gnucash: New annotated tag '3.9'

John Ralls jralls at
Sun Mar 29 13:39:52 EDT 2020

        at (tag)
   tagging  fe4efd403b02e192ba4654439a7db7646cba39a2 (commit)
  replaces  3.8b
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Mar 28 13:02:48 2020 -0700

Tag release of GnuCash 3.9

Alex Aycinena (1):
      Update US Income Tax information for more 2019 changes

Christian Gruber (8):
      Add test cases to check for exact token matching
      Change behaviour of KvpFrame::for_each_slot_prefix()
      Fix calculation of token info to find exactly matching tokens only
      Rework key prefix matching
      Fix tokenize_string()
      Avoid copying local instance of AccountTokenCount
      Remove unused template of function for_each_slot_prefix()
      Simplify function build_bayes()

Christian Stimming (4):
      Minor translation improvements
      More translation improvements by scriptedly removing the removed colon suffix.
      I18n improvement: Translated column headers should get more human-readable names
      German translation improved.

Christopher Lam (87):
      [new-owner-report] style monetary sale/tax cols with number-cell
      [html-table][API] html-table can have multirow-col-headers
      [new-owner-report] add double-header
      [trep-engine] upgrade to include 'balance brought forward'
      [new-owner-report] fix LHS and RHS description
      [income-gst-statement] no need to reverse report amounts
      [category-barchart] simplify report definitions
      [new-owner-report] splits->desc will show 1 memo per line
      [new-owner-report] reuse string
      [new-aging] reinstate sort-by choices
      [new-aging] reuse string
      Bug 797548 - multicolumn income statement: some closing entries are not ignored when within reporting period
      Bug 797573 - Incorrect value of securities in the Asset Chart
      [core-utils.i] declare prefs as ENUMs
      Bug 797576 - xaccAccountOrder shouldn't sort account codes as base-36
      Bug 797572 - part 1 - don't accumulate Dr/Cr totals unless printed
      Bug 797572 - part 2 - swap Debits/Credits, can show informal headers
      [new-aging] replace split->lot->split->lot with split->lot
      [new-aging] speed up by skipping several loops
      Bug 797584 - New-owner - bill amount field links to wrong account
      Bug 797591 - multiperiod b/s and PnL reports: add style sheet 'easy'
      [new-aging] speedup/cleanup. delay txn type filtering of splits
      [new-owner-report] refactor. separate LHS inv/pmt processing.
      [new-owner-report] LHS payment->RHS invoices show partial amounts
      [new-owner-report] LHS invoice->RHS payments show partial amounts
      [new-owner-report] RHS partial amount/amount separated
      [new-owner-report] RHS payments with >1 non-APAR splits all shown
      [new-owner-report] RHS invoice amount links APAR instead of transfer
      [new-owner-report] RHS invoice amount links to invoice posting
      [new-owner-report] compact code
      [new-owner-report] LHS handle split->anchor differently
      [new-owner-report] LHS payments have no invoice details. remove code.
      [new-owner-report] add invoice/txn link-id to tag via javascript
      [new-owner-report] add interactivity to highlight linked rows
      [new-owner-report] refine payment->description
      [report-utilities] add gnc:dump-lot
      [report-utilities] fix overpayments calc
      [new-owner-report] payment-info has 3 components now
      [new-owner-report] RHS Pre-Payment and UNPAID get link-id highlights
      [new-owner-report] LHS invoice->RHS payments rewritten
      [new-owner-report] inline single-use invoice accessors
      [new-owner-report] remove unused code
      [lot-viewer.scm] initial commit
      Bug 797551 - Budget totals line missing in 3.8
      [new-owner-report] simplify build-column-used
      [new-owner-report] handle LINK txns as normal payments
      [report-utilities] streamline (match) use
      Merge branch 'maint-202001-budget-editor-summaries' into maint
      fix budget totals for unreversed budgets books
      [lot-viewer] show lot guid in headers
      [report-utilities] compact code, use (ice-9 match)
      [commodity-utilities] compact code, use (ice-9 match)
      [eguile-utilities] compact code, use (ice-9 match)
      Bug 797609 - Backtraces for eguile report errors strips wrong part of stack
      [eguile-gnc] show error after stacktrace
      Merge branch 'maint-fix-budget-totals' into maint
      [new-owner-report] negate RHS inv amounts if credit-note.
      [test-new-owner-report] initial commit
      [test-new-owner-report] add tests for "$120 to partially repay"
      [new-owner-report] LHS invoice->payment LINK/PAYMENT merge
      Bug 797419 - equity-statement unrealized-gain calculator uses weighted-average
      [new-owner-report] fix comment for non-document accumulator
      [new-owner-report] if Payment amount is negative, label "Refund"
      [new-owner-report] clarify payment-txn processor
      [test-new-owner-report] refine test to target exact table row
      [new-owner-report] change highlight trigger: onclick to onmousedown
      compact, use (ice-9 match)
      [new-owner-report] revert highlight trigger to onclick
      [stylesheet-css] reflect recent changes to default CSS
      [qif-merge-groups] Move gnc:account-tree-get-transactions to qif-to-gnc.scm
      [qif-guess-map] use (ice-9 match), and compact functions
      [qif-to-gnc] use (ice-9 match), and compact functions
      [qif-to-gnc] Bug 796579 - Cannot go forward with empty duplicates screen
      [trep-engine] when Running Balance is shown, print "Balance b/f"
      [qif-to-gnc] centralize arithmetic functions
      [trep-engine] subtotals when cells have monetary only
      [job-report] remove dead code
      Bug 797139 - test-report-utilities failure after 10-march in travis
      [account] add and expose xaccAccountGetReconciledBalanceAsOfDate
      [gnc-ui-balances] add and expose gnc_ui_account_get_reconciled_balance_as_of_date
      Bug 797640 - The Reconciliation Window starting balance calculator needs to ignore splits after statement date
      [account.cpp] refactor xaccAccountGetPresentBalance
      [account.cpp] refactor GetBalanceAsOfDate
      [report-utilities] fix gnc:account-accumulate-at-dates sorting & operator
      [trep-engine] add translator note for balance b/f
      Bug 797656 - Immediate crash when retrieving quotes
      Bug 797583 - gnc:book-add-quotes crashes when there are no quotes

