ***
      remove conflict indicator.
      * src/engine/gnc-account-xml-v2.c (gnc_account_end_handler): use
      * src/engine/gnc-transaction-xml-v2.c
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnome/top-level.c (gnucash_ui_init): remove the \n's frome
      up the date some.
      remove perl stuff.  use
      remove debian dir so it isn't distributed with source.
      Richard Braakman's xml lib version test.
      *** empty log message ***
      file backendifying.
      combine all the v1 xml parser code into one file (io-gncxml-v1.c)
      * src/engine/gnc-pricedb-xml-v1.c: remove include of
      * src/engine/gnc-schedxaction-xml-v2.c: remove include of removed
      fix missing space between func name and arg list warnings.  Also fix
      add .deps, .libs,, *.lo and *.la to appropriate cvsignore files.
      move modules to /usr/lib/gnucash from /usr/lib and change
      * src/engine/md5.c: include string.h to get bcopy def.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/backend/file/gnc-schedxaction-xml-v2.c: add null stuff to
      add .deps, .libs, *.lo and *.lo to .cvsignore's
      * src/guile/ remove file-utils.[ch] &
      * src/register/register-gnome/
      * src/gnc-module/ (libgw_gnc_module_la_SOURCES): add
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c (gnc_module_system_setup_load_path):
      add kvp g-wrap module.
      *** empty log message ***
      update etags generation.
      remove crufty code.
      minor formatting changes.  add copyright.
      .deps, .libs, *.la, *.lo added.
      minor formatting change.
      remove cruft.
      add xml dir to dist.
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model-save.c
      cleanup of double stuff.
      fix first checkout problem of wanting gw-gnc-module.h and it not being
      add .libs.
      add dep of gw-engine.h on gncmod-engine.c so it gets generated.
      added dep of gnc-dir.h on dialog-utils.c so it gets generated.

Joshua Sled (97):
      Updated state based on changes.
      Added scheduled-transactions module for logging/output purposes, set to 'debug' level.
      Added support for saving/restoring state for most/all frequency-specificaiton options.
      Removed old debugging printf.
      Fixed AUTHORS tyop.
      2001-06-30  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Removed extraneous debugging stuff.
      2001-07-06  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Don't write <gnc:template-transactions> section unless there is data to write [1.6/1.7 interop-issue brought up on #gnucash].
      Fixed Glib-CRITICAL g_date problem for weekly transactions w/o any weekdays selected.
      2001-07-30  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Moved the XML_I18N_TOOLS line a bit higher to get around being-split-midline-by-configure issue.
      2001-09-30  Josh Sled  <jsled at>
      Removed accidental/unnecessary change from last commit.
      2001-10-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-10-22  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-10-22  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-10-22  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-10-24  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-10-29  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Turned off option to generate translatable string files.
      Matt Martin <matt.martin at>'s patch to fix b0rken SX-list-processing
      2001-11-04  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-11-06  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Added ${GLIB_LIBS} for test-link linking.
      Added guile_libs, glib_libs support for test-link program.
      Fixed 'cell = cell' problems in cell-saving functions.
      2002-04-16  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Fixes for string-containing files that didn't actually exist because of old source tree.
      2002-04-16  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Fixed compilation-error-causing tyop.
      Fix for compilation problem against g-wrap-1.3.2-only systems.
      2002-04-17  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Updated comments based off last night's commit.
      2002-04-20  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-04-21  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-04-21  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-05-21  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-06-18  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Loosen the font description we want to let this work on other machines.
      2002-06-23  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-01  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-01  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-10  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-12  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-24  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-24  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-05  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-05  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-05  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-06  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-06  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Fixed Tim Wunder's compilation problems [which my gcc isn't complaing about, but should :(].
      2002-08-09  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-18  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-09-15  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Er ... real fix for 92779.
      2002-09-29  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-06  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-13  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-16  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-21  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-26  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Err... sorry 'bout that.  Necessary changed committed.
      2002-11-03  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-11  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-12  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-15  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-16  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-16  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-17  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-17  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-17  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-23  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-24  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-01  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-01  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-08  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-15  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-15  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-21  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-28  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2003-01-25  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Egg-port from gtk-2.4.0 of a useful programatic menu-merge item from GtkUIManager.
      2004-05-02  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2004-05-05  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2004-05-15  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2004-05-30  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Make hyperlinks in reports result in the appropriate window, not a crash.
      Clean up potential SEGV on NULL return.
      Add Report actions, toolbar merging/unmerging.
      Report toolbar items work.

Linas Vepstas (2232):
      Robin Clark's original xacc-0.9 source
      linas quicken file format changes & other hacks
      more fixes & updates
      mutual fund/stock stuff, first attempt
      add alpha-level double-entry system;
      double-entry bug fixes & misc bug fixes
      more double-entry fixes and extensions
      stock portfolio alpha-level fixes
      bug fixes for assorted core dumps;
      bug fixes of assorted core dumps;
      make it realclean
      remove bogus error message
      updated the todo list
      oops! fix a nasty bug with reconciled!
      Changes made to support actions
      Changes made to support actions -- merge from action branch
      updates for version j
      add version info
      Merge in changes for in-line transfer between accounts
      major updates to support sub-accounts
      Nothing like a "minor" bug fix that escalates out of control
      version game
      Fix the help winodw size
      more version junk
      major revision to add general ledger capabilities
      oops! don't free inserted transactin
      another fix
      fix core dump
      assorted bug fixes
      another nasty bug fix
      eliminate an annoying flashing problem
      list of new features
      add description of double-entry
      explanation ofr expense accounts
      remove stale text
      minor beautification
      note about categories
      quicken userss guide
      new quicken files
      first round quicken support
      fixes of various sorts
      more quicken file fixes
      more improvements to the quicken file parsing code
      fixes to quicken fiel parsing
      fixes to way dollar amounts are handled
      add support for categories
      handle category sub-accounts
      scroll to right location when account is expanded
      fix core dump
      add account lists
      ifinal fixes ???
      implement account merge
      implemnt elimination of dup transactions
      fix main window re-scrolling problem
      SGI IRIX Compiler fixes ...
      modifications so that CR, CRLF and LF can all mark the end-of-line
      documentation for qif import
      spell check
      fix report core dump, grey out menu entry
      fix pop box width problems
      Merge in changes from Robin Clark for version 1.0b1
      file location changes
      enable quickfill
      fixes to lib locations
      new readme
      fix assorted html errors
      set body background color
      named links
      changes to allow use of XmHTML widget
      more hrefs
      Robin Clark's fixes
      new configure-based Makefile
      changes to build XmHTML
      changes to use new XmHTML widget
      new, configure-based Makefile
      bug fix
      add tests for xmhtml
      needed libraries for xmhtml
      new, modified configure from Robin Clark
      fix some #define bugs
      delint compiler warnings
      bug fix
      bug fixes
      bug fix to bug introduced by changing size of type
      modify for all builds
      new lsm
      fixes for getting xmhtml just right
      sgi compiler fixes
      sgi fixes
      sgi fixes
      more sgi fixes
      menu fixes for sgi
      added missing html page
      test image
      I think this should fix the sgi core dump problem.
      fix image loading
      prevent transfers from/to same account
      fix quickfill core dump
      fix incorrect use of ampersand
      fix the menu mnemenics
      fix file-missing/empty problems
      record bugfixes
      more lists
      fix for misinig variable x_include on SGI
      fixes to allow windows to size correctly for font sizes
      fix subbaccount bug
      fix accelerator key problems in date cell
      fix traversal for account window
      oops, fix multiple invocations
      remove libhtmlw from the distribution
      fix some row stuff for traversal
      ledger window traversal fixes
      last fix to traversal, I hope
      simplify popbox traversal
      more traversal fixes. Sigh.
      fix account transfers about for ledger windows
      add some documentation
      solve a date-ordering related bug
      need to close windows before destroying groups
      oops, some other places where frees are needed.
      first draft of revised cell display strategy
      fix how prices are displayed
      harmless change, I think.
      change to keep all credited amounts positive
      oops, we weren't looking at both price cells in ledger
      more documentation
      more documentation
      updated todo list
      add url
      reconcile window stuff
      add documentation
      fix transient bug
      adjust fixes
      static link versions
      add widget return values for menus
      show-hide income and expense accounts (categories)
      some stuff fixed or implemented
      oops,droped a line for the cleared balance
      first round of fixes for computing reconciled balance correctly
      changes to handle reconciliation in stock accounts
      take a shot at internationalization
      oops, dropped currency suymbol
      misc fixes
      projects list
      spell check
      web site
      web site
      file format stuff
      more splits
      more split stuff
      new web page
      change default file extension
      new install script
      oops bug with changed transactions
      fix to warn user of transfers from/to same account
      new account window
      remove beta notice
      further steps toward internationalization
      *** empty log message ***
      bug fixes, enhancements to handle weird QIF formats
      more cbb-inspired changes
      make assumptions about categories
      more split related work
      more split stuff
      start adding split support
      more split updates
      some split notes
      more work to add splits
      re-direct C++ work
      remove reports
      fix compile problem
      add credits
      more references
      bug fix
      more urls
      accounting periods
      remove category
      remove catagories
      more split stuff
      split name change
      get rid of memo field in transaction
      move reconciled field to split
      move credit account to split
      move write_flag to split
      don't set description field directly
      first step of radical surgery to implement splits
      more work to implement splits
      conversion of FileIO to use splits
      move ledger utils to splits
      port to use splits
      almost done implementing splits
      first sketch
      more ugly hacks
      do single cells
      create price cell
      add implementation
      updated projects list
      more stuff
      compilable table.c
      moe infrastructure
      oops silly bug
      finally, a compilabe, working demo
      start adding callbacks
      fix column brokenness
      got modify verify callback working as desired.
      implementation of basic price function
      a few more cell types
      assorted infrastructure
      start date handling
      restructure register
      first try at crude inheritance
      implement enter, leve cell callbacks
      minor bug fixes
      add reconcile abilities
      date with patches from the 1.0 tree
      minor cleanup
      minor work
      implement date parsing
      add cell "self" pointer to callback
      more merges from 1.0 branch
      malloc bug fixes
      implement date accelerators
      one more bugfix
      rename single-cell to basic-cell
      first draft of register widget
      change fileio read-wrtie routine names
      remove all Xt/X11/Motif code in FileIO.c
      quickfill belongs in the gui, not in the account
      first stab at loading the register
      add ability to set table values with cursor,
      major surgery, cut all the old code out
      assorted minor updates
      first use of new ledger object
      fix initialization error, remove motif from transaction.h
      display stuff
      add alpha warning notes
      mark some cells as being output-only
      implement traversal, at least as first draft.
