gnucash: New annotated tag '3.3'

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Sat Sep 29 19:47:00 EDT 2018

        at (tag)
   tagging  65c8357f53dfd59781ad5ba467577487f70b8513 (commit)
  replaces  3.2
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Sep 29 16:06:27 2018 -0700

Tag release 3.3

Christian Stimming (1):
      Minor KVP performance cleanup

Christoph Holtermann (4):
      add option to exclude specified methods
      Bug 796137 - Fix QofIdType and QofIdTypeConst to work with python3
      Bug 796137 - implement search_for as method of Python Query
      add basic test for python query

Christopher Lam (80):
      [commodity-utilities] prevent crash if end-date is #f
      [tests] modify load-path to find the parent directory
      Bug 779888 - Find Transaction by Value will not always find a split when commodities change
      [job-report] Prevent Crash if there is no AR account
      [customer-summary] prevents crash on empty-book with no accounts
      [html-chart] num-columns return 0 for empty-table
      [budget-flow] fix report-title not defined
      [stress-test] stress test options!
      [test-stress-options] introduce combinatorial testing
      [stress-test] run tests on empty book and populated book
      [test-stress-options] Set COMBINATORICS to full path to jenny
      Small typo fix
      [test-extras] export gnc-pricedb-create
      [test-balance-sheet] upgrade to better coverage of balance-sheet
      [test-balance-sheet] prepare for pnl tests
      [test-balsheet-pnl] rename to allow for pnl tests
      [test-balsheet-pnl] add income-statement tests
      [test-balsheet-pnl] add more SELL transactions
      [test-stress-options] remove need for test-stress-optionlist.scm
      [invoice] *reindent*
      [invoice] mucho refactoring. no functional change.
      [invoice] more mucho refactoring, no functional change.
      [invoice] refactor gncOrder handling
      [invoice] entry-values are unused. remove and simplify.
      [invoice] *untabify*
      [invoice] simplify num-columns-required to use SRFI-1
      [invoice] convert string-expand to sanitize html strings.
      [invoice] enable CSS class
      [invoice] move invoice-details-table to its own function
      [invoice] more refactoring
      [easy-invoice] Display/Charge Type rename back to Display/Action
      [invoice] add classes for invoice headers
      [invoice+easy-invoice] invoice.scm can generate easy-invoice
      [invoice+fancy-invoice] add option minimum # entries
      [business-reports] delete redundant [fancy|easy]-invoice
      [invoice] now supports customized layout
      [invoice] refinements
      [invoice] change do-rows-with-subtotals to named let
      [invoice] enable displaying a picture eg company logo in layout
      [invoice] add toggle for invoice title
      [test-invoice] all variants share same options and html structure
      [invoice] [CSS] remove styles and replace with CSS
      [invoice] simplify single-use functions
      [invoice] improve num-columns-used
      [invoice] move add-entry-row to simplify
      [invoice] move add-subtotal-row to simplify
      [test-report-utilities] convert to srfi-64 and augment tests
      [test-report-utilities] test list, monetary->str, commodity-collector
      [test-report-utilities] test account balances
      [test-report-utilities] encapsulate old test with teardown
      [test-report-utilities] structure must be retrieved dynamically
      [report] remove test-report-system-flag
      [transaction] convert add-subheading to functional style
      [transaction] convert add-split-row to functional style
      [transaction] convert collector map to for-each
      [commodity-utilities] simplify boolean functions
      [commodity|report-utilities] simplify functions, convert to srfi-1
      [obsolete api] gnc-commodity-value->string to gnc:monetary->string
      [obsolete api] gnc-commodity-numeric->string to gnc:monetary->string
      [report-utilities] commodity-collector: simplify
      [report-utilities] compact gnc:account-get-total-flow
      [report-utilities] compact gnc:get-account-period-rolledup-budget-value
      [report-utilities] compact functions. no refactoring.
      [report-utilities] convert functions to srfi-1
      [report-utilities] rewrite list-set-safe! using named let
      [report-utilities] remove (gnc-commodity-collector-*) functions
      [report-utilities] remove (gnc:value-collector-*) functions
      [obsolete api] improve deprecation warnings
      [test-report-utilities] changes to make tests locale independent
      [test-charts] add SRFI-64 teardown function
      [test-extras] augment (gnc:options->sxml) to allow tag stripping
      [test-charts] add daily txns and test range
      [test-charts] also test income-expense-barchart amounts
      [report-utilities] compact functions
      [report-utilities] improve (gnc:account-get-comm-balance-at-date)
      [report-utilities] improve (gnc:account-get-comm-value-interval)
      [net-charts] deoptimize accounts-list
      [invoice] Add customer/vendor ID in client section
      [invoice] mark strings in options as translatable
      [average-balance] add styling to data table

David Osguthorpe (1):
      Bug 796737 - Patch to restore gncmod-python.c.

