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Wed, 19 Jul 2000 11:57:45 +1000

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G'day Dave, Rob and GnuCashers,

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 05:45:23PM -0700, Dave Peticolas wrote:

> Rob Browning is working on this aspect, though it was for the current
> version of Quote.pm, and not 1.0. The plan here is to eliminate the
> use of the swig bindings in gnc-prices and instead implement that
> portion of gnc-prices in scheme. Thus, gnc-prices would become
> GnuCash's interface to Quote.pm. This will make it much simpler
> to run gnc-prices from within gnucash and will remove swig as
> a build dependency.

Finance::Quote 1.0 should be fully backwards compatible with previous
releases, although it is strongly recommended that the new OO-style
is used (it's cleaner and easier).

Am I correct in assuming that gnc-prices would no longer be a separate
executable but rather another function that can be called, or does
GnuCash have the needed framework to allow multiple processes access
its data at once?

If there is anything I can help with from my end, then please let me
know.  My knowledge of scheme is very limited, so I don't know how
well it talks to perl.  I'm happy to work on a C interface to
F::Q if it helps, as it's something I intend to do sooner or later



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