      tab group foolishness
      first cut at a combobox implementation
      more combobox implementation filled in
      add action cell
      remove combobox code
      fix up more of the combobox behaviours,
      compile register subdir
      segragate messages into its own header file
      set up actual messages for the popup
      first cut for quickfill in cells
      more quick-fill basic infrastructure
      more or less working quickfill. could still use some
      set the cell action
      fixes to traversal.  It almost works.
      haha! fixed traversal, finally!
      haha fixed the traversal order, finally!
      get rid of the special action-cell type.  Not needed, and confusing,
      add transfer account pop-down box
      perform i18n of menu items
      stale, obsolete
      new routine to correctly handle table resizing
      start adding ability to commit edits
      add user data in prep for support for edits
      oops bug fixes
      be sure to store cell value in the callbacks
      add date cell set value method
      assorted changes for commiting edits to transaction list
      add callback for move of cursor, allowing edits to be commited
      misc bug fixes & cleanup
      handle transfer types
      remove gui elements from the account structure
      remove more GUI stuff from the accounts structure
      remove last remaining traces of gui stuff from account structures.
      compiles now, buit still very broken
      rework the ledger utils
      ledger-list related fixes
      fixes to window list utilities
      misc core dumps fixed
      misc bug & core dump fixes
      mplement ability to delete a transaction
      rename transaction method names
      misc changes
      implement transfers
      rename the free & alloc routine names
      misc bug fixes
      bug fix, change the date ordering
      add monetary value parsing routine
      add some notes
      minor fixes to amount parsing algorithm
      updates of status
      implement cell set_value callback
      more to directory register
      move to this directory from earlier homes
      fix prep string macro
      misc fixes
      keep single-split transactions in sync
      oops, carefule with those splits!
      core dump fix
      some arguments should be const
      fix transfers from account to account
      add change flag to help with cached values
      implement caching of non-changed edits
      new improved tracking of changes to structures,
      more account utilities from ledger to engine
      readme updates
      more abstractions
      todays date
      start of infrastructure to support multiple register types
      updates more urls
      start configing some of the othe ledger types
      enabling the fancy reister windows
      fix stupid core dump
      add watermark
      merges from 1.0 branch
      merge in stuff from the 1.0 branch
      merege changes from 1.0 tree
      patch based on stuff forgotten from 1.0 branch
      merge in changes from 1.0 branch
      merge in changes from the 1.0 branch
      merge in change from main branch
      merge in changes from 1.0 branch
      oops cleanup after merge of 1.0
      oops, included one thing too many
      move engine files to own directory
      fixes to get things to compile, based on new location
      makefile cleanup
      fixes to make relocated files compile
      move a few more files to engine directory
      remove misc motif code from engine
      readme file
      move motif-related gui files into thier own directory
      reworkd makefiles so they work for moved source
      1.1.4 versin info
      design overview doc
      fix infinite loop
      patched configure scripts
      te perl scripts from cbbrowne
      dd url for plot
      rename debit & credit splits to be source & dest splits
      add porter
      add a philosphy section
      fix for ranlib
      new input file for make
      new improved makefile stuff
      plotting routines
      but gix
      gtk port of xacc
      oops, a couple of missing files
      ABS conflicts with glib
      ftp sources
      from Henning
      add jereny's name
      more makefile fixes for gtk targets
      remove motif
      work on getting stocks right
      add debug lines
      add debug flag
      add value cell to stock ledger
      misc cleanup, fix tabing for stock ledgers
      add debug flag
      fix it
      add cvs notes
      oops forgot to bump version number
      add emacs trailer
      features list
      patches from Jeremy Collins
      patches from jeremy collins
      new makefiles from config
      ofx-style account info
      new stuff from Jeremy
      add -Wall to cflags
      more configure cflags fixes
      rename table structures, and redefine
      new gui-independet table parts
      add new function
      updates; still don't compile tho
      whoa, I think this may finally be the design we are looking for
      partial results for p[ort of move-stuff
      gui-indep pieces done, maybe.
      add tags target
      some gtk stuff
      patches from rob browning
      oodles and poodles of compiler flags
      fix misc compiler warnings, add copyrights, license info
      lets tone down those compiler flags a bit.
      fixes to make the new stuff compile
      more fixes to get it to compile with newign
      ok, the big switch to the new design
      big switch to the new design
      fix for a core dump
      ianother core dump cause we forgot to finish the code
      oops should have checked for this
      assorted fixes for assorted core dumps, move some code around
      finally, got the last core dump of this round
      fixes for a core dump
      remove minor lint
      start isolating the engine functions
      more helper functions for data hiding in transactions
      implement data hiding for account structures
      implement data hiding
      finalize hiding of transaction structures, start work on hiding account
      more data hiding stuff
      more utilities for data hiding
      finally, data hiding for the account group
      data hiding for groups
      implement data hiding
      remove a line
      name change due to data hiding
      beginings of some editing safety thingies
      name change of some routines
      readme file
      spell check
      spell check
      minor fix
      documentation update
      disable assert for now
      name changes
      bug fix
      assorted fixes
      fix bit flag computation
      fix how double-entry is maintained
      updates to fix how balance is kept
      add a trival utility routine
      misc changes
      remove some junk
      swig project file & build
      new gtk build process
      latest & greatest
      notes about taxes
      new gtk build stuff
      Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
      more docs
      get flags right
      add destroy routines & some docs
      oops fix copyright date
      add destroy function
      updates to docs
      add docs, destroy method
      remove underscores
      add destroy method, minor doc updates
      add some docs, add destroy method
      add minor docs, add destroy method
      oops forgot the free
      add destry routine
      add copyright notice
      add destroy method
      add destroy methods
      misc cleanup
      minor cleanup
      fix how transaction freeing works.
      add handling for the "blank split"
      some fixes for the blank split handling
      fix blan-split handling
      add some docs
      assorted bug fixes
      add notes
      major changes to qifio to sheild engine from it;
      add a warning
      add a side effect (yuck) why am i doing this?
      fix how splits work, make completly engine independent
      documentation updates
      rationalize register type naming
      fix paths to help files
      update credits
      formatting fixes
      update price stuff
      more warnings
      Henning's date internationalization code
      fix some lint
      monor hack to fix
      swig stuff from Rob Browning
      remove swig stuff (it's now in a separate dir)
      move of enums
      remove lint
      CBBrowne's fixes
      more about reconcilation
      more recncile updates
      fix multiple bugs relating to transfers
      add transaction logging
      updates to reflect new engine design
      bug fix
      make prints meaningful
      force splits to always balance
      add utility routine
      redesign for atomic operations
      changes to accomodate the new engine layout
      changes to match new engine design
      implement destroy-split, other cleanup
      modifications to deal with new engine
      misc cleanup
      minor cleanup
      make sure that balances are automatically recomputed whenever needed
      bug fixes
      oops bug fix
      notes about consistent updates
      bug fix
      oops! bug fix
      oops more bug fixes
      sort order
      misc stuff
      first round of changes to handle new date stuff
      get rid of date structs
      change in date handling
      idate handling changes
      ne transaction varieties
      error checking for insert-split
      more to ofx directory
      start work to enfore transaction processing
      add a little bit of documentation
      isolate a little bit from the engine
      ido trans processing
      be gentle to those with semi-working code
      updates as per RMS's comments.
      porting notes
      idebug ...
      fix sign of balance amounts for income, expense windows
      add blanking for zero-valued cells
      updates about keys & buttons
      add emacs notes
      patches from jeremey collins
      run configure
      budget design notes
      add automatic file backup
      fix a stupid assert
      add account types strings
      fix name of backup file
      fix problems with combo cell blanking and off by one display
      more credits
      iBegin long & tedius process of changing name to gnucash
      updated install
      changes from Rob Browning, on the way to a gtk port
      gtk table from rob browning
      updates from rob browning
      from rob browning
      Major makefile rework from rob browning
      some includes got chopped
      oops, dropped a source file
      minor oops by patch
      patches from Jeremy Collins
      patch from jeremy collins
      updates of status
      bug fixes from rob browning
      patches from rob browning
      compile fixes
      patches from rob browning
      minor cleanup
      remove gtkP.h stuff and a dup[e patch
      updates about quicken
      oops, bug
      add design text
      updates fro rob browning
      start working on split-register
      bug fixes
      add split ledger
      compile fixes
      some minor bug patches
      validate cursor relative addressing
      fix serious and old core dup bug ... curious that
      these changes will allow basic & split regs to coexist
      changes to allow coexitnace with split reg
      name changes to allow coexistance with split reg.
      partial impleentation of blan split
      documentation updates
      add documentation
      move gui-independent parts of table out of gtk, motif code
      documentatin updates
      forward decls
      add handiling for null splits
      a Y2K fix
      fix core dump
      updates from Rob Browning
      hack alert message
      fix editor defaults
      simplified ionsertion thanks to rob browning
      fixes from rob browning
      some bug fixes
      new code from rob browning
      updates from rob browning
      add popup menu
      updates from rob
      some tax notes
      new improved instrcutions
      fix foreground color
      oops, register patches
      add documentation
      nitial work to support fancy cell coloring
      updateed script
      big patches from jeremy collins
      semi-colon fix
      some trivia left over from long ago.
      start adding actual color handl;ing code
      more step towards implementing cell colors
      finish colorizing things, I think, for now
      turns out cursor initialization needs to go into its own routine
      fixes for BSD
      some cheap hacks
      fix the cell update problems with the new split register
      NetBSD port fixes by Ted Lemon
      added credit
      new banner
      patch from Ted Lemon
      auto generated makefile updates
      ugly hack
      patches for Qt/KDE from Dirk Schoenberger
      add credit
      pixmaps for kde from Dirk Schoenberger
      configure picked up qt changes
      add some check for invalid values
      more out of bounds checks
      fix the stupid splitloading
      turn debugging on
      couple of bug fixes
      misc fixes, make tabbing work, etc
      bug fix
      remove makefiles, they're autogenerated by configure,
      Delete the makefiles, They are autobuilt by configure, and
      some safety wrappers
      fix some core dump things
      misc bug fix to get blanking & stuff to work right
      bug fix
      introduce more flexible, robust format handling
      ifix documentation
      fix misc typos
      chop out some crap
      price cell renaming, also, bug fix w.r.t. window refresh
      add a note
      fix a transfer bug
      add a convenience routine
      add project server, remove gnomoney
      this file rebuilt automatically by configure
      patches from ob Browning
      updates to preference code from Rob Browning
      get rid of tab
      get rid of this topgroup thing
      misc cleanup
      some documentation improvements
      bug fixes
      add an assert
      fix a couple of core dumps
      oops, another fix for a core dump
      misc bugs
      add some silly html output
      add a web server to the mix
      ad some documentation
      some anti-core dump stuff
      another oops
      add some silly docs
      a few more changes
      New file, move gui-independent ledger management to here.