Daniel Dittmann (5):
      test_gnc_setlocale: add missing whitespaces to diagnostic message
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/maint' into maint
      gnucash/import-export/aqb/gnc-ab-utils.c: extract 'create_online_id' function
      create a more consistent aqbanking online_id
      test_gnc_setlocale: use trailing whitespaces

Dr. Peter Zimmerer (6):
      New callback functions for matching online accounts with GnuCash accounts
      Using equality check from commit 2f38095 for removal of unassigned GC accounts
      Clear hbci KVP from accounts no longer associated with an online one
      Bug 797636 - Incorrect Online account matches cannot be deleted
      Rename function create_online_id and make it externally callable
      Bug 797631 - Superfluous account selection dialog on first online retrieval

Ferran Pallarès (1):
      Fix rounding precision when importing prices from CSV

Frank H. Ellenberger (31):
      L12N:pl: Recover translator credits from git history
      L12N:pl: Merge a fresh template
      Merge branch 'pr627' into maint
      Merge PR #626 into maint
      Merge PR #623 into maint
      Amend PR #629: Menu separator in text is "->" [I18N]
      Unify menu separator to "->"
      L12N:hu Remove region code from account templates directory
      L12N:sv_AX Add Windows' name "Swedish_Ã…land Islands"
      Minor adjustments of ch/kmu 2013 based on emails
      Merge branch 'PR609' into maint
      Add a warning for gettext < 0.20
      Merge PR #639
      L12N:de_CH: Several fixes on KMU template
      Merge PR #635 into maint
      L12N:de_DE: Remove some redundant slots from SKR04
      L12N:de_DE: SKR04: Add a few missing placeholder flags, fix a typo
      L12N:de_DE: SKR04: Part 2 of Bug 513000
      L12N:de_DE: SKR04: Do not hide accounts in templates
      gnucash.desktop: bugzilla and help file moved
      Apply @PERL@ -w substitution on gnc-fq-dump, too
      gnc-fq-dump: fix warning on argv
      L12N:de: merge fresh pot
      L12N:de: Update de.po
      I18N:Glossary: add notes about not distributed files in CMakeLists.txt
      I18N:Glossary: add "balance b/f" & "balance c/f"
      L12N:de: 1 fuzzy translation
      I18N: *owner-reports: Unify 'a' vs. 'the' in tooltips
      I18N: trep-engine: another translator comment
      I18N: Redo Merge latest gnucash.pot into all of the translation files.
      L12N:de: 5423 übersetzte Meldungen.

