Problem with moving accounts in 1.3.5/dev

Dave Peticolas
Sat, 15 Jul 2000 02:53:16 -0700

Gary Bickford writes:
> I'm running 1.3.5/dev until I can get 1.4.x/1.5 installed.  I don't know
> if the following has already been fixed - if so, please excuse!!
> I'm noticing that when I move accounts around (I'm still figuring out
> where things should be), it often - but not always - I haven't figured
> out the rule - forces me to change the account type of _all_ parent
> accounts  _and_ all their children.  This doesn't seem to be the right
> behavior.  It would appear to me that the opposite is what should happen
> - the account(s) being moved should, if anything, be changed to the type
> of the parent account it's being moved under; wouldn't it be best to not
> change it at all?  Is this a bug in 1.3.5?

The current restriction is that accounts are divided into three classes:
asset/liability, income/expense, and equity. An account in one class may
only have children in that class. There used to be a more restrictive
rule in place, but I don't remember when that was changed.

I recommend upgrading to 1.4, though I understand you're having problems.
How did you get 1.3.5 compiled without guile-devel?