      more notes
      more updates
      add a note
      bug fix that was causing excesssive redraws
      get rid of compiler warning
      fixes from Stephen Webb
      bug fix for something that was showing wrong balance
      more hacks
      now it compiles
      anti core dump fixes
      misc bug fixes and ongoing devel
      finish up general porting
      move to new gui-indep account managmement
      move over to gui-indep register handling
      add reconciled balance
      settle dikspute
      core dump fiox from rob browning
      fix compile bugs, from rob browning
      Rob Browning's initialization updates
      add support for old-style register back in
      add output support for old-style register elements
      make stuff work right
      make stuff work
      more docs
      oops bug fix
      changes to allow dynamically reconfigurable registers
      a few documentatry notes
      fix a little oops
      hid some of the split fields
      more config options
      multi-line display nonsense
      enable correct editing
      improve documentatation, add utility routine
      make sure that splits are handled nicely for a dual-line display
      remove dead code
      fix core dump
      updates for new register layout
      add single-line display xfer cell
      bug fixes
      oops, bug fix
      some beuty touches tock prices
      minor safety valves
      put in stubs for some of the general ledger types
      fixes from Ted Lemon
      fix the build breaker
      fixes fro Ted Lemon
      quick hack
      fix core dump
      fix a core dump
      fix cursor initialization problem
      fixes to get traversal into table first time to work correctly
      fix how the current cursor row is done up
      fix many but not all tabbing problems
      qt fix
      bug fix
      fixes to tabbing
      some clean up
      fix the docs, add a utility
      add more arguments to the move-cursor callback
      mprove documentation, add autility routine
      add auto-expanding display
      improve the docs
      kloc counts
      merge in changes originally done in the mono-split branch
      make sure the other way of destroying things also generates a log entry
      add some reality to the journalling system
      fixes to get journalling right and to plug a major memory leak
      a few more fixes taht we missed
      get rid of width and alignment attricutes in cells, & handle that stuff
      add a utility routine
      merge in big branch that implements (more or less) the auto-dynamic-expansion
      patches from Dirk Schoenberger
      fixes to handle the transfer-from field correctly
      some minor fixes for performance
      fixes from Rob Browning
      cleanup by Rob Browning
      new files from Rob Browning
      new fioles from rob browning
      cleanup by rob browning
      cleanup from Rob Browning
      fixes from rob browning
      fix core dump
      oopsy doopsy
      name chage from xacc to gnucash
      quick hack to fix guile build
      quick fix
      fixes from rob browning
      install stuff from rob browning
      ignore various files
      files to ignore
      perl updates
      gnore certain files
      ignore certain files
      makefile and build fixes and corrections from Rob Browning
      change name to gnucash from xacc
      fixes from rob
      try to get tabbing to work
      tabbing fixes
      more fields, documentation, etc.
      clirification, additional docs,
      beginings of a simple query engine
      core dump fixes
      changes to start using the query engine
      fix for core dump
      minor updates
      warning about timespec; more transaction/split sorting.
      remove obsolete code (replaced by code in Query.c
      more work on sorting
      more sorting futzing around
      sorting fixes
      look for date bounds
      add early, late funcs
      stop that annoying beeping
      fix minor flakiness
      add the final few utilities that we need (for now)
      set upd max splits to show
      oPatches from Rob Browning
      new checks for guilelibs from rob browning
      build hints
      bug fix
      fix an annoying display problem
      some quickie hackies
      add a currency trading account type
      add some docs
      add security type
      check currency before blithly allowing transfers
      a little bit of text
      ocomment out some trash
      fix the behaviour that rob is complaining about
      iannounce currency trading
      merge changes from currthree branch into head branch.
      a stupid fix for currency
      modify/configure default double entry behaviour;
      allow hosers that don't use double entry to get reasonable behaviour.
      fix core dumps and other mess when double entry is not forced onto the user.
      configure & makefile patches for guile from Tyson Dowd   <tyson at>
      rebuilt w/autoconf
      make a note of a serious bug
      i updates
      bug fixes from Jon K}re Hellan
      a few suggested patches from  Jon K}re Hellan
      bug fix from Ted Lemon <mellon at>
      minor updates
      prevent some nasty recursion
      more updates
      fix core dump
      more feature wishlist to design file
      script to generate permutations
      remove dangerous message
      some updates
      rationalize split deletiton, make it work right.
      fixes for correct TP
      changes to implement transaction rollback
      describe the transaction processing features
      fix documentation
      changes to defer date sorting until the commit phase.  Also, changes to make
      minor but important fix to the sort order.
      additions to allow gui to rollback the enire transaction,
      some documentation
      add all kinds of stuff to allow splits and transactions to be compared, and
      final (?) fixes to properly merge accounts for QIF
      documentation cleanup
      misc cleanuip,simplification
      fix for core dump
      misc things
      misc stuff
      remove some seriously stale old code
      fix a core dump in unusual situations
      fix irksome bug with file import
      add amil archives
      bug fix
      fixes to handle MS Money format better
      fix oops bug with ms money name guessing
      make things look nice in the debugger
      allow unconstrained date browsing in register
      fix a date padding problem
      minor stuff
      new gifs
      importing MYM bank-of-a files
      oops, fix a thinko ...
      add some stuff to improve date handling
      action cell contents depend on register type
      first round file format updates
      added transasction posted dates to file format
      fix constness problem
      add datte reconciled to file format
      add support for docref in the file format
      misc cleanup
      oops, be sure to set reconcile date ...
      some refresh hacks
      fix docs path
      oops typo
      add check for xmhtml
      changes to conditionally build XmHTML
      fixes to appearenece
      fix some amps ...
      some minor fix
      add reports to search path
      add code for implementing reports
      change to routine providing access to account type names
      correct swig level
      guile version
      more config flags
      dd xml builder
      patches from rob browning
      add missing text
      directions for eperl
      add live reports
      some status about reports ...
      remove references to X-Accountant
      name change
      change signature
      signature change
      add a sort order for accounts
      add sorted-order accounts
      add ultostr utility routine, inverse of strtoul
      add auto-numbering for account codes
      add group function to auto-insert an account code
      fix a few core dumps
      do some account markup
      another bug fix, to get sort order right
      move account code tools to different file
      oops, we need another routine to do the right thing ...
      add new file
      plugin design
      oodles of patches from rob browning ...
      hmmm  last patch didn't apply properly ...
      patch didn't apply correctly, try again
      hmm, previous patch did not apply correctly
      arghhh patch keeps screwwing up
      arghh patch is screwing up ...
      remove all the accidental trash that just snuck in
      apply patches from rob, this is what should have been
      remove xmhtml
      more urls
      need to have guile
      rewrite the blurb
      changes from <Alain.Peyrat at>
      fixes to running section
      add various missing dirs to install
      quick hack
      dd makefile
      add makefile
      merge from branch rlb-patch1
      pick a slightly more rational location
      fix various configure problems
      design notes
      merge robs patches from branch
      updates explainging the accounts
      more hyperlinks
      dd xpfe
      new spec file
      merge in patches from rob browning
      remove old lsm file
      add lsm file
      misc patches from Myroslav Opyr <mopyr at IPM.Lviv.UA>
      bug report
      minor stuff
      get rid of print statements
      add fancier printing for currencies
      some hacks to fix a date-value bug
      fix a date bug
      oops, didn't fix all of teh bug last time ...
      use three decimalplaces for stock quantities
      fix build problem
      fix a configure problem
      fix linking problems
      fix install script bug
      termcap tomfoolery
      new french translation README
      patches from rob browning
      ignore these files
      more notes from robbs patch
      more patches from rob
      patches from jeremy
      bug fix from Ken Yamaguchi
      bug fixes
      updates to compile notes
      updates from rob browning
      fixes for core dumps
      oops, a few more core dump things
      attempt fix to core dump ....
      add some notes
      some quickie install hacks
      new files from Jeremy Collins
      patch from Jeremy (with robs help ???)
      misc fixes I've spotted
      ignore diff files
      new notes
      merge robbs patches fro branch rlb-patch4
      fix a little oops
      begine modernization of debuggin infrastructure
      debuggin info
      modernize the infrastructure for debugging
      straighten out the debugging messages
      add more debugging stuff
      fix bad print statments
      finagling with error messages
      new debug infrastructure
      adding some debug messages
      tches from Ron Forrester
      updates to credits
      big ops bug fix
      little fix
      webserver credits
      start adding infrastructure for scrubbing single-entry accounts
      scrub up single entry accounts, get them
      fix typos
      more work on scrubber functions
      more work to get scrubbing to work
      french readme
      remove this, replaced by LISEZ.MOI
      gnome patches from Prakash Kailasa <PrakashK at>
      oops, more patches from Prakash Kailasa
      add some docs about scrubbing
      Some general Scrb cleanups
      switch over to 64-bit timekeeping
      hack around swig unhappiness
      y2k stuff
      more 64-bit date stuff
      extended date handling ...
      fix leap year handling ...
      fixes for date handling
      a couple more date fixes
      some more minor fixes
      changes to extend date handling
      misc cleanups
      fix stupid bug
      various fixes to get this to compile
      updates to get gnome to compile
      a coupel more fixes
      fix needed to link
      oops typo
      dd gstalker
      add makefile
      add perl paths
      misc fixes
      add fpic flag
      fixes to build the so
      clean up the demos
      add license
      first draft
      final version
      split session source file into header and c code
      add warning ...
      update design text
      make the direct fileio routines privatge
      add explicit file-based entry point
      add file path retreival
      move path resolution to its own utility function
      updates to reflect new design ...
      new file fixes
      rename lock file
      some added missing function
      add code to create home dir, if needed
      minor fix
      add some config routines
      enbale some of the preferences code
      more stuff
      add perl prereqs
      add new perl module
      add fidelity stuff
      allow certain unsafe ops
      more fidelity quotes
      more fidelity things
      rationalize, strip out blanks
      remove this obsolete file ...