Di Mang (2):
      Increase of MAX_TAB_COUNT to change appearance of dialog "Book Options" in german language.
      unify appearance in preferences dialog

Frank H. Ellenberger (2):
      Update Overview of README
      Redo of commit 586cd70

Geert Janssens (68):
      Bug 796509 - Saved reports don't respect *some* 'Edit report options'
      Revert "html-utilities.scm: simplify"
      Use a more specific regex to install icons
      Adjust icon installation regex a bit more
      Bug 771667 - Different warnings when changing reconciled splits vs. splits linked to reconciled splits
      Guile 2: stop suppressing guile deprecated messages
      Add logo and favicon for gnucash bugzilla site
      Whitespace cosmetics
      Bug 789594 - Unable to overwrite sqlite3 database file
      Rename confusing directory
      Allow saving to xml over an existing sqlite3 file and the other way around
      Bug 796724 - Can't overwrite gnucash DB on MariaDB
      Use same 'force' logic sequence for sqlite and other dbs
      Add favicons for wiki
      Revert "Add the toolbar preference changes to window-reconcile."
      Revert "Add toolbar preference changes to embedded-window."
      Revert "Add preference to control toolbar appearance"
      Bug 796766 - Credit note creating 'imbalance' with wrong entries
      Merge branch 'Bug796792' of into maint
      Fix crash when cancelling a Save As... overwrite action
      Merge branch 'maint' of into maint
      A few updates to the guile hacking document
      Merge branch 'maint-upgrade-test-balsheet' of into maint
      Merge branch 'Bug796788' of into maint
      Compile assistant-loan as c++
      Bug 796777 - CVE-2008-1391: Integer overflow in included strfmon function
      Merge branch 'sort-filter' of into maint
      Fix input of invoice post and due dates
      Use GnuCash instead of Gnucash in OSX environment file
      Bug 796054 - unposting and reposting invoice doubles amounts
      Use one single function to determine if an invoice is posted to ensure consistent behaviour
      Merge branch 'date-bugs' of into maint
      Merge branch 'Bug796725' of into maint
      Fix compiler warning issues
      Use alignment-safe buffer handling
      Bug 796054 follow up
      Set toolbar buttons to show both icon and text
      Bug 796833 - Excel csv Format misprocessed
      Remove unused variable
      Plug memory leak in register code
      Fix memory leak using qof_instance_get on a GncGUID
      Fix memory leak in xaccTransGetReadOnly
      Fix if clause
      An empty GValue is interpreted as NULL reason, which is still a valid cache
      Merge branch 'maint-fix-test-report-utilities' of into maint
      Plug memory leak in xaccSplitDestroy
      Fix memory leak in char* type KvpValue and fix improper uses
      Fix first run dialog not appearing
      Fix 1-byte memory leak on first run
      Fix memory leak in xaccTransRetDateDue
      Fix memory leaks in gncOwnerGetBalanceInCurrency
      Fix memory leaks in GncQueryView
      Sql backend - load transactions before business objects to reduce individual slot queries
      Raise edit level of all accounts before loading transactions and splits
      Sql backend - show progress similar to how it's done for xml backend
      Cache current owner balances
      Open customer/vendor/employee report when double-clicking an the respective owner the cust/vend/empl overview page
      Revert "Fix memory leaks in GncQueryView"
      Simplify GNCQueryView's data model
      Fix gtk accelerator mixups by explicitly disabling actions that are not relevant
      Use proper GtkAction function instead of generic g_object call
      Bug 796816 - Notes field in Duplicate Invoice dialogue is 'read-only'
      Bug 787439 - Segmentation Fault in Transfer dialog after clearing Date field and pressing escape
      Bug 796819 - bad icon with Spanish localization
      Merge branch 'patch-1' of into maint
      Merge branch 'block-pref' of into maint
      Bug 796820 - References to 'Gnome Bugzilla' should be changed to 'GnuCash Bugzilla'
      Bug 795821 - GnuCash could not obtain the lock for file://C:\Users\username\Documents\GnuCash\2.6.21\xxxx\xxxx.gnucash

