gnucash-docs maint: Bug 781711: Add reversing transaction definition

Geert Janssens gjanssens at
Wed Apr 26 09:02:49 EDT 2017

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commit 9d57a70835372e1448d47981a4beb58fd85ac183
Author: David Thomas <sunfish62 at>
Date:   Tue Apr 25 19:02:47 2017 +0500

    Bug 781711: Add reversing transaction definition

diff --git a/guide/C/gnc-glossary.xml b/guide/C/gnc-glossary.xml
index 5da69ea..d278657 100644
--- a/guide/C/gnc-glossary.xml
+++ b/guide/C/gnc-glossary.xml
@@ -326,6 +326,18 @@
+<glossentry id="gnc-gl_reversingtxn">
+   <glossterm>Reversing Transaction</glossterm>
+   <glossdef>
+      <para>In formal accounting, a transaction is never deleted. Therefore, when
+         a mistake is made, the original transaction remains in the ledger, and a
+         transaction is added to the ledger that reverses the original. This
+         <emphasis>reversing transaction</emphasis> restores the books to the state before
+         the error, and a new correct transaction is created. Reversing
+         transactions are not commonly used in personal accounting.</para>
+   </glossdef>
 <glossentry id="gnc-gl_risk">

Summary of changes:
 guide/C/gnc-glossary.xml | 12 ++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 12 insertions(+)

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