      dd trowe price quotes
      update the docs
      don't need this puppy any more
      add an example, strip out some blanks
      ifix some bugs
      add account array functions
      make the perl directory as well
      fix a icky bug
      automated scripts
      oooooops nasty bug
      oops forgot dependency
      presto chango
      start adding secondary account info to the mix
      more account-info things
      more account-info stuff
      add auxilliary account info
      add more deps
      fix up the script a bit
      More cleanup
      add date util
      add dereferenceing operators
      rebuild when anno's change
      add some type conversion routines
      check prices before updating
      more misc hacks
      add byte-stream capabilities
      byte stream blurb
      more around the docuementation
      more cleanup
      add a lib dir for the perl modules
      corrections to libdir setup
      double ooops
      add some notes
      set up more state
      change jcollins email addr
      *** empty log message ***
      add genius trader
      corrections for gnucash
      add note on currency trading
      makefile updates
      portfolio valuation
      add some convenience for perl
      add support for cost basis accounting
      new features
      screen shorts of portfolio
      fifo/lifo accounting
      more stuff
      more code
      a few more routines
      fifo./lifo header file
      split out the header file
      added documentation
      compute cost basis correctly
      cost basis bug fixes
      big build updates
      more clarification
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger and soem of my own
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger
      more credits
      a fix for an anoying little buig
      to do list from Andrew Arensburger
      more cleanup
      clarify qt support
      more corrections
      spell check
      oops on install
      fix bugs
      oops install
      start adding vanguard
      updates for vanguard
      add vanguard suipport
      more vanguard fixes
      add stock-ticker info
      merge in branch "multi" with patches from multiple authors
      fixes suggested by Alexandru Harsanyi  <haral at>
      credit for Alexandru Harsanyi <haral at>
      patch from Mike Simmons
      patches from Mike Simmons
      old unixware config file is very very obsolete
      mega patch from  Mike Simons <msimons at>
      a howto for suse
      add Sven Kuenzler <sk at>
      new gtksheet code from rob browning
      patches from rob browning
      text formatting
      cleanup from rob browning
      misc cleanup from rob browning
      misc cleanup and fixes from rob browning
      merge major restructuring of the gnome code from the rlbig branch.
      libnana cleanup
      add some development notes
      updates from rob
      patch from rob
      patches from Jeremy Collins
      patches from rob browning
      patches from rob browning
      oops, new conflicts with C++
      more things to ignore
      patches from jeremy collins
      expanded monetary routines
      add stupid prototype
      new improved style
      add full support for printing of monetaryvalues with commas
      add slib requirement to runtime section
      fix the quote/escape problem and make this file actually useful ...
      add the html module
      fix a silly core dump when destroying accounts with open windows
      enbable enable-debug to work
      add some notes
      patch from jeremey collins, of  Fri, 19 Feb 1999 01:12:36 -0600
      patch from jeremy collins, dated  Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:22:58 -0600
      jeremy's patch of  Sun, 21 Feb 1999 02:51:51 -0600
      some guile fixes
      code from Dirk Schoenberger
      patches from Dirk Shoenberger for kde/qt
      fix a qif import bug
      fix the currency thing correctly
      some systems define this
      patches from jeremy collins of  Fri Apr  9 15:31:29 1999
      patches from Dirk Scheonberger of  Fri Apr  9 15:13:34 1999
      from dirk
      patches from dirk
      patches from Dirk Scheonberger
      anser jeremy questions
      promote dirk
      add more stuff
      remove Werror for now
      kep people happy
      changes for qt build
      changes from dirk
      oops one of dirks new files
      patches from Jeremy Collins Sun, 11 Apr 1999 17:34:27 -0500
      fix typos
      patches from rob browning
      major rework from Rob browning of Tue Apr 13 17:29:50 1999
      major rework from Rob Browning, of Tue Apr 13 17:29:50 1999.
      big patch from jeremy Collins of Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 13:32:31 -0500
      changes from Rob Browning Date: 22 May 1999 17:03:37 -0500
      changes from rob browning
      quick fix ...
      whatever, fix bugs
      whatever, the patch that should have applied but didn't
      rob generalizations of staged traversals & my fixes toi it
      remove the wrapper
      more fixes
      french translations
      move english lang files to En subdirectory
      french translation from  LE NY Yannick
      adding french translation from  LE NY Yannick
      add french docs subdir
      new configure script
      lesstif bug work-around
      get that comment in there
      fix some lesstif notes
      add trace hooks
      add/modify misc debugging messages
      add new fatal error mesage type
      oops forgot this
      added search path for docs
      ignor auto-gennned file
      add search pat for docs
      changes from From Rob Browning Date: 01 Jun 1999 16:05:08 -0500
      changes  From Rob Browning        Date: 01 Jun 1999 16:05:08 -0500
      fix from rob
      add Jan-Uwe Finck <ju_finck at>
      configure scri[ptlets
      fix the checkout directions
      fix up resource file
      imove over from the prefs directory
      add note
      work around some lesstif bugs
      change beta message
      y2k fix
      new urls
      patches from jeremey collins Date: Sat, 05 Jun 1999 10:08:03 -0500
      fixes from rob browning
      add stpcpy for solaris
      add check for stpcpy
      added notes
      lint removeal
      add lotsa documentation
      changes from rob browning
      fix ccess method to the topgroup
      stuff from rob browning from a while ago i forgot to check in
      stuff rom rob browning I forgot to commit
      stuff from rob from a while ago
      fixes for a file-open bug
      add dist target
      bug fix from Per Bojsen <per.bojsen at>
      patches from Alexandru via Rob Browning
      cleanup how credit/debit is displayed,
      beutify a tad ...
      whatever ...
      fix the cvs xacc to gnucash rename
      new translation from Jan-Uwe.Finck at
      fix the credits, fix teh version number
      more fixes from Uwe
      clarify teh malloc behaviour
      spell check
      fixes from  Heath Martin <martinh at>
      add heath martin to credits
      tches from Heath Martin <martinh at> Sun, 25 Jul 1999 22:57:18
      fix a bug i'd introduced last night
      add copyrights
      patch from Graham Leggett <minfrin at>
      add credit for Graham Leggett <minfrin at> for fixing a hang
      remove two dead files
      fix a touch problem
      fix bad line break
      fixes suggested by RMS
      oops spaces not tabs
      patches from Matt Armstrong <matt at>
      add debug msgs
      lines 831 and 869 need return values   From Paul Moore pcmoore at
      both <math.h> and <malloc.h> need to be included  From Paul Moore pcmoore at
      spell check fixes from cbbrowne at
      cleanup and prep work for qif import
      cleanup and prep work for qif import from cbbrowne at
      QIF import code from  cbbrowne at
      From cbbrowne at               Aug 3, 99 00:35:25 am -0500
      From Alexandru Harsanyi                       Aug 3, 99 04:24:10 pm +0300
      From Jeremy Collins                             Aug 3, 99 01:43:55 am -0500
      add debug print statements
      fix bug related to transfers
      add documentation describing table layout
      add documentation about redraws
      Ben Kelly <ben.kelly at> for motif menu bug fix
      char is unsigned not signed by default
      fix cell leave processing bug; update diagnostic messages
      update tracing messages
      bug fixes from Chris Leach
      update ben kelly
      core dump fix
      add core dump fix credits
      Fixes for dec-osf builds
      add cresdits for alpha-=dec-osf port
      Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 07:17:44 -0500
      fix some fubaritic rock as per Per Bojsen <bojsen at>
      patch From: "David O'Brien" <obrien at>
      fixes From: Peter Pointner <peter at>
      From: Peter Pointner <peter at>
      patches from rob browning
      ffrom rob browning, failed to check in earlier
      add note about broken lesstif
      QIF patches from Dave Peticolas <peticola at>
      patches from Dave Peticolas <peticola at>
      patches from Dave Peticolas <peticola at>
      patches from Dave Peticolas <peticola at>
      file from cbbrowne at
      add a credit for dave peicolas
      Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 11:57:54 -0700
      multitude of patches from
      patches from
      use -z3 noand -Pd from rob
      The 'last 10 patches' from Dave Peticolas <peticola at>
      oops, forgot to add this from peticolas '10 patches' patch
      patches from Dave Peticolas Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      bug fix for rounding suggested by Dave petticolas
      minor munky
      patches from Dave Petticolas Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from Dave peticolas Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from Dave Peticolas SSun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from Dave peticolas  Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from Dave peticolas  Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from Dave Peticolas Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from  Peter Pointner Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 22:43:54 +0100 (MET)
      Pater Pointner
      patches from Peter Pointner Sat, 13 Nov 1999 22:43:54 +0100 (MET)
      patch from rob browning
      more info
      delete changelog as per request
      first round of updates
      major re-org
      add sizings
      spell check
      bug fix
      beutification from cbbrowne
      update the credits a tad
      updates from cbbrowne
      big ol patch from Dave peticolas
      apply Daves patch of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      cbbrowne's updates via dave's patch of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      daves patch of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      cleanup from Dave's patch of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      daves patch of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      daves patches of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      apply peticolas patch of 17 Jan 2000 00:15:12 -0800
      add internationalization
      add other supported locales
      more mailing list info
      Dave Peticolas patch of Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 02:40:06 -0800
      patches from Dave Peticolas Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 02:40:06 -0800
      patches from Dave Peticolas Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 02:40:06 -0800
      I guess I have write access hmmm ...
      cleanup of the references section, remove dead links, names,
      change source url
      no-op testing cvs checkin
      fix for compund filename bug
      commit changes
      fix copyrights
      fix address of FSF in copyright notice
      add info about prices, stock splits and options
      add intro paragraph
      name is gnucash not xacc.
      add documentation expolaing the flags
      some raw design notes
      smell-checked with my smelling checker
      add note about euro conversion and about equity accounts
      update the FSF mailing address
      update the FSF mailing address
      updat ehte mailing address for FSF
      add query to get the reverse-balance by type
      fix the balance amounts shown in the status bar
      smell check
      spell check
      fix up definitions of the equity and the income/expense account types
      update credits, update lines-of-code counts
      some tweaks
      move guid to top
      some quick-hack prototypes for sql
      add more demo code
      add notes
      dd notes about sql impl.
      add section about future, unimplemeneted proposals
      add pango url
      updates about sql back-end
      some cleanup
      extensive cleanup
      misc extra updates
      iquick patch to build on red hat systems
      add more accounting period stuff
      arify the reconcile warning messasge
      update how reconciliation works
      add date
      add some iso9000 bs
      updates to scheduled transactions
      miscellaneous updates
      new, improved debug printing macros
      new, improved debug printing macros
      oops !!
      new, improved debug printing macros
      new, improved debug printing macros
      new, improved debug printing macros
      beginings of outlien for sql work
      reorder some stuff
      add documentation comments
      more database hacking
      minor sql backend fixups
      a little bit of thread-safety/re-entrancy safety added
      new improved prototype
      more stuff
      add more update handling
      change name of account group subroutine
      more database backend modifications
      notes about single entry
      start using the backend like its intended to be used ...
