Problem on compile gnucash-1.4.1/src/optional

Hans de Graaff
10 Jul 2000 20:52:28 +0200

Robert Graham Merkel <> writes:

> Hans de Graaff writes:
>  > Yes, this is ugly, and I still have to check to see whether SWIG 1.3a3
>  > does work, but it seems I first need to install gtkhtml.
> You need gtkxmhtml for gnucash-1.4.  Only the development branch is
> using gtkhmtl.

I'm using the CVS development branch. No need to use stable branches
when your money is involved. :-)

FWIW, using SWIG 1.3a3 also fixes this problem. I removed my
gnucash-engine_perl5_wrap.c, and the one generated by SWIG 1.3a3
compiled fine.