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Thu Oct 11 19:38:04 EDT 2018

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commit 8dcc4b06705bf95c75ff7db04820527df0024139
Author: Frank H. Ellenberger <frank.h.ellenberger at>
Date:   Fri Oct 12 01:37:36 2018 +0200

    Minor fixes in "Accessing Help"
    emphase recent, add missing space, https, website

diff --git a/help/C/Help_ch_GettingHelp.xml b/help/C/Help_ch_GettingHelp.xml
index 5e5a659..94198c9 100644
--- a/help/C/Help_ch_GettingHelp.xml
+++ b/help/C/Help_ch_GettingHelp.xml
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@
      <title><application>&app;</application> Wiki</title>
      <!-- Translators: if wiki pages in your language exist, add or replace the links in this section
           see also for your language or region code -->
-     <para>An immense amount of less-formal, but often more recent documenation, both of
+     <para>An immense amount of less-formal, but often <emphasis>more recent</emphasis> documenation, both of
      <application>&app;</application> itself and its maintenance and
      development may be found in the <ulink
@@ -124,23 +124,31 @@
      <!-- Translators: if a mailing list in your language exists, add or replace the links in this section
           see -->
-    <bridgehead>Mailing List</bridgehead><para>The primary source of user support is the <ulink
+    <bridgehead>Mailing List</bridgehead>
+    <para>The primary source of user support is the <ulink
     url="mailto:gnucash-user at">user mailing list</ulink>. If English is not your primary language,
-    see <ulink url="">wiki:user mailing lists</ulink>for local lists. If
+    see <ulink url="">wiki:user mailing lists</ulink> for local lists. If
     you prefer a web forum-like presentation, you can use it via <ulink
     url="">Nabble</ulink>. One must <ulink
     before posting, even if using Nabble.</para>
-    <bridgehead>IRC</bridgehead><para>Several of the developers and experienced users
+    <bridgehead>IRC</bridgehead>
+    <para>Several of the developers and experienced users
     monitor the <ulink url="irc://">#gnucash channel at</ulink>.
     They're usuall doing something else, too, and of course aren't always at their
     computers. Log in, ask your question, and stay logged in; it may
     be several hours before your question is noticed and responded
     to. To see if you missed anything <ulink
-    url="">check the IRC logs</ulink>.</para>
+    url="">check the IRC logs</ulink>.
+    Requirements, netiquette and other details are explained in the
+    <ulink url="">IRC wiki page</ulink>.</para>
+   </sect2>
+   <sect2 id="website">
+    <title><application>&app;</application> Website</title>
-      <para>The <ulink url=""><application>&app;</application> web site </ulink>
+      <para>The <ulink url=""><application>&app;</application> website</ulink>
         has more details on these channels. You will also find pointers there
         to additional useful resources such as the bug tracking system.</para>

Summary of changes:
 help/C/Help_ch_GettingHelp.xml | 20 ++++++++++++++------
 1 file changed, 14 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

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