      start putting in real table-locking and rollback logic
      mostly cosmetic, with one actual bug fix
      some cosmetic changes
      added safety checking
      added notes abut accounting periods
      add palm pilot links
      update on reports status
      cleanup some sql mess
      add ranlib to libengine.a
      add case-insensitive string compare
      make returned const strings actually const
      fix typo
      oops, undo a mistake
      should link to engine not .o's
      fix problems with statics
      status updates
      fix divide by zero problem.
      update finance quote info
      add reference to quotehist
      fix up fsf headers
      fix typo
      some minor cleanup
      add a url
      fix FreeBSD core dump on integer overflow
      add url for check printing
      misc updates
      update status on miscellaneous projects
      reword one sentance
      fix euro
      update status on wizards, testing, reconcile auting and various misc
      update status on logging, books, graphing & misc cleanup
      run it through the smelling checker
      fix a few more smelling errors
      list quicken file reader
      add gnucash banner ad
      add classes
      add more about job costing, classes
      add some of richards changes, and some of my own (linas).
      add some notes
      commit some of richards changes, as re-written by linas.
      add spanish translation
      add spanish translations
      add spanish translatin credit
      fix the correct credits
      update requirements for reports
      add commentary on 'formats'
      rename formts --> arrangements
      fix typo
      add reference for DTA
      invoicing and order entry iupdates
      tirade about being a web browser
      QIF file format notes
      add TEF format
      fix all the the smelling errors
      update report status, emphasize need for memorized reports
      add introductory paragraphs
      dd freeside package
      table-of-contents formatting bug fixes
      new lines of code counts for current versions
      missed a subdir
      update history, bring in line with web site credits
      continue with the gnu/new play on words
      add intro paragraphs, add number of language translations
      attempt to fix some of the post-script formatting problems
      attempt to fix up postrscript formatting
      richards changes
      iformatting cleanup, richards changes
      cleanup for formatting
      more cleanup
      misc cleanup, fixes
      misc cleanup
      consolidate paragraphs
      dia diagrams of engine structures
      system block diagram
      add smbxml
      add and reshuffle URL's to vaarious systems
      move all project linsks to a new location
      annotate file descriptions to make lxr happy
      annotations to make lxr happy
      make annotations so that lxr happily ndisplays the file contents
      annotations to make lxr display file summary text
      rob used guile to convert doubles to strings;
      remove doubled statement
      add demo files
      be sure to build the makefile in the experimental directory
      allow xml data to come from any source, not just files
      add support for sending of queries via xml
      ongoing cgi-bin demo work
      fix query predicates
      add prototype query parsing,
      start fleshing out query parsing
      more query xml work
      OK, with this patch, the save & restore of the date query works.
      setting the stage for non-file URL's
      try to fix bogus error handling
      quick, crude prototype network i/o
      demo fastcgi code. pre-pre-pre alpha
      minor fixes
      some minor fixes
      changethe XML network IO to formally to be a backend plugin.
      fix typo in documentation
      outline of how a netowrk login might work
      cleanup the handling of network io a bit, add some explanatory text
      Misc updates
      hack in something to detect a gnc-xml file, which is then loaded
      re-enable gnc-xml content autodetection
      add a server login sequence to the demo.
      quickie patches allow this to compile with only warnings
      tiny syntax fixup to re-enable the postgres backend
      need include file for time_t type
      add functions that return timespec directly (saves come conversion
      add iso date parsing utility function
      one last function to return timesepc directly
      brush the dust off the sql backend, fix a few things
      dont build the sql subdir byu default, unless you want hurt ...
      add routine to convert account type string to enum
      more basic cleanup & restoration
      more stringent checking of the input paramters ...
      another core dump: used to call gh_str02scm on a string that was freed ...
      a few fixes & addition of utility routine.
      add xaccTransGetDatePostedTS, xaccQueryGetMaxSplits,
      get the hooks into the backend lined up right
      add engine-query to sql-query translator
      large areas of sql i/o approaching usable
      start moving common currency into transaction and out of account.
      with these patches, the sql backend is starting to work well.
      move log file handling to gnc-book, where it belongs
      Miscelaneous tweaks to enable the backend to functino properly,
      Add commodity restore
      print url not filename in window title
      fix postgres core dump
      change signature of guid_to_string_buff()
      add notes explaining some date funcs
      add documentary notes
      add iso8601-format date string handling utility function
      Minimally invasive change to set cached starting balance
      add more error types to backend
      fix up the iso8601 string format date utilities
      bug fix
      bug fix: call the backend *before* the transaction is deleted.
      megazord vs. bugs & features
      merge email note
      Merge the two different error reporting mechanisms together into one.
      Simpler build
      escape special chars in strings; simplify the build process.
      The postgress single-user mode should now be more-or-less 'beta'
      forgot to check these in ...
      add dialogs to create a new database, if it didn't exist before
      document the bacekn functions a bit more, document the error codes.
      large invasive patch to send account-deletion info to the backend
      teeny patch to use correct account-deletion routines
      add support for deleting accounts
      bug fixes
      ignoe the autogenerated files
      need to begin/commit transaction when changing values ...
      allow begin-end edit's to be nested;
      add support for kvp frames
      forgot one
      add kvp support for slash-separated keys for frame paths,
      wrap with account editing primitives
      fix comments in source code to no longer refer to deleted code.
      fix order of initialization bug
      add version numbers to account and transaction.
      add version numbers: these allow multi-user updates to be distinguished
      add username/password support
      minor typos & one minor bug fix
      remove stale FIXME comments
      add reminder
      run it through the smelling checker
      fix the 'date-entered' bug
      modify debugging/tracing printouts
      define the price table for the sql backend
      add some tracing info
      bug fix: account-get-comm-balance should use split-get-share-balance
      label for the 'general' panel in account preferences should read
      reset debug level
      clean up usage of the file dialog box
      implement the 'export' button on the report window.
      merge in eamil conversation
      update to record some accounts payable feature requests
      remove carriage returns
      sync with 'real' projects file
      terminate with newline
      update credits
      add accounting period proposal
      add a not as per email conversations
      sync up with web site credits
      add A/R notes
      add sample ofx/qfx XML files for future reference
      add note about qfx
      testing 1 2 3
      testing 1 2 3
      debianize the posgres backend build
      clean up error code handling in SQL backend
      add documentation, and only documentation
      testing 1 2 3
      this is a test, only a test
      add infrastructure to allow save & restore of prices in the backend
      small hacks to add price support
      obscure core dump fix
      add guids to prices
      add price storage to sql backend
      implement price restore in sql backend
      dd support for price-editing callbacks from engine into backend.
      minor bug fix
      implement price editing
      implement price deletion
      remove stale work items
      undo my earlier braindamage
      eliminate irritating 'file-not-saved' dialog box tht pops up on exit
      note that save bug is fixed
      smell check, clarify
      smell check
      preliminary restructuring to needed to implement balance checkpoints
      work to improve the logic of computing balance checkpoints
      add compatibility warning
      print additional info in the debugging routine PrintQuery()
      add utility function returning number of terms
      more work on implementing account balance checkpoints for
      minor sql optimization
      balance checkpoint fixes
      remove usage of depricated routine
      remove usage of depricated routines.
      add a few print statements to teh debugging routine.
      escape reserved chars in string.
      move string escape to its own separate file;
      add stuff to build escape.c
      add GPL license
      add GPL
      add comment
      add some more debugging print statements
      fix typo
      add support for more query types
      add a note
      hostname fix
      bug fix -- reconcile code wasn't calling transaction begin/end edit
      print return code in debugging error message
      add more detailed debugging print info
      add more debugging statements
      add helper functions
      add more query types
      add remaining unsupported query types
      add version
      split up raw sql into two files, so that the maximal query size
      add GPL clause
      add version number (to enable sync with backend)
      add version
      add callbacks for pricedb queries
      add debugging statements to pricedb
      fix a backend bug.  Hope this is the last change for a while ...
      implement price queries
      add price versioning
      fix a price editing side-effect: previously, a price edit of commodity
      fix daylight savings bug in iso8601 date string conversion.
      fix bug
      split out balance checkpoints to its own header file
      add clarifying comment
      big balance checkpoint rework
      oops !!
      add audit trails
      add audit trails
      add deletion to audit trails
      oops !
      bug fix
      update notes
      add versino info
      bug workaround for 7.0.x versions of postgres
      update notes
      bug fix to routine that is currently only used by the sql backend.
      add notes
      add account currency nhack
      add documentation for 'for-each' routine.
      more balalnce checkpoint work
      sum amounts not values
      more account balance checkpoint work
      documentation update
      another bug fix
      misc bug fixes
      more bug fix
      more checkpoint hacking; maybe the last of it ??
      error message cleanup
      pick a better checkpoint number
      fix multi-user transaction rollback
      fix memory leak
      implement multi-user conflict resolution when deleted transactions are edited
      moved a few calls around so that all editing of splits happens within
      bug fixes
      rough in event notification framework
      rework event handling.  Multi-ser events seem to now work; not well tested.
      remove warning
      turn off debugging messages for te backend
      fix warning
      update the docs
      more ...
      split file into two
      move teh transaction handling stuff to its own file
      move prices, transactions to own file
      add tracing function
      update event handling
      move account code to its own file
      restructure event handling
      modify the warning message
      bug fix
      handle transaction deletion event
      remove notes field
      add account update notification
      fix a few bugs
      table changes !
      handle account creation events
      bug fix
      more debug levels
      change debug zone
      performance optimization
      add a debugging note, for later review ...
