Problem building Gnucash 1.4.2

Dave Peticolas
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 10:48:07 -0700

Tom Corner writes:
> I have been really struggling to get gnucash 1.4.2 to compile.  In fact
> I can't get any version of gnucash to install since I installed the
> gnome-1.2 software.
> I went back to guile-1.3.4 and am using g-wrap-0.9.4 and getting
> problems similar to others posted here the final error listing is:
> (
> (  Sorry for the lingth of this listing, but I am not sure what is and
> (  is not important 
> (

If you are using g-wrap 0.9.4, you need to use gnucash 1.4.2.