John Ralls (94):
      Bug 796665 - Backspace Key Inoperable After Ctrl+V
      Remove duplicate declaration.
      Don't warn about an invalid date if it's just an empty column.
      Bug 796248 - Editing Scheduled Transaction, take 2.
      Bug 796474 - Segmentation fault while setting up online banking
      Partial merge of Chris Lam's maint-stress-tests into maint.
      Fix missing leading dot in sheet specification.
      Update bug tracker URL
      Bug 796579 - Cannot go forward with empty duplicates screen
      Bug 796756 - OFX import fails to recognize associated income accounts.
      Fix missing prototype error.
      Fix test-backend-dbi for Postgress and MySQL.
      Bug 796759 - --add-price-quotes <sql file> leaves a lock on the file.
      Merge Bob Fewell's 'color-accounts' into maint.
      Bug 794755 - Commodity Register displays fractional prices
      Add preference for forcing prices to decimal display.
      Resolve ubuntu 14.04 naming conflict.
      Bug 796755 - buggy window handling at startup
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-stress-tests' into maint.
      Add jenny to sources for combinatorics testing.
      Don't set transaction properties via scheme in C code.
      Delete the last vestiges of timepair.
      Add jenny to the dist and compile it.
      Fix up jenny so that it complies with std=C11.
      Clean up jenny's whitespace.
      Almost completely remove Timespec from import-export.
      Merge Di Mang's 'maint-transfer-02' into maint.
      Merge Bob Fewell's 'fixes8' into maint.
      Fix out-of-order declarations.
      Don't run test-stress-options.scm if no textual-ports.
      Fix gncInvoice test failure.
      Ensure all C++ class member raw pointers are default-initialized to nullptr.
      Set the SWIG minimum version to 2.0.11 now that we require Guile-2.0.
      Remove Timespec from qif importer.
      Remove two unused functions, one of which used Timespec.
      Remove all timespecs from the register.
      Remove Timespec from gnucash/gnome-utils.
      Remove timespec from gnucash/gnome.
      Remove timespec2dmy.
      Convert GNC_TYPE_TIMESPEC to GNC_TYPE_TIME64, Kvp::Type::Timespec to Kvp::Type::Time64
      Timespec->time64 in business code.
      Remove Timespec from pricedb.
      Remove Timespec from the main engine classes (Transaction, Split, & Account.
      Timespec removal, engine odds-and-ends.
      Remove time64_to_string and string_to_time64 and their tests.
      Clean up timespec comments in the XML backend.
      Remove Timespec from the SQL backend.
      Remove Timespec from gnc-date.
      Change ISO date format to remove fractional seconds.
      Preserve timespec-using functions in Guile bindings.
      Merge branch 'remove-timespec' into maint
      Revert changes associated with Bug 775368
      Fix build of jenny.c on 32-bit builds, mingw-w64.
      Remove the number-collector.
      Guard against divide-by-zero errors.
      Comment to explain structuring an (env-transfer-foreign).
      Clarify and de-duplicate sumlist and report-list descriptions.
      Create srfi-64 tests for gnucash/report/report-system/commodity-utils.scm.
      gnc:get-commodity-totalavg-prices shouldn't use 0-amount splits.
      Restore the timespec_val column name in the slots table.
      Bug 796734 - Auto-complete entry not highlighting to allow...
      Merge Bob Fewell's 'fixes9' into maint.
      Merge Christoff Holterman's Bug 796137 repair into maint.
      Merge Chris Lam's consolidated invoice report into maint.
      Remove deleted files from
      Merge Chris Lam's 'test-report-utilities' into maint
      Merge Chris Lam's cleanup-report-utilities into maint.
      Merge Bob Fewell's 'Bug796839' into maint.
      Make selection caching uniform across gnucash-sheet functions.
      Fix crash when there's no TRANS_READ_ONLY_REASON slot.
      Bug 794526 - Python bindings can't find loadable modules.
      Merge branch 'Bug794526' into maint
      Fix cursor handling in the register.
      Fix Windows binreloc executable finding.
      Fix typos.
      CMake: Test for & set WORDS_BIGENDIAN, set _GNU_SOURCE.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-optimize-interval-charts' into maint.
      Bug 796858 - TypeError: in method 'qof_query_int32_predicate',...
      Fix TravisCI build failure.
      Fix localedir relocation.
      Merge branch Christoph Holterman's 'python-query-test' into maint
      Bug 784420 - "Save changes on closing" window waits 2^32 seconds when...
      Revert "[net-charts] deoptimize accounts-list"
      Bug 786708 - GnuCash won't load currency fractions larger than 1000000.
      Don't need NANOS_PER_SECOND anymore.
      Fix a magic number.
      Catch std::underflow_error as well as std::overflow_error.
      Some more magic number replacements.
      Bump the max_denom_mult to match the new GNC_COMMODITY_MAX_FRACTION.
      Don't create 2 new books for every new session.
      Bug 792446 - Mixed languages in error dialog.
      Update Farsi and Ukrainian translations from the Translation Project.
      Remove engine-deprecated.i from CMakeLists.txt.
      Release 3.3