      uupdate notes
      more notes
      update stats
      performance enhancement
      bug fix
      bug fix -- implement sorting order
      oops got boolean wrong
      add sample 'intuit interchange format' files
      updates to status
      status updates
      more updates
      fix date
      add sample qfx file from wamu
      update instructions
      fix remote login bugs
      add a permission/access control error type
      add permission/access control error type
      remove printf
      remove printf
      add file handle interface to docs
      add libdl
      rescue from bit-rot
      skip excess initialization
      make it write the sml out
      update work items
      dd two more error types (to simplify transaction commit
      report new error types
      fix error handling semantics
      remove the old, bogus error reporting semantics
      another little errcode fix
      fix comments
      fix for possible performance improvement
      remove stale message
      make group commit symmetric
      simple perl script to autogen large gnucash data files
      add clock timer routines for debugging performance problems
      generate some call timing info
      performance fix
      another performance improvement
      oops, missed a spot last night
      use callback function typedefs in prototypes
      change function signature
      add wrapper
      first rough cut at resurrecting the swig wrappers
      ooops checked in autgenned file
      ressurect from the dead
      resurect from the dead
      ignore more
      add indexes for (minor) performance boost
      fix typos
      temp performance hack
      index creation fiasco
      vacuum the db on close
      fix typo
      new experimental fast-fetch routine
      mass restore design runs nearly as native xml file speed (only 16% slower)
      new, improved: loading from database is now 1.5 times faster than
      fix 'save' performance problem
      add timing info
      add some notes
      add performance notes
      add warning note
      order dependency bug fix
      rename files
      another timing routine
      fix rare bug
      bug fix plus nasty hack
      restructure to improve multi-user performance
      forgot to check this in earlier
      fix typo
      add an upward compatibility migration tool
      more hacking
      prepare for improved kvp frame handling in backend
      add version upgrade header
      more versioning hacking
      add new error conditions, clean up cruft
      more upgrade work
      kvp management update
      add test for empty kvp_frame
      performance improvements for kvp handling; should speed loads of
      postgres configure fixes
      spanish translation from  David Mar?n Carre?o <davefx at>
      add spanish translation
      spanish translation of accunts pages by David Mar?n Carre?o
      add credits for spanish translation
      add author counts to stats
      spell-check, fixes, updates
      modularize te netwrk backend, just like everything else.
      don't install private header file
      fix include file install location
      spell check, update a few notes
      fix the opt-style include ath as well
      fix typo
      add notes on the upgrade mechanism
      add design notes
      add a check for kvp in case statement
      fix teh search patchs
      add makefile
      add swig makefile
      update to use new module system
      add strict types in order to enable the perl/Java wrappers to function
      misc updates to use the new book/session design;
      ignore stuff
      remove dead remark
      update tbd status
      add design documentation
      add more design notes
      add patch from Matthew Vanecek <mevanecek at> for pg_config
      patch credit
      cheesy hack to fix build break
      clean up documentation
      misc session->book bugfixes
      add kvp_frame to books; fix misc session->book bugs
      add missing include file
      add missing include
      add GUID to book
      add missing include
      another compiler warning fix
      add missing include
      type-safety tweaks
      start work on accounting periods
      add utilities for accounting periods, clean up backend handling
      patch up the subroutine documentation
      idocumentation cleanup
      more documentation cleanup
      fix typo
      fix documentation
      use kvp's to identify sibling copies of accounts
      update layout
      add documentation
      more backend/book cleanup, rework the account clone function.
      fix typo
      add routine to find clones of accounts in different books
      further backend->book simplification
      bug fix
      fix test cases that are wildly misusing internal routines with great borkeness.
      fix documentation
      code for reparenting across books
      need to distinguish between marking and sending out events:
      misc cleanup
      refview recent entity changes, fix old bug
      inital checkin of misc, bogus, useless utils
      more misc hacking
      move some bogus kvp utility to its own file
      document trans-due-date kvp entry
      add documentation
      header file for accounting periods
      fix memory leak, simplify design, improve performance,
      continue hacking on books ...
      stub out test for accounting periods
      update documentation
      more hacking of accounting periods
      misc notes
      Misc API cleanup: make some engine functions private, etc.
      more implementation .. add equity-balancing transactions
      document the KVP values used by the book
      add hooks for closing of books
      update the documentation
      API change
      bug fix newly added book-closing code
      remove superfluous calls
      bug fix
      remove some book-setting craziness
      insert backend hooks
      start actually testing something
      fix bugs in test
      misc debugging cleanup and a typo fix
      bug fix
      bug fix for account twinning code
      bug fix
      buglet fix; add clarifying docs
      add libglade cflags, libs
      ignore .libs .deps
      add documentation
      initial checkin -- error reporting architecture
      clean up the documentation
      take a shot at implementing books ...
      gratuitous cleanup; add gnc_book_set_guid()
      g_warning -> PWARN
      g_warning -> PWARN
      bug fix
      change printf -> PWARN or PERR
      first pass at integrating book into file backend
      buglet fix
      cosmetic fixes
      a few bug fixes; add a utility routine
      gratuitous rearrangement of parenthesis.
      add diagnostic warning messages
      add debug messages
      make it easier to grep for usage of child parsers
      update debug statements
      turn on book support in the file backend
      start scratching in support for multiple books
      remove un-needed include
      add state management flags
      more book-support fixes, additions
      check book guid before setting it
      new files for handling books
      more rough-in for handling of books
      bug fix
      remove un-needed field
      add/modify debug statements
      continue roughing in support for books
      change backend API to fix book-bug
      "refactor"/simplify  dead-ugly code, change API to match backend
      API change in backend
      misc cleanup
      fix error handling
      change how reparenting works
      misc cleanup
      add new tracing class
      add debug statements
      misc cleanup
      add new test
      misc cleanup, bug fix
      find  out what book a price belongs to
      commodities belong to books
      commodities belong to books
      commodities belong to books
      commodities belong to books
      uhh, never mind, revert the last patch
      uhh, never mind,. revert the last patch
      never mind, revert that last patch
      clean up logic
      remove dead code
      bug fixes
      add debug messages
      book/acct-period related bugfixes
      purely cosmetic re-arrangement of parenthesis
      cosmetic renaming of PR_AMOUNT->PR_VALUE
      cosmetic renaming of PR_AMOUNT -> PR_VALUE
      add missing include
      change PR_AMOUNT ->PR_VALUE
      rename PR_AMOUNT -> PR_VALUE
      add generic types
      start adding book-matching predicates
      more reorg in preparation for switch to books
      more private data structures to private, non-portable directory
      move Query private data structures to private file
      use private Query structures
      cut over to multiple-book query
      add support for multiple books
      continue whacking at multi-book support
      typo fix
      add postgres binaries to search path
      more dinkering with multi-book support
      more multi-book support hacking
      bug fix
      add note
      add another note
      translation from Tomokazu Iwashita
      japanese translation <iwashita at>
      fix typo
      update docos
      initial checkin of lots design proposal
      spell chick
      spill check
      spell fixes, misc doco cleanup
      start roughing in support for lots
      initial checkin
      rough in lots
      fix various tab->3 spaces, tab->8 spaces indentation problems
      get/set the guid
      update status of lots implementation
      initial checkin
      cleanup, start adding support for lots
      add an example
      Accounts 'own' lots and provide memory management, etc.
      undo scary cannabis-inspired damage
      misc trite changes
      more documentation
      miswc cleanup, add minor/misc lot support
      finish adding suport for save/restore of lots
      misc cleanup; lot-related bug fixes; add more traces
      added tracing; misc lot-related bug fix
      update lot status
      ignore bogus files
      the original copyright notice in this directory
      add derek's double-balance idea
      Glen Ditchfield gui elements
      remove dead code
      remove old, dead ofx code
      Only the Etrade OFX url remains
      more updates
      hpux update
      testing 1 2 3
      remove junk

Rob Browning (529):
      * lib/srfi/srfi-2.scm: new file.
      * add lib/srfi/Makefile to AC_OUTPUT.
      * lib/ (SUBDIRS): add srfi.
      * (TAGS): add a msg to suggest --enable-tags.
      * src/gnome/window-main.c
      * src/scm/utilities.scm (flatten): improved via grib's version.
      * src/scm/srfi/ moved to lib/srfi.
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm (addto!): make a
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm (addto!): make a
      * doc/sgml/C/ (GNUCASH_SGML_FILES): remove entries
      *** empty log message ***
      * (AC_OUTPUT): remove src/scm/srfi/Makefile (again?).
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm: add use-modules
      * lib/srfi/srfi-19.scm: update to new guile-core version.  (Grab
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/scm/process.scm: now a guile module (gnucash process).
      * src/scm/price-quotes.scm: use (gnucash process) module.
      * src/scm/ (gnc_regular_scm_files): remove process.scm.
      *** empty log message ***
      * lib/srfi/srfi-19.scm: updated to include guile-core bug fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnome/dialog-nextrun.c: fixed some type problems.
      * src/gnome/dialog-scheduledxaction.c: fixed some type problems.
      * src/gnome/gnc-frequency.c: fixed some type problems.
      * src/scm/depend.scm (gnc:depend): add optional timing facility.
      * src/scm/report-html.scm: make (ice-9 slib) dependency explicit.
      * src/scm/ (gnc:load): don't silently succeed on
      .cvsignore: add ChangeLog.
      * src/scm/report/account-piecharts.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/account-summary.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/average-balance.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/balance-sheet.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/category-barchart.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/hello-world.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/iframe-url.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/net-barchart.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/pnl.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/portfolio.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/price-scatter.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/register.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/taxtxf.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm: renamed to transaction.scm
      * src/scm/report/transaction.scm: renamed from
      * src/scm/report/report-list.scm: switch to use-modules for
      * src/scm/report/ (gncscmmoddir): dir for report modules.
      *** empty log message ***
      * .cvsignore: add intltool files.
      * acinclude.m4: added AM_ACLOCAL_INCLUDE so it would work from
      * src/app-file/.cvsignore: add gw-app-file.scm.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/register/ledger-core/
      * src/register/ledger-core/test/
      * src/register/register-core/
      * src/register/register-core/test/
      * src/register/register-gnome/
      * src/register/register-gnome/test/
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/test/
      * src/report/report-system/
      * src/report/report-system/report-system.scm:
      * src/report/report-system/test/
      * update for intltool.  Update LIBTOOL macros to
      * macros/ update for intltool.
      * src/ (CFLAGS): move INCLUDES bits to CFLAGS.
      * src/app-file/ support new g-wrap .scm module files.
      * src/app-file/gnc-file.c
      * src/app-file/gnome/
      * src/app-utils/.cvsignore: add gw-app-utils.scm.
      * src/app-utils/ support new g-wrap .scm module files.
      * src/app-utils/app-utils.scm: must load "gnucash/engine" module.
      * src/app-utils/gnc-ui-util.c
      * src/app-utils/guile-util.c
      * src/app-utils/option-util.c
      * src/app-utils/test/
      * src/backend/file/
      * src/backend/file/test/
      * src/backend/net/
      * src/backend/postgres/
      * src/backend/postgres/test/.cvsignore: add .deps.
      * src/backend/postgres/test/
      * src/backend/rpc/
      * src/calculation/
      * src/engine/.cvsignore: add gw-engine.scm, gw-glib.scm, and
      * src/engine/ support new g-wrap .scm module files.
      * src/engine/engine.scm: (use-modules (g-wrapped gw-runtime)).
      * src/engine/test/
      * src/engine/test-core/
      * src/experimental/cgi-bin/
      * src/gnc-module/.cvsignore: add gw-gnc-module.scm.
      * src/gnc-module/ support new g-wrap .scm module files.
