fractional parts

Richard Wackerbarth
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 17:41:54 -0400

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Terry wrote:

> > > Again, I do have a valid reason for asking and which relates to gnucash
> > > directly.
> > I fail to see how this relates to gnucash. Just because there are a limited
> > number of fractions in common usage (I would guess that is caused by the human
> > inability to readily compare fractions with unlike denominators) I see nothing
> > to be gained by attempting to enumerate those denominators.
> Yes oh omnipotent, un-failing, all-seeing, all-knowing one - since you have
> decreed, we shall all bow in obedience now that you have made us see the
> unworthiness of our ways
> Sorry - I really, really could not stop myself :-)

I do see that, rather than attempt to explain the relationship, you prefer to
ridicule my statement.
You will note, (if you can read), that I did not in any way exclude the
possibility that there was something to be gained in attempting to enumerate
the frequently used denominators.

I still fail to see how it helps. Your last remarks did not clarify it at all.