gnucash 1.4 + guile 1.3

Dave Peticolas
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 21:15:27 -0700

"J. Milgram" writes:
> Hi all
> 1) GnuCash is pretty darn neat
> 2) Do I understand correctly that gnucash 1.4 won't work with guile
> 1.4, but will work with guile 1.3?
> (my experience building gnucash today supports this observation ...)
> If so, how about a test in the configure script? Would have saved me a
> couple of hours today.  I'll be happy to write it, just wanted to make
> sure I understand the situation, and also see if anyone else has
> already done this.

I believe the problem is with older g-wrap versions and guile-1.4,
not with gnucash. I think you should be able to use guile-1.4 if
you use the latest version of g-wrap (0.9.5).