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.scm
      * src/gnc-module/test/
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-dynload.c
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-scm-dynload: adjust dynamic-link call
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-scm-init: convert to shell script that
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-bar/
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-foo/
      * src/gnome/ use INTLTOOL_DESKTOP_RULE.
      * src/gnome/argv-list-converters.c
      * src/gnome/top-level.c
      * src/gnome/window-help.c
      * src/gnome/window-register.c
      * src/gnome-utils/.cvsignore: add .libs.
      * src/gnome-utils/
      * src/gnome-utils/test/
      * src/import-export/binary-import/.cvsignore: add .libs and
      * src/import-export/binary-import/ : support new g-wrap
      * src/import-export/binary-import/test/
      * src/import-export/qif-import/
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/.cvsignore: add .deps.
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/test/
      * src/network-utils/.cvsignore: add .libs.
      * src/network-utils/
      * src/network-utils/test/
      * src/optional/swig/
      * src/report/standard-reports/
      * src/report/standard-reports/test/
      * src/report/stylesheets/
      * src/report/stylesheets/test/
      * src/report/utility-reports/
      * src/report/utility-reports/iframe-url.scm: use slib and require
      * src/report/utility-reports/test/
      * src/tax/us/
      * src/tax/us/test/
      * src/test-core/
      *** empty log message ***
      * require at least g-wrap 1.3.1.
      *** empty log message ***
      * (GNC_ADD_ON_SRFIS): compute needed SRFIs.
      * lib/srfi/ determine SRFI list via autoconf.
      *** empty log message ***
      * .cvsignore: add stamp-h1 (where does this come from?).
      * src/ (gnucash_LDADD): link gncguile and gncgnome as
      * src/engine/
      * src/gnome/.cvsignore: add files for shared libs.
      * src/gnome/
      * src/scm/printing/
      * src/scm/printing/number-to-words.scm: make a guile module.
      * src/scm/printing/print-check.scm: use number-to-words module.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/app-utils/app-utils.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/app-utils/guile-util.c
      * src/app-utils/guile-util.h:
      * src/app-utils/test/
      * src/backend/file/test/
      * src/engine/engine.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/engine/test/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): add paths.
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c (gnc_module_system_init): add some
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-import.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/qif-io-core.scm: added
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/test/
      * src/report/report-system/report-system.scm: added use-modules.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-piecharts.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-summary.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/category-barchart.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/net-barchart.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/payables.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/pnl.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/portfolio.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/price-scatter.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/register.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/standard-reports.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/test/
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-fancy.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-plain.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheets.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/stylesheets/test/
      * src/report/utility-reports/hello-world.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/utility-reports/iframe-url.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/utility-reports/utility-reports.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/utility-reports/view-column.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/utility-reports/welcome-to-gnucash.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/utility-reports/test/
      * src/scm/ (gncscmmod_DATA): move bootstrap.scm here.
      * src/scm/ remove slib compatability stuff.
      * src/scm/command-line.scm
      * src/scm/doc.scm: remove gnc:support call.
      * src/scm/extensions.scm: remove gnc:support call.
      * src/scm/main-window.scm: remove gnc:support call.
      * src/scm/main.scm (gnc:startup): change gnc:depend calls to
      * src/scm/path.scm (gnc:locale-prefixes): () -> '().
      * src/scm/price-quotes.scm: make it a guile module -- add exports,
      * src/scm/startup.scm: comment out everything -- if this works, we
      * src/scm/substring-search.scm: remove gnc:support call.
      * src/scm/xml-generator.scm: remove gnc:support call.
      * src/scm/gnumeric/gnumeric-utilities.scm: remove gnc:support and
      * src/scm/printing/print-check.scm: remove gnc:support and
      * src/tax/us/us.scm (gnucash): added use-modules.
      * src/tax/us/test/
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/app-file/test/.cvsignore: add
      * src/gnome-utils/ (BUILT_SOURCES): fix for new automake.
      * src/import-export/qif-import/test/.cvsignore: add .deps.
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/test/.cvsignore: add .deps.
      * src/tax/us/test/.cvsignore: add .deps.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/backend/file/test/
      * src/gnome/tip-of-the-day.c: moved from src/guile.
      * src/gnome/tip-of-the-day.h: moved from src/guile.
      * src/gnome/ move tip-of-the-day here.
      * src/gnome-utils/test/
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/test/.cvsignore: add .libs.
      * src/tax/us/test/.cvsignore: add .libs.
      * src/import-export/qif-import/test/.cvsignore: add .libs.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnc-module/test/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): add missing
      * set execute bit on gnc-test-env.
      * src/gnc-test-env: new script.
      * src/report/standard-reports/test/ use gnc-test-env.
      *** empty log message ***
      * update to reflect deleted src/gnome.
      * src/ update to reflect deleted src/gnome.
      * src/gnome/.cvsignore: add files from src/guile.
      * src/scm/config: moved from src/scm.
      * src/gnome/ moved here from src/guile.
      * src/gnome/ moved here from src/guile.
      * src/gnome/gnucash.h: moved here from src/guile.
      * src/gnome/ accomodate files from src/guile.
      * src/report/stylesheets/test/ switch to use gnc-test-env.
      * src/report/utility-reports/test/ use gnc-test-env.
      * src/scm/ added config.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnome/ (noinst_HEADERS): add gw-gnc.h.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnome/ accomodate file relocations.
      * src/gnome/dialog-account.c: moved to src/dialog-account.
      * src/gnome/dialog-account.h: moved to src/dialog-account.
      * src/gnome/dialog-dup-trans.c: moved to src/register/ledger-core.
      * src/gnome/file-utils.c: moved to src/app-utils.
      * src/gnome/file-utils.h: moved to src/app-utils.
      * src/gnome/window-help.c: moved to src/gnome-utils.
      * src/gnome/window-help.h: moved to src/gnome-utils.
      * src/gnome/top-level.c: remove spurious dialog-account.h include.
      * src/gnome/ add temporary helpers for gnucash
      * src/gnome-utils/ add window-help.
      * src/gnome-utils/window-help.c: moved here from src/gnome.
      * src/gnome-utils/window-help.h: moved here from src/gnome.
      * src/register/ledger-core/ add dialog-dup-trans.
      * src/register/ledger-core/dialog-dup-trans.c: moved here from
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-load-deps.scm: deleted - unnecessary.
      * src/app-utils/ add file-utils.
      * src/app-utils/file-utils.c: moved here from src/gnome.
      * src/app-utils/file-utils.h: moved here from src/gnome.
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/scm/main.scm (gnc:startup): very ugly hack -- right now we
      * src/tax/us/test/ switch to use gnc-test-env to build
      * src/gnc-module/test/
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-load-deps: turn in to a self-contained
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-load-scm: turn in to a self-contained
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-scm-init: don't set %load-path
      * src/ (SUBDIRS): re-order to fix dependency problems.
      * src/ new file -- this will eventually become the
      * src/.cvsignore: add
      * (AC_OUTPUT): add src/dialog-account.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-scm-multi.scm: deleted.
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-scm-multi: turned into guile script
      * src/gnc-module/test/ use gnc-test-env.
      * src/business/business-core/test/.cvsignore: add various things.
      * src/business/business-core/test/ fixup
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c
      * src/business/.cvsignore: add
      * src/business/business-core/.cvsignore: add various things.
      * src/business/business-gnome/.cvsignore: add various-things.
      * src/business/business-gnome/
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/ (SUBDIRS): add core-utils.
      * src/README.modules: add core-utils.
      * src/backend/file/sixtp-utils.c (gnc_timegm): switch from putenv
      * (AC_OUTPUT): add src/core-utils.
      * src/backend/file/test/ (AM_CFLAGS): add src/core-utils.
      * src/backend/file/test/test-save-in-lang.c
      * src/business/business-gnome/
      * src/core-utils/.cvsignore: new file.
      * src/core-utils/ new file.
      * src/core-utils/core-utils.c: new file.
      * src/core-utils/core-utils.h: new file.
      * src/engine/gnc-engine-util.h: add #include config.h.
      * src/gnc-module/
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c
      * src/gnome/
      * src/gnome/ (AM_CFLAGS): add core-utils.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/bin/.cvsignore: new file.
      * src/bin/ new file.
      * src/bin/ new file -- you can use this to invoke
      * src/bin/ moved here from ..
      * src/bin/ moved here from ..
      * src/bin/ moved here from ../  Now uses
      * src/scm/main.scm: remove append-path calls - handled in gnucash-env.
      * src/gnome/window-main.c (gnc_shutdown): moved here for now, but
      * src/gnome/gnucash.h: removed many dead functions.
      * src/gnome/ removed all code except
      * src/gnc-main.c: deleted.
      * src/ moved to src/bin.
      * src/ moved to src/bin.
      * src/ moved to src/bin/
      * src/ handle new src/bin directory, and remove all
      * src/.cvsignore: remove bits that moved to src/bin.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/scm/startup-design.txt: some updates -- needs overhaul.
      * add GNC_LIBEXECDIR.
      * doc/gnucash.1: remove some vestigal envt var refs.
      * src/bin/ trivial guile override wrapper.
      * src/bin/ rearrange code so that the file can be
      * src/bin/ add the script-override directory to the
      * src/bin/ (gncoverridedir): new var.
      * src/bin/.cvsignore: add guile.
      *** empty log message ***
      * README: add a note to the Running section indicating that it's
      *** empty log message ***
      * lib/guile-www/
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/app-utils/ move here from src/gnome.
      * src/app-utils/gw-app-utils-spec.scm: add wrapper for
      * src/app-utils/
      * src/app-utils/gnc-gettext-util.c (gnc_setup_gettext): move here.
      * src/app-utils/gnc-gettext-util.h (gnc_setup_gettext): move here.
      * src/app-utils/README: new file.
      * .cvsignore: add .scm-links
      * src/app-utils/.cvsignore: add i18n.h.
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/core-utils/gw-core-utils-spec.scm: new file.
      * src/core-utils/ accomodate new g-wrappers.
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c
      * src/gnome/ accomodate the removal of gnucash.h,
      * src/gnome/gw-gnc-spec.scm: remove gnucash.h include.
      * src/gnome/top-level.c: remove gnucash.h include.
      * src/import-export/binary-import/
      * src/core-utils/.cvsignore: add .scm-links.
      * src/scm/ switch to use load-from-path for
      * src/scm/command-line.scm (gnc:*config-dir*): add GNC_CONFIG_DIR
      * src/scm/main.scm (gnc:startup): call gnc:setup-gettext and
      * src/scm/tip-of-the-day.scm (gnc:read-tips): use
      * src/import-export/qif-import/ (.scm-links): new target.
