gnucash-docs maint: Document partial date entry and how to configure it

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Sat Mar 19 12:34:37 EDT 2016

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Author: Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at>
Date:   Sat Mar 19 17:58:33 2016 +0100

    Document partial date entry and how to configure it

diff --git a/guide/C/ch_txns.xml b/guide/C/ch_txns.xml
index a5bbd16..ccebaa9 100644
--- a/guide/C/ch_txns.xml
+++ b/guide/C/ch_txns.xml
@@ -210,6 +210,19 @@
+    <tip><para>These date shortcuts not only work in the account register but everywhere
+            you can enter a date.</para></tip>
+    <tip><para>Specifically for dates there's another way you can save time: you can enter
+            partial dates. For example if you only enter one number, <application>&app;</application>
+            will interpret it as the day in the current month of the current year. If you only enter
+            a day and month, <application>&app;</application> will automatically append the year. By
+            default this is the current year. You can however also configure
+            <application>&app;</application> to take such a date in a sliding window starting
+            a number of months before the current month. This can be done via
+            <menuchoice><guimenu>Edit</guimenu><guisubmenu>Preferences</guisubmenu><guisubmenu>Date/Time</guisubmenu>
+            <guilabel>Date Completion</guilabel></menuchoice>.</para></tip>
     <para>In the <guilabel>Num</guilabel> field of the transaction line, you
         can type <keycap>+</keycap> to increment the transaction number from the
         last one you typed in. Typing <keycap>-</keycap> will decrement the

Summary of changes:
 guide/C/ch_txns.xml | 13 +++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+)

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