[gnucash-de] Update of de_CH language file

Manfred Usselmann usselmann.m at icg-online.de
Do Jan 15 11:30:55 EST 2009

On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 15:13:30 +0100
Raffael Luthiger <modir at huanga.com> wrote:

> Frank H. Ellenberger wrote:
> > I am not firm in swiss german, but I think, "Sammelbuchung" - a
> > collation of transactions - is really different from "split
> > transaction"/"Mehrteilige Buchung" or "Zusammengesetzter
> > Buchungssatz" [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buchung_(Buchführung)]. 
> > The later represents ONE event, which affects more than 2 accounts.
> To take the text from a swiss german accounting software:
> Wir unterscheiden zwischen Einzel- und Sammelbuchung. Bei einer 
> Einzelbuchung wird je eine Buchung dem Soll- und auf dem Habenkonto 
> erstellt. Bei der Sammelbuchung wird auf dem Primärkonto nur eine 
> Sammelbuchung (das Total aller Gegenbuchungen) registriert und auf
> den Gegenkonti eine Einzelbuchung gespeichert.

This indeed matches GnuCash's 'Multiple Split Transaction'.
> The definition is everywhere about how many accounts are involved on 
> each side. Not about how many "events" happen at the same time.
> So I would say it is the same thing as split transaction. 

I think you are right. In the GnuCash documentation a transaction with
more than two splits is called 'Multiple Split Transaction'. That would
be your 'Sammelbuchung'. The German version of the GnuCash
documentation calls this 'Mehrteiliger Geschaeftsvorgang'. Every
transaction has at least two splits because always at least two
accounts are affected. A transaction with exactly two splits would be

The Concepts guide uses the terms 'Simple transaction' and 'Split
transaction'. It looks like most of the time 'Split transaction' is
used to describe a 'Multiple Split Transaction' with at least three
splits (at least two contra accounts). 

But in my opinion the current translation
'Mehrteiliger/Zusammengesetzter Buchungssatz/Geschaeftsvorfall' is
completely fine as well. I believe it is even a little bit more precise
because it makes it clear that we are talking about only one
transaction (Buchungssatz) but with multiple parts.

'Sammelbuchung' could also be understood as a collection of multiple

So I see no need for your proposed change which would just confuse
existing users who are used to the current correct terminology.