      * src/bin/ moved to src/bin/overrides.
      * src/bin/ removed.
      * src/bin/ removed.
      * src/bin/ removed.
      * src/bin/ moved to src/bin/overrides.
      * src/bin/generate-gnc-script: new script to generate all the
      * src/gnome/ removed.
      * src/gnome/gnucash.h: removed.
      * src/gnome/ moved to src/app-utils.
      * src/import-export/qif-import/.cvsignore: add .scm-links.
      * src/bin/overrides/gnucash: new file.
      * src/bin/test/.cvsignore: new file.
      * src/bin/test/ new file.
      * src/bin/test/fake-guile: new file.
      * src/bin/test/test-guile-env-override: new file.
      * src/bin/test/test-version: new file.
      * src/bin/ handle new overrides arrangement.
      * src/bin/.cvsignore: update for file rearrangements.
      * src/bin/overrides/.cvsignore: new file.
      * src/bin/overrides/ new file.
      * src/bin/overrides/ moved from ../.
      * src/bin/overrides/ moved from ../.
      * src/bin/overrides/gnucash-make-guids: new file -- mostly content
      * src/bin/overrides/ moved from ../.
      *** empty log message ***
      * add adjustments for new static overrides scripts.
      * src/bin/overrides/gnucash-run-script: new file -- mostly content
      * src/bin/test/test-run-script: new file.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Makefile.TAGS: new file.
      * (TAGS): modify to fix the problem where you had to
      * src/app-utils/ (gncscm_DATA): remove utilities.scm.
      * src/app-utils/utilities.scm: code moved to main.scm -- needed
      * src/app-utils/app-utils.scm: accomodate removal of
      * src/bin/overrides/gnucash: use main, not bootstrap.
      * src/bin/overrides/ part 1 of startup
      * src/engine/test/test-group-vs-book.c (main_helper): check for
      * src/engine/test/test-period.c: must load the engine
      * src/gnc-module/ (libgncmodule_la_LIBADD): remove
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c: remove guile includes.
      * src/scm/command-line.scm: add other env var lookups as part of
      * src/scm/depend.scm: deleted.
      * src/scm/doc.scm (gnc:load-help-topics): just use
      * src/scm/ new file -- keep all the
      * src/scm/ remove depend.scm and handle switch from
      * src/scm/path.scm (gnc:default-doc-dirs): match build-config.scm
      * src/gnome-utils/gnome-utils.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-import.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/qif-io-core.scm: rename bootstrap
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/report-system/report-system.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/report-system/report.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-fancy.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-plain.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheets.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/scm/.cvsignore: remove bootstrap.scm and add build-config.scm.
      * src/scm/price-quotes.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/tax/us/us.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/scm/main.scm: merge bootstrap.scm contents here and
      * src/report/utility-reports/hello-world.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/utility-reports/iframe-url.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-piecharts.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-summary.scm: rename
      * src/report/utility-reports/view-column.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/aging.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/utility-reports/utility-reports.scm: rename bootstrap
      * src/report/utility-reports/welcome-to-gnucash.scm: rename
      * src/report/standard-reports/average-balance.scm: rename
      * src/report/standard-reports/portfolio.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/price-scatter.scm: rename bootstrap
      * src/report/standard-reports/register.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/standard-reports.scm: rename
      * src/report/standard-reports/payables.scm: rename bootstrap to
      * src/report/standard-reports/receivables.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm: rename bootstrap
      * src/report/standard-reports/category-barchart.scm: rename
      * src/report/standard-reports/net-barchart.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/pnl.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/scm/ deleted (yesterday actually).
      * (error-on-warning): make this the default.  I'm
      * intl-scm/ (guile-strings.c): add top_srcdir.
      * src/backend/postgres/test/
      * src/backend/postgres/test/ rework to communicate
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c
      * src/bin/overrides/ add report-gnome to
      * src/gnome/dialog-sxsincelast.c: #include gnc-gui-query.h
      * src/optional/.cvsignore: add *.lo and *.la.
      * src/report/report-gnome/
      * src/engine/iso-4217-currencies.scm: fix some typos.
      * src/engine/engine.scm: don't export deleted
      * src/engine/engine-helpers.h: remove
      * src/engine/gnc-book.c (gnc_book_init): switch to use non-guile
      * src/engine/commodity-table.scm: migrate commodity table
      * src/engine/engine-helpers.c
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity.c
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity.h
      * src/engine/ accomodate new automatically generated C
      * src/engine/iso-currencies-to-c: new file -- convert
      * src/engine/.cvsignore: add a few missing bits.
      * now that libgnc-engine doesn't depend on guile any
      * src/report/report-gnome/.cvsignore: add missing bits.
      * src/report/utility-reports/hello-world.scm
      * src/scm/ (build-config.scm): remove
      * src/scm/ rename -dir_ variables to -path_
      * src/scm/tip-of-the-day.scm: rewrite to be re-loadable -- you now
      * src/scm/price-quotes.scm
      * src/scm/path.scm: rework doc-path handling completely, migrating
      * src/scm/main.scm: migrate some loads to the top level - though
      * src/scm/main-window.scm: fix hooks usage to be idempotent --
      * src/scm/doc.scm (gnc:find-doc-file): use
      * src/scm/command-line.scm: reorganize a little to remove some of
      *** empty log message ***
      * switch to check and only install the srfis we
      * handle conditional install inclusion of GUILE_WWW.
      *** empty log message ***
      * lib/srfi/ handle conditional per-SRFI install.
      * src/app-file/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/app-file/gw-app-file-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/app-utils/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/app-utils/guile-util.c: g-wrap-runtime-guile.h -> g-wrap-wct.h
      * src/app-utils/gw-app-utils-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/app-utils/option-util.c: g-wrap-runtime-guile.h -> g-wrap-wct.h
      * src/app-utils/test/ (LDADD): remove
      * src/backend/file/test/ (LDADD): remove
      * src/backend/postgres/test/ (LDADD): remove
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/business/business-core/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/business/business-core/gw-business-core-spec.scm: fix for
      * src/business/business-gnome/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/business/business-gnome/gw-business-gnome-spec.scm: fix for
      * src/core-utils/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/core-utils/gw-core-utils-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/engine/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/engine/engine-helpers.c: removed various glist processing
      * src/engine/engine-helpers.h: accomodate changes to
      * src/engine/engine.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/engine/gncmod-engine.c: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/engine/gw-engine-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/engine/gw-kvp-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/engine/kvp-scm.c: g-wrap-runtime-guile.h -> g-wrap-wct.h
      * src/engine/test/ (LDADD): remove libgw-glib.
      * src/gnc-module/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/gw-gnc-module-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-bar/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-baz/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-foo/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-bar/bar-gwrap.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-baz/baz-gwrap.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-foo/foo-gwrap.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-bar/gnc-mod-bar.c: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-baz/gnc-mod-baz.c: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-foo/gnc-mod-foo.c: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnome/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnome/gw-gnc-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnome/top-level.c: g-wrap-runtime-guile.h -> g-wrap-wct.h
      * src/gnome/window-register.c: g-wrap-runtime-guile.h -> g-wrap-wct.h
      * src/gnome-utils/gw-gnome-utils-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/import-export/binary-import/gw-binary-import-spec.scm: fix
      * src/register/register-core/gw-register-core-spec.scm: fix for
      * src/report/report-gnome/gw-report-gnome-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-options.c
      * src/gnome-utils/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/import-export/binary-import/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/register/register-core/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/import-export/qif-import/druid-qif-import.c:
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-merge-groups.scm
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm (make-split-list): quit
      * src/report/report-gnome/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/report/report-gnome/dialog-column-view.c:
      * src/report/report-gnome/window-report.c:
      * src/report/report-system/commodity-utilities.scm
      * src/report/report-system/report-system.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/report/report-system/report-utilities.scm
      * src/report/standard-reports/aging.scm (aging-renderer): quit
      * src/report/standard-reports/average-balance.scm (renderer): quit
      * src/report/standard-reports/register.scm (reg-renderer): quit
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm (trep-renderer):
      * src/scm/main.scm (gnc:safe-strcmp): new public function -- we
      *** empty log message ***

Robert Graham Merkel (56):
      Fixes for empty barcharts.
      Changelog for previous changes.
      Fix for null data.
      Fix for new-user with no .gnucash bug reported by Bryan Larsen.
      fix bug with new-user saving book config file.
      updating documentation to detail new features.
      missing file from yesterday's checkin
      missing files from yesterday's checkin
      fixes missed in last night's checkin
      fix up transaction report formatting
      More documentation updates.
      More documentation work.
      more documentation updates
      More documentation updates, including a "What's New" document.
      documentation updates, bugfixes.
      reverted borken version.
      show report titles when displaying report "no data" and "no account"
      Catch case with empty or zero data lists before handing off to graph code.
      Display a title on report options dialog boxes.
      Fixes for FreeBSD.
      More documentation updates - price editor and related changes.
      Return 'foreign' quantities unchanged if 'foreign' and 'domestic' are
      More doc improvements, including Chris Lyttle's register documentation.
      More documentation updates.
      fix bug occurring in transaction report.
      remove conflict marks from ChangeLog.
      Fix compile problems
      simple compile fix
      More new screenshots, and related updates to the docs.
      More doc updates, including a big image cruft removal.
      Removed useless machine-generated po/ChangeLog, more doc updates,
      New "payables" report for accounts payable.
      Add configurable sorting to the payables report.
      Revert accidental change.
      Added column totals, and more helpful comments in the code.
      First SX change - add a help button to the editor dialog.
      Cleanups as discussed in SX TODO . . .
      Tidy up for Scheduled Transaction code.
      Add support for detecting "changes after last save".  Format cleanup.
      Fixed FIXME's, cleaned up string literals.
      Add obsolete transactions dialog, fix a couple of bugs.
      Magic-number, unnecessary static strings, and redundant-function-ectomy.
      Fix bug in sxsincelast-dialog, i18n xaccFreqSpecGetFreqStr.
      make-sx-from-real-transaction dialog.  bug fixes
      the big SX kvp renaming, and date-time bugfixes for sx-from-trans
      rename "recur" commands "schedule", replace literals with #defines
      fix multiple SX-from-trans bugs
      remove eval usage from reports to make guile 1.6 compatibility easier.
      add preliminary work on transaction voiding.
      Add query support for voided transactions.
      automake 1.5 fixes and further work on transaction voiding
      work on validating transaction voiding (incomplete)
      transaction voiding now tested and works :)
      add date recording to transaction voiding.
      Fix dynamic linking bug.
      Build fixes for debian sid.

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