gnucash-docs: New Branch '2.6.14'

John Ralls jralls at
Fri Sep 16 14:18:58 EDT 2016

        at (tag)
   tagging  41ece42f40bf1020414227ccc8c62dbd2ec0fa63 (commit)
  replaces  2.6.13
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Fri Sep 16 11:18:07 2016 -0700

Release 2.6.14

David T (2):
      Patch to add new chapter for expense type accounts. Bug 687290
      Bug 769457: Add note to 4.3 of Guide

John Ralls (10):
      Bug 743672 - Remove What's New Sections in Chapter 1 of Guide.
      Bug 771230 - Modify Windows portion of 8.6.3 of Guide
      Automate regeneration of the Italian xml files.
      Update Italian xml files to match current state of English documentation.
      Fix build failure in Italian translation.
      Bug 769746 - Zero interest loan formula fails.
      Add new guide/C/ch_expenses.xml to Makefiles.
      Add test to prevent moving gnucash-foo.xml when building in source.
      Check for changes in guide/C/gnucash-guide.xml to decide whether to rebuild the Italian translation.
      Release 2.6.14

fell (6):
      Update the list of Finance::Quote methods to 1.38
      Udated german translation of the F::Q appendix
      Replace the confusing Release_Schedule link by 2.6-release-tour and
      Revert the italian update from the last commit
      Provide the pt guide for other country setting than PT
      Bug 769663 - gnucash-devel - Link update on Tutorial and concepts guide

goodvibes2 (4):
      Bug 115461 - Highlight need to select Account Type when adding new stk acct
      Bug 115461 - Slightly improve grammar.
      Add some extra entries to .gitignore so can use netbeans ide xlm editor + jEdit
      Modify to work with Ubuntu

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