Tracking cost basis of shares

Dave Peticolas
Sun, 09 Jul 2000 22:03:37 -0700

Robert Graham Merkel writes:
> Dave Peticolas writes:
>  > Robert Graham Merkel writes:
>  > > Yes, the calculation can and should be taken out of the engine, but
>  > > storing the data is very much an engine issue.
>  > 
>  > There haven't been any proposals about exactly how to store the data.
> Thanks Dave.  
> While it's quite doable, it's not quite trivial if we want it done with a
> reasonable degree of efficiency.

Yes, and we should probably discuss it in the larger context of how
to store metadata in general, at least come up with some standard
practices. The recent key-value pair patch is intended to be used
for this, but right now we have only mechanism, and we need to
develop some policy.