[gnucash-de] security (stock, funds, bonds) features

Herbert Thoma tma at iis.fhg.de
Mon Feb 14 11:56:48 EST 2005


We had some discussion about (missing) security features on the
german list lately. This summary is for the records (i.e. please
don't tell me that you are waiting for my patches ...).

1.: Prices entered in a stock or fund register window are not
inserted into the pricedb. This can lead to incorrect balance
sheet reports.

2.: CnuCash can not handle bonds correctly. Bonds differ from
stock or funds. You don't buy a certain number at a given price
(in a currency). Instead you buy a certain par (or face) value
at a given price in percent. Probably we need a new account
type for this.

3.: You cannot relate dividend or interest payments to securities.
This may cause incorrect portfolio reports. We would need to store
a reference to the stock/fund/bond account in a dividend/interest
income transaction to handle this.

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