Geert Janssens (28):
      Bug 797569 - Swedish account templates not accessible
      Define SET_ENUM in core-utils.i as well
      Bug 797569 - Swedish account templates not accessible
      Housekeeping - reduce the number of PACKAGE and VERSION related cmake variables
      Drop useless ifdefs
      Fix binreloc test for all install paths inside prefix
      Bug 794916 - Fails to find environment file at startup when installation prefix is '/opt'
      Merge branch 'maint' of into maint
      Merge branch 'bugs_ibi' of into maint
      Add guile function to extract a lot's guid
      CMake - remove parameter repetition in else() and endif() statements
      Budget Treeview - reshuffle totals logic
      Merge branch 'patch-1' of into maint
      CMake - remove parameter repetition in else() and endif() statements - part 2
      Fix dist after renaming account directory hu_HU to hu
      Rework our gettext tests
      Rework appdata and desktop file generation
      CMake - drop LC_ALL=C for generation of appdata and desktop files
      Use GNUCASH_BUILD_ID in the gnucash appdata file
      Tweak appdata file generation some more
      Merge PR#640
      Bug 797624 - Wrong Decimal for Vietnam currencies
      Move lot viewer to business-reports
      Travis - use ctest built-in feature to verbosely log test failures
      Travis - don't try to copy the removed afterfailure file to the test container
      Bug 797613 Due Invoices Reminder shows Job Name instead of Company Name
      Bug 797084 - Provide an option to leave edited transactions reconciled
      Bug 797133 - CSV Import of multicurrency transaction export in multiline form

Jannick (3):
      po/de.po: fix translation bug
      po/de.po: amend translation about eguile reports
      reports: bug fixes in translation strings

Jean Laroche (1):
      Bug 797042 - OK button in OFX importer doesn't work if nothing is imported.

John Ralls (34):
      Bug 797549 - Reconcile window shows S_tatement Date rather than...
      Bug 797481 - crash on close of unsaved tabs by pressing [X]
      Merge Dave Dittman's missing whitespace into maint
      Restrict gnucash.pot comment collection to ones beginning with Translators.
      Fix misspelling.
      Small whitespace fixup.
      Test the online-id matching of gnc_import_select_account.
      Account matching: Test for full and partial online-id matches.
      Fix up indentation in gnc-keyring.c.
      Bug 797588 - Gnucash segfaults when using mysql backend with empty password
      Bug 797540 - Mapping of aqbanking accounts to gnucash accounts doesn't work
      Merge Christian Gruber's 'fix_bug_797587' into maint.
      Add more tests for neutral time.
      Remove disabled code copied from utest-Account.c into utest-Budget.c.
      Merge branch 'bug797432bis' into maint.
      Merge Ferran Pallarès's CSV price-rounding fix into maint.
      Merge Peter Zimmer's 'pkzw_bug797631' into maint.
      Fix crash on completion of OFX download.
      Fix crash when changing account-separator.
      Merge Chris Good's 'bug797648' into maint.
      Merge Jean Laroche's 'fix_797042_ofx_return' into maint.
      Merge Chris Good's 'fixpaths' into maint.
      Merge Jean Laroche's 'fix-recurrence' into maint
      Merge Jean Laroche's 'select_ofx_files_only_maint' into maint.
      Merge Jean Laroche's 'import-ofx-only' into maint.
      Improve test building with the Xcode generator.
      Bug 797638 - SIGSEGV editing transaction after closing Find Accounts dialog.
      Update translations from the Translation Project.
      Merge the latest gnucash.pot into all of the translation files.
      Bug 797481 - crash on close of unsaved tabs by pressing [X]
      Release GnuCash 3.9
      Merge the latest gnucash.pot into all of the translation files.
      Merge a more latest gnucash.pot into all of the translation files.

