one small step further

Dick Goldberg
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 11:23:20 -0600

Hi Clark

A hard way to learn.  A much harder way to teach.

Thank you.

I used the script command and discovered that make was failing in the
swig directory (where there are 11 files).  It generates a 'yes' command

which outputs the arguments to make that are failing.  As I said, I am
one small step further along the way.

I just tried to run configure --with-swig=<path to swig binary> as
suggested in another mail message and the make failed again because
something more basic is wrong.  I guess I can't find the swig binary.
There is no file anywhere labelled swig, only a directory.

Please, a little more help and I'll struggle along till I get it
working.  I really
am anxious to try gnucash.