loading config.auto from config.user

Kevin Finn kevinfinn@mediaone.net
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 00:18:48 -0500


     src/scm/design.txt doesn't seem to be entirely correct on the subject of
loading config.user and config.auto any more.  In order to set up a config.user
(for testing gnc:set-option-selectable-by-name) and then load config.auto from
it, after some trial and error I had to use this:

(gnc:load "../config.auto")

because the directories searched are 

gnucash: [D] "loading user configuration"
gnucash: [D] "gnc:find-in-directories looking for ""../config.auto"" in "("/home/kevin/.gnucash/scm" "/usr/local/share/gnucash/scm")

I also had to mkdir ~/.gnucash/scm, so the ../ path would work.  Should I be
using something instead of gnc:load?  I tried primitive-load but that failed to
load config.user correctly.  gnc:load doesn't seem to be the correct thing to
use, since it doesn't look in ~/.gnucash normally.

src/scm/design.txt specified this method:

(load "~/.xacc.auto")

which is a little out of date it seems.

Also, is cvs.gnucash.org down, or is it just my ISP's DNS that hasn't updated
yet?  I can ping www.gnucash.org successfully.



Kevin Finn