Gnucash 1.4.2 build problem

Robert Graham Merkel
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 00:12:58 +1000 (EST)

Tom Corner writes:
 > Hello,
 > Let me try this again.  I am using gnucash-1.4.2, guile-1.3.4, and
 > g-wrap-0.9.4.  This is said to be correct.
 > The build completes to the final step. Then it blows up in the final
 > link with undefined references to the following symbols:
 > scm_async_clock
 > scm_makdbl
 > scm_newsmob
 > So as a kluge  I created dumb.c:
 > int scm_async_clock;
 > int scm_makdbl;
 > int scm_newsmob;
 > This was linked with libgncguile.a
 > Now it compiles, but gets a segmentation fault on an attempt to execute
 > it.
 > Can somebody help?
OK, -lguile *should* contain these symbols.

Could you:

1) try the command "guile-config link".  You should get output
something like:

-L/usr/lib -lguile -lqthreads -dl -lm

There may be multiple -L arguments, and also the libraries other than 
-lguile may be different.

2) Verify that,, and are
present in one of the directories indicated by a -L argument (ie 
make sure it's present in /usr/lib if your guile config returns the

3) Once you have located, cd to that directory and run
   "nm -D".  This lists all symbols present in this
   library.  Check to see whether scm_async_clock, scm_makdbl, and 
   scm_newsmob are present.

If all of the above works as expected, could you please run the following

./configure <any arguments you used> 2>&1 >

and then send me

Robert Merkel