Kamen Naydenov (1):
      Fix white text on white background

Marco Blind (1):
      L12N:de_CH: Kontenplan für KMU, gültig seit 2013, Teil 1

Michał Ciołek (2):
      Polish translation improved
      Polish translation improved (part2)

Mike Alexander (3):
      Remove the old XCode project.  It is obsolete and CMake can create one
      Revert "completion redefine gnc:debug" and fix some bugs in it
      Fix a typo in commit 4318f7a: gnc.scm, not gcc:scm

Ordtrogen (1):
      L12N:sv_SE: Update account hierarchies according to BAS 2019

Rob Laan (15):
      Fix bug 797024 Import Bills & Invoices: import matches csv data rows with too few separators
      Import Bills & Invoices: get header data consistently from the first row of an invoice/bill
      Fix bug 796987 Import Bills & Invoices: fixing import items only works in special case
      Import Bills & Invoices: in case of error on import row, ignore full invoice instead of just that row
      Fix bug 796986 Import Bills & Invoices: in case of invalid posting date in import file, invoice is posted with unexpected date
      Fix bug 79702 Import Bills & Invoices: expense/income account is not validated - leads to one-sided posting if account is invalid
      Fix bug 797025 Import Bills & Invoices: the type of the post to account is not validated - enabling A/P and A/R postings on regular accounts
      Fix bug 79698 Import Bills & Invoices: option 'open not yet posted docs in tab' does not open tab if invoice could not be posted
      Fix bug 796984 Import Bills & Invoices: date of line item is not validated; can lead to unexpected results
      Fix bug 797023 Import Bills & Invoices: no user confirmation requested for update of invoices, if new invoice is created first
      Import Bills & Invoices: Improve feedback to user
      Import Bills & Invoices: improve doxygen data, remove obsolete comments
      Import Bills & Invoices: Report all errors instead of just the first error of an invoice.
      Bug 797570 Import Customers/Vendors, Bills/Invoices: dialog with not imported rows does not expand with window size
      Bug 797613  Due Invoices Reminder shows Job Name instead of Company Name

Robert Fewell (16):
      Bug 797546 - Autocomplete not updated when account names changed
      Change some spacing in source files account-quickfill.*
      Bug 797550 - Crash when changing register tab position
      Fix some account template issues
      The clear cached account model should be after the test
      Bug 797566 - Crash on use of context menu in importer
      Change the way the focus is added to plugin_pages
      Bug 797522 - Focus after reconcile jumps to a different account
      Follow up to previous commit 94cb965
      Bug 796911 - Minimum window width to large.
      New budgets save state information with no changes
      Reports were not being loaded
      Add the 'page_changed' signal to GncEmbeddedWindow
      Reformat source files gnc-plugin-page.*
      Change the default focus to search entry for 'Find Account'
      Merge Peter Zimmer's 'pkzw_bug797636' into maint

gnucash-dev (2):
      Update US Income Tax information for 2019.
      Correct double-counting of accounts in some cases in US Income Tax Report.

goodvibes2 (4):
      Bug 797648 - Fix problem reconciling multiple splits in a transaction
      Fix path errors in CMakeLists.txt files
      Use Doxygen format for function comment
      Remove bad paths from CMakeLists.txt files

jean (8):
      Fix formatting/code issues with previous commit
      More code cleanup
      Add display of number of transactions processed
      Add code to delay showing dialog until we know we have transactions to show
      Bug 685102 - Scheduled Transactions don't always respect weekends for first occurrence
      Make test-recurrence handle wadj
      Move the weekend adjust code in its own function
      When selecting a file for OFX import, restrict the files listed to .OFX (or .QFX)

loftx (1):
      Add Invoice.Unpost() to Python Bindings

milotype (1):
      L12N:hr: update croatian translation with pot file 3.8

shastry (1):
      Remove unwanted space from xmlns sodipodi URI.

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