Types of reports required

Jason Rennie jrennie@ai.mit.edu
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 21:59:21 -0400

rkw@dataplex.net said:
> I believe that, although useful, your proposal can be accomplished by
> a more general mechanism. "Taxability" is just one 'trait' that you
> may want to assign to an account. By having a generalized system of
> assigning 'traits' to accounts, the user can form a report by
> selecting on the basis of those 'traits'. Taxability is certainly one
> 'trait' that will get used frequently. 

Sounds like a good feature to add to the engine. :)

rkw@dataplex.net said:
> I think we MUST allow the user to explicitly specify which shares are
> to be sold. After all, the customer is always right. Since some tax
> laws permit this approach, I feel that we must also. 

Yup.  I'll agree with you there.  Having some relatively simple defaults 
(e.g. FIFO, average basis) would be nice for those who don't care to 
squeeze every penny out of their taxes.

rkw@dataplex.net said:
> Even that is not good enough. In a multi-user system, each user will
> want their own per account style. 

Is GNUCash multi-user?  Won't different users store their accounts in 
different directories and hence separate styles in that way?  I guess a 
business setting is a place where many people may use and update the same 
account.  Does GNUCash have facilities for distinguishing between 
different users?  If so, we'll probably want to have some sort of hash 
table of properties with the user name as a part of each proptery name 
(i.e. "jrennie.register-style=auto-single").  I guess this is easy enough 
to do on any unix-ish system: just have all the users open up the same 
account file.  Environment variables will then distinguish different 
users accordingly.