Mahmoud Yaser (3):

Robert Fewell (68):
      Add the ability to cascade account colours in account tree
      Remove some white space and replace tabs with spaces.
      Bug 796669 - Dark Theme Text Colors Hard to Read
      Add preference to control toolbar appearance
      Add toolbar preference changes to embedded-window.
      Add the toolbar preference changes to window-reconcile.
      Remove white space and tabs from gnc-main-window.c
      Reconcile vertical scrollbars hover over tree view data
      Bug 796751 - reconcile window usability - R column should be...
      Align the Reconcile totals in the Reconcile Window.
      Bug 796762 - Scrollbar partially hides the delete button in
      Change find-account from GtkDialog to GtkWindow
      Drop the tree model before update find account tree view
      Add a column for Tax related to find account dialogue
      Change the transaction association dialogue
      Drop the tree model before updating transaction association tree view
      Change the Options dialogue to use GtkWindow
      Remove some white space and tabs from dialog-options.c
      Fix error when options dialogue is open when app closed
      Update to recently changed GtkDialog to GtkWindow dialogues
      Fix restore window geometry
      Add the parent window to gnc_restore_window_size function
      Change files for changed gnc_restore_window_size format, part1 of 2
      Change files for changed gnc_restore_window_size format, part2 of 2
      Fix Transient parent warning for dialog-book-close
      Add debug message to gnc_save_window_size and some text changes
      Fix gnc_window_adjust_for_screen using incorrect monitor
      Fix Transient parent warnings in search dialogue
      Bug 796792 - SaveAs Overwrite dialogue in background and not visible
      Replace tabs with spaces and fix some indenting in gnc-file.c
      Bug 796788 - strange behaviour in options of multicolumn report
      Update buttons on Multicolumn report options
      Save the contents_selected value in selection callback
      Improve the button sensitivity function
      Fix a possible transient parent dialogue warning
      Bug 796785 - dates cannot be keyboard entered on vendor bill
      Add a parameter to add_summary_label to specify packing order
      Add the sort order to the right of the summary bar
      Show whether there is a filter on the right of the summary bar
      Add the summary bar to the GL and subaccount registers
      Only show update the summary bar left labels when present
      Update the filter when General Journal created.
      There is no reason why you can not just have an end date
      Creating filter was leaking while being put together
      Add new filter option to register
      Hide the filter/sort save button when appropiate
      Fix the save option on sort/filter dialog
      Save the sort and filter settings to the .gcm file
      Load the sort and filter settings to the .gcm file.
      Allow loading the sort and filter settings for the GL
      Remove white space and re-indent gnc-features.c
      New feature for register sort/filter settings move.
      Improve the generation of the filter text
      Bug 796725 - 4 of 6 Date Posted options fail to return
      White space and tabs changed in search-date.c
      Change saving to .gcm and Kvp for GNC_FEATURE_REG_SORT_FILTER
      Bug 796813 - Date validation inconsistent
      Bug 796812 - gnc_date_cell_get_date and gnc_date_cell_get_date_gdate have different date validation behaviour - part 1
      Bug 796812 - gnc_date_cell_get_date and gnc_date_cell_get_date_gdate have different date validation behaviour - part 2
      Bug 796814 - Changing a book's read-only threshold doesn't immediately affect open registers
      Book Options did not raise when already open
      Cache the number of days read only value
      White space removal and change tabs to spaces in qofbook.cpp/h
      Change the default filter for General Ledger
      Reduce the number of times the register loads
      Bug 796839 - Find transaction won't filter on Date Posted
      Reduce the number of times the register loads - Update
      Block registered prefs when preference dialogue loaded

Yuri Chornoivan (3):
      Fix minor typos
      More minor fixes
      Fix more minor typos

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