Reconciliation Flag

Dave Peticolas
Fri, 25 Aug 2000 17:03:57 -0700

Terry writes:
> I just noticed something that doesn't seem right:
> I use an ATM machine to transfer xx amount from my checking account to my cas
> account. The transaction shows up in two accounts: assets:checking and
> assets:cash.
> Now I reconcile my checking account and the flag in that register changes fro
> 'n' to 'y'.
> I open my cash account register and the transaction reconciliation flag
> displays as 'n'.
> Am I missing something?? 
> I would expect the cash account flag to match the checking account flag - it 
> the same transaction. I would not expect to have to reconcile both accounts t
> get the flag to match in both accounts.

The reconciliation flag is associated with Splits (Account Entries,
Journal Entries), not with Transactions. Suppose your transaction was
a transfer from one checking account to another. Those accounts are
each reconciled independently -- you wouldn't want a flag in one to
be